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  1. We haven't sailed with Princess before, but have cruised many times. We are thinking of doing the British Isles cruise with Princess. Has anyone done this and what were your opinions of it. We normally cruise with Holland America, and they are smaller ships. We are seniors (young seniors😂), and wonder if a larger ship is going to be too confusing and too many people. Thoughts from anyone who has cruised with HA and the differences we can expect. Thanks in advance.
  2. I should have added that we are definitely not big gamblers. I gamble more than my husband (he may lose $25 for a whole cruise!), but still not a big gambler. We do go down daily and play, but still the $ amount spent is minimal over all.
  3. I received the casino offer last Friday. We considered the 11 day Panama for the end of March, but It isn't going to work for us this time, but we have taken advantage of the casino offers. However, we've always paid a little more and got either the Signature or the Neptune Suite. Free or not, my husband won't take the inside cabin, and the free one on my letters have always been for the inside, with small charges to upgrade to each level. It's a great deal if you can take advantage of it. On our cruise a year ago, we had a Neptune through the casino offer, and someone asked how much. I told them, and they repeated to someone who was also in a Neptune, and she said she didn't believe me, that there was no way we'd paid so little.
  4. On one HA cruise we were on two years ago, my husband came down with a bad case of gout half way through the cruise. It was the "dress up" night and he couldn't get his proper dress shoes on, so he had to wear his old sandals, with his suit. It was not a good look, but he had no choice. That said, I told him I was walking 6 feet ahead of him (such a sympathetic wife!).
  5. We were there less than a month ago, and there were two ships. Our 4th visit there, but first with two ships. There was no problem getting a lounger. The beach is very long and wide, so just keep walking past the crowd if you want. I have always rented the clam shell, but didn't this time. While it's nice to have some shade, we find they get very hot as they are closed on 3 sides. The buffet lunch is quite good, but we did head back to the ship this time without going for lunch. I'm assuming with 2 ships it will be long lines and there really aren't that many tables to sit at.
  6. We've been in a Neptune a few times, and there is a list on the website as to what is included. From memory, here's what I remember: priority board, priority disembarkation, special access to Neptune Lounge, flowers in the room, bottle of bubbly in the room, corsage for gala night, complimentary dry cleaning. There's more, but that's what quickly comes to my old mind. You will love being in a Neptune, I promise.
  7. Bought ours on Amazon and they said for Holland America. Worked perfectly.
  8. I just book direct on all our travel, cruise or not. I think the main reason is when I was working, I booked travel and arranged conferences and events, so I'm very comfortable doing on my own. I have also found that calling HA direct when I've booked, the price comes in lower than what I see.
  9. Just returned from the NA last Sunday and it was our 4th cruise on this ship. The upgrades and renos are very nice and we love everything about this ship. All 4 cruises on her have been in the Caribbean.
  10. We like to get there early and as soon as we get on board, we head to the dining room for a nice relaxing lunch. Back to the cabin where we usually have our luggage waiting for us, unpack, relax on deck with some bubbly, and people watch.
  11. We were on the same time as you. This was our 4th on this ship, and we both thought the improvements that have been done are great. We were in a Signature Suite, 6067, midship, and it was beautiful. Totally redone, and the best improvement and most appreciated, was there is now a night light in the ceiling of the suites, so when you get the call of nature in the middle of the night, you have light. Here's a couple of pictures. One thing we didn't notice till the second last day, is the staircase from the 2nd to the 1st floor where the front desk is has been removed. We did think that the food portions were smaller at dinner. That said, we certainly didn't go hungry. One evening we had an Officer sit at our table (and supply the wine), and that was most interesting and added a little extra to that dinner. Apparently it's something HA does once per cruise, but it was new to us. Oh to be sitting on the balcony now.....
  12. We just take turns going in the water. One minds the beach bag while the other swims.
  13. We just got back Sunday night from a HA cruise, and for the first time bought a $100 beverage card. I would definitely do again. We aren't big drinkers, and the balance was credited back to our account at the end of the cruise. It was easy to hand the card to the server and not have to sign anything.
  14. We'll be on the NA this Sunday too. Our 4th cruise on this ship. So looking forward to relaxing!
  15. We will be on the Nieuw Amsterdam this Sunday and booked a guaranteed Signature Suite. Last week we got our cabin number and it is an SS category, mid ship, so we are very happy.
  16. Always found it to be on the cool side.
  17. I don't think I've ever got an email offering a discount on board, and this weekend will be our 5th HA cruise.
  18. We've been there 4 times and will be again in another week. You can rent a "clam shell" which will give you shade, but do before you get there or you may not get. There are hundreds of loungers lined up on the beautiful beach. It's a short walk from where the tender lets you off. It's a perfect beach day, and the buffet lunch that the cruise line puts on is more than satisfactory. You'll enjoy yourself if you are a beach person.
  19. We stayed there for a week about 5 years ago. We had an ocean view room, and It was lovely, and not crowded when we were there. We sat at the same beach hut every day. I do remember seeing people from cruise ships come over and I think they had a buffet for lunch for them in the dining room that wasn't open to the regular guests at that time. The beach isn't that big, but the pool area is really nice.
  20. We were on an HA ship last Super Bowl and there was a special set up in the theatre area, with popcorn, finger foods, etc.
  21. We were near the elevators last November, and were worried about it, but we loved the location and would definitely take again. Enjoy your cruise!
  22. Would family style happen to mean they'll bring platters and bowls of food to the table, for people to eat like they were at home? Just a thought.
  23. Thanks for the replies. We were in a Signature suite before, but prefer Neptune. It's the 6th floor on the Nieuw Amsterdam, mid ship, so I guess we'll be just fine. Still hoping for an upsell though!
  24. We booked a guaranteed Signature Suite (great special offer), and yesterday got our cabin. I know they have different (SY, SZ, SS) ones. Looks like they gave us a SS. I can't find what the difference is. We're very happy with the location, as it's mid-ship, but I wondered what is the difference. Is it just location?
  25. You won't be out of place getting all dolled up. We normally have dressed up "fancy" (tux for husband, something long for me, but not formal style), and others have done the same. The cruise we'll be on in a couple of weeks, we plan on dressing, but not as fancy. Suit and tie for hubby and dress for me. We just don't want the hassle of extra formal clothes this time, but we don't wish to be in jeans either.
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