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  1. As sometimes happens, VERY specific threads (I.e., Oceania Refunds) start going astray with truly unrelated comments muddying the citations that will assist those of us on the affected cruises. Whether it's the often worthwhile (yet unrelated in this case) observations of Oceania old timers like Mura or the incessant "need to comment on everything" posts of a handful of "looky-loos" with little to no "stock in the game," this is not the thread for musings or innocuous commentary. Those of us with one or more of the affected Nautica/Insignia Asia cruises need this thread to share information directly related to our refunds and FCCs. And, if we have e-mail notifications turned on, getting all those useless reminders uses up our data and time, which is a particular PITA if you're on the ship right now. There are plenty of other generic threads to play with. PLEASE, let's keep this thread on topic!
  2. FWIW: Those of us who know Jan can attest to the fact that her information regarding Oceania policies/procedures/modifications/etc. often comes from the upper echelons of Oceania management. Of course, even the CEO may not yet be aware of decisions made by trusted delegates. Nonetheless, Jan's info is often a good anchor from which to delve into our further research.
  3. "Fear of whatever" is seldom a "covered event" for insurers. But, if you've got the right travel insurance, there may be a clause allowing you to initiate "Interruption/cancellation" if the CDC/State Dept have issued "stay away" travel advisories.
  4. Agreed. In addition to the cabin value $ provided being only for your average booking over the prior cruises (e.g., A, B, etc), the "milestone" cruise "free" part is for a 14 day cruise or a 14 day portion of a longer cruise. And you still pay all port taxes/fees. There are no O Life perks associated with the 14 days and, recently (if I remember correctly), the previously included economy air has been eliminated (note: when it was included, you could not take the air credit. So, it was useless to to DIY air folks.
  5. Think all you want but, if you DIY'ed your airfare, that part of your claim may be a whole other issue. It was a preliminary email that was sent to TAs who have clients booked on the affected cruises. Our TA forwarded it to us and later also sent the TA a more specific email message to pass on to us. It carried additional details.
  6. On a separate Nautica note: Since this is the last R ship to get the NEXT renovation, be advised that the PC computers in the Oceania@Sea lab, are running old versions of Internet Explorer. Thus, if you are a gmail user, you will nitvbe able to get on the gmail website. You can still receive/send gmail via your smart phone (via the built-in mail app or gmail app) or laptop/tablet. But the computer lab PCs will not do gmail's website. I mention this because the fluidity of airline scheduling may find you preferring to work on reservations using a desktop computer.
  7. Just checked the Singapore Cruise Centre website schedule search engine: Nautica is at berth CC01: https://www.singaporecruise.com.sg/index.php/?page_id=110&action=cruise
  8. What Ocean cruise is not in the "open" Ocean at some point? In any case, don't worry. The Pacific is smooth as silk - unless it's not.
  9. Have never/would never wait more then 10 minutes to order a meal at an unfilled shared table anywhere on an O ship.
  10. I checked again today and was told CC01. I will check again in the morning. Nautica will also be there overnight on March 3. In any case, the March 4 cruise is going (from/to Singapore) with or without the handful of couples (on the various virus related CC threads) who, though it means tossing thousands of dollars down the drain, honestly think/fear/whatever that they will directly be exposed to the virus. As 'I've posted earlier: way too much viewing of zombie apocalypse movies and/or gullibility when it comes to the biased/selective data analysis being peddled by a particular couple of CC naysayers. There are 6 million people in Singapore who do not have Coronavirus and all sorts of increasingly restrictive policies designed to keep it that way. Folks here on CC need to maintain a sense of perspective before deciding what to do.
  11. It is 25% on that cruise and Nautica is going there- berthing at CC01 at thecSingapore Cruise Centre.
  12. Different segments got different amounts (25% for upcoming and 10% for April/May). Someone posted a summary earlier in this thread.
  13. You may want to get yourself a new TA. His/her call to the regional sales manager would get a fairly quick reply. And s/he can figure out the reimbursement amount since their version of your invoice shows the cruise only fare plus the port taxes, commission, etc. From other recent CC posts, it looks like some other folks have already gotten the $$$.
  14. Oddly enough, I feel pretty safe right here on Nautica. The boarding restrictions in Cape Town were significant including embarkation personnel leading through the passports to make sure you had no recent mainland China stamps.
  15. Agreed. But, if things really started down the zombie apocalypse road, I'm betting governments would make some very economically hard decision about closing borders to all transportation.
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