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  1. It definitely costs Carnival nothing to sell front of the line access and immediate cabin availability. As far as bingo, I am sure they make a lot of money. I have played a couple of times, but not on my last cruise. I won once and think I only got $140 and a lanyard. The entire bottom floor of the theater was nearly full, so they were making a lot of money. On my last cruise I watched the bingo game in order to get good seats for the Love and Marriage show. For the last game, the winner chooses one of three envelopes and has a chance to win a whole $1,000. Woohoo. As if that wasn't cheap enough, when two people tied they had to split what was in the envelope. Bingo is probably the biggest ripoff of all of the things that Carnival sells, but people play it. I have played it a time or two. At least when people play it, they know they are getting ripped off. haha. Just like the slot machines. I play about $200 each cruise, sometimes I come out ahead and sometimes I don't. I go into it knowing it's money that will be lost.
  2. That's a great deal! I sailed on Carnival out of Baltimore last year and we were supposed to go to Bermuda. We were rerouted to the Bahamas and got 25% off of our next cruise. I thought that was nice. Your deal is awesome!
  3. I think Royal has a new plan called the Key, which is $25.99 per day per person for everyone over age 6. It's more expensive than FTTF, but looks like it offers more benefits. I wonder if that's always sold out and if the benefits are worth paying that much per day, per person. I would not fault Carnival if they raised the price of FTTF until it's no longer constantly sold out. It's working for them.
  4. Let's say they sell 100 FTTF spaces per cruise, so that's around $10,000. I am sure they make MUCH more than $10,000 per cruise on the drink package.
  5. Thankfully, after my next cruise I will be Platinum and won't have to look for FTTF. I liked it when I've been able to get it and it was worth it to me. Nobody "needs" a benefit. People purchase things are of value to them, just like the drink package. I can't imagine ever drinking enough to make it worth it, but many people find that it benefits them in some way. People mostly lose money on bingo, but many people get enjoyment playing. I'm sure the cruise line makes a lot of money from their photos. Just because someone finds no value in a benefit doesn't mean nobody else does. I personally think one of the most profitable money-making programs for the cruise line is the drink package.
  6. I think it's good to branch out and try different lines. I have sailed on Disney, Royal, Norwegian, and Carnival. Sailing on only one line is like eating only one flavor of ice cream. The Royal ships that I have sailed on were nice. I had great cruises. While I prefer Carnival because it meets the majority of my preferences, I am so glad I branched out to experience other cruise lines because it allowed me to have different experiences.
  7. I have only stayed at the InterContinental, so can only comment on that one. It's a beautiful hotel. Our room was huge and very nice. The location was within walking distance to stores and restaurants. We didn't use the pool though.
  8. My husband and I used Cocoa Beach Shuttle to take us from the airport to our hotel near the port. The cost was $58 total for both of us. The shuttle driver called us while we were waiting for our luggage and told us where to meet him outside. There are numbered parking spaces next to the sidewalk. There were two other people on the shuttle and we left as soon as we boarded it. The driver was very nice. We booked Cortrans for our ride from the port to the airport for $40 total for both of us. We originally booked 8:30 am, but were off of the ship a little after 7:00. There was a person with a sign that had Cortrans on it in the shuttle area and he told us where to wait. The shuttle arrived around 7:20 and we headed to the airport at 7:25, arriving at 8:10. We were pleased with the service and price.
  9. My husband and I recently stayed at the Homewood Suites by Hilton Cape Canaveral and thought it was fine. It's close to the port. Our room was very clean. There is a free breakfast and they offer shuttle service to the port. There are a few places within walking distance. Zarellas Italian & Wood Fire Pizza had some of the best Italian food. So good!! There is a gas station with a small store, Burger King, and also a souvenir store. We only went out to eat at the Italian restaurant and buy some drinks at the store, so I am not sure what else is around there. Anyway, we were happy with the hotel. Since I am a Hilton Honors member (free to join) I got points and was also able to choose my room. The gym, laundry, and quick exit to the pool are near room 122. The hotel did not have any musty odors. I would have no problem staying there again. Although we didn't swim, we saw a lot of people enjoying the outdoor pool.
  10. I've been on several Carnival ships that I know do that. For sure, the Breeze, Magic, and Vista. You can take your flight information to guest services and they should be able to print out a letter that you can show the morning you get off of the ship to wait in a special area. The majority of people who I saw did this also carried off their own bags, but there were a few who did not. havanadaydreaming, if you are unable to get FTTF for them, then see if they can check in as soon as possible after midnight (eastern time) the day before their online check-in date. This is usually 90 days out. The date will be shown on their online Carnival account. If they do, then they should be able to get the earliest appointment time. If the boarding zone is assigned during their online check-in, they should be able to get zone A1. Zone A1 boards immediately after FTTF.
  11. My husband takes several different medications daily. When we travel, he brings two one-week cases. So, he brings enough for 14 days. I have a picture of his medication bottles on my phone, so we have the information should we ever need it.
  12. When I cruised out of Fort Lauderdale in June, they began boarding FTTF at 10:50. When I cruised out of Port Canaveral earlier this month, they began boarding zone A1 at 11:05.
  13. Even though it states that time, you can disregard it. When you purchase Faster to the Fun, the logo should be on your boarding pass once you are able to print it. When you get to the port, you can show your boarding pass and will be able to go through a special priority line to check in. Whenever I have purchased Faster to the Fun, I have arrived at the port between 10:15 and 10:30. After check-in, I wait for my group to be called to board. When boarding goes smoothly, I am usually on the ship before 11:15.
  14. There will be a priority line at the port terminal that you can go through for check-in. It varies as far as when they will actually start boarding, but for my Sept 7th cruise out of Port Canaveral they started boarding around 10:50. They started calling for zone A1 at 11:05 and FTTF passengers were called before zone A1. If I had FTTF, I would plan on arriving between 10:15 and 10:30 like MRSG29 suggested.
  15. My husband and I just returned from our cruise last weekend. The shuttle ride from the port to the Orlando airport was $20 each with Cortrans. We did give the driver a tip. I believe we booked an 8:30 am shuttle ride, but we exited the terminal around 7:10 am. The shuttle arrived at 7:20 and we headed to the airport at 7:25. We arrived at the airport at 8:10. I would definitely book this shuttle company again.
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