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  1. Why are people so quick with their lawsuits? Should I sue my partner for bringing it home from work and giving it to me? People need to realise that at the time of the Diamond Princess episode, no one knew how serious things were going to get. It was planes and not cruise ships that spread it around the globe.
  2. We’re approaching 500,000 deaths from Covid-19 across the world which has happened in six months. Over a quarter of them have happened in the US. The true number is likely to be much higher. Cruising is never going to start again given people such as you.
  3. Given the choice would you rather be dehydrated or die of Covid-19?
  4. Cruising is never going to start back up based on some of the attitudes on here. Dare I say, with the huge American clientele making up their passengers, the major cruise lines are never going to set sail again.
  5. Interesting to read some of the comments about masks. Attitudes like that are what is going to prolong this situation for longer and longer. By the time we’re at a point where masks aren’t needed, there won’t be any cruise lines left to sail with.
  6. 8 July according to a tweet by Princess UK Media.
  7. The winter 2021/22 cruises aren’t on sale yet.
  8. Received the email earlier in the week and signed up immediately. We’ve had the virus - tests have proven we have antibodies - totally realise this might not mean anything - so will be willing to take the risk. We’ll be sailing from the U.K., I assume with only U.K. citizens and will always be close to home and our wonderful free healthcare. Strangely I had said to my partner the same day as receiving the Viking email that it’s a shame P&O couldn’t do something similar. We’ll see how it pans out.
  9. I wonder if Princess is monitoring these boards and deliberately delaying processing the refunds of those people who comment the most about not having their refunds.
  10. Yes. Refund received 18 May. Bonus FCC received 22 May.
  11. Update - we have now received our 50% bonus FCC into our account so everything sorted for us now. Hurrah! Hope everyone receives their refunds in due course.
  12. Mine was £2,880 for a week long Sky Princess cruise.
  13. Many people have received their refunds - I did this week - but unfortunately positive news is always subsumed by negativity. It’s amazing how people quote the same negative posts over and over and ignore those that confirm refunds are being made. OP - I’m glad you’ve had your refund.
  14. I was probably on hold about 20-30 minutes. Just left my mobile on speaker whilst I was working. I used the number below that we found on Facebook.
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