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  1. Whenever we have wanted private tours that could be customized due to medical need to rest frequently or to avoid "tricky" walking, we've just asked a tour provider if they are able to accommodate us. Sometimes their initial response includes a query about whether we need a wheelchair accessible van or such. (And we often customize the itinerary, to do more of "this" and less of "that", etc. - another benefit of private excursions!) Given that tourism by those using wheelchairs isn't unusual now, most private tours are already able to do this, and some large group tours are as well, but they may need advance notice - so they can plan accordingly if they need to make sure that a specific vehicle is kept available for your group, etc. Just let them know from the start what your needs are, to make sure it's a good match. GC
  2. Here is a link: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/499-cruisetravel-insurance/ Meanwhile, we strongly recommend www.TripInsuranceStore.com They are a broker and handle several vetted insurers, with a variety of policies/types of coverage. Or you can ask questions of the owner of TIS: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2500-qa-cruise-insurance-with-the-tripinsurancestorecom-june-2021/ If you call, they will help you identify what types of coverage might work for you. They don't 'oversell', and there is no extra cost for purchasing coverage through them. We've had several claims (policies through TIS with Travel Insured), including two large claims, and all were paid promptly without nonsense. GC
  3. The ONLY times we've changed airports is when we needed to spend a night at a hotel between flights because that was the only reasonable connection. So... we'd need to exit and re-enter the airport with all the security follies anyway. Otherwise, I just can't imagine changing airports. That would take so much time, especially allowing for delays at each airport plus traffic, that any other routing that would require a longer connection would still be more appealing. GC
  4. I'm not Steve (!), but at least when we get CFAR (through Steve's company, with Travel Insured), the CFAR is *part* of the regular coverage, for a surcharge. It's not a stand-alone "separate policy". So EITHER one gets 100% back (if appropriate, etc.) for a covered reason OR one gets 75% if one instead needs to invoke the "any reason" (which in our minds is really "no reason at all is needed"), from the same "policy with CFAR coverage added for an extra charge". These are third party policies, so they are indeed cash back, not some sort of credit with a deadline, etc. And a "refundable deposit" sounds like something else. And there are some deadlines for coverages such as pre-existing conditions and CFAR, so make sure you can still get any other coverage you might want. Steve can answer the specifics, obviously. You'd probably need to provide specifics about that coverage you purchased so "what it covers" could be determined. I hope you get to take that trip. A 43 day cruise/land trip sounds wonderful! 🙂 GC
  5. I would strongly suggest bringing along some snack bars or packets of whatever types of food that she might need. You could pack things that are not already in single serving packages in baggies, etc. We always do this, in case flights are delayed, etc., or there suddenly isn't enough food catered on the flight (it's happened...), or simply that the food is something that might trigger an allergy, etc. For anyone with a serious medical need, it's even more important. GC
  6. I had to Google the term. They seem to be the little individual airflow directors above each seat. Probably would be really good these days, driving one's local airflow straight down...? GC
  7. Check the flights on https://matrix.itasoftware.com and compare the timing, so you'll know if the flights are indeed the "same" physical flight, sold separately under two different airline "names". And also check www.seatguru.com for the seating arrangement and dimensions. NOTE: The equipment many have changed, or could change on short notice, but at least it's a place to start so you have an idea if it's likely to be x seats across or y, etc., as well as the seat widths and pitch. Also look at comments there; sometimes there are people mentioning specific + or - about certain seats, separate from the color coding that may show up on the seating map. You can't count on that all to be accurate, but it's a place to start. So far, it's been accurate for us, and we've used it, plus the airline seating chart if available, to select seats. However, we use awards and fly international on top international carriers in business or first. We've also used these seating maps for domestic coach, and it's worked well. RM
  8. Hey! That was definitely not "us" mentioning a preference for Pepsi. I think that was mauibabes We are strictly "Coca Cola" Fan Geezers. 😀 And that was one of the things we requested, but in small bottles. If there is an open can near me, it will spill itself before I can even get to it... 😞 GC
