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  1. Working fine for me.....
  2. Sí señor.....‘twas I. Good to know. Thanks for remembering to share that info.
  3. Or better yet, LIVE review your trip as well 😀
  4. Can’t believe it’s almost over. I’ve got that same feeling I get when I’m getting off a ship on the last day. Can’t imagine how you’re feeling today. Have a safe trip back to reality.
  5. Oh that bracelet isn’t bad. And it’s not flush up against your skin so not terribly unbearable.
  6. Did I miss a picture of the resort bracelet you have to wear? Just wondering if it’s obnoxious. I can’t stand wearing wrist things when I’m out in the sun sweating
  7. Hard to believe they don’t spend their time in the swimout, making a ruckus
  8. Under the “Gentlemen” category......drawers???
  9. Are they providing straws or are those yours?
  10. Have you used your swim out to cool off yet?
  11. He’s at Planet Hollywood, not Hard Rock
  12. Is that somebody in a costume or is it a fixture of some sort?
  13. What shoe size system do they use? Size 29?
  14. The buffet looks pretty decent. Those dancers while eating...not so much. That would make me very uncomfortable while trying to eat.
  15. Can you get an Amazon delivery there....lol.
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