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  1. For starters, why not follow the discussions on the various Oceania CC boards. As for Sirena, what’s your concern about the age of the ships? O takes excellent care of its original four Regatta Class ships. In fact, when the acquired the Ocean Princess (a Princess R ship) about 6 years ago, they spent $40 million to bring it up to O standards. AND they just gave it (and the other Rs) multi-million interior makeovers as part of the Oceania NEXT project. If your previous five cruise lines were mass market ones like Celebrity, you are in for a far far better experience -particularly when it comes to food and service. Oceania is our preferred cruise line and we love Sirena.
  2. I offered up Hawaii as the perfect example of the uselessness of State issued POVs for any location other than that State. As for replacing a lost original CDC card, it shouldn’t be a problem since every provider of the shots most likely got the vaccine from a clinic, pharmacy, doctor, popup county/state health department - all of whom were supplied by the State and/or County in which the vaccination was given. Each dose must be accounted for and that record will exist within the Health Department of that State and that department can issue a replacement card. But, in most cases (perhaps except for some of those federal popup), a person’s County (where they got the shot) should have recorded it in an existing (or newly established) medical record for that person. (The person may not know they now have a new medical record. But they do.) And, the site of the vaccination should be able to do a replacement CDC card.
  3. Nice that you’re doing the research. But, dependent upon your choice of cruise/cruise line, you may want to transfer that booking (within the allowable transfer window) to a TA who shares their commission with you as refundable SBC or as a rebate.
  4. No need to stalk. Next time you see a member of a flight crew traversing an airport, just glance at their rollaboard. In many cases, it will be a TravelPro (years ago, they’d all be Travelpro). And you are forgiven- but just this one time.
  5. LOL “not-so-cool kid”. “Carryon” is/was also a trade name of a Rollaboard knockoff. I think that would be your Frigidaire.
  6. Travel much? Rollaboard is the trade name used for the original standard carry-on used by flight crews: TRAVELPRO https://travelpro.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqt2lkcuV8wIVFh6tBh0t_g-5EAAYASAAEgLBYvD_BwE&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqt2lkcuV8wIVFh6tBh0t_g-5EAAYASAAEgLBYvD_BwE Scroll through the modern website and you’ll still see the term used.
  7. You don’t see head-to-toe PINK with bleach blond hair at an Omani mosque very often- in fact, how about never.
  8. No need to “lug.” For example, in cities like Sydney or London, Lisbon or Miami, etc., we preorder what we want from trusted wine shops and have it delivered to the pre-Cruise hotel. We transfer the wine to collapsible cardboard carriers we’ve collected from nearby wineries at home. They are only a few ounces each and easily carried in checked baggage. At the pier, we can add them (name, ship and cabin clearly visible and Oceania luggage tag attached) to our bags taken by the stevedore OR just bungee a six pack to each of our short rollaboards (total package less than most folks’ regular 19” rollaboards). The boxes serve also serve as under bed storage/carriers in ports where we may buy wine and we toss them at the end of the cruise.
  9. Sort of correct. You only get the 25% YWYW discount on ANY paid tours if the total number of your O Life included tours PLUS your paid additional ones meets the minimum number of total tours required for your cruise.
  10. The comment about the lady with the extensive wardrobe reminded me: Though we never actually met her, we did cross paths with the pictured lady at a mosque in Oman. She wasn’t on our cruise. But I had to take her photo. Not meaning any disrespect to Islam, I’ll always have the mental caption of Muslim Barbie. Truly, apologies to anyone who might be offended. But, the picture is just “so overboard.”
  11. That’s what I liked about meeting Paul Tibbits in Saipan. Not just “passing ships.”
  12. When we arrived at the Grand Hyatt in Poipu, we were greeted by a very prominent sign stating NO images. Desk clerk repeated the same: “please open the app and show that QR code.”
  13. Of course, it varies with the itinerary. We’ve experienced the “welcome” on the second day (sea day or not), first sea day (for some reason, many of our past cruises have been at sea on day 2). In any case, I’ve seldom seen them on a second day where the ship was in port until the evening.
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