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  1. Yes, we enjoy all of the m class ships(includes Infinity). We prefer their size and have no interest in cruising on ships today that have 5,000 or more pax. They are about the size of Zuiderdam sized ships , which we also sailed on, but have better food and entertainment.
  2. Do you remember the midnight buffets every night with one grand buffet on every cruise?. Also the parade by the waiters carrying baked Alaska in the main dining room.
  3. Either MTS Jason in Greek Islands about 1971or Song of America about 1980 in theCaribbean. I entered a skeet shooting contest and finished second. I don't think it was the old Carla C. which was my first cruise over new years in about 1969 and the drinks were dirt cheap.
  4. I also remember skeet shooting off the back of the ship It was either MTS Jason in the greek islands about 1970 or Song of America in the Carrabean RCCL in around 1980.
  5. We were on Azamara(part of the RCCL) last October. The ship provided Vietnam visas and it also was charged to our account. I think it was $6 for US citizens.
  6. My first cruise waS 50 YEARS go. I do remember skeet shooting off the back of a ship. Drinks were $.50 or $1
  7. Also another vote for the Doubletree. We stayed there pre Baltic cruise the summer of 2018. We liked the location, a short walk to Central station , tram terminal, tour boat dock and restaurants. It is near the cruise port & some people walked there. We also hired a Tesla for airport to hotel transportation.
  8. We went to all three restaurants, Normandie, SS United States and Olympic and really enjoyed both the memorabilia and classic meals. One of X's better ideas.
  9. We didn't do a pearl dive but did multiple scuba dives including a shark dive. we also went to pearl farm & it was ok, not that exciting. We found the best prices for black pearls was in the Cook Islands, not the Society Islands. .
  10. Sorry, I got confused. Trying to do 2 things at the same time.We went to MP on a different land trip than the precruise trip from BA described above. We flew into Lima and then changed pl anes to go to Cusco . Went on a tour that afternoon to a nearby site (I think Olatombo sp?). We did take altitude sickness pills starting one day before the flight and were ok in Cusco. Some hotels there pipe in oxygen into the rooms and have coca leaves and tea to help with the altitude adjustment. We did some touring from Cusco including visiting the sacred valley. I believe Cusco is at higher altitude (over 10,000 ft ) vs MP (8,700ft). It was a week trip including taking the Belmond Hyrim Bingam train to Agua Caliente. We visited MP 2 days including going there for morning sunrise before the day tourists. Amazing to see the ruins become unhidden from the clouds.! We did have a private guide the first day at MP. Doing MP on your own would probably be difficult during a cruise & would be much better before or after a cruise.
  11. IMHO, i disagree with your comment about acclimate. I spoke to others both before and after our trip who did the one and 2 day trips. Most people spent the amount of time that interested them.I frankly have not heard of a 5 day trip there but seeing the falls & touring the park with a guide who knew of shortcuts, etc was just fine for us & would do it again. We were advised that seeing the falls from the Ar side was better. They were spectacular. I can't imagine what you would do for 5 days in the park, but that's your interest, not ours..We choose to spend 4 days in & around BA as well. Wonderful city.
  12. We choose to do Macchu Picchu on our own, arranging the air from the nearby intown airport In Buenos Aires PRECRUISE. We arranged for a tour guide to pick us up at the Iguasui airport, take us to the MP national park, guide us through the park & return to the airport back to Buenos Aires. It was easy and we did it in one long day seeing the Ar side. Others suggest staying overnight in the park. The cost was about half of what the cruise line was charging and it was easy to arrange.
  13. We stayed at the Doubletree by Hilton Centraal . It was centrally located near the, city center, central train station, tram terminal and not far from the cruise terminal (some people walked).
  14. The first ship listed for sale appears to be the Connie, which is m class, has the same dimensions, gross weight and was built in 2002.
  15. I agree with you. We're also willing to pay more to have good customer service. We've used the same TA for about 15 years (replaced a former one). If she is unable to answer our call ,we get a return call within a reasonable time period. She's favorably resolved many issues for us. She also has been able to provide most, if not all of the perks and discounts (sometimes greater)(other than the big box gift card). When you're spending thousands on a cruise, we think adding $50 to $100 more for customer service is a worthwhile cost..
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