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  1. I hope cruising can resume soon with rapid testing and quarantine areas on ships, as needed. It's time to learn to live with the virus and move forward. The airlines will roll out rapid testing. If they can do it, so can the cruise lines.
  2. It worked great for our Panorama cruise last December. After people got the hang of it, it saved a lot of time. It prevented everyone in the elevator area from rushing to the first one that opened. It's definitely a great idea and I hope the Mardi Gras has the same type.
  3. That's true. That's not a lot of cruising. We did eat at the buffet everyday, which seems to be a place where a lot of people think people can spread diseases. The thing is, after I get my food I wash my hands with soap and water. If there aren't any washing stations, I use hand sanitizer and try not to touch any food with my hands. I do this every time right before I eat when on a cruise. I also will not stay seated near a person who is constantly coughing, whether in a lounge, theater, airport, or wherever. I think there are steps people can take to minimize their chances of getting sick. There are no guarantees, so I am ok with taking my risks and doing everything possible to control what I can. I have no worries at all about getting sick on a cruise ship.
  4. I've been on around 15 cruises, eaten at the buffet at least once a day on each of those, and have never gotten sick on or after cruising. I feel much more comfortable about the cleanliness of cruise ships than I do of airports, hotels, theme parks, etc. The crew is constantly cleaning and you can't say that about the majority of public places. Because people are on the ship for a longer length of time than while flying, visiting a theme park, or going to a public place, the tracking is available and can be misleading in my opinion. Anyway, I have no fear about cruising again. I wish they would move forward with rapid testing and ways to quarantine any positive cases on board so that we can cruise again. The people who are fearful can stay home until the virus runs its course.
  5. I can see the cruise lines requiring either proof of vaccination or taking a covid test before boarding. I think by requiring one or the other, the cruise lines will be able to get the maximum number of passengers. I don't have a problem with either one, so I am flexible and willing to do what it takes to cruise again.
  6. They have to do what they have to do. Going on a ship sponsored excursion wouldn't bother me. I can understand how that would ruin a port experience for those who love to do their own thing. Until things get back to normal, there are going to be restrictions. I don't like wearing a mask, so that's the worst rule for me. I have no issue with getting a covid test, going on ship sponsored tours, or social distancing. I have a balcony booked for my April cruise so that I know I can at least sit on my balcony without a mask. Hopefully, by then there will be a vaccine and the ships will require proof of it and/or covid tests so that we could cruise without masks. We've been on a lot of ship sponsored tours, so it's no big deal to me.
  7. My cruise isn't until April. My January cruise was cancelled, so I rolled over all of the money from that cruise to my April cruise. My April cruise is more expensive, so I still have a balance. I am not planning on booking any excursions until cruising starts again and I see how it goes. We've been to the scheduled ports many times, so it's not a big deal to me to wait. I have my airline tickets booked, but I can change those without a penalty. I don't have my hotel booked, but there is plenty of time to wait and see how it goes. I am optimistic, but know that I need to be flexible with my plans. My heart will be in it more once cruising resumes without major problems.
  8. I continue to hope for the best. Even though my next cruise isn't until April, I hope cruising does begin this fall. Good luck to you!
  9. I tried to find some statistics on the number of people living in nursing homes in the US and found a report stating it's approx. 1.4 million. The majority are over age 65. With a disease that is deadly to the elderly and to people with major health issues, it can really take its toll whether healthy people are careful or not.
  10. No. What I am saying is that maybe the US has very good medical care for elderly people and we have a very large elderly population. The issue isn't that the US is such a horrible place that we let people die left and right. The issue could be that either the nursing homes weren't kept as protected as they should have been or the number of very elderly people the US might be a reason for the high death count. We know covid kills the elderly at a MUCH higher death rate than younger people. It's not that the US is doing such a horrible job with the virus, there are other things in play. We have 330 million people in the US.
  11. I read that 30% to 40% of all US covid deaths were residents of nursing homes. I think you have the answer. Maybe the US is equipped to keep people living long lives, but covid was too much for many of those people.
  12. Exactly. The US isn't the only place in the world that has issues with covid deaths. I think when the islands open up, it will be with strict testing procedures whether before passengers are boarded on a plane heading there or before they board a cruise ship. Cases are back up in places around the world because this is a virus. It's time to learn to live with it and minimize the spread while proceeding to move on with life.
  13. I will hope for the best. I love going to the Virgin Islands. It will be great when everything starts opening up.
  14. Hello everyone. I booked this cruise after my last three cruises were cancelled. We have cruised on Carnival many times and are ready for a new experience and new ship to explore. I feel like this one will actually sail and am excited to start planning.
  15. 214 days until my cruise on the Mardi Gras! Woohoo.
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