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  1. FWIW to those who are finding some discrepancy in what is the refund amount you're expecting/getting, recognize a few possible explanations beyond accounting error: If you've cancelled the cruise, remember the penalty deadlines. Also, if you had booked onboard, any bonus SBC you had received will be deducted from your refund (or charged on that CC). If Oceania cancelled, you should be getting the 100% "fare paid" refund promised (yes, that includes port taxes et al fees). But, if you split any payments across multiple CCs, the refunds will go to those multiple cards. And, you may see multiple credits (deposits, visa fees, final pay...). Also, O excursions purchased (beyond O Life) will be a separate refund. Obviously, do ALL the math before getting upset. As for any promised FCCs, you do not get a correspondence regarding that. The amounts are split per person and notated in your individual O Club accounts in O's system -but not visible to you on your O Club profile on the O website. Also, the book by/use by dates vary significantly and you may want to call O/TA to verify them.
  2. While Oceania has refunded to us what was promised for two affected Asia region cruises, the DIY air fees is another story. So far, we've asked for one fee coverage on the DIY air cancellation necessitated by Oceania cancelling our upcoming 2 ATW segments. We made the request through our TA and got the same BS answer about "no cancellation fees." Realistically, the only air CHANGE one could/would make for a specific cruise O cancelled would be to CANCEL the air, which might incur a CHANGE fee called a CANCELLATION fee. C'mon Oceania! CHANGE to what? The cruise was CANCELLED! Since we have another 2020 O cruise coming up, I have just sent an appeal to Oceania based on the fact that I couldn't use the same airline (Philippine Air Lines) for the next (November) cruise because it embarks from Athens and P.A.L. doesn't fly there. Ergo, to CHANGE my flights for a CHANGE from one cruise cancelled by O to another O cruise (where a different airline is required), the only way to CHANGE the DIY air is to CANCEL/REBOOK and, in this case, incur a fee in making that change! Call it what you want but, I'm out $250/person for not picking an O cruise itinerary serviced by P.A.L. We enjoy O very much (e.g., just in 2019, four cruises comprised of six segments accounting for almost 100 nights and another three long ones were the plan for this year). But, if O does not respond to my appeal (positively or at all) about the catch-22 of CHANGE fees, I will not be a "happy camper." Of course, there's always travel insurance but, is there? I'm already in a conversation with Nationwide about this and I'm finding similar resistance with "exclusions" language. FWIW: Interestingly, from posts here on CC, it appears that Oceania has recognized its faux pas and has now eliminated offering to pay for DIY airline CHANGE fees for cruises they have recently CANCELLED.
  3. Not concerned with your post. Just want folks to realize that OP's interpretation was a stretch, which is the last thing we need right now.
  4. As I just mentioned to the OP, the USCG is NOT denying field rescue. Anyone interested should read the MSIB.
  5. OP: You may want to reread the MSIB. The USCG is tightening the approval conditions for its field rescue and requiring confirmation that shoreside services (e.g., commercial ambulance and medical services) have been secured by the cruiseline (also encouraging the line to seek necessary assistance from their country of registration).
  6. Your "complete" REFUND would be 100% of the cruise fare PAID. The 125% FCC is an incentive deal that allows a cruise line to keep its cash and give you a bit more value in return albeit with the condition that you postpone your trip to a date within the time span specified. In reality, this is not an uncommon practice in the cruise industry. Earlier (e.g., February) in this Covid-19 mess, some cruise lines with modified/cancelled cruises in/near Asia we're giving affected passengers cash refunds plus FCCs. (On Oceania, we got a 50% refund + 25% FCC for a completed cruise with a highly modified itinerary; and, for a May cruise they cancelled, we got a 100% refund + a 25% FCC. But, that was then and this is now. What was hoped to be a few cancellations is now all cancellations. And you should read NCL's T&Cs which will probably say that all they have agreed to provide you when they cancel is 100% of the cruise fare paid.
  7. A lot of folks here are trying to compare apples to oranges. A deposit on a "cruise only" that hasn't hit the penalty phase is a far different animal than a multi-segment O Life cruise past final pay that also has purchased O excursions and/or has O Club loyalty perks where the payments have been split among two or more credit cards. Add DIY airfare change fees to that mix and it's obvious why some refunds takes days while others take weeks.
  8. FWIW: one lesson I have learned over the past month, dealing with multiple original and/or replacement air carriers, is that United Airlines will be getting the bulk of our future intercontinental business (despite the often higher cost of its biz class tix). And, when they don't fly to a particular location, I'll look first to only a handful of their Star Alliance partners (e.g., Lufthansa, Air Canada..). My simple reasoning why is NOT based solely on their refund/ETC policies. Rather, due to our experience with attempting to reach and communicate with foreign carriers amid the demands of the Covid-19 (or future similar) situation(s), our clear preference is now based on the facility of United's website and app as well as the usually helpful telephone assistance provided to United's frequent flyers. Now retired, I don't get quite the service I did when I was a "1k" due to work. But, what I do get is far far better and far far more efficacious than the vast majority of foreign carriers.
  9. It's doubtful that all cruise lines will go belly-up (ever). In a worse case scenario, I could see the premium/luxury lines turning one or more of their smaller ships into "time shares." And it could be that each ship's schedule would include cruising seasons and berthing seasons. Living in SF, I could envision buying a NYC based time share parked in summer and cruising in the Southern Hemisphere during winter. Likewise, there are plenty of New Yorkers who would opt for a SF (or LA or SD) time share ......
  10. If you're talking about ocean cruising: It's been quite some time since I last checked but, I'm pretty sure the only working "blue water" cruise ship that can/does have an American flag is Pride of America (owned by NCL America). Remember that only ships built in the USA can have American registry. Add to that the unionized American crew and you can understand why "flags of convenience" exist. It's not just about taxes and third world labor force.
  11. Never heard of an FFC. Have gotten ETCs for purchased flights in the past. And have redeposited miles w/wo fee (depending on loyalty level at the time and/or phone rep OK).
  12. That's good to know. Is ETC good for 1 year from tix purchase or cancel date? Also, do you specify desire for ETC before or after you select "cancel." (I always prefer knowing what will happen before I click something). Thanks!
  13. Agreed. The FCC option $$$ will probably increase as the cash-on-hand dwindles. Hold them accountable? I'm sure that there are attorneys already drawing up class-action suits (for all cruise lines) when the ultimate "sh@* hits the fan." Our next, still intact, cruise (Nautica - Athens to Athens to Dubai) is coming up this November. Final pay is in June with penalties starting at least a month earlier. From recent Nautica and Insignia cruises, we've got two FCCs and will probably use them to keep our out-of-pocket costs down to a few thousand dollars. Of course, the big question is: If Oceania does cancel, will the FCCs carryover (a Reservation Supervisor told me "Yes.")? And then, there's our United bizclass tix, which we purchased before the recent start date of change fee relaxation. I expect that we'll at least be able to get an ETC. Bottom line is that all is somewhat of a gamble that brings to mind the old adage: "A bird in the hand...."
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