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  1. Must have invested all their money in this as we’ve just arrived home after a three night pre-Christmas jaunt on the Queen Victoria. If it hadn’t have been for the decorations, one was hard pressed to know it was only a few days until Christmas. No Christmas activities whatsoever not even a movie. The production show cast was atrocious and yes drinks are exorbitant.
  2. What a novel idea. Thanks for sharing.
  3. We are getting something similar in the UK but have the pay £35 per day for the package. Slightly annoying that yet again Princess is not treating every market fairly.
  4. Saw this all over social media yesterday. Looks like a good deal. Is it confirmed that it can be added to already booked cruises or would we need to pay the usual £50 per person re-fare fee?
  5. We were also impressed by the proper plates and better glasses. Loved the new menu layouts too. I think Princess have knocked it out of the park with the Sky Princess. It’s our new favourite Princess ship.
  6. When we booked it was 715 but we’re happy to see it had been changed to 745 when we got onboard.
  7. Very strange. Definitely had it at the 745. Corrine did the introductions in a gold dress. The week before it was Andy.
  8. We had the Baked Alaska Parade both weeks of our B2B (27 October and 3 November). Both on the last night of the week. We were in the Cielo dining room on the 7.45 late traditional sitting.
  9. Perhaps it’s because of all the old guard who simply refuse to use the Medallion as it tracks their every movement even in the bathroom and so prefer to have a cruise card?
  10. Take Five also smells of smoke from the adjacent casino as it has doors between the two venues.
  11. Clear communication is key. Perhaps we would have elected to take an excursion if we had been told the process was to take all day. Got to love CC. People moan about the tiniest things - where’s my gold toiletry bag etc. - but expect people to go with the flow when their cruise which cost thousands of pounds is disrupted.
  12. Just to make it clear, Ellen is supposedly the Godmother. Was told by someone onboard. Not a passenger and not just a steward. i just Googled Ellen DeGeneres Princess Cruises and one of the search results took me to the following page on the Princess website. I’m assuming the Sky Princess is somewhere hidden on the page. https://www.princess.com/news/backgrounders_and_fact_sheets/factsheet/Princess-Cruises-Ship-Christeners-.html
  13. Totally understand the need to sanitise the ship due to irresponsible passengers but they should have made it clear the process was likely to take all day and we would have planned our day accordingly. The notice we received read as though everything would be sorted by 1130. Based on the price we paid for our cruise I believe we are due a refund of £130.
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