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  1. the numbers called by the port as you left Southampton on 21st where 1383 passengers and 833 crew
  2. Just got our CC points form our Aug 6th cruise. 192 points each ! 24 points a day in an RS for 8 nights. I assuming that is double points of which I had heard rummours but hadn't seen any thing in print. Do we get 36 points a night next week when wwe are in a PH? 😎
  3. From current experience.ie 6th Aug staycation in an RS. We dropped suitcases, parked and then returned .. sent to check in ... Special delivery did not seem to happen We've got a PH for 28th Aug so will try again but it seemed no one had heard of special delivery. I intend to clarify the previous lack on the 6th and ask shoreside if it will be improved for 28th.
  4. have you tried omiting the leading zero as from the states to dial our numbers one would dial 044 (usually written +44) and then the normal UK number without the initial zero Ie for 01234 567891 one should enter +44 1234567891
  5. If they had to scan everyones phone 4 times the chances are that most pasangers would end up quing for hours . quite simply @isdoo this is not practicle with all the documentation the needs to be checked. May be when we nolonger need to prove vacines and have PCR tests it might be viable. They werent in fact scanining the documents but visibly checking them and photographing them on ipads, I asume to keep a record . Photographing a document on the small screen of a phone realy doesnot work. So to expediat your passage on board I highly recomend you have printed copies of all these documents . As I said earlier you will ultimately benefit the crew wellfarir fund.
  6. Technology is a wonderful thing but with every passenger having to show a boarding pass, proof of vaccine and a negative test printing 4 sheets of paper per pax really does expediate the process. This is all to try and get pax through with as little delay as possible to save on the enevitable queues caused by people turning up hours early for their check-in time. If you then place those bits of paper into your stateroom bin they will be sorted into the recycling. This in turn will then be sold and the money raised goes to the crew well fair fund. 😎
  7. No on board testing on UK cruises at the moment
  8. We considered a sunrise suite but on this one we are in a Royal and our next on on 28th the sunrise suites all sold out😂 .....but a Penthouse came up so I booked that instead😎
  9. Currently on board and masks are required on board while walking around inside. Can be removed when sitting in restaurant or bar. Also no need for masks on deck. Vacinated passengers can get off independanrly😎
  10. So heres a third world problem. We are currently enjoying a fabulous cruise circumnavigating our island. We are having our best cruise in years and are loving the empty ship. The only thing that has been not so much fun is the entire PCR pre cruise testing. I understand why we need it and don't disagree with the additional protocols but it is a hassle and extra stress. The problem we have is we are sailing again in 19 days. The Internet on board as we all know is not the best and MS Outlook can a little tricky. So in anticipation I asked a friend to message me when thier test email arrived. FB messenger and WhatsApp both seem to work well on board. He duly messaged this morning. I managed to download mail this morning on Scottish 4g as we are now docked. Searching through 250 emails I found the relevant two two. Now if you follow the link you can't log in to your existing account as there is no way to add a new cruise. I tried creating a new account, even using a different password, but that also failed I tried phoning eurofins and they were unable to book tests and said do it online. Eventually they accepted I had a problem and arranged for another department to phone me back. Apparently one is unable to contact them directly. 15 mins before we needed to get to the theatre for our tour I received that call. To cut what is becoming a long story short after a long complex process of trial and error the solution is........ Create a new account using the link from the email. Use your same name and passport number but a different email address and different password. Make sure you are logged out of your old eurofins account and app. I hope this helps others
  11. For the Uk Silly sailings from Southampton if you are over 18 and unvaxinated.... You are not getting on board 😁 If you are under then you need two -ve tests and even those vaxed need 1 -ve test plus masks for all indooors. Safer on Silhouette than on land 😎
  12. Boarding in an RS on Silly in 9 days and still had no contact with shoreside concierge... feelling slightly neglected! any one have a UK phonre number?
  13. I think there is some confusion as some of the prices quoted are from US sailings and some from UK. In the UK any gratuities must be included in the displayed price and I believe the same for Aus. so for UK sailings the package limit is nearer to $18 and in the US $15 but the onboard prices displayed in bar menus will be different depending on home port
  14. What sort of thing were people wearing on the Chic Night? Were the any men wearing Black Tie (DJs) on other nights?
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