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  1. Flatbush Flyer

    Making specialty restaurant reservations

    OP: 12:01AM Eastern time on the day cited in your account. If you live in California, that would be 9:01 PM Pacific time the prior day.
  2. Flatbush Flyer

    Can I bring any kind of wine on board?

    Perhaps Quady is paying homage to its origins by not claiming title to the term port (sort of like champagne vs sparkling wine). In any case, Starboard is a "fortified" wine.
  3. Flatbush Flyer

    My quest for a long overdue Oceania change...

    You should know how hard it was not to respond to his claim of "30 years in courts" by suggesting that he find a new defense attorney.😎
  4. Flatbush Flyer

    My quest for a long overdue Oceania change...

    Aren't you special.
  5. Flatbush Flyer

    My quest for a long overdue Oceania change...

    You're welcome! Note, however, that what I am proud of is the many O regulars who share their kudos and concerns here on CC, via the cruise comment cards and also by communication with Oceania management. Maybe you'll become an O regular someday. Often, all it takes is an attitude adjustment and constructive contributions to the discussions.
  6. Flatbush Flyer

    Booking a cruise

    OP: there's a zillion threads here on CC regarding how to find a good TA and why it is so beneficial to use them (I've posted a bunch of them). Use the search feature.
  7. Maybe it's so many years of life in major metro cities and regular professional travel but, anytime we will be gone from home for an extended period, we prefer limiting the amount of personal information that could fall into the wrong hands. This is one of the unsung benefits of a passport card: no home address. Likewise, a passport (or anything else of value) would never be left in our car's glovebox. Broken car windows/auto burglary are far from uncommon in the the SF Bay Area. As for the passports themselves, once we've completed international air travel and eventually checked in for a cruise, they most often are surrendered to the ship's purser. So, when we head ashore, if anything other than the ship ID card is required, we use the passport cards for govt. ID w/picture.
  8. Flatbush Flyer

    My quest for a long overdue Oceania change...

    Perhaps you don't remember a similar CC discussion several years ago when Oceania (briefly) changed their smoking policy to allow E-cigs in certain additional locations. A cruise critic thread on the subject started a quick backlash (including from me). With reference to the growing CC Oceania regulars saying "no" on CC, I got the then CEO's direct e-mail address from Christopher Elliott (travel writer/ombudsman) and e-mailed him evidence of the mounting research nixing e-cigs. I did this on a Saturday night and he replied Sunday morning that the policy would change back. On Monday, the offending modification was gone from the O website. Fast forward to this thread. Reread those posts where it is indicated that another O regular has brought this thread to the attention of senior O management and it does appear that a name tag change is now under consideration. In my chats with two different O GMs, it is also my understanding that the unreadable name tags are an oft-repeated issue on the comment cards. The list goes on... how often have O web fixes started here on CC? Etc etc. One great thing about Oceania is that they do listen (even to CC comments) and do their best to make efficacious changes.
  9. Flatbush Flyer

    My quest for a long overdue Oceania change...

    Name tags are hardly silly. They are one important "face" of any hospitality company and the "cue" that often starts a staff/customer conversation. Further, Oceania is a company that places great emphasis on customer feedback. And, it's really quite difficult to share kudos and concerns if you can't read a name tag. if you don't like the thread, why respond???
  10. Flatbush Flyer

    How does the "O Life Choice" included roundtrip air work?

    I have to disagree a bit. I have zero interest in being a Guinea pig for some TA who has no/little knowledge of Oceania's ins/outs. And, as far as the Connoisseurs Club members, I am always keeping tabs of who has the right combo of influence, responsiveness and refundable SBC.
  11. Flatbush Flyer

    Missed Ports - Regatta, Insignia - Oceania Explain Please

    I wrote an answer to this earlier but it has disappeared. Look at some cruise-specific polices (e.g., Nationwide) that covers things like port fees for missed ports that are not refunded by the cruise line.
  12. Flatbush Flyer

    Longtime O cruisers- Does O offer Black Friday

    Around certain major holidays, there will sometimes be an O advertisement on their website for a category upgrade or some other inducement. However, they may also limit it to a certain list of cruises. In general, the best deal for Oceania is book onboard though O's Connoisseurs Club TAs do gave rotating limited time partnership sales with pricing similar to "book onboard." Nonetheless, "book onboard" includes a price match guarantee and a $100 SBC on the current cruise.
  13. Flatbush Flyer

    My quest for a long overdue Oceania change...

    Have to do all that Happy Hour time to keep up with you.
  14. Flatbush Flyer

    My quest for a long overdue Oceania change...

    Please reread my original post. I specifically said "not" the Disneyland badge but, rather a new design that had a large readable name and contrasting background.
  15. Flatbush Flyer

    Can I bring any kind of wine on board?

    Nice try. Starboard is port (I.e., a "fortified" wine, which may be prohibited by some cruise lines. In the future, consider Oceania where you bring whatever you want. Of course, spirits will need to be consumed in your cabin and wine brought to a dining room is subject to $25 corkage. One important caveat: never take your glass of personal cabin wine into a public space or dining room. Common sense and decorum are what keep O's personal booze policies flexible.