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  1. So our son plays baseball for alabama and his games are streamed on espn+/SEC+. Has anyone tried to stream games using the ship wi-fi service? We will be on Independence of the seas. How was the experience, was it worth it? Trying to decide if we'll get it Thanks Dan
  2. cruised a few times on st pats day, including navigator. Some drink specials, some decorations, but nothing crazy. some people will be wearing green and get into it. Dan
  3. Didn't like the paper straws on our cruise last year, so we're bringing some stainless steel straws this year to see if we like them better Steel Straws
  4. It's been a few years but I don't remember anything from that trip on Valentines day, maybe a few decorations put up, but nothing special. Maybe that has changed in the 5ish years since we went over Valentines Day. Dan
  5. Last two years I’ve noticed less chair issues than on our trips in previous years Dan
  6. Ok, really, why do you care?? I won't be booking a GTY probably in the future because I didn't like not knowing, but I really don't understand why you would care. It doesn't affect anyone on the ship at all, everyone that didn't pick a GTY, picked the cabin they wanted, those that did pick a GTY may not get the cabin that they want, or they may be able to exchange it for one they like better. That was the gamble, and I may win, I may lose. I'm ok with that, I really don't understand why anyone else would care. Dan
  7. I didn't book a GTY to game the system. I booked it because it was cheaper knowing full well that I could get a room that I didn't desire. If royal said I couldn't change rooms after assignment, I'd be fine with that. When I booked it, I didn't even know that I would be able to change rooms after assignment. But reading on here that I could if the room is assigned and another room I would like better is available, why wouldn't I try? Not sure its a scheme, or anything nefarious, just trying to have the best vacation I can at the lowest price. Dan
  8. So we've kind of been assigned our room. If I look at it, it still says GTY, but it's got the deck and muster station. And if I add it to my wallet on my iphone, it looks like we've been assigned our room. The room is fine, but I'd rather be lower and closer to the elevator. When I look at our cruise, I see other rooms I'd rather have. Do I need to wait until it's officially assigned before calling and asking for a change, or can they figure it out? Also, is it unofficially official, or is it likely that it will change again. I'm sure the room will be fine but if I can get closer to my preference I'd like to change it. Dan
  9. was it 35pp per visit, or for the day, any restrictions at all? We are going in March with the package. 20pp per visit at playmakers sounds like more than enough for what I think we would get. Dan
  10. we stayed there two years ago in 1836. Really liked the cabin and location for the pool. The quick walk back and forth was awesome. Very quiet. Felt a little bit of vibration compared to normal but not bad enough. I was worried about this because I'm pretty sensitive to it, I can't stay in the top floor bar on Royal for more than half an hour before it starts to make me a little queasy. Never felt that way in this room. But... my wife came back from this trip and it took her almost a week to get her land legs back. Not sure if it was related to the room and the height, etc... We were a little worried our cruising days were done, but last years cruise and return went fine. Dan
  11. we love it for the idea that we know exactly what it costs us instead of getting a big bar bill at the end of the cruise. We also love it because if we were paying by the drink, it would change what we would order and how often. Also enjoy trying new things when we go on our cruise. My wife discovered a love for martinis on our first cruise with the package. I really like a bourbon drink they make in playmakers. Having used it for our spring break cruises the last 6 years I doubt we will cruise without it, tho the price keeps going up. It's still a deal for us when I calculate how much we typically drink. We do enjoy ourselves but I don't think we've gotten "drunk" more than a few nights over the total of the last 6 cruises.
  12. bring small enough bills to tip the porter when you drop off your luggage at the port, I had nothing but large bills with me and nothing to tip the guy. After apologizing and walking away, my wife informed me that she had smaller bills and I got to go back and make it up to him. dan
  13. Biggest difference I noticed was lines for late night food when Sorrentos isn't there. We've done Freedom class and barely ever stood in line, but on Navigator(same class as Adventure) a few years ago the line at night was always 15-20 people deep.
  14. Interesting that the terms have changed, when I purchased it for independence cruise next march in Sept, I know that the playmakers/BBQ addendum was not there as well as the Hibachi upcharge. Dan
  15. been on both, nothing really that different from a night life perspective. The one thing I noticed with indy vs Nav is that having sorentos makes late night eating a lot quicker. long lines at cafe promenade late at night, hardly a wait on indy, or the other freedom class ships I've been on. If you are looking for a 20-23 crowd, we cruise in march and there are always spring breakers around that age on the ships, we haven't been at other times for a while because my wife teaches, so not sure how many young adults are on during other times. Dan
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