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  1. Actually, you should read it. It is a very appropriate and well thought out data-informed document. It even incorporates the stats from the public comment period which support the conditional certification process. If you've been following the progress of CDC, USCG et al. monitoring/restrictions for the past nine months, you'd see a very logical order to the efficacious promotion a responsible restart. Can YOU think of a better way (timing, expectations, requirements, etc) to safely restart? I don't think so. The problem I see is the not uncommon twisting of facts by media (and their headline grabbing word play) . Stuff like "cruising to restart," while technically true, suggests that things are going back to normal tomorrow morning. AFAIAC, things will never go back to the "old normal" and that will be a good thing.
  2. Open the PDF from the weblink and then email it to yourself. It should arrive as a link and as an attachment. Open the attached PDF and you should be able to print it. In any case, I agree with you to not get too excited. While the "silver lining" is that the order can be modified by CDC depending on a variety of factors including the experience of the test cruises, which I expect we'll see as early as January 2021 (given the application, inspection and associated time frames, the requirements for conditional certification are significant. For example, as written, the starting point of "7 day" (or less) cruises, whole ship quarantine if one case is found onboard, etc. is not ideal. And then there's the wide spectrum of competence between/among cruise lines in qualifying for the conditional OK. Hopefully, NCLH and RCC (who have led the way with their "Sail Panel") will be very judicious in which ship(s) they choose to start the conditional test cruises. IMO, they will need to be those ships with the smallest passenger load but highest space ratios AND the most experienced crew. Though all ships that hope to cruise again will need to past muster, first impressions are key to that happening. Even with a vaccine, which I expect will be distributed before the 11/1/21 end of the new CDC order, and a first wave of successful test cruises, I remain convinced that the era of building mega-ships will thankfully be history.
  3. This is OLD news. Nothing changed since the last White House meeting that was cancelled because of Covid running rampant there.
  4. Nice try. That section has a key statement: "any travel component." That can easily/rightfully be interpreted to include requirements for dress/decorum (including masks) while onboard. But, if you need another additional reminder from the T&Cs: Guest Etiquette and Consideration Oceania Cruises, its Masters, General Managers, Chief Pursers or any other deputized figures of authority on board the vessels reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to disembark any guest, in any port of call, for any reason, should they be considered a nuisance to or danger to guests, staff or otherwise hinder the safe and secure operation of the vessel or any associated land programs. Any guest(s) disembarked from the vessels or associated land programs are solely responsible for any costs incurred with repatriation. The full cruise fare will be considered earned and retained and no refunds or reimbursements given. Note the words "danger to guests" If the skipper decides masks are required, you wear a mask.
  5. Read post #21. Everything you need at a fraction of the Oceania price. We've done this using the same hotels as Oceania on several occasions.
  6. It doesn't sound like you understand the T&Cs. The cruise line (and, in particular, the ship's master) can change ANYTHING necessary to ensure the safety [health or otherwise] of the passengers and crew.
  7. I'm always amazed at how few people read the Terms & Conditions of the cruise contract they agreed to when they first placed a deposit: Itinerary All itineraries, including points of embarkation and debarkation, are at the discretion of Oceania Cruises and may be modified up to and during the voyage. Oceania Cruises reserves the right to amend, cancel or make substitutions for any travel component without prior notice to the guest, including hotels, ports of call or other modes of transportation if, in its opinion, the situation requires a change or cancellation of arrangements. Oceania Cruises does not assume responsibility or liability for any loss, inconvenience, or expense incurred by guests as a result of any changes or cancellations as detailed in the Guest Ticket/Contract. When practicable, Oceania Cruises will promptly notify guests or their Travel Agent of a cruise itinerary change.
