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  1. I was a regular user of the CC iOS app before it was discontinued due to the new CC website intro. Though not very user friendly, I have since been using the CC "mobile friendly" web version on my iPhone 7+ w/ iOS 10.3.2. When I was informed that the iOS app was back in service, I downloaded it. However, when I correctly enter my CC username/password, I get a "login failed" message asking "forgot password." i am entering the correct login info on the iOS app (even checked it by signing out/in of the regular website) and have tried it while both "signed in" or "signed out" of the regular CC website. I've even deleted/re-downloaded the app twice. Nothibg seems to work and I am not interested in experimenting with resetting password since this is clearly a glitch in the iOS app update Assistance from CC's IT folks would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I've occasionally seen "that" person on an Oceania cruise. Not only rude (including line cutting), s/he never washes hands after using the rest room, coughs/sneezes into hands (vs sleeve, if covering the cough/sneeze at all) AND picks their nose on tour buses. Sometimes, their partner is just as bad.
  3. "Struck a nerve"? Please don't flatter yourself. As for "encouraging" Oceania passengers to provide gentle reminders about Oceania's heavy emphasis on safe food/health practices (like enjoying the staff's serving food in the Terrace Café), there's no really no need. Many O passenger often gently remind each other about some of the reasonable behaviors that set the line apart in a very positive and decorous way.
  4. You certainly read the meaning you want into others' posts: Reread my post above where I reported my observations in my experiences about what some regular O passengers do (rather than, like you, directing people's actions, e.g., mind your own business). if you are so unhappy and angry with what many O regulars post here, perhaps you shouldn't read or respond to those posts.
  5. Nice try. Each cabin gets its allotment. If yours is two reservations in each of two specialty restaurants (assume your talking about an R ship), it is for the two inhabitants of that cabin. Who you eat with (even if you "invite" the other couple during the online precruise selection process) or when you eat is irrelevant. If the other couple accepts your "invite," they do so by using their allotted slots. The good news is that, once you are onboard (and as long as you are flexible about sharing and dinner times), you should be able to snag numerous other nights' dining slots, most easily by speaking with the scheduler on the morning of the day in which you are interested. S/he is located at the stand on the port side entry to tgevTerrace Café on R ships.
  6. Perhaps some of us are forgetting the major overhaul of the Oceania website over a year ago and the significant improvements we now have (e.g., the intuitive excursion booking mechanism that assures the lowest net cost and the multi-segment dining reservations, which initially accommodated the "extended journeys" and now has been tweaked to handle the custom combo B2Bs). I'm no tech maven nor am I saying that things could not have gotten better faster with more IT resources (no doubt, at an ultimate dollar cost to us). Rather, my point is that, unlike so many other cruise lines with far worse websites and terrible customer communication, I have found Mr Moore (who is now responsible for three NCLH cruise lines' IT operations), to be extremely responsive - both here on CC and in personal communications about website issues. BTW: In general, I have found a number of Oceania's management personnel to be responsive to reasonable inquiries and suggested solutions that are efficacious (e.g., the name tag changes, the reversal of the decision to allow e-cigarettes et al.)
  7. There's a reason why those officer dinner invites are at 7:00 pm (preferably on sea days, particularly the evening of the captain's welcome party). Other than that we opt most often for 6:30pm on sea days or days when we leave ports before 6 pm.
  8. OP: Read The Outlaw Sea (nonfiction) by William Langewiesche and you'll learn all sorts of interesting things about the maritime industry (including piracy).
  9. Here's a recent "sea day" schedule from Sirena. Nautica would be pretty much the same.
  10. Direct all kudos to Mike Moore and his fantastic IT team.
  11. Perhaps you are unclear on the concept. At 18" diameter (and unfoldable), that collapsible disc may meet the 22" airline carry-on length limit but it exceeds the 14" width limit. It could fit in most overhead storage units but definitely not under the seat. Whether the gate agent would turn it away is an unknown. But, increasingly they do often say no to oversized items, particularly on full flights.
  12. If that 18" circle can't fold in half, it may be considered oversized for a carry-on item since it won't fit in the sizing box at the gate agent's stand.
  13. Until just this past week, you could not register (on the Oceania website) a custom made B2B "combination" cruise (i.e., two segments NOT advertised as an "extended journey" but having a single booking number). When you would enter that number, it would give you a message to contact Oceania (or your TA). If your multi-segment cruise is an official "extended journey" offering, you can register it on the O website and you can do both segments' dining reservations on the opening reservation date of the first segment (per your cabin category) as long as you use each segment's allotment during it's cruise dates. Likewise, you can book excursions et al. for both segments online. As for the past problem of no registration for the "combo" cruises: O's IT folks have been working on it and it is supposed to have been fixed during this past week. I had tried it (pre-fix) for a "combo cruise" we recently booked onboard and it didn't work. However, I haven't tried it again since I was notified about the "fix" completed this past week. If I understand correctly, registration, scheduling, purchases, etc should now work for the "combos" with one booking number as is already the case for the "extended journeys."
  14. That limit is for "pre"reservations. You can add as many specialty dinings as you care to (no charge), as long as there's space and you are flexible about time and sharing. Check with the staff at the stand each morning on the port side entrance to the Terrace Café for what's available. On Oceania, "specialty" doesn't mean "better." The specialty restaurants are focused on specific cuisines (and a somewhat more intimate setting) while the GDR and Terrace Café have greater variety and a menu with daily changes (often including some of the specialty restaurant dishes). All the food is first rate. But, do me one favor: Don't be tempted to call the Terrace Café a "buffet" and please don't try to self serve the food there! Also note that the Terrace has "a la minute" cooking of things like lobster and steak daily. If you're cruise food experience is P&O, you are in for some wonderful culinary surprises on Oceania.
  15. What percentage of your TOTAL cruise fare you may be offered by a TA as a rebate or either refundable or non-refundable SBC can vary significantly. Beyond the TA's own policies (and any consortia support they may enjoy), there is the factor of the itinerary. A portion of your fare is port taxes and fees, which are non-conmissionable for the TA. The cruise line itself can also be a significant factor in that some of them have a sliding scale of commissions favoring their top producers (this is why, for Oceania cruises, we choose to use only TAs who are recognized with membership in Oceania's Connoisseurs Club). That said, and not knowing anything more specific about your $16,000 cruise (e.g., itinerary), I'd conservatively expect some form of $$ or equivalent perks value no lower than 4-5% of that total fare, i.e., $650+/- for that cruise. But, I'd be looking for $1250+ as more realistically ideal. BTW, the $$ bottom line savings is not the only deciding TA selection factor for us. One TA we used to use would always "beat anyone's price." But, his office often made errors and, although we had his cell number for any emergent issues, he himself could be a PITA. I'd rather take a lower rebate/deal from a TA who, once we make an agreement, I feel comfortable to cross that chore off my "to do" list AND who has the cruise line's regional sales rep as a speed dial on his/her phone. Finding the right TAs is not that hard (search CC for my many posts on how to do it). But, it takes time to do the real research to find the right TA(s) for your preferred cruise line(s) who offer best mix of savings, service and savvy.
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