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  1. I know that someone commented that the sailaway rates have soared, but so have the Haven prices! My husband is not a crowd fan, we like to read and play games with the kids in the cabin, so we are big HAVEN fans. The prices are getting ridiculous, so we are now cruising on MSC in the Yacht Club for a fraction of the NCL price. Although I noticed that MSC prices are also going up. Geez, its like there's inflation or something... You do get all the perks with HAVEN, but I have figured out that we don't drink enough to even cover the taxes that are required if you select that item.;)
  2. Oh, and there are several You Tube videos if you want a better look!
  3. For our May cruise, there are the beach cabanas that have always been available (small and large) and new offerings of Silver Cove, which has cabanas that actually look like small hotel rooms (some with beds, but all seem to have bathrooms and A/C and TV with movies available). I am thinking this "Silver Cove" area is what was originally supposed to be the private Haven area of GSC? It has its own lunch buffet area and private beach and beach massages....
  4. I booked through CAS; however, I don't think they actually used CAS credit, as the operator was saying something to the effect that she could get me a better rate (I think they actually used the 30% off special). (Disclaimer, I was wanting to book Owner's Suite, so would have had to pay difference from my "free" suite.) When I went to make my final payment this week, the $325 CAS credit was available, so I used it. (And this was after I was miffed because I received the post card about the credit AFTER I had called CAS the week before----and I waited a week to call and the promo had expired, so I just threw it away! Yay, to NCL for posting on my account anyway!) I then made the final payment at the reduced amount, no issues. I can't seem to book La Cucina, though. It shows up, but when I enter the date, time, # of people and try to add to cart, it never seems to go anywhere. I was able to book Cagney's, but not La Cucina. Anyone else had issues?
  5. There has been Haven coffee on all the ships I have been on......however, it isn't out 24/7. Usually comes out about 7 am, if I remember correctly......I know it wasn't out when we ventured out for our morning run/walk/exercise at 6-6:30 am. Which is why it is so great to have that coffee maker in the room! And if you are particularly interested in a certain variety, let your butler know and they will make sure you are well stocked (to include sugars and creamers)....for example, we weren't interested in decaf, and I like the Sugar in the Raw type packets (turbinated?) and cream in the fridge (yes, I like a little coffee with my cream and sugar;))
  6. Looking forward to following your comparison of MSC to Celebrity. We cruised MSC Bellissima earlier this year and enjoyed the Yacht Club. We normally cruise NCL Haven, but the prices have gotten exorbitant lately. Now I have 2 more Yacht Club sailings from Miami for 2020, another Haven (because of the 2 bedroom suite), then trying out a Sky Suite on Celebrity for 2021. I do love the 3 bedroom Villas on NCL, but hard to swallow the price, especially if we are paying for more than 2 people! I just haven't found a good stateroom on most cruise lines that gives 2 bedrooms/2 baths with the suite perks. So, I'm open for suggestions.....;)
  7. I used to call and they would basically reserve the shore excursion for me and we would pay once on board. However, last time I tried that, they said they did not do that anymore. But, when I booked on-line, I received my latitudes credit, but paid full price otherwise (as you have to pay when you check out)... After my shore ex, I received the $50 as OBC. This works fine for us, as we usually have considerable charges on our folio from spa, etc. If you would not be planning to spending anything on the ship, that would be a different story.
  8. Sailing on Seaside next fall (2020) and will be in one of those balconies that can stare at you! Looking forward to sailing on this ship. We sailed in the Royal suite on the MSC Belissima in May. We had a fabulous time. Unfortunately, those preference call elevators are spoilers.....as in I was so spoiled that I didn't take the stairs, like I usually would. Result was no weight lost on that cruise! (I can usually count on losing 5 lbs. on a cruise because of additional activity levels-----certainly not from lack of food!) Thanks for sharing your experiences! I'm following! Karla
  9. So, I paid an upcharge for Ocean Blue on my upcoming Bliss cruise. Now, the website does not show a charge, and it says "al a carte". Anyone else run into this? Know what is the impact of paying the upcharge vs. the "al la carte" pricing? (We have the UDP.)
  10. Also Guilty of paying full price! However, DH is most relaxed in Haven, so if I have to sail fewer times, so be it. What good to go on vacation and not be in a place you will be happy and/or comfortable? Besides, I can get together with my girl friends if I want to sail in a lower graded cabin for the in-between times! (I DO keep an eye out for prices changes, however. On my upcoming Mexican Riviera cruise, the price dropped almost $3,500!)
  11. Already had a NE/Can cruise for 2020. Mine was not on the list, but there were others available. When I check out the total price, it actually comes out to MORE than I was already paying. Same # days, same ship, different date by a couple of weeks. Too bad. Would sure like some extra funds to put towards the casino!
  12. Also on the 10/6 sailing and hoping we can catch "Six". Saw Jersey Boys previously, so would rather catch something new.
  13. Thanks for sharing the pix, Beamafar! I think I'll have to go with the rack of lamb now!
  14. Do you still need a code? I can't figure out how to message....it says "0" allowed per day!
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