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  1. Thanks for that info Officboy. Great to see they're added more seating in the atrium - very much needed. Then I realise that some of that capacity looks like its coming from one side of the Blue Bar being turned in to the Art Gallery. Great for the Gallery - their current location feels a bit of an after thought. Downside is, they're not adding as much seating into the atrium as expected. Dixons in the photo gallery? Hmm.. ok I suppose. There's certainly plenty of space over there. Guessing that some of the screens will be removed, or worse bunched closer together.
  2. The fifth ship will be called: Disney Wish Launches January '22. Stern mascot is Rapunzel.
  3. Just announced at D23 - the new DCL destination at Lighthouse Point, Eluthera, Bahamas. Joe Rhode (Animal Kingdom, Aulani) has been leading Imagineering on the project. Further details to follow.
  4. Surely the host is (or been told to) evoke the style the old band leaders. OK, they were actually conducting the orchestra, but still, plenty of arm waving from them too. 🙂 Anywya, I liked the show when I saw it last. Certainly more enjoyable than a certain overhyped show that's been recently added across the fleet. 😉
  5. There was a shortage of porters when I went on Britannia last month. Some bloke in the car behind go a little "vocal" to the lady booking in our car. She had to point out that they were trying their best, but just due to the volume arriving at that time they were understandably quite busy. Does make me me wonder how they would hande Iona (and her sister). However I don't think suggesting passengers drop off their own luggage is the solution. As others have stated, its not an option for many. Perhaps they'll go down the optional route.. three lines; guests that need assistance (free), self service (free) and guests that would like porter service ....at an additonal cost. I'd hope that wouldn't be the case though.
  6. I'm glad I stopped by here to get a better explaination of this story. Sad to say that a lot will just see the "mass brawl on cruise ship" headline and not get the true detail. That being said, its shocking to hear of such incidents occuring. And as some have already pointed out, we have the booze (and the lack of knowing ones limits) to thank for it.
  7. I found the music played in Britannia's pool area far too loud. But didn't bother me, as you couldn't find a seat anyway...
  8. Yep, seen that quite a few times. A new one on Briannia recently was someone eating their food whilst going around the buffet.... but with both of their hands full with plates that mean raising the plate of food to their face. I could not believe what I was seeing. And another thing that I noticed more was people walking around consuming food and drink in public areas - taking ones wine from the bar to the restaurant is fine, but walking from the poolside food outlet down to the atrium with a plate of chips so you can sit there and eat them is a little off IMO.
  9. Recently on Britannia (3 weeks ago) they stated that gastroenteritis (which can lead to NV) is doing the rounds in the country and that they believe that it was someone who brought it on board with them. It noticed that we did not have to sign a health declaration when boarding. Not that would stop anyone ... but surely that could make someone think twice/make themselves know to the medial department. Anyway... Never been on Aurora, I saw a video just the other day about the changes since her refit. She looks nice, but I worry that she's showing her age (in style). I guess though that she's going to take on the "classic" mantle from Oriana when she retires.
  10. Wow I think I might give Ventura a miss if Britannia feels less crowded. That was the biggest downside of the ship for me - it felt like the ratio of passengers and public space was balanced wrong. I'm not expecting every location to be completely empty, it was never going to be that way with 3,600 other passengers. But it just would have been nice to not worry about getting a seat. (ie. Crows Nest of an evening). But, hey we each have different perspectives. And I'm not trying to argue against that. 🙂 And, as this is a postive thread, I'll reiterate that Britannia has a lovely style to her, and certainly is the best looking ship of the fleet.
  11. As terrierjohn states, there's one UK plug on the dresser, - there's also one in the TV cabinet, and (if you really need to use three sockets at once) - there's one on the wall near the hall mirror. However, in inside cabins do not have the same TV cabinet, so they only have the two UK sockets. Hope that helps. 🙂
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