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  1. For my last three cancelled cruises, I was able to call Carnival and have the funds moved to a new cruise while I was on the phone with the agent. All three times, I received a follow up email that day with the new information and OBC. However, this time I must have spoken with an agent who didn't know how to do any of it. Had I known at the beginning, I would have hung up and called again. But I didn't find out until the end of the call when the agent said it would take 7 to 10 days. I got unlucky this time and obviously got an agent who merely filled out the form and sent it to anot
  2. I agree. I thought telling someone to change their font was rude too. I have no problem reading the font, but I am using a computer. Suggesting that someone may want to consider changing the font would have been polite, but telling someone to please change their font when it is that person's own device that it the problem is rude.
  3. Since the virus is a problem all over the world, it's clear that wearing masks will not stop it. As long as travel is occurring, the virus will continue to spread. I think some people just don't understand that you can't lock down a virus with masks. Anyway, since the US isn't the only country in the world experiencing the pandemic, then it's not the citizens who are the problem or the previous leader. It's a virus. Unless everyone stays at home for 14 days and nobody is allowed into the US, then the virus will continue to run its course. Maybe after this pandemic, people will understand
  4. I read elsewhere that someone called Carnival and they were told that the cancellation will only show cruises that are cancelled when the information is entered. As a test, you can put in the date and ship of a cruise that has already been cancelled and it will state that it is cancelled. If you enter information on a ship that hasn't been cancelled, it will state that the cruise is not valid or unavailable for the offer. However, I fully expect my April cruise to get cancelled. I don't think enough people will be able to receive the second vaccine dose by then.
  5. I am booked on the April 24th sailing of the Mardi Gras and have not received a cancellation email. When I enter the information into the cancellation page, it doesn't show as cancelled. The cruise still appears in my cruise planner. I will not be surprised if it does get cancelled and have August as a backup.
  6. This is just my opinion, but I think Carnival will allow cancellations without penalty if they require people to have the vaccine before traveling and the cruise was booked before that requirement. The vaccination issue might not be completely up to Carnival. The ports may require people arriving on cruise ships to be vaccinated.
  7. The free Cheers promo only cost an additional $140 total on my August cruise with two people. Considering the package covers alcoholic drink, virgin drinks, soda, bottled water, and a few other items, it was definitely a good deal for us. We have never purchased Carnival's drink package, but have purchased the soda package in the past.
  8. My husband and I are waiting our turns for vaccinations. We just want to travel again. I haven't been on a plane since last March. We have chosen not to visit older relatives who live across the country until everyone is vaccinated. Since vaccinations are something we will do anyway, we are fine if cruise ships and ports require them. I have family members with young children and they understand that cruises this year might come with requirements that will not allow them to cruise. I also have family members who are choosing not to get the vaccine and I respect their decisions. They u
  9. Some people find the benefits of FTTF worth it to them and others don't. It's like the beverage plan. It's only worth it if you find the benefits worth it. We always purchased FTTF for every cruise we could get it. Many times, I would stalk the excursions multiple times a day to try to get it. These are the things we found beneficial to us: * Getting on the ship early and not worrying about arriving within a half hour window. One time we were five minutes late for our window and had to go to the early/late line. It was sometimes a challenge when we used shuttles. Plus, we lik
  10. There is a door on each side that leads from the Lido cabins to the pool area. It's great. On the Lido deck, it's just inside the entrance to the left and right.We love the Lido deck and book it every time we can get it. If we can't get it, then the next deck up is good and also has doors leading to the outside area.
  11. I will reach platinum on my next cruise, which was originally scheduled for last April, then September, then January. Anyway, I am excited about eventually getting the platinum benefits. No more stalking FTTF or doing my own laundry. We pack light, so the free laundry will be a nice perk. It will take many years for us to reach diamond.
  12. We have cruised in September several times. There were always far less children and teens on those cruises. The only issue about cruising in September is that your itinerary may change due to hurricanes. We were booked on an eastern caribbean and it changed to western. Another time we were supposed to cruise to Bermuda and that changed completely. That might be something to think about if booking excursions that aren't with the ship. Be prepared for changes. Other than that, cruising in September is wonderful. The weather is great because the ship will not sail into bad weather. Both
  13. My husband and I have cruised on the Panorama, Vista, and other Carnival class ships. There are pros and cons. We liked that everything was new and there was a wide variety of food and activity options. We really liked the Panorama elevators where you select the floor you want and are prompted to stand in front of a particular area. That saved a lot of time and made it so everyone didn't head for the next open elevator. We liked the buffet set up with serving areas in the middle. That changed the buffet for the better by 1000%. We disliked the atrium and the theater. Dream class
  14. I think cruising will begin this year after the majority of the people who want to have vaccinations can get them. Hopefully, this will be by this summer. Since not everyone will want the vaccinations, maybe the people who want them can get them by this summer. Once that happens, I don't see any reason cruising can't begin again with a requirement of proof of vaccination or antibodies. I've got a cruise booked in April and another one in August. I don't see how enough people can receive a second vaccination dose by April for cruising to begin that soon. It's possible, but not likely.
  15. Thanks for the comparison. I have never been to an AI, so I found your posts very interesting. We love cruising, but an AI sounds like a good backup plan.
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