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  1. We did the Coastal RT about a year and a week or so before the Viking Sky's incident. Northbound, we noticed nothing at all remarkable about this area, and didn't even know it could be "rough seas" there. However, on the Southbound trip, it was VERY different. I'm not sure exactly where we were, but it was this general area. We had the early seating for dinner, and soon went to our suite. Note that our suite was high and aft, so the motion would be... "noticed" The Captain had announced that we'd encounter rough seas during the evening/night, and we made note of that. And then... Yikes! It was a bit like an amusement park wild mouse ride. The lighter furniture was shifting around, rather suddenly. Soon, we couldn't walk or stand up! We mostly crawled to the bedroom, and got into bed literally for safety. But we considered it a great adventure! (And we were both pleased that we didn't get seasick - and we never had before, so we didn't expect to - AND I didn't get scared - which I would have expected. Now... IF that happened again, soon after this Viking Sky incident, I may have been more anxious; hard to tell.) DH wanted to get up to look out the windows, and we agreed that he should not do that, lest he fall and get injured. It was quite an adventure, and we really enjoyed it. All was calm when we woke up the next morning, other than some chairs having tipped over and many things having fallen off table and counter tops, etc. But it is sobering to think what CAN happen, if things don't go quite right... [It gives us pause about our possible Antarctic cruise, given the "Drake Shake"...] What is it about THIS area off the coast of Norway that it is known for "rough seas" (even absent other exacerbating problems)? GC
  2. Another suggestion to CALL TripInsuranceStore. Explain exactly what your family's situation is, and they'll help you with the best fit policy. Depending upon your situation, you may well want to get that policy that can be purchased within 24 hours of final payment (narrowly defined). They can explain the pros and cons of that policy. GC
  3. For those still interested, the Viking Sky is under her own power, pulling into Molde now. Thank goodness...! GC
  4. Think about the technology... We are able to watch in just about real time as she heads into Molde. Amazing. SO glad this is about to end, and much better than might have been feared, not too long ago. GC
  5. Ah... it seems from MarineTraffic that the Ocean Response - the tug pulling Viking Sky - seems to have peeled off. Is Viking Sky now totally under own power? The water would be much calmer, but is the power "stable"? Those remaining passengers are going to be mighty relieved to be on terra firma again! GC
  6. I was startled to see, in photos of the ship, that the forward balconies had "clear" front half-walls. We've been in several (other cruise lines) forward suites (and seen many more), and those have substantial metal at the very front, except perhaps on the very highest decks. GC
  7. We took a Hurtigruten Coastal RT (from Bergen, up over the North Cape, to Kirkenes, with an excursion to the Russian Border, and back to Bergen) one year and one week ago (early/mid March, 2018). Yes, to see the Northern Lights (success!). But the landscape was GORGEOUS. Breathtaking. Now, the Hurtigruten ships go from little town to little town, so it's very picturesque almost 24/7. But THIS SAME AREA OF THE SEA That evening, the Captain told us we'd have rough seas for several hours. "Understatement!" We were in an aft suite, Deck 8 (top inside deck aft), so we "felt" the water. Sure enough, relatively suddenly, furniture started shifting, and we could no longer walk. Then we couldn't stand. So we sort of crawled to the bedroom, and got in bed to be safe. Because we had not yet read about the Viking Sky (being a year earlier!), we were "enjoying the ride" and were *not* frightened (and I'm a scaredy-cat usually). This also confirmed our belief that we don't get seasick, although it also assuaged my fears about being "terrified". No more. Not after realizing what COULD have happened. Now... we were NOT in the midst of such a dreadful weather situation, to be sure. I cannot imagine it being so much worse! I also suspect (only my suspicions) that the Hurtigruten Captains, who do this same route day in and day out, 365 days per year, so they *know* the seas, the reefs, etc... And perhaps they do not venture out when there are bomb cyclones approaching. BUT... that may not be fair, as we don't know precisely what the Viking Sky Captain knew, vs. what actually developed, weather- and sea-wise. We were on an Astronomy Package, so there wouldn't have been much point in going.during the Midnight Sun We really, *really* wanted to return and do this particular cruise again (and also head up to Svalbard). Now? Well... it was a freak, but still all too real for those on board and their families! We'll see. (We get on planes even though some go down. But would we have gotten on a 737 Max? NOT after the second crash. Are Viking Ocean ships having too many engine failures - which make the ships uncontrollable in tough seas...? We are not the experts, but we do get to make our own decisions about *our* travel!) GC
  8. IF you could get people into them/once the people are in them, are the lifeboats really safe in seas like this? GC
  9. But Viking's official site statement read this way ("ship is proceeding on its own power") when it clearly was *not*. And "a tugboat is on site" wasn't quite accurate, either, when they first posted that statement. GC
  10. On our first Oceania cruise, we didn't go to Red Ginger until the end, because we knew it wouldn't be a favorite, but we wanted to "try it". I can't eat spicy food, so I figured I might eat "lightly". Well! That sea bass! BEST fish I have ever had (with the single exception of *very* freshly caught halibut in Alaska, which I never thought could taste "like that"!). There were several other items we noticed. This last trip a few months ago, we really enjoyed eating there. There were plenty of choices that were not at all spicy (or the sauce was on the side anyway). GC
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