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  1. Watching on the webcams. Great day for sailing! I haven’t flown on a plane since 2002. Never going to fly again, either! Bon Voyage GG ⚓️🗽🚢⚓️
  2. All pizza comments are welcome. It seems like cruise lines are generallyaccommodating but I'm trying to do my best to prepare. Skip the NCL room service pizza. Not worth it. Buffet pizza is ok if you are waaaaay hungry. Never tried La Cucina pizza so can’t comment. Carnivals pizza was way better IMHO. The only thing that was better. 😵
  3. Jade is sailing away right now, on time. Getaway (not Breakaway) still docked. Hoping they made it.... https://www.portmiamiwebcam.com/
  4. Last time we were on Breakaway our cabin was on deck 8 with a big balcony. The balcony was great and being steps away from (then) Fat Cats Jazz and Blues Club and outdoor seating at Maltings Bar was awesome. Also, the shuffleboard is right below on deck 7. However, at night we did hear the music from the theater shows below (we are not shows people). Not late but we did hear it. Just one thing to consider. If you enjoy the shows in the theater, well, then you’ll probably be in there enjoying them! Next time we will probably go back to deck 10, to an angled balcony near the aft of the ship. Yes, you will hear the music from the parties at night up in Spice H2O if out on your balcony, but with the door closed it’s not bad. We were at those parties a lot of the time! A cabin by the elevators and stairs is better than the long walk down the deck 8 narrow cabin hallway ( for us anyway ). Hope this helps. Have a great cruise!
  5. It’s annoying. Just have to deal. Glad I’m not the only one, too. At least it’s a balmy 46* above 0 today. Think I’ll go outside for a little sun!
  6. Study the deck plans beforehand. It will make navigating the ship easier. Get to venues a 1/2 hour early, beating the crowds. I have only sailed Breakaway out of nyc so cannot speak for New Orleans. Stateroom 10276 is perfect. Around the corner from lifts and stairs. Angled balcony totally worth it, IMHO. Bed(s) by closet. It’s a tight fit if beds are separated. Fish carpet on cabin hallway floors “swim” forward to let you know which direction is fore and aft. Have a great cruise.
  7. Frozen. Just like my weather outside. Done and done. Bye bye Cruise Critic. It’s been fun. Ciou. Mods?? Get real.
  8. I haven’t been able to open the NCL board since yesterday. Day 2 and counting. I’m giving up on this place
  9. Welcome home. Docked safe and sound. Thank you for taking us along!
  10. Thanks for continuing the review. I work with someone originally from Barbados. Can’t wait to show him your pics from there. Yup, no bacon police on NCL. Nice. The welcome back tent with cold towels and drinks is The.Best.Ever.
  11. Geez. We live 20 minutes away from Pier 88 by car and refuse to sail during the winter. Too cold!! Pack a snow shovel in your car if you are parking at the pier. Hoping everyone safe travels this snowy weekend!
  12. Thanks for all the updates, mking. Oh well for the rainy weather. Food pics....mmmmm. Stay well....Washy Washy. Watch nyc weather for Sunday. Safe Sailing!!
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