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  1. Thanks so much for these remarks, Flyer Talker. I'm spending wayyy more time than is probably good for us researching planes, seats, routes, etc. In the "before times," and scheduled for next year, we had/will have nonstops from Seattle to LHR on BA, Delta, American, and a one-stop connection thru FRA on Lufthansa, and nonstop returns from LHR, CDG, FRA and AMS to choose from (once we get to that hub somehow). I totally agree that the factors you mentioned make a huge difference in comfort. I'm also fully aware that the equipment we may book initially may not be what is actually in use when we fly, making all of this an interesting exercise! But one does one's best with the data at hand. We used Air Plus on our last Viking cruise, and were able to specify and book our first choice of flights. And everything went smoothly. With what seems like some potential for international travel to be a bit "up in the air," (sorry , couldn't resist) next year , I definitely hear you re: cruiseline air shortcomings in the case of irops or simply equipment changes. But that uncertainty also makes the AirPlus option attractive in the case of a cruise cancellation - no worry about using airline vouchers within a certain period of time. Decisions, decisions! We'll just have to see what flights Air Plus has in their contract. The quote Viking gave us when we booked our cruise, for Business out and Prem Econ return, is right in the ballpark with airline websites, at least for flights a couple of months earlier than ours will be. Time will tell what makes the most sense. And thanks for the ITA Matrix tip - I love the time bar viewing option!
  2. A question for Flyer Talker, or anyone else who has a good handle on this; We'll (hopefully!) be flying SEA-LHR next summer for the British Isles cruise, and then home from Barcelona after the Trade Routes cruise which we are doing B2B. Would we be less likely to experience so many flight changes if we book on flights that are currently flying (such as BA48) over those who show as scheduled for next year but are currently cancelled (such as BA52)? Or am I just trying too hard to read the tea leaves? We are leaning toward Air Plus but may book with the airline directly - we'll see how things look when the time comes. Thanks for any input! I learn so much from this forum!
  3. And, my apologies to my fellow Washingtonians from across the Sound - I forgot that these days we are not free to roam around walls, bars, or anywhere without a Viking group! I imagine Viking will be working hard to be certain everyone who wants an excursion will be able to take one.
  4. Also, in the "before times," Viking would often add buses to popular excursions, and the helpful folks at the Explorer's Desk onboard can help you find an empty spot if there has been a cancellation or addition to the excursions listed in MVJ. You also might try emailing the equally helpful folks at tellus@ vikingcruises.com now with your plea. All that said, just walking around the wall in Dubrovnik, and possibly stopping at Buza Bar, perched outside the wall on a cliff overlooking the sea (!) , would make for a fine day ashore! I hope you two have a wonderful day in Dubrovnik!
  5. Here's some good news today: https://cruisereport.com/cruise-industry-news/viking-floats-out-newest-ship?fbclid=IwAR31hegZDXxzZOlXawhZ1USgcwICafObicGXDM4dILkH8G1Axf28EbzIfzA
  6. Welcome to the Viking forum, Wishing! I'll take a stab at answering your questions. 1. I would recommend checking either with your travel agent or Viking about the port times. I have not seen them published until I have booked a cruise, and then the schedule is available with your itinerary. Someone else may have a suggestion on how to find that information,. 2. When you pull up the excursion page for your cruise on the Viking website, clicking on an excursion will give the length of the excursion, plus other details. Usually the included excursions are labeled as such, up in the left hand corner of the photo of that excursion. The times, prices, and available excursions are not published until 2-3 months prior to the cruise, as final arrangements with vendors are often not completed until then. That information will populate in My Viking Journey, your personal itinerary site once you have booked. 3. You are correct that usually excursions will be offered the last full day of your cruise, in this case in Athens. If you do have questions about specific excursions, I encourage you to ask on this forum. Someone who has taken an excursion will often be happy to share their experience. Best wishes as you plan your cruise!
  7. Yes, thank you , Twitchly! We are booked on Trade Routes for September 2022, back-to-back with British Isles. We will definitely appreciate a sea day or two by then!!
  8. Porcupine, that's quite a mixed marriage! Interesting, indeed!
  9. I received a call last evening in response to my letter to TellUs advocating vaccinations for all. The ( absolutely wonderful) rep confirmed that while they are currently not requiring vaccinations for the upcoming British Isles cruises, their medical team is still reviewing the policy and may well adopt such a requirement as they return to their usual operations. They are strongly encouraging crew to get vaccinated, and are imposing a 14-day quarantine and daily PCR tests on the crew for these upcoming cruises. Masks will be required for everyone on board, except when pax are in their staterooms or are eating in the dining areas. It sounded like they are definitely listening to our feedback. I wish I'd thought to ask about ventilation in the dining areas - even with half the passengers and tables well-spaced, that can be an area of spreading if ventilation blows someone's virus around the room. We booked a back-to-back for September 2022 and won't sail unless our current concerns are addressed. I'm rooting for Viking to do the prudent thing so we can all enjoy sailing on our favorite line!
  10. I don't know if we're blessed or cursed, but we've received 4 Viking Ocean catalogs and 3 River catalogs in the last 6 weeks. They do use a lot of paper!
  11. Those of us planning a voyage on Viking Mars in 2022 got some good news today! https://cyprusshippingnews.com/2021/02/05/fincantieri-starts-with-dry-dock-works-on-viking-mars/
  12. Thanks, Andy! When I searched using the "Find Your Roll Call" tab for all cruise lines, it worked! I had just been using the "Find Your Viking Ocean Roll Call" tab at the top of the VO forum, which had not worked, but does now! Go figure - I swear the computational machines have a good chuckle at my expense every now and then.
  13. Hi, Andy, We just pulled the trigger on a B2B on Mars in 2022 - in checking the Viking roll call section I'm not finding either Mars or Neptune. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for sharing your extensive seafaring and cruising experience with us - I am an avid reader of your posts!
  14. We are looking at a B2B on the Mars starting in London in September 2022 but haven't pulled the trigger yet! I'll be following her build with interest!
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