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  1. Ah yes, butter. If there's one good thing that comes out of this pandemic it will be the end of the community butter crock.
  2. We received a $5 gift card to the candy store from Carnival. We ended up spending $14. I can see how parents would let their kids go into the candy store and have some fun choosing candy. It's a vacation.
  3. Instead of the scoopers, they should have the bulk candy in dispensers.
  4. People know that some people will not wear masks. Anyone who is concerned should stay away from all public areas as much as possible. We are all responsible for our own health and cannot control the rest of the world. If the ships aren't requiring masks, then people who are insistent on everyone wearing them should wait until there is a vaccine to go on cruises. I would have no issue signing a waiver.
  5. Once the straw is removed from the hole in the mask, it will be like she's not wearing a mask at all. Will she hold her breath until she puts the plug back in after each sip? LOL
  6. I look forward to servers. I will only have to sanitize my hands once. As it was, I sanitized my hands before touching the utensils and then again after getting my food, but before eating. With servers, I will only have to do it once. Plus, I think the lines will go so much faster. Some people are very slow when it comes to self serve.
  7. Sorry to hear about the family tragedy. It always helps to focus on something positive and a booked cruise is exciting. I've been to Amber Cove and Grand Turk several times. I'm sure you will have a lot of fun! Even though the port is not close to the airport, we've always found flying into Orlando and cruising out of Port Canaveral to be easy.
  8. I got my hair trimmed this morning. It was by appointment and they only let you in when they are ready to do your hair. Masks are required and we have to wash our hands as soon as we walk in. They didn't require a waiver, although I would have signed one. I have no problem with this it all. I also wear a mask when grocery shopping, even though it's not required. We love the comedy shows and often have a drink while watching them. If masks are required, I assume there will be no drinking allowed because the constant removal of masks in order to drink will defeat the purpose. Same with everything else on the ship. No thanks. Anyway, the cruise I had in April was rebooked to September due to a cancellation. I rebooked in April, so it looks like I will have to wait and see. It's still four months away and a lot can happen in four months.
  9. I wouldn't mind it if they simply recommend wearing a mask on the ship, but it's not required. I do see how that can result in arguments though. They could designate certain areas of the theater and lounges as mask only so that the people who feel very strongly about wearing a mask at all times can still enjoy the shows. Then I could sit in the other location. LOL. Same for lounge areas. They could designate some for mask only people. If they simply say they are recommended, but not required, I can see the people who are wearing masks demand that everyone wears one. Maybe they can have everyone sign something that acknowledges they are aware that not everyone will be wearing a mask.
  10. I have the same concerns. I can handle wearing a mask to board the ship, leave the ship, and while using the elevators. However, anything above that will really diminish my enjoyment of a cruise. It's much too hot to wear a mask while on the open decks. If they end up requiring passengers to wear them constantly, I would prefer the option of moving my cruise to a later date. I'm glad I booked a balcony cabin, because there is just no way I am lounging outside wearing a mask. I wish we knew one way or the other, but we may not find out until right before the cruise.
  11. Same in my state. It is up to each state to determine their own requirements for testing. My state is on top of it. "Tennessee Governor Bill Lee announced free COVID-19 testing will be available for any Tennessean, regardless of traditional symptoms, as the Unified-Command Group ramps up an aggressive effort to expand testing capacity across the state. Rapid improvements to the testing apparatus allowed the Unified-Command Group, comprised of the Tennessee Department of Health More than 23,000 Tennesseans received a free COVID-19 test at 67 drive-through sites over expanded testing events across the state during the month of April, as part of Unified-Command Group’s efforts to reduce barriers and widen access to testing for all Tennesseans regardless of symptoms."
  12. Same in our state and I don't even live in a hot spot. They have had free mass drive-thru testing. Each state is different in how they handle testing.
  13. Each passenger can pay for their own test. I don't see the cost of a test as a big deal. I would much rather have that then have to wear a mask all over the ship.
  14. The market is doing great today. I bought 100 shares of Carnival in early March at $27 and thought I got a great deal. haha. But I bought the other 600 shares when it was $10 and under, so I am way ahead. I bought some United stock when it dipped a couple of weeks ago and am already almost $10,000 ahead on that stock alone. Of course it fluctuates daily, but over time that will be a winner. The travel stocks may be a risky investment, but to pain, no gain. I am kicking myself for only purchasing 50 shares of Royal in the low 20s. But I am happy with all of my purchases of stock. This was a great opportunity to pick them up and I spread it out over several airlines. I want Carnival to succeed and am happy that I made the investments.
  15. I will have a new appreciation for cruising and also for the fluff posts on CC.
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