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  1. Whew! Thread topic originally had me depressed, until I read that it is only through 31 Oct. I have a Nov sailing (not that I am counting on it, but one can continue to hope as long as no official word is out!) Pleased that TUI has completed a cruise. Sad that Hurtigruen and another line have continued to show Corona virus issues are bad juju and still out there. I'm ready to get back to some semblance of "the good ole days". Sigh.
  2. For what its worth.....I hope that you are still spry and are able to sail at 80! I'll cheer for you to become Ambassador! And we ALL hope that cruising and the world can get back to some semblance of order SOON!
  3. I NEED to know if there is somewhere to vote for BEST THREAD EVER! Because this is IT!!! Thanks so much for starting! And thanks to those who have contributed!
  4. My May cruise was cancelled and I cancelled my independently booked cabana and Aquaventure Day pass. I was told would receive refund, since Nassau was closed due to CoVID. On Apr 30th, I received email confirmation of cancellation, with notice to allow 60-90 days for refund. Haven't seen it come through yet, but they still have almost a week to hit 90 days. Has anyone actually received a refund?
  5. We did the Bliss Mexican Riviera cruise in 2019 (the last of our planned cruises that actually panned out). We had a wonderful time. Best thing we did was catch the Game of Thrones symphony at the Hollywood Bowl. Had a box seat with dinner. It was lovely and the other couple that joined our box was quite enjoyable. They had come down from WA to see it again! I really liked the Camel ride on the beach, which was an NCL excursion. Very hot unless you were on the beach for all of the stops....even in October! I hope that you get to go, but we know none of us are in control!
  6. We booked a VRBO for a long weekend in Gatlinburg, TN. Get to hike in the great outdoors, have a hot tub on the deck, and room enough for 10 of us (all family) going. I forsee lots of card playing. Maybe frisbee and movies! Likely will stay clear of crowds and enjoy Mother Nature's gifts! I do miss cruising, though. Three down and the fourth one suspect!
  7. Exactly this. We usually give extra to our room steward, as almost without fail, they have been friendly, attentive, and a pleasure to be around! I just include the receipt in my thank you note at the end of the cruise!
  8. Oh, my! That video brought tears to my eyes! Thanks for the laugh!
  9. Question for you Hamrag (or anyone else who might know).....do you mean that any of the Meraviglia YC Deluxe Suites are like the Divina Deluxe Grand? Or should I be looking for a Deluxe Grand on Mera, also? We are booked for Nov in Mera (originally on Seaside and changed ships on us), so wanting to know if I should be looking at a different suite? Thanks in advance!
  10. What the heck is it supposed to be????? (Other than ugly?) Ships, enjoyed Escape very much. Loved the grotto in Spice H2O. The Bliss's observation area just phenomenal! I haven't been on the others....somehow they keep getting cancelled! Spas on both Escape and Bliss made me happy, but I have to go with Escape. I had no idea there was not one on Joy.....that would be a killer for me! One of my favorite places on the ship is the heated loungers! Bird, thanks for the thread! Sorry I'm joining late...but better late....:)
  11. Ate, how did you find out your ship was switched to Mera? I have not heard from either MSC nor my TA regarding the change; however, it is on my MSC web page showing as Mera, when I booked Seaside. BTW, I appreciate all your helpful posts on CC! Thanks!
  12. I was looking at using FCC for Alaska for next summer. After checking prices for the Haven, I ended up going with Celebrity, The Retreat. Now, I haven't sailed with X before, and based upon my research, it looks like The Retreat gives you a private bar and restaurant, like The Haven, but it does not have all the suites in a separate enclave, which is something we appreciate about The Haven. I was planning to just ask for $$ back, but ended up putting FCC towards Baltics cruise in 2022. We have actually done 4 Alaska sailings...also assuming 1st would be only. Three with NCL, but on smaller ships (Jewel and Pearl). We have been on the Bliss and the Encore (but not in Alaska) and enjoyed them both. I am still waiting to do the cruise tour, but schedules perpetually confound us! Guess that will have to wait until retirement! Anyway, for your first trip, I don't think you can go wrong....there is something different at every port. Just realized these are small towns (which suits me fine), so check out wildlife and scenery. There are interesting tours about the life and hardships of the gold miners. Have never done a helicopter tour, but our friends did it and loved it. As to sea sickness.....get with your family doctor about a patch (scopolomine, maybe...I can't remember the name???) prior to leaving. You have to start it before the trip, but we went on a cruise with a friend who had pretty back motion sickness as a general rule, and with the patch, he was fine!
  13. At Cherokee, NC, they are adamant about masks. I heard an employee tell a patron who was wearing theirs around their mouth, but not covering their nose to cover both or they would be asked to leave. Temps taken when you enter. Lots of cleaning going on. The craps tables had every other space closed off, and they wiped down between guests, as well as periodically during play. Elevators limited, people didn't crowd on, but I did see groups enter that would exceed the recommendation by 1 person. Overall, I thought they were doing a good job.....but of course, there is so much we don't yet know.
  14. Thanks! I have checked and asked my TA to move us. Not sure if we can...
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