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  1. We faced this after a last minute cancellation of a cruise due to a medical emergency several years ago. Fortunately, that first cruise was 100% covered. (As an aside, MANY thanks to CC members who had helped us learn about travel insurance shortly after we joined CC. This large claim was for the first time we ever used travel insurance.) Not much later, I went to find another "replacement" cruise in about 6 months, once it was clear that DH's medical would be fully resolved in a very few more weeks. Fortunately Steve (of TripInsuranceStore.com) had helped us with that first policy - and also that claim. So I called him again for the "replacement trip" planned for several months in the future. He had barely started to process the new policy, when he suddenly said, "Oh, <DH's name>... how is he doing now?" I replied much like the OP: The doctors are sure he'll be absolutely fine by 6 months from now, etc., so "no problem"! NOPE! DH needed to be "fit to travel" THAT day, the same day we started the new policy. I thanked Steve (a lot!), cancelled the new reservation and got 100% of our money back, thank goodness, because we had just made a fully refundable deposit. About a month or two later, when DH's physician said DH was fine, and "good to go, including on cruises", I asked the physician to write that down on paper and date it! Later that same day, I made reservations for a different trip AND started the travel insurance... and we kept very careful track of that letter. 😉 Everything was fine, and we had a wonderful trip a few months later. [Thanks again, Steve!] GC
  2. Agree. OP, how many days in advance are you flying? What type of time buffer do you have? And when is the "next flight to Rome" IF you miss the one you are planning? When there is a tricky international connection, and the risk of "missing" means we might need to wait a day for the next long-haul flight, we'll sometimes spend the night at that connecting airport. That really keeps the stress level down. 🙂 And of course, we NEVER fly in same day as the cruise departure. During winter, we almost always fly in at least 2 days in advance. A storm might cause considerable delays and backups for a while. We've usually made connections without much fuss, but even then, it's that SWAN effect: Sleep Well At Night. At this stage of our lives, we want as little stress as possible. (Yes, when we were younger, we didn't think that much about these things... and we were lucky!) GC
  3. Have you checked independent excursions/tours? It might be a bit late for August, but you might want to see what is available. Juneau was where we had one of our most special private excursions (and if space allows, you can always invite others from the Roll Call). Unfortunately, it's no longer being offered, but I do watch to see if it returns after Covid has settled down so that I can recommend it. GC
  4. While we've had several claims with TI, none included the CFAR (which we would get for that SWAN effect: Sleep Well At Night). However, do check the deadlines for filing a CFAR claim. IIRC (and our policies may differ from yours so double check YOUR policy!), one needed to cancel at least 48 hours before the departure time/date (and "time" vs "date" could make a difference). Good luck! GC
  5. Did you try Googling something like "solo cruise cabins"? We can't name travel agents here, but there are quite a few ads listed. And yes, there are other cruise lines that have these, but I'm not familiar with all of those. Note also that some cruise lines have some specials for singles/solo travel but it would be in a regular cabin, either with no solo surcharge or a limited extra cost. I would assume that might also fit for you, but maybe not (no special amenities/etc., for solo travelers in a special area or such in that case). Oops: Forgot to add a link to: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/279-solo-cruisers/ 🙂 Enjoy! GC
  6. "... deal with..."? What problem do you envision? We've had very good experiences when we've called to get some special assistance or ask some question. (That obviously doesn't guarantee an excellent experience the next time, for you *or* for us, but still... ) GC
  7. You might do well to contact a travel insurance broker, someone who offers policies from several different insurers. They would have more ability to help you find something that suits *you*, rather than simply quickly sell you a policy that gives them a commission... without much work. Many of us here on CC use: www.TripInsuranceStore.com (There are other brokers; we are among those who have had excellent experiences using TIS after learning about it here on CC ~10 years ago. And yes, we've had several claims.) But CALL and discuss your specific situation. The online summaries just can't get into the detailed specifics, or ask you certain questions to help you find the best for *you*. GC
  8. Here is a discussion about those PH suites on Deck 11, although the initial question is about the area under the pool. On the Riviera (different ship, I understand), we prefer Deck 11, so we get a forward PH under the Oceania Suites. That eliminates any public area above. But it won't help if someone prefers aft (or "not forward"). GC
  9. This would be similar to other types of celebrations, such as anniversaries, which aren't noted on cruise reservations or supporting documents (or not usually!). You can call the cruise line in advance to request something (especially if it's early in the cruise), or you can make some request once on board. We've done it both ways. GC
  10. Call the airline. Have them handle the reservations, both sets. Just make clear that you do NOT want to lose your space on the flights; it's just the fare you want to try to change. GC
  11. Yes, but I thought this was about travel insurance. IF there is a claim, one must provide the *receipt* = "proof of purchase", meaning something like the charge account bill/payment. And if the insurance is supposed to start based upon the date of the first payment (and the next payment is sometime later), then...?? [Note: This assumes one wants something like that waiver of exclusion of pre-existing conditions. Otherwise, it might not matter.] GC
  12. What if the "gift cards" were really "gifts", and the traveler has no "receipt" for them? Could that still work for that starting payment? (That starting payment can be tricky sometimes.) Thanks! GC
  13. I was responding to jlvlaw, who wrote: and I'm assuming that "ADL" means something like Activities of Daily Living. And and ALF is an Assisted Living Facilty. The need for help with a certain number of ADLs (dressing, feeding, etc.) is usually what determines eligibility for payments from something like Long Term Care insurance. Sorry that neither jlvlaw nor I defined those terms. I suppose we are both so used to them that they are second nature, as they often are to people involved with these issues. BTW, other residential type acronyms you might come across are "SN" for Skilled Nursing, and "IL" for Independent Living. These two tend to bracket ALF care, and many facilities include care starting from IL to ALF to SN, and some also include "MC" (Memory Care). There might be other acronyms or abbreviations for these, of course... GC
  14. Do you mean www.TripInsuranceStore.com? I mention this because I once posted a "link" to TIS, but I (gasp!) posted it wrong, and used the word "Trip...". 🙄 (Fortunately, that forwards to the right place! 🙂 ) GC
  15. Ah, I was just going to post the same as this! By the time you have 6 people, the economies of scale often make a private excursion/tour less expensive (or similarly priced) as 6 "tickets" on a regular excursion. And the convenience is incomparable. YOU get to decide, with the help of the guide/tour company, where to go and how long to stay in each place... and where NOT to go if it isn't interesting to you. We almost always have private excursions for just the two of us, in good part so I can rest for a few minutes as needed, without falling behind or holding up a group of others. When we consider the cost, for 2, it's more than 2x regular tour tickets. But the cost to get a private excursion with a small mini-van or such... you may be pleasantly surprised! We've also occasionally chartered a big catamaran (with crew) for an afternoon or day in a port, and then arranged for a few others to join us from the Roll Call. There is *plenty* of room on those big ones. 🙂 We've sometimes contacted tour groups and asked to take the "group" private, and then customized it. This may end up being a very positive surprise for all of you. GC
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