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  1. Thanks! Your report makes us even more eager to do this. What an unusual opportunity! (Or do lots of zoos "do this" nowadays?) GC
  2. The Sydney Zoo has some overnight accommodations, that include special after-hours tours and visits with some animals. Has anyone done this? If so, how was it? As far as I can tell, they've had the "rustic" accommodations for some time, but they've added a new Lodge, with more upscale accommodations. We've made reservations for after our cruise in two months, and we've requested an "Animal View" room. They have a couple of other types, including "Harbor View", but given that we'll just be off a cruise... I don't think so! We'd love to hear especially about the after hours activities (the evening before and then again before the zoo opens the next morning). Many thanks! GC
  3. If you've worked with TripInsuranceStore.com before, why not call them, and ASK them what policy they would recommend for you, compared with what you are considering. They might be able to point out that you don't have x coverage, or maybe limits are too low, etc., and maybe that's fine with you, but you should know. GC
  4. We purchase travel insurance through a broker: www.TripInsuranceStore.com They were terrific at first helping us figure out what types of coverages were best given our needs. But CALL them; do not rely upon the online summaries of policies. The details really matter. The insurer we've used all but one time was Travel Insured, and we've had several claims, unfortunately. But they paid each time, for both small amounts and large (5 figures). The amount we pay may not be at all relevant for you. It depends upon cost of trip, ages of travelers, which types of coverage are included, etc. We also get MedJetAssist (annual plan), which is a specialized medevac, only if you are already hospitalized as an inpatient, at least 150 miles from home. TIS can help you with the choices, and also the costs. There is no extra cost to use them. We also like having them help us IF we need any help. GC
  5. Good! But if you download the email/attachment, then you'll have a copy "on the computer" so you can "review coverage" without needing access to their website, and without even needing a WiFi link at all. For something as important as insurance, we want our *own* copy from the start... not that we think there would be any "funny business" (although I suppose that's always possible) but in case they have some mistake. Same as with our confirmation of payment and cruise details for each cruise once we make a payment. (And other non-travel-related documentation, too, when it's important.) GC
  6. Don't you print out the policy terms and limit of coverage, so you have a copy "just in case"? We us www.TripInsuranceStore.com and and the policy is from Travel Insured. We get a copy of both of those (along with confirmation of payment to date) within minutes, as an email pdf attachment. GC
  7. The important thing is to READ the policy, and also ask questions. Something VERY important is mentioned. ANYTIME any contract/agreement states that the other party *might* or *may* do something... question it. When might they NOT? Ditto "will pay up to" - WHO decides how much, and what is the decision rule. I think a LOT of the problem is when travel agents/etc. sell the "coverage", they may be clueless - or maybe it's worse... they may know but they get higher commissions..?? And that is VERY unfortunate, because how is someone new to that issue supposed to know what to look for or ask? Yes, ALWAYS READ ALL THE TERMS (even if lengthy); that's a given. But knowing how to understand the exact meaning? Not so easy. GC
  8. We were looking forward to swimming with dolphins when the ship stopped at Picton. But the provider we booked with just emailed that they won't run that particular "in the water" version, because they'll be short a boat. And the "watch the dolphins" version includes a land hike, which I can't do for mobility reasons. We'll be at several NZ ports before stopping at Hobart. Suggestions? Many thanks! GC
  9. Correct. We never include those refundable fees/taxes. The insurance wouldn't pay anyway, unless you could prove that for some reason reimbursement was refused. GC
  10. Yes, we know Steve. But he also has several associates who are also extremely helpful, offering the same policies,of course. As I wrote above: ""... who are terrific in terms of answering questions about all sorts of insurance issues..." GC
  11. The AARP discount for MJA is available if you purchase it through a travel insurance broker such as www.TripInsuranceStore.com - who are terrific in terms of answering questions about all sorts of insurance issues. We get MJA annual policy, because it covers any trip (for USA based travelers) more than 150 miles from home. So in addition to any "vacations", we have coverage for business trips and for trips to visit family/friends, or just a weekend of theatre, etc. We get our regular policies through TIS from Travel Insured. We've just had another reimbursement for a 14 day Med cruise (MIL landed in the ER with heart trouble days before we were supposed to leave, unfortunately). We get coverage within a few days of making the FIRST deposit, although we only need to insure that small amount until we make other non-refundable payments. That way, we have coverage for any pre-existing conditions. That also speeds up the claims process in some cases, because the insurer doesn't need to check through any old medical records, etc. Third party insurance often provides better coverage than cruise line insurance, and it pays cash back, not any "credit" that might have deadlines to be used. Some insurers will try to work with the provider to guarantee payment. However, our MAIN concern in any medical emergency would be to get FAST care, and not wait for insurers or such to coordinate. So high limits on charge cards would be good for starters, but one should have time at that point, once immediate care is started, to contact the insurer. In a true medical emergency, we'd just want to hand over a good credit card, and say "Charge it please!!" GC
  12. It's very difficult to read this with everything underlined. Just mentioning it for the future... GC
  13. This price issue is so often true, and especially with cruise ship sponsored tours/excursions. In many cases a very small group (4 or 6) can end up being *less* per person than a big bus tour. And if one looks at some of the "airport transfers", for example, if there are just two people to share a taxi, it's about the same price per person as that big bus, where you are waiting around for others, and all getting dumped off together and then needing to search for luggage, etc. This can be true of cruise sponsored hotels. What might be a good deal for a single person (the hotel or transfer costs, although the cruise costs might be high!), doesn't make sense for a couple or a family. It's often well worth checking the per person costs, as well as "what do you want to spend the time doing/seeing", etc. GC
  14. Have you found a cruise line/sailing that does not refund port charges if one has cancelled? GC
  15. Thanks all! Some great suggestions here! Off to the library... GC
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