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  1. prehaps they are dropping off crew or maybe even picking up new crew. Many of the crew do live on and around these Greek islands and the ships still need to turnover crew even with out passengers on board. Last week Edge recieved a number of new crew in Miame
  2. Both Connie and Infinity are anchored off the Greek coast taking occasional runs in to Piraeus to resupply
  3. I've brought back two, one from each bathroom , but squirel them away. At times like this it is nice to bring one out. Smell is very closely linked to memory and it gives me a lift at the moment every time I wash my hands.
  4. Don't forget to keep safe and keep washing your hands......
  5. Hopefully in line with the new rules proposed by the EU individual bottles may be back. 🤞for Bvlgari
  6. My Gastrognome is cooking our way through our cruise that should have sailed yesterday DD’s favourite embarkation day lunch from Luminae yesterday – Fried chicken with waffles, served with a honey sauce on the side. and Lobster Roll with salt and vinegar tortilla chips and Garlic bread on the side from the Porch for our sea day Lunch today ...I'm looking forward to Norway tommorrow
  7. I'm sure it's an informative thread but the article is only visible to US residents
  8. What about the Three I have already got booked for 2021......
  9. @Ride-The-Waves I think you will find that the CLIA suspension refers to US waters and ports only and does not refer to European operations. "The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) trade group announced on Friday that its member cruise lines will extend its voluntary cruise suspension and cancel all cruises from U.S. ports until September 15, 2020" https://cruising.org/news-and-research/press-room/2020/june/clia-announces-voluntary-suspension-of-cruise-operations-from-us-ports
  10. When on Eclipse a couple of years ago we were facinated by then Hot Glass show as was and were lucky to win our "fish" in a their raffle towards the end of the cruise...... From the fire on the Eclipse to our mantle piece 😎
  11. @upwarduk where did you see 15th Aug cancellled or is that just your assumption. I din't think any of the 4 cruises prior to the 19th Sept are suspended yet
  12. I'll start by saying I have never stayed in an angled 1A but have stayed in the angled CSs so some of the same things apply. You are right in that the first and third will be bigger than second and fourth from the hump though by bigger I which I mean they will be longer. The extra triangular section on both though has advantages and disadvantages. The forward facing ones will catch the wind when under way so the rear facing can be better. It is also woth considering that you are slightly over looked when at the balcony rail from cabins on the sides and higher will get you a better view This is a video of one of the Fourths .... and this is a video of the first on Eclipse .... ** the videos are not mine but ones I found on you tube and although old will give an idea of the balcony size **
  13. agreed but some on this thread have sugested tpping a dollar or two to bar staff and servers. That is a practice that I think will have to stop for the safety of the crew
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