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  1. We loved Regent . By far superior food, cabin & service on an elegant ship.
  2. Our September, 2021 cruise for Spain & Portugal was cancelled about one month before final payment.
  3. Almost no chance.
  4. We had an "Edge" type infinite balcony window on a river cruise. It 's like opening a window in your house. It;'s definitely not the same experience as being on a true ship balcony. I would take a pass on this type of cabin.
  5. Agree that itinerary is most important to us unless it's a cruise with few ports (& thus more time in the cabin). We also tend to like smaller ships with better service & less crowding.
  6. I also think I recall the same. It could have been on one of the ships that recently cancelled all their cruises until next year. BTW we did a se Asia cruise on Azamara from Hong Kong to Singapore right before the pandemic. . You get to see more this way rather than round trip to same port & air with multi city worked out just fine. Good luck.
  7. I've been on both O (r class) and A ships, which IMHO are both comparable for food, service, entertainment, cabins & other amenities (although A has removed their casinos for more lounges). A does include basic drinks, has more overnight ports, & usually gratuities,. I would make the decision based upon itinerary (for me probably Croatia). One caveat, will the new owners of A change the experience.
  8. We've moved are 8/20 cancelled cruise to the same 9/29/21 Iberian cruise that now was cancelled. We may lift and shift to the 10/12/22 cruise provided we get the same package including a refundable deposit. Now we will have to be concerned with covid travel improvement & hope Infinity is refurbished & not sold.
  9. We were conditionally approved to renew our global entry cards a year ago subject to an interview, which were discontinued at that time. We have periodically received notices of instant interview upon an international arrival, but that wasn't useful during the pandemic. We went on the site today & were able to get in person interview (virtual wasn't offered although requested). Anyways since we live reasonably close to one of the airports offering interviews, we obtained an appointment this week.
  10. I have to disagree with one comment. Sometimes if the airlines drop their fare, X may not drop them or not drop them as much due to their contract group rates. This did happen to us on our flights to Hong Kong with return from Singapore not long ago.
  11. With all our cc experts, doesn't anyone know?
  12. If we make final payment on a cruise that also includes air with X, what is the effect on the air portion of the fare if X cancels or we cancel the cruise? FCC with X, the airline or refund?
  13. I also wan t to thank you as I was unaware of a virtual interview. we were going to try to have our interview upon our return from an international cruise this fall but this may be even easier. Is the virtual interview on the website or where as I haven't seen it?
  14. These posts helpful as we also have AC return flights from Lisbon in October through X via United. I also could not get premium economy seat assignments but expect to do so once final payment made. We had no problem getting seats on AA for departure.
  15. Appears to apply to US initiated cruises, not international.
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