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  1. Little bit of nostalgia for me, Sea Princess was the first ship I went on; when she sailed as Adonia for P&O. She had the dented propeller at the time - made for a very juddery sailing. Where's she heading to next?
  2. St. John's NB, was our first Canadian port of call nearly 10 years ago.. lovey location. We went on a trolley tour to see the Bay of Fundy, which was a nice trip, even if it was foggy and you could hardly see the bay. Even so it was a great trip. Conincidently, our last stop was St. John, Newfoundland - which was also lovely, and I hear they don't go there any more.
  3. Good job the first service isn't a 12 month one or she'll be having it before she welcomes any guests.
  4. Not quite my cup o' tea, but I can certainly see what you mean.
  5. BGM in the parks is never that obtrusive.
  6. Silversurf - Correct Adawan47 - Correct on both counts. 🙂
  7. Anyway moving swiftly on... I don't think Iona would be this loud, but still - not a cabin for me.
  8. Dang it, too late. typing too fast - missed the letter. 🥺
  9. Here's one. Its a lovely location - I'm sure a few will recognise it straight away.
  10. Given what I've seen of similar cabins that back onto pubic areas (ie. those on the Oasis of the Seas over looking the aquatics theatre) they will have decent sound proof glazing - however as you can imagine, that doesn't work on balconies. One cabin tour i saw on another shup (may have been a Carnival), they stepped out onto the suite's ample decking that was above the pool area. Instantly you could hear the thump-thump of the techno music. Not to mention the hoots and hollers from the revelers. Not saying that Iona's outside dining will have the exact same issue. Maybe the odd rowdy table, but nothing like the aforementioned. That being said, I don't think I'd go for a cabin above a public area. You can always bet that the night you want to turn in early will be the night of the noisiest event of the cruise.
  11. Looking quickly at that, you'd be forgiven in thinking the ship is docked in front of another structure. That lower deck seems to really jut out. Lovely photo though!
  12. After seeing it on the recent Joanna Lumley show - Tblisi looks like one for this list.
  13. Another one I've thought of - Madrid. I've been to Seville and Barcelona, and I've wondered how it compares to those.
  14. I'm confused about what ITV has to do with excursions. I've been on a fair few of them, but I've not watched the channel since The Durrells finished last year. Plus I don't think I've watched ITV on a Saturday night since the early 90s.
  15. Well I certainly wasn't expecting to see Brum mentioned in this thread. Another one to mention, the Blue Mountains National Park in New South Wales.
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