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  1. Do carry on posting when you board to yet our appetite🍾 have a good cruise
  2. AMC If I recall we communicated last year on a thread about the special luggage drop off. I will resurect that thread to further my question.......... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2575474-exclusive-luggage-drop-off-southampton/?do=findComment&comment=57915797
  3. ..... To continue.....2019 We are again sailing in an RS but this time not using a taxi but parking with ABP. AMC how did the system work with the drop off then parking. I spoke to the shoreside concierge yesterday (now Aurora not Carrie) and she didn't seem to certain how I get from drop off to parking. From your experience last year can you just drive straight to ABP or does one need to go back out gate 10 and drive round to gate 8
  4. Yes it was . The OP is I believe sailing from the UK with their 18 year old
  5. If it would help we are on the sailing after next on the 11th Aug and I could ask the MCC for you then
  6. This is my DDs sea pass from last year when she was 19 . Note the PALL (premium alcohol package). We did not need to sign any consent it was just done .The year before when she was 18 was the same
  7. My understanding is that prices shown for drinks on menus for sailings out and back from the UK must be inclusive. Therefore if the menu shows $7 then $7 is what you pay if a compulsory gratuity is required then it should be included in the displayed price and the card should say $8.40. There is no mention on these menus of any additional 20% Your menu from Infinity on this menu a Bud is $6 plus 20% so $7.20 to pay Your menu From Silhouette and on this it is only $7 including Gratuity So I think you will find my assumption or rather uncertainty that calculating from a non UK menu does not work out Jim are these from Silhouette this years sailings or last years when it was 18%?
  8. it is a UK sailing so an 18 year old is able to have an alcoholic package or be served alcohol at any of the bars. Yes but it is not exactly 20% but rounded up or down to the nearest whole or 50c and some of the menus shown won't exist on the only ship sailing out of the UK until Jan 2020. For example a $10 beer would probably be $12 but what about an $8 drink would it be $9, $9.50 or $10 . One thing it probably won't be is $9.60
  9. thoses prices are from a revolutionised non UK based ship so the prices and menus will be quite different
  10. Thankyou so much for posting... Please carry on . Can you post the "In the Spotlight"... Enjoy your cruise
  11. I am shocked but I am wrong Reflection only has a port penthouse and none on the starboard side.
  12. Typical Celebrity accuracy. It recons there is only 1 PH on Reflection.....Are they taking one out in the revolution🤣
  13. Also worth noting are the private invites you often receive like bridge tours, helipad sailaways etc. These aren't stricktly perks but are the sort of things the Michael's Club Concierge will arrange especially if you express an interest. At a tendered port the MCC will escort you by secret ways past all the queues, no need for tickets or anything. Priority really is priority.
  14. Unfortunately this cruise has only been available for upgrades for the last couple of weeks via move up bids and they don't attract the points of the upgraded room only the originally booked room
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