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  1. Please compare the types of services that each company offers. My understanding is that many of them differ significantly, so "cost" is not the main/only consideration. GC
  2. The top quote from you is what I was referring to, when you described it as a "problem". And it certainly could be, depending upon the country, the med(s), and the length of time. IF there is a limit on the quantity or "number of days' supplies", then having your own documentation may not be sufficient. If it is a critical med, much better to have it all arranged in advance. GC
  3. Have you tried to get advance permission from the appropriate authorities, such that you have documentation regarding the quantities allowed? (In some cases it might need to be for all Rx meds, or perhaps just for some of the more "sensitive" ones.) GC
  4. <snip> I think this is not a case of it being "completely silent". IF there is a line item for each person, showing what that person's fare cost, then.... that is what that person's fare is. And that is what would be covered. Otherwise, *everyone* in this situation would claim the "highest" person's fare, and that would not be how the total coverage would have been calculated, because not everyone actually paid that fare. IF there is some other listing elsewhere on the forms, that might be different. But we've had many policies with TI, and (unfortunately) several claims. This situation almost came up, so we asked. But because we didn't in the end cancel, we don't know exactly what would have happened. We assume that insurance would reimburse for the amount actually PAID for someone cancelling (or interrupting) as shown on the "receipt", which would be the booking confirmation. GC
  5. It's all in the wording, as with many contracts, and especially medical.. It is indeed the situation like with a "good enough" hospital... one that the INSURER determines is "good enough"... You may not agree with that assessment. In that case you'd need the MedJet coverage. And that is why we keep the MJA! So that WE can decide where to go if necessary. GC
  6. Some people who cannot walk the long paths through large airports can make it down the jetway on their own. In that case, if this is communicated to the 'pusher', then they might be left in a seat near the gate agent desk. But if you do need wheelchair assistance to the plane door, then someone will come back for you a short time before boarding. It might be the same person, or it might not be. And if you ask to be taken to the rest room, they'll do that. But don't wait until boarding time. Most airports have this nicely under control. Most... GC
  7. White Island is not a port stop, correct. The port used would be Tauranga, and two weeks ago, Noordam did indeed stop there. My question was whether HAL offered (through HAL, not asking here about independent excursions) this White Island excursion. GC
  8. Chances are that OP should have waited until closer to sailing, when it was more likely to be known to interfere with Feb travel. However, we cannot know with certainty whether the OP's physician may have had a reason for OP to cancel *now*. And IF that is the case (based upon something specific about OP's health), then waiting until there was a higher penalty may violate the terms of trying to mitigate the insurer's costs. It's not at all clear that this IS the case here, but my point is that *we* cannot know all of this, and shouldn't be so specific in telling OP what to do. What we have done when an "iffy" travel insurance situation arose (we have had similar situations... should we cancel now, or later?), we ASKED our travel insurance broker and/or the insurer themselves "what to do/how to handle this". They provided helpful advice in all such cases, and we were covered fully. Let the insurer help with the decision making. After all, IF one makes a claim, all of the information would be disclosed to the insurer anyway, so there is no need to be coy about it. GC
  9. Does (did!?) HAL offer this tour? GC
  10. Authorities have now flown over the island, and report that there are no signs of life. (OTOH, it is dark now, so maybe, just maybe......?) GC
  11. NZ Police confirm 5 dead, from those rescued, from burns. Still no access to the island for rescues. GC
  12. We stopped at this port (Tauranga) two weeks ago, on the Noordam, but I don't remember if HAL offered an excursion to White Island. Apparently the volcano had been a bit more active recently. The NZ Prime Minister said that whether visitors should have been allowed on the island will be addressed later, with the current focus on search and rescue. Unfortunately, it seems that the island is now considered too dangerous for any SAR. There is one dead, and 27 missing, per most recent reports. What a tragedy. GC
  13. What is a [reasonable] reason for allowing the oil to get so low? Assuming one would need to top it off more frequently, wouldn't approximately the same amount of oil be used regardless of the frequency? Is there significant down time associated with refilling? Crew time? GC
  14. Perhaps you should post this on the RCI section of CC. Someone(s) there may have had this experience and could tell you either how they needed to handle this (including perhaps insurance, but that would depend upon specific policy and perhaps state of residence), OR that indeed, it was *not* a problem after all... GC
  15. I'm surprised your travel insurance company doesn't have an emergency number, although this particular problem is not an emergency, obviously. But how can any of us, include Steve, know what the particular terms of *your* specific travel insurance policy includes (or doesn't include)? I definitely agree that the cruise line's statement about this is outrageous. Did you speak with someone higher up, or just a regular phone rep? What did your Travel Agent say about this? Shouldn't they be running interference with the cruise line? (The travel insurance wouldn't be needed if the cruise line handled this more appropriately.) Given that you booked these three sequential cruises together, their position makes no sense. (I wonder if they actually have wording in their contract terms that make this clear!?) Good luck! GC
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