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  1. We've seen more and more hotels (typically not 5-star) offer something like a $5 per night savings if no housekeeping, but we'd have to hang a sign out (or call front desk) before midnight, precisely so they could properly schedule housekeeping the next day. Yeah, harder to do on a ship! Also, although we might occasionally ask housekeeping to skip us if we are having a lazy day (hotel or on cruise), that's at the last minute, not planned in advance. And it would take more than $5 for us to plan in advance *not* to have housekeeping stop by. OP: Was this for each guest's entire stay? GC
  2. If you are interested in LAND based staff, then why did you ask about *STEWARDS*. NCL has a lot of them in land based NCL hotels we don't know about?? GC
  3. GeezerCouple

    Use your Amex Platinum

    If one can get the perks just by using the Amex Plat card via some other TA, we'd rather think about getting the Amex Plat perks AND the TA perks. However, for high-priced cruises, we'd get far more value from our AAdvantage CitiCard points, and we use those far more than the Amex Rewards. FIguring some of this out can lead to the "best" use of *all* types of perks. GC
  4. This ^^ Our TA reminds us a bit "too early", but better that than never. So last time, we thanked him, and said we'll take care of it a few days in advance. He replied with a ever-so-slightly schoolmarm-ish comment about how he always notifies his clients, etc... We thanked him again, and about a week later, we authorized the final payment. I'm sure he would have been hopping up and down if we hadn't responded "appropriately" and a deadline was about to pass. But that has never (yet!) happened. We DO keep the deadlines on our own calendars, and as a date gets close, I always double check the initial deposit docs, to make SURE that we've got the right dates written down. OP: In addition to the fact that a TA *might* be able to "fix problems", you might also be able to get some other perks from the TA. It's worth asking a few TA's what they can offer. (NOTE: It isn't permissible here on CC to make TA recommendations, unfortunately.) GC
  5. GeezerCouple

    Liver transplant

    I cannot comment with any direct experience, but here are a few thoughts... First, obviously, you'd later have the physician's approval to travel, right? Assuming that is the case, then get that in WRITING and the same day, get Travel Insurance. You'll need to be "fit to travel" the day you purchase that. Then, if your condition deteriorates, you'll be able to get reimbursed. Here is a link to the CC section on travel insurance: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/499-cruisetravel-insurance/ We suggest CALLING www.TripInsuranceStore.com and discussing (in detail, in your case) what the most suitable policy would be. Don't withhold info from them; you don't want to end up with a policy where IF there is a claim, it is denied b/c the policy wasn't suitable for your circumstances. Don't rely upon the online summaries. The fine print can REALLY matter here (well, and most places!). Second, consider a suite where you could have Butler service, including *proper* meal service of your choice (not just a minimal "room service" menu). This assumes that your medical team says to minimize time with "lots of others", etc. You might ask if you should wear a mask when you are unable to avoid crowds. Hopefully your medical team would have all sorts of suggestions (and perhaps "directives") for safe travel, if you do well after surgery. And here are hopes for a successful surgery! GC
  6. Cruise insurance? I doubt an insurer would cover some disruption like this that you voluntarily choose to do. That's quite different from flights being cancelled due to weather, etc. It *might* work under C/IFAR (Cancel/Interrupt For Any Reason) if you've paid extra for that type of coverage. Whether that works for a delay at the start, vs. "interrupting" by leaving early... I've never encountered that or asked about that, yet. Interesting question. IF you have already purchased the C/IFAR. You can't purchase insurance after you've already planned for whatever you want to claim. GC
  7. GeezerCouple

    Grand Dining Room Menu

    Yes, but there are some "old favorites" that are VERY MUCH favorites, and getting harder and harder to find anywhere. We are, after all self-declared "geezers" (or "in training"; someone complained to us once that we really didn't yet qualify!), so we do have some "old" favorites. It's nice to have some of them available, too. GC
  8. GeezerCouple

    Everything Hurtigruten - question answered!

    "No problem", as they say. The train ride was spectacular, but that was before the cruise, which was SO amazing... every day. I've never seen DH running around taking so many photos as he did on that cruise. By the last few days, he had sort of "calmed down" 🙂 There's not really duplication, not during night-and-day seasons, as the day ports north tend to be night ports south. I guess in summer, one would see it all (but when to sleep!??!) Hope you see some Northern Lights. Remember (we learned it here on CC): The lights tend to be much more subdued to the naked eye than what is captured on photos. It was good that we knew that, so we weren't disappointed. It doesn't always appear in startling "cinema-color", etc. Enjoy everything! GC
  9. GeezerCouple

    How to prepare for trip insurance

    Indeed! First, I hope you are recovering well and will be fine soon... for more travel of course! I forgot that my first "bright idea" had been to print out all of those pages (and there were sooooo many, given all of the months involved) and blacking out everything other than travel expenses. It would have looked like some redacted governmental document, almost all black lines! And then, we'd have needed to scan each page back in... DH and I looked at each other after I described my "plan", and... nope! What's "privacy" in this day and age, eh? The younger generations don't even seem to care much about it, but we DO. Er, we *used to*....! However, *medical* information... we keep that at the "Just The Facts, Ma'am!" and not a thing more. (Thus far, we've only needed forms filled out by physician(s), not "full medical records"... we'll see in the future...) Again, I hope you are healing well. What a dreadful way to interrupt a trip, but YES, thank goodness for the insurance. We *always* get third party insurance so that *everything* is covered, starting from the moment we shut the door and get in the car, until we are home again. So, the trip to the airport, etc., the cruise (or just land trip), all excursions even if done "on our own", pre- and post-cruise hotels, etc. Check with Trip Insurance Store. If you ask them about comparing types of coverages, we found them very, very patient, and we learned a LOT. We also explained the types of trips early on, so *we* learned a lot, too. I got a chuckle in return that you felt the same way about "now they know what we spend..." GC
  10. GeezerCouple

