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  1. Did you post on the Disabled Cruise section? That should have saved you time, as others can tell you which company does this for HAL and you could have a head start. Good luck! GC
  2. Here is a link to the Disabled Cruising section of CC: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/114-disabled-cruise-travel/ Search there and also online in general about renting a recliner for your cabin. I hope you still have time to arrange this. As an aside, we went on a cruise shortly after I suddenly had a torn rotator cuff, and I was in some agony. It was my dominant arm, alas. I had extra pain meds, but I didn't want to be medicated into a stupor! DH had to help me with almost everything: dressing, cutting food, you name it. We are similar ages. We didn't do much in terms of excursions. Even walking was agony, any time my shoulder "moved". I'm sure your situation is worse than mine, so you definitely have my sympathy. I hope that once you are on board, you *can* relax and enjoy it. Good luck! GC
  3. We had no idea he had a show about cruising, but we do enjoy his "land-based" shows, and guide books, too. We'll look for this (these?). Many thanks! GC
  4. Thanks. I was pretty sure that's what you meant, as it didn't quite need to be said otherwise. However, I hadn't thought about this possibility before, and didn't really want to cause trouble (or just waste a lot of time, etc.) by going to the wrong place at a large airport. It's good to know this, so thanks very much! GC
  5. Sorry to ask a nitpicky question about your wording: Where you wrote: "TSA rules do allow you to access the airside portion of any terminal that you're departing from on the day of your departure" - ... did you mean something like "TSA rules do allow you to access the airside portion of any terminal in addition to the one that you are departing from on the day of your departure" ? Thanks. GC
  6. Or also post on the Northern Europe Ports of Call section, for people with expertise/interest in that area. GC
  7. It doesn't really matter what *other* people (at any age) are using. What matters is what YOUR travel insurance needs are. Different people may have very different desires/needs regarding insurance, including whether they need/want medical coverage, trip cancellation coverage, trip interruption coverage, etc. I'd suggest that you contact a travel insurance broker who can describe several different policies to you, and also ask you about your particular concerns/needs. We use www.TripInsuranceStore.com But CALL them, don't rely upon "online policy summaries", as the fine print can REALLY matter. We happen to get policies through TIS from Travel Insured. Unfortunately, because we've had several claims, we can state that TI pays their claims promptly and without any nonsense. GC
  8. My understanding is that the PVSA (and the Jones Act) are USA laws. Note that the Jones Act applied to cargo; the PVSA applied to passengers. The term "Jones Act" is often used incorrectly to refer to passenger rules. Same underlying principles as far as I understand it. The cruise lines are not always accurate, even about relatively simple things! I doubt that if you get confirmation from Parliament about what the appropriate Canadian law/regulation is, that the cruise line folks will care, or start answering similar questions "properly", unfortunately. Also, keep in mind that especially from the cruise line's perspective, it's more important to give out - and enforce - the correct policy than to get the "name" of any law/regulation/etc., right. GC
  9. They may have given the right answer (not sure) but definitely for the *wrong* reason. We had something like this happen when we wanted a different cruise line to allow us an overnight off the ship, and the Jones Act did NOT apply, but they cited it anyway. And we've heard of others who wanted, for example, to get off in Asia at one port, and catch up again a few days later. "Jones Act" was the reason to, initially in that case, disallow it, even though there isn't even a remote connection. (There may have been other laws/regulations, but I doubt it, because in one of those cases, the people WERE allowed to leave the ship and then return to the ship again a few days later in a different port.) IF there are laws (Canadian or US) that disallow this, then it doesn't really matter if they gave you the wrong reason, unfortunately. IF it would be allowed, then it might well be worth going further up the food chain, so to speak. GC
  10. Meeting them for dinner as a surprise sounds lovely. And it reminds me of what we did for my parents 60th. We lived across country from each other. One of my children, who lived close (on the same general coast area, at least, but still more than 1,000 miles away) invited her grandparents to join them for an anniversary visit. Without letting them know, we arranged that DH and I would join them, but be already waiting at the restaurant. Now, given the cross-country flight, that took some planning, and a LOT of waiting that day, lest the plane be late, etc. (If it was too late, then we'd just show up later, etc.) We arrived in town, went to the hotel near our daughter and took a nap. Then we arrived at the restaurant a full hour in advance, and we'd arranged to have the table ready early. So... when the four of them walked in, we could tell that my parents were clueless. It wasn't 'til the very last minute that my father GASPED, and I almost panicked that we had provoked a heart attack (he had already had one, and had had quadruple bypass surgery!). My mother let out a little squeal! My parents never forgot it, and it was one of the best surprises ever (ahem, given that everyone survived!). Showing up unexpectedly ON the ship, for the entire cruise... even better!! Have a GREAT TIME! GC
  11. Right, but that 3rd (or 4th, etc.) person in the suite is MUCH less than the first two "pp" charges, even if not "free". Huge difference, and they get all the same perks (in suite, or in Haven). Although that bedroom is truly tiny, there IS that second full bathroom (shower, no tub), and because of the decent Living Room, that 2nd bedroom really only needs to be used for sleeping (or changing clothing). How everyone actually "splits the total" is up to the group. Probably it's not fair to charge the same for main vs. second BR, but I also don't think it's "fair" if the second couple (or third person) only pays that "extra", given the other suite space and all the perks. But that's up to the group, obviously. On some of the older ships, there is the same suite arrangement for less, without the Haven. So the extra space (and bathroom) are still there, plus the suite perks, but not the Haven access (which has fewer amenities than on the new ships anyway). GC
  12. What insurer or broker are you using? When we did this (transfer a policy), we called Steve (TripInsuranceStore.com) about out Travel Insured policy, and within a VERY short time, we had a new policy for the replacement cruise sent directly to us by email (as usual). All the same day... GC
  13. You might also want to this on the Air section of CC: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/77-cruise-air/ Our experience (and others have posted similar) is that even with so-called non-changeable tickets, if the airline changes the schedule such that it no longer works (not sure if there is a "number of minutes" needed?), then they *will* change it, and you can often get what you yourself prefer. Ask for a supervisor if necessary. GC
  14. "Yes, but..." Our claims might be due to a pre-existing condition (at our age, we've got some), so we don't rely upon that. And we also aren't eager to get into a disagreement about whether something is/is not related to some pre-existing condition. We figure we'd be likely to lose that argument, if an insurer chose to try to make it, although it's moot given that we always have coverage for any pre-existing conditions. (But there have been two times, both large claims, where we don't think any pre-existing condition was relevant, but we could imagine someone trying to make some linkage...) Our actual claims have always been for a part or all of a bigger trip, one that would also exceed the coverage for those card pollicies AFAIK. I think only once did we need to cancel/no show for a pre-paid hotel. And there have been a handful over the years where the hotel has kindly allowed us to change dates (on a so-called "non-changeable/non-refundable" reservation), or even to cancel entirely, but one certainly cannot count on that. Separately, we prefer, thus far, to use AAdvantage or Amex MR points. Very useful for our travels thus far. But it's different for each person's usage pattern, etc., of course. All good information for dcstoryteller, of course! GC
  15. Agreed. However, we might not get travel insurance if the only cost is one or two nights of moderate hotel costs. But with a cruise, we ALWAYS get travel insurance! And we get third party insurance, so that ALL expenses, starting from when we walk out the front door until we walk back in at the end are covered - not "just the cruise" or only direct cruise-related expenses. To dcstoryteller, here is a link to the travel insurance section of CC: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/499-cruisetravel-insurance/ GC
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