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  1. I got the $600 OB but I did select a future cruise with the same offer so not sure if the comped cruise just carries
  2. These offers are usually for certain cruises. If you click into the offer on the site you will see which cruises the offer applies to.
  3. We have been taking it very seriously here and have thankfully flattened the curve where I live
  4. I am also from the Tri-State . Going down day before cruise/ I am getting in pretty late in the day so actually will be self isolating at the hotel . What I find ironic is our numbers are way lower than Fla because our lockdown ha been longer and observed.
  5. Wells Fargo Analyst Tim Conder, in a recent note to investors, confirmed the meeting is scheduled but added that he does not believe it "will address the current suspension of sailings in U.S. waters through July 24," but instead focus on crew repatriation.
  6. It is a Wells Fargo Analyst who said they won't be discussing.
  7. no you don't have to sail this year just book one
  8. I am booked for Feb - remember the Radiance is adding rooms so a switchout would probably not work and they don't have a spare ship so it would cancel but I think they will continue
  9. Just call them - they cancelled June already so you can just move the $$ over or get a refund. It is at the prevailing price for the new cruise though.
  10. The Magic is probably my favorite ship but oddly I cannot remember décor. I find their T-Pool in the Spa amazing and Magic and Dream are the ones I purchase the Spa Pass for because of it. I wouldn't hesitate on the Magic but I am sure you will receive many comments.
  11. My understanding is, no commission but they do have sales quotas
  12. It depends why you are denied.
  13. Just the Priority Boarding I believe
  14. If you are driving to Albany anyway look at Yankee Trails Cruise Express. There is free parking at the pickup points and takes you right to the pier where porters take your luggage right off the bus. Works the same on t he return to Albany. I use them every time.
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