    How to prepare for trip insurance

    The very first time we made plans for a "big" trip (cruise and land), it was after learning here about Travel Insurance, and also learning about Trip Insurance Store. We had *so* many discussions with them, it was like a private tutor. In any event, with less than 2 weeks to go, we had a medical emergency and had to cancel everything. Yup, we had to send in proofs of payment, charge card statements, for EVERYTHING. It makes sense, of course, but we hadn't quite expected how much trouble, given that we had been paying in bits and pieces for the cruise, for excursions, etc.... it turned out there were so many little (and big) charges. And we had used more than one charge card - gasp! I ended up sending our insurer (Travel Insured, who were GREAT to work with), several months of FULL charge statements, a big stack, in pdf's. Okay, now they know how much we spent at Whole Foods, for dry cleaning, for gas, some clothing, and on and on. But I also figured that in this day and age, "they" already "all" know so much about us from all sorts of tracking, and in particular, tracking our charged spending. So instead of just highlighting each line item on a thick stack of printouts, and then scanning the pages one by one (!!), we sent the files as they had appeared, and sent a list of charges and dates, and *they* could verify each. They did, and about 2 weeks later, we had check in hand. That remains our largest claim, with one other nearly as big, plus several much smaller. The one thing I found really peculiar is that we also had to provide "proof" (charge card statement again) that we had actually PAID for the insurance. What, they didn't have a record of *their* sales? Given that most of our trips do *not* end with a claim, we haven't done anything differently in case paperwork is needed, although we thought about it. Too much trouble! The real problem is that in any given month, we could be paying a deposit for one cruise, a final payment for another, airfare for one of those plus a third trip, a few pre-paid hotels (when we find bargains by pre-paying), some hotels we recently stayed at and paid for at checkout, and... and... ! But the amount of money claimed isn't trivial at all, so we'll do it the easiest way we can, even if it isn't downright "easy". But we used EMAIL for EVERYTHING. I can't even imagine the communication otherwise. That also gave us a nice way to track *everything* they were asking us to do, etc. By phone, I wouldn't trust it as much, not to "change directives", etc. And it also gave us proof that we *sent* what they wanted, when they emailed their confirmation of receipt, etc. GC
  11. GeezerCouple

    Everything Hurtigruten - question answered!

    We'll be with you in spirit and thoughts (and memories still brightly in our minds, plus photos!). Are you taking the train to Bergen from Oslo? Enjoy!! GC
  12. There is nothing about the first answer above (copied below) that requires there be a cruise. You'd need to check the wording of any policy you get (or are considering getting). It might depend upon how long it would be before the next possible flight could get you somewhere. Or consider CFAR (Cancel For Any Reason), although that sometimes (always??) requires that you "change your mind" more than 48 hours before the planned departure. But in THIS case, flight only (and if you are from PA and Aunt Martha is in CA, so it's a domestic flight) situation, whatever is wrong with either a refundable ticket, or... many (most?) tickets have a cancel or change fee that is not much at all? The insurance might cost almost as much, given how the pricing works. But also, if your flight is outright CANCELLED, what are the terms of the ticket, in terms of refunds or credits? This would be a rather modest "cost" in most cases. You seem to be "looking for" a problem. GC ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "TRAVEL" insurance covers.... travel. You've purchased policies, IIRC. Look at what your policies covered. (Or did you find something that was *only* for direct cruise-related costs? I haven't heard of anything like that other than the coverage purchased directly from a cruise line.) But also make sure you understand the terms of the insurance, such as whether you should take a later flight rather than "throwing in the towel" (and the insurer's money) for things like pre-paid non-refundable hotels or land excursions... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GC
  13. GeezerCouple

    Boxing/Punching Bag on Riviera?

    Is there a real "punching bag" (for lack of better name/term) on the Riviera? I mean the large, heavy bag that hangs down (not the little bag that goes back and forth really fast once hit)? Apologies: I don't know the proper names for these. A few years ago, IIRC, when we were on Riviera, there was one, but it had a sign up "Out of Order". We didn't inquire further then. Many thanks. GC
  14. GeezerCouple

    Trip Insurance?

    Totally agree with Flatbush Flyer. I suggest you contact a travel insurance broker such as www.TripInsuranceStore.com CALL them; don't rely upon online summaries, as the fine print can really matter. They'll help you find a suitable policy from a reputable insurer. GC
  15. GeezerCouple

    Insurance policies for diff cruise fares

    I strongly suggest that you contact a travel insurance broker such as www.TripInsuranceStore.com But CALL them; don't rely upon the online summaries of various policies. The fine print can *really* matter. And in your case, you really have a very specific situation to discuss. There is no extra charge to use a broker. They'll help you find the right policy (and structure for your situation) from the right insurer. GC