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  1. I was able to apply a Cruise Next certificate today on a cruise that will take place after the expiration. To be clear, it hadn't expired yet. Depending where you look on NCL's site, you may see either that there is a (possibly separate) expiration date for embarking, or that there is only an expiry for booking.
  2. As of Monday, my NYC cruise to Bermuda on the Breakaway was still accepting bookings. It's not until October 24.
  3. Flowers like those are typical in brunneras, but people grow them more for the foliage, which can be quite large and often has contrasting veining. I should confess that the photo is from Bluestone Perennials, not from my garden.
  4. I'm not seeing this myself. I just booked a cruise for 2023 and compared the fare with a similar cruise, taking place this year, that I booked almost two years ago. Same ship, same length, same type of cabin, embarking from the same country. The difference in the two fares was less than $100. Fares are dynamic: supply and demand. Every itinerary, every sailing, and every cabin type can have different fares and they change all the time.
  5. Hostas are risky for me because Bambi thinks that they're delicious. For the places where a hosta would make sense, I would plant brunneras.
  6. I have a Mediterranean diet book that classes wine as fruit!
  7. I'm expecting to get the first dose of Shingrix next week, too. I had postponed it last fall because the insurance coverage was better if I got both doses in the same calendar year, then postponed it again so as to be eligible for covid vaccinations, but now the way is clear.
  8. I had a good experience with a PCC just now. He's newly assigned to me and the old one was useless--never returned calls. This one was on a call but called me back before I could finish leaving a voicemail message. In addition to making the change I wanted, he reviewed a booking that's on hold and offered me a better deal on it. While I was writing this post, he called back to tell me that a discount that was lying fallow on my account could be applied to the changed booking.
  9. I completely understand this, but for me, a 14-day cruise would likely mean 16-18 days away, because I will do almost anything to avoid redeye flights, and my work schedule usually won't allow that many. For example, this year I'm planning a non-cruise trip to Alaska, using the AMHS and two hops by air, but even with a 6:00 a.m. departure for the return I can't get to SEA in time for the only morning flight that connects to where I live, resulting in an extra night in Seattle if I won't take a redeye. The trip will be 15 days total, including an extra night in Seattle in each direction.
  10. The problem for me is that, while I can remember my stateroom number, I lose my bearings in the elevator and don't know which way to head. I would need a trail leading in the right direction from the elevator lobby.
  11. Now that I know what a Dark ‘n‘ Stormy is, I want one! But if I have a drink today, it will probably be a screwdriver, because there's orange juice in the fridge calling loudly for vodka.
  12. All cruises that transit the Panama Canal visit most of the same ports. You will probably enjoy some ports more than others, but that won't affect your enjoyment of the cruise as a whole. The reason that this cruise is so long is the extension to Victoria and Seattle. Many Panama Canal cruises are only between a Florida port and San Diego or Los Angeles in southern California. I wouldn't hesitate to book a long cruise on the Encore. NCL has diverse entertainment options, and while the big stage shows will repeat, many of the smaller shows will be different (same perform
  13. Crème de mure is a blackberry liqueur that is sometimes used in place of crème de cassis in a Kir, so I wouldn't hesitate to use crème de cassis in its place, either. But this really puts me more in mind of having a Kir this evening. Irises are probably my favorite flower but their bloom here is probably a month away.
  14. Ask your doctor when you have a follow-up visit. When I saw the post-surgery x-ray, there was so much metal that I was sure it would set off alarms. The doctor said it wouldn't, and in fact it doesn't. It depends on the specific alloy used and maybe how close to the surface it is. On the other hand, I used to have dress shoes that set off alarms when I wore them for business travel.
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