  9. We did this on our O cruises, and we were very grateful for whoever it was who had mentioned it here on CC so that we knew to ask. We had our TA make the request to make it "official" (perhaps less likely that it got... overlooked?) and we made the request far in advance, so they had plenty of time to arrange it. We also let them know the approximate quantities that we wanted (for each of two preferred beverages). Given that we try to drink a lot of fluids, this way we didn't run out. Then we told our butler how many to keep in the fridge or on the counter so we could put a couple more in the fridge as needed. The supply was replenished invisibly. 😉 I admit that the first time, we weren't quite sure if it would work, but it was handled perfectly. GC
  10. I would definitely NOT risk taking aboard any substance that is not allowed by the cruise line, or by any port/country the ship sails to (or even might!), or any airport one will (or even might) fly through. However, there are different penalties for different substances, and they aren't always what one might expect from "how things work in your own home area", etc. For example, in Japan, one can get permission to bring some controlled substances, and it isn't difficult to deal with... all by email. OTOH, they absolutely forbid the original formulation Sudafed tablets. Full stop. (The newer OTC formulation is okay, for those for whom that type works.) There are a couple of airports we won't even fly through, lest we end up needing to leave airside. Indeed, given the very severe penalties in some locations, we won't even risk going through certain airports even if we plan to stay airside... It can get tricky, but it's just not worth the risk. However, we are not dealing with the incapacitating pain that some of you are dealing with. But I think we'd stay home or avoid any risky destinations/stops, rather than risk taking certain substances with us when we travel, etc. It's very unfortunate. 😞 I really do hope that you are able to find better relief somehow... GC
  11. We haven't faced this situation, but I could have sworn that I read someplace (and I do think it was somewhere on CC a few years ago) that IF one waited out the one year limit to use the credit/etc., *then* one could add to the claim for that amount, The point is to avoid double-dipping. Does anyone else remember anything like this? You could call the insurer and ask if this is a process they allow. GC
  12. I was definitely wondering about the same thing. Would Cathay Pacific strand F passengers, for example? One problem is that being "awards" means not really being a prize customer of the partner airline, however it is that the airlines reimburse (?) each other for transferring awards-for-tickets, etc. We do our best no matter what to find nonstops, but for many foreign destinations that aren't major cities, that's just not possible on any airline. Let's see how this plays out, and also how it works for international anyway. GC
  13. At least those AA awards can be used on a variety of other partner/network airlines. Although we've used well over 7 figures of AA awards points/miles in the past few years (along with similar from Amex), we've *never* actually used them to fly ON AA. We've flown on a variety of partner airlines, or "partner of partner" airlines: transferring AA awards to Airline B and then booking through Airline B for flights on airline C. Indeed, I can't even remember the last time we flew on AA itself. It might have been about 7 or 8 years ago, when we spotted a domestic early departure with "F" for less than coach later that same day. So we bit, and even my small-ish feet could not fit into the "foot cubby". Yes, it was flat-bed, but we agreed "never again", and we've avoided AA ever since, including on domestic, despite DH's lifetime elite status on AA. Those top international carriers are sooooo much better! JetBlue usually gets our cash business for domestic, and we tried MINT for one longer haul flight. Note: That AA elite status does help with priority premium class seat choices on our awards flights on some other carriers, so it isn't useless. My far bigger concern, IF these new rules hold (and even if some of the "most objectionable" parts are dropped), is what will other airlines start to do... in their ongoing race to the bottom of so-called "customer service"? GC
  14. We have found JetBlue to be a very (relatively speaking) pleasant airline. No frills, but no nonsense, either. Note: We have not flown since 2019, so can't speak of anything more recent. They also have very nice snacks, certainly nothing like the "3 pretzel package" of some airlines... Nice variety, regular sizes, and "as much as you want" in most cases. (That's a problem, given that we tend to like a few of their offerings. 😉 ) And their "extra leg room" provides a lot of extra space. We also finally gave their MINT service a try, en route back from a Caribbean stay. VERY pleasant indeed. We were really able to sleep, and their little hot snacks were surprisingly tasty. Not a full meal, but much better than a "full meal of something almost inedible". We fly them whenever we can. GC
  15. I had no trouble getting on to Travel Insured's website right after reading your post. GC
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