  8. This is the last place you should be looking for insurance advice. What I need and what you need may be vastly different things. So.... Start with a broker like insuremytrip.com. Be prepared to explain your needs, preferences and means (e.g., PECs [as defined by travel insurers instead of medical insurers], current medical coverage for out-of-country emergencies/treatments, etc). FWIW, know that "comprehensive" travel policies' pricing is primarily related to medical and evacuation (NOTE: field rescue at sea by a Coast Guard is NOT "evacuation") issues. The travel cancellation/interruption part of the price is relatively small. But, it gets you far better coverage than is available via your credit card perks. And most (if not all) comprehensive policies are not yearly. Travel medical and/or evacuation can be annual (e.g.,GeoBlue for Medical and MedJet Assist for evacuation). But, annual trip cancel/interrupt policies (other than the limited amount in some travel-savvy CCs) are a very rare offering. For our needs (Medicare folks), we are fortunate that our CalPERS Medicare Supplement insurance converts to their Basic coverage the minute you step foot outside of the US. Nonetheless, we still purchase a comprehensive policy with PEC waivers available for policies bought as late as the cruise final payment date (e.g., Nationwide). We generally get near minimum medical and medevac limits to keep the premium price down. But we do that because all we need medically is the out-of-network extra charges covered and we have a MedJet Assist annual membership for medical evacuation. For trip interrupt/cancel, we look for better payout limits since we do considerably longer/premium cruises that exceed our CC travel perk limits. So, for our medical, evacuation and trip cancel/interrupt, there are four parts to the coverage: Convertible Medicare Supplement, Medical Evac membership, CC trip protection and a "lower end" comprehensive travel policy with the kind of benefits that dovetail with the other coverages (which is yet another reason why particular company recommendations are minimally helpful). Bottom line: Our strategy "sort of" minimizes our travel insurance costs while closing any/all loopholes in coverage. I say "sort of" because comprehensive travel policies for geezers are not cheap (figure 10%+\- of trip cost If age is 70s). Some folks will suggest "self-insuring" (particularly if they've got good medical coverage). They're prepared to "eat" trip cancel/interrupt losses. This may work for a "mass market" 5 day "boat ride from Miami. But, a "30 day/$30k" intercontinental cruise is a very different animal. And then, there's still evac coverage to consider! In any case, contact a broker - at least to familiarize yourself with this complex subject.
  9. Alternatively, one needs to only do enough research to pick a good pre-cruise hotel (e.g., Intercontinental - worldwide in many metro port areas) and contact the concierge for transfers, private tour guide recommendations, etc. You'd be surprised at how reasonable might be their cost compared to both Oceania or DIY arrangements.
  10. Ask your TA (or O if DIY) for an updated invoice showing the new FP date. And while you're st it ask for current price of the cruise (e.g., "ultimate sale" of O Club 10% discount on select cruises). Compare to your current price, discounts (e.g., book onboard) and O Life perks since it should be possible to get anprice adjustment. BUT, do the bottom line math before making any changes.
  11. We had a Regatta cruise booked for January 2021 and the final pay deadline was extended from October to November in line with O's recently published intention to extend final pays (can't remember when exactly that happened). Earlier this year, we asked for/received a similar extension for an upcoming November cruise O cancelled a couple of weeks ago. If you want to extend your FP, call your TA or, if you're DIY, call O. But, if you intend to move a cancelled cruise tona replacement in 2021-22, I suggest you carefully consider the comparison of waiting for an O cancellation FCC OF 100+% vs. cash refund if it meets the "no penalty" provisions in the current version of the O Travelers Assurance Program. Why??? All the most desirable (IMO) itineraries currently showing are either totally waitlisted or having only ill-located cabins. When we saw Regatta headed to Astoria through April, we knew (even w/o official O cancellation) that our cruise would be eliminated. Being that it was a "book onboard," I just called and transferred it to the same NZ-OZ cruise for the same dates in January 2022. As is a standard O book-onboard allowance, we were able to still apply the reduced deposit and keep all associated discounts. But, we also did the math and it turned out that the current "ultimate sale" had a better discount. The bottom line of the transfer was a hybrid deal that got one of the few desirable cabins left for the 2022 cruise. And, yes, it was actually more efficacious than paying the FP in November, waiting for the O cancellation and getting an FCC that realistically won't be used until 2022 (in part because of the lack of late 2021 availability). Soooo, STAY UP WITH THE O WEBSITE AND EMAIL TRAVEL ADVISORIES; DO THE MATH; DON'T TRY TO SAVE A FEW $$$ (WITH YET ANOTHER FCC) ONLY TO FIND THERE ARE NO CRUISES TO SPEND IT ON.
  12. Looks like HAL has been recruiting at Denny's.
  13. The problem with HAL is that you had to endure their food.
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