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  1. Im fine on the PC but on myphone if I go to the forums it doubles up
  2. These is the M class Sunset suite redition off the celebrity web site...Not quite the same?
  3. Is this a new bar? Outside the theatre on deck 4?
  4. @Gordoncruickshank As you are in an upper suite do you get the monogrammed robes?
  5. @gprentice Thanks for the pictures. One question has the bathroom been updated? Is it still only a shower or has a tub been added in line with other suites?
  6. Some more pics I gleened from other places
  7. worth noting is that these pics are of the angled balcony and there fore one of the 4 larger ones
  8. These are only renditions as the first one won't be completed until Connie's revolution in may 2020
  9. These aren't my pics but ones I have gleened from elsewhere
  10. This thread coveres the new 2 level Retrat with its bar and hot tub.......
  11. We book CSs or RSs and the RSs on M class and especially S Class ships are a wonderfull suite. We have also done the Fjords on an RS and and loved sitting on the Balcony watching the sail into some of the fjords. Being in a hot and bubbly jacuzzi bath as you sail through the Fjord with a cocktail from your bar in hand has to be quite special.🍸😎 We have never had dinner for four in an RS but often Lunch or breakfast and I can atest the thable is large enough and comfertable fo four to eat at. The Buttlers who serve the RSs tend to also serve the PH on that side too and are ussually the best buttlers and most experienced buttlers on board. Their wish is litterally your command and the usually try very hard to never say no. There is not a written rule that they can bring room service from anywhere other than the MDR but we have been offered Luminae and Tuscan though we usually decline as we prefere to eat out than in. If you get a chance to enjoy the upper suite life You may have dificulty goning back to an ordinary roomπŸ˜‰
  12. I allways have a pencil to hand on my watch chain...... Golds recycleable isn't it?
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