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  1. Whilst that is probably true, don't forget the hipster element. They bought vinyl back and are trying with cassette tapes. 😉 Wax cylinders can't be far off... Besides, Auntie has that Sounds app that blurs the lines between radio and streaming. Anyway... Ionafest. I'm sure those who are choosing to book because of it will have a great time. And who knows, it could be the start of a format that can be adapted (in a much smaller form) across the fleet. They already to the SCD and Food Heros cruises - so I could see them plussing what they already have.
  2. ^Yep, they are certainly shifting to a different demographic, but its not going to be easy to balance it between those two categories. It does feel like the adult only ships are slowly being phased out, as family ships are the companys's bread and butter. But hey, we all don't like the same thing, so I understand they have to have a broad appeal. If they had some of the DJs on the adult only ships, I'd be fine - as I said previously, I'd happily listen to all three of them. I'm just not one for this "festival at sea" type thing. (And I fit in that criteria mentioned above).
  3. Sara, Jo and Trevor would be great to see - but its not making me want to book on Iona.
  4. Mine arrived today. Really impressed with the print quailty and the speed of service. Not sure I'd spend £40 on one unless it was a special occasion though. (True, you're paying for the expertise etc.)
  5. Or the deposits of many a seagull. 😛 Sorry to lower the tone...
  6. Ah sorry to hear that. I hope you can get it sorted.
  7. Theres an option to view all the pages at once - I forget the name - its a button on the bottom right (page view? something like that). Anyway, once on that view you can click on a page and there should be a 'move left/right' option. That then nudges the selected page. It doesn't move both pages at the same time, mind. Hope that helps. 🙂
  8. Well I spent probably far too long compiling mine the other night - it really draws you in arranging and then re-arranging. From a marketing standpoint its been a win for them though. I was surprised at how long it takes after that. I got the notification it was posted the next day!
  9. Well that's good to know then. And they'll need plenty of space, as no doubt the prom will be a popular spot.
  10. Thanks for the tips. Glad you recommeded 42 photos - that's more or less what I'd chosen last night, so no need to reduce them down again. Phew!
  11. That lower deck prom area looks huge! Is that "general admission" or will it be a charge like Britannia's Retreat?
  12. ^ Really? oh wow. That opens up plenty of possibilities. Thanks 🙂
  13. Well I thought I'd give it a go. I've registered interest and now I guess we wait. Tricky part at the moment is whittling it down to just 26 photos... I have to admit, its been a great trip down memory lane looking at all the places I've been. Guess that's mission accomplished on P&Os part - makes me want to go on another cruise now! haha
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