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  1. I have been on the side of giving Azamara and the cruise industry a great deal of grace as we are going through unprecedented times. After weeks of struggling I decided a week ago Saturday to cancel my September Azamara cruise and a January NCL cruise. Both were paid in full and within the period of time for normal cancellation. Both said to expect the refund on my credit card in up to 10 days. NCL credited my credit card Saturday after 7 days. Today is the 10th day and nothing from Azamara. I felt 10 days was optimistic by both companies but was thrilled my NCL. I struggled when booking Azamara between them, Oceania, and Regent. If it takes months for a refund from Azamara and it took a week from NCL, it will certainly be on my mind when choosing a cruise when things get back to normal
  2. As the OP I’ll clarify a couple of the questions and comments: #1. The cruise was January 2021 #2. It was paid in full for my own reasons #3. I cancelled under the normal provisions of the contract #4. It was a cash refund and credited to the credit card used to pay My only reason for posting was to say they actually are giving cash refunds to bring a bit of hope to those waiting or considering cancelling.
  3. There have been a number of threads/posts questioning whether NCL would be able to refund money on cancelled cruises with no revenue. Other’s emphatically saying bankruptcy is looming. All of that could happen but no one really has any idea what the future holds. But in this time of anxiety and uncertainty I thought I would post my experience. I had a cruise booked in a DOS for January on the Epic that I had paid in full for over 15k. After agonizing for weeks over the decision I decided a week ago yesterday to cancel both cruises I have booked and start over when things get back to some sense of normal. I dreaded making the call as I was expecting hours of hold time. To my surprise there was an immediate answer. The call was incredibly pleasant and professional. Took all of 5 min to cancel and request a refund. I was told 7-10 days. I thought that was a bit optimistic. But the full refund appeared on my credit card yesterday after 7 days. I don’t know what the future holds but based on my experience some of the over the top pessimistic predictions are a bit premature. Good luck to all who have been cancelled or are considering cancelling
  4. I cancelled a cruise I had booked for January a week ago. I had already paid in full. The full refund appeared on my credit card yesterday.
  5. Bonnie Thank you for the post. It was nice to read something positive during theses difficult days. Brian
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I’m sitting on a balcony at an all inclusive resort in Southern Jamaica looking out at the ocean and waiting for the butler to bring breakfast. And yet I’m sitting here thinking about my Epic/Haven cruise next year. What is it they say about what your favorite trip is? The next one! Ha
  7. Thank you again for the great feedback. We actually use the stairs a lot unless in a hurry. So all should be good.
  8. Thanks for the great responses from those who have experienced the Haven. The bad reviews don’t concern me as I’ve never had a bad trip. I don’t let something that I don’t like ruin my whole trip. But the bad reviews do help me think of questions to ask to avoid issues if possible or just accept them ahead of time if there’s no remedy. This is why I pick the cabin/Suites I choose. On my past trips I’ve found I can add certain features/perks, pick certain locations, and plan in a way that eliminates most of the negatives I read in reviews. Plus I accept there are people who gravitate toward the negative so I take their reviews with a grain of salt. Thanks again for for the helpful responses Brian
  9. We will be on the Jan 31-Feb 7, 2021 sailing out of San Juan. We will be in a Haven DOS suite on deck 17. I’ve been reading threads and reviews of the Epic for months now. It seems to me that some of the most common complaints regarding the Epic will be less of an issue being in the DOS in the Haven. Especially the complaints about the bathroom layout, food quality(since we have the Haven restaurant), lack of views of ocean(have large balcony and access to Posh), lines(have concierge), etc.... So, I’m not too concerned about the negativity plus any cruise in the Caribbean in Jan/Feb is a good thing. But I do have a few questions I’m still not clear on: #1. Lack of elevators and long waits is a common complaint. Does being in the Haven and having the concierge alleviate this in any way? #2. We will fly into San Juan the day before boarding. What would be the ideal time to board to get the most out of the Haven benefits day of embarkation? #3. How many cabins does a butler generally service and are they usually all together or spread out? #4. Can you order room service from the Haven restaurant? #5. Can you either have lunched served in the Haven Courtyard and/or Posh from the Haven restaurant or order it to go and bring it back to your lounge chairs? #6. In our travels we’ve had absolutely fantastic butlers(NCL POA was the best) and non existent butlers(Silverseas). Has anyone ever asked the Concierge for a different butler after a couple days if not connecting with the one assigned? Sorry for the silly questions but I find if I ask questions and adjust my expectations I’ve never had a bad trip Thanks Brian
  10. This thread fascinates me on several levels: 1. How is it the so many people can find CC and post for the first time to tell about their negative experiences but can’t find it to ask questions to avoid having the negative experience in the first place? 2. Why are there so many people that don’t believe a contract should be honored? And specifically think a company is mean and evil for following their contract. 3. Why is it that people think it’s ok to book cabins/suites they have no intention of keeping and see no problem that it keeps fellow cruisers from having access to that cabin and potentially hurts the cruise lines ability to book without discounting late in the game. 4. Why do people post something they know at the offset is going to pull negative replies then are upset when they get negative replies? 5. Most importantly, why am I chiming in on a thread that I have no vested interest in and possibly stirring the pot further. Shame on me. But I know the answer. I’m in Phoenix after going to the Open yesterday and have 4 hours before I leave for the airport and I’m trying to avoid doing something productive like going for a walk and getting my 10000 steps in. But I honestly do wonder about the above questions Brian
  11. We spent a couple of days in Munich prior to a Budapest to Passau Christmas market cruise and found the Christmas markets there to be some of our favorites. It would be a great place post trip and easy to fly home from. Have a great trip.
  12. We sailed a year ago and disembarkation as I recall was quite early. Maybe as early as 6 am. We had a leisurely breakfast and were still off the ship around 8. Going to Pearl Harbor will be fairly easy to do. I don’t know if the ship offered a tour but you can get reserved tickets on line for I think $8 and rent audio headsets for the self guided tour. They could either Uber or take a taxi straight from the ship and have plenty of time at Pearl Harbor and get to their hotel for afternoon check in. We did the opposite. We went on embarkation day by going that morning and still getting to the ship early afternoon for lunch Pear Harbor will be a great way to spend their last day in Hawaii.
  13. We sail from Lisbon in September. Spending 3 nights pre cruise. Hope it's not too "hot" in September. Ha
  14. We sail on the Epic for the first time next January. Our only other NCL sailing was on the POA in Hawaii last February. I experienced the same thing with reviews. Old ship, rude American staff, horrible food, etc... so I was really a little nervous. But it turned out to be a wonderful cruise. My big question since I started using CC is why people can't find it to read threads about bathrooms, ship layout, etc... before they cruise so they have proper expectations but miraculous find it to say it was the worst experience ever. Just Curious???
  15. Here is a link to the daily blog I posted last Feb when we sailed on the POA in the DOS It has pictures of the suite and balcony. It was a wonderful suite. I didn't open the sofa bed but it is large. I've read many people say that it isn't worth it being on the Starboard side but I respectfully disagree. I loved the balcony. Had breakfast every morning there, watched every sail in and sail out and loved the hot tub and had luck of seeing whales while in the hot tub. Its it's an amazing suite and the butler service was the best we've experienced (again luck) Safe Travels Brian
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