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  1. Not only that, there are a lot of comedians on Carnival ships that don't spend the entire time cussing. They can tell adult jokes without using foul language throughout their entire shows. My husband and I attend every single comedy show, family and adult, that isn't a repeat. The majority of comedians are not cussing the entire time. Carnival does a great job in hiring comedians who are actually funny.
  2. Nice article. There are a lot of great things about a Carnival cruise. I was glad to see the shout out for Matt Mitcham. I had the pleasure of cruising on the Vista when he was CD and he was great.
  3. I wouldn't take this offer even if it was free. I love having a cabin on the lido deck. My cruise next month will be the third time in a row. They should actually offer to pay you for this upsell.
  4. Sometimes the boarding zone is given after online check-in. Other times people get a boarding zone as they enter the terminal. For my last two cruises, I was assigned a boarding zone when I did my online check-in for the Magic and the Breeze. Maybe your cruise gives out the zone cards at the terminal. For my cruise on the Panorama next month, my boarding zone was assigned during my online check in.
  5. If your boarding zone was assigned when you did your online check-in, I am curious to know what it was.
  6. My two favorite things specific to Carnival: #1 - The comedy shows. On 7 day cruises, they have two comedians at the beginning of the cruise and two more near the end. It's nearly constant comedy. I can't get that on Royal, Disney, or Norwegian. Since comedy shows are our favorite, we usually choose Carnival. #2 - The fun vibe. We like the energy and vibe of the entertainment crew.
  7. We always fly in the day before the cruise. If our flight arrives early in the day, sometimes it's fun to explore the area near the port. Baltimore, Galveston, and Miami all have more interesting things to do near the port. Sometimes we want to stay at a hotel on the beach, which is always closer to the port. If our flight arrives late, then a hotel near the airport makes the most sense. We have done it both ways.
  8. My husband and I used Cocoa Beach Shuttle to get from MCO to our hotel near the port. It was $58 for the two of us. There was one other couple on the shuttle and we were dropped off first.
  9. I think I remember the clam shells being around $29, which includes the clam shell and two loungers.
  10. We always rent a clam shell at HMC. When you get off the tender boat, head towards the beach. As you are facing the beach, there will be a small building on the left where you can rent them using your cabin card. They will give you a receipt. Then you can walk down the beach and find an employee who is setting them up. We really like the clam shells.
  11. No, I would not add a candy bar to someone's tip. I would also not add trinkets or misc items. I don't go to a restaurant and leave candy for the person who serves my food. I am not sure why anyone feels the need to leave anything other than cash, which is what everyone can use.
  12. I've never cruised out of Long Beach, but have gone on several cruises when my boarding zone has been assigned once I have completed my online check it. The boarding zone used to be assigned upon arrival at the terminal, but now the boarding zones are being assigned at online check-in for many cruises. Priority passengers board first (weddings, suites, diamonds, platinums, faster to the fun), then they start with boarding zone A1 and go from there.
  13. I'm not sure what cruise line you are on, but Carnival has a special place for people to meet who have early flights. You would need to go to guest services before the last day and get a letter giving you more information. I showed up 45 minutes before the time listed on the letter as people were just beginning to line up. We were escorted off of the ship 1/2 hour later, so still before the meetup time on the letter. Most of the people in the early flight section had their own luggage, but not all. So, there must be a process for people who have early flights but are unable to carry their own luggage. I am not sure if other cruise lines have a similar process, but it doesn't hurt to check with guest services. We used Cortrans shuttle for our ride from the port to the airport. It was $20 per person. We were off of the ship a little after 7:00 am. We boarded their shuttle around 7:20 am and were headed to the airport at 7:25. We arrived at MCO at 8:15 am. I would definitely not hesitate to use them again.
  14. Same here. We really enjoy the comedy shows on Carnival and the number of different comedians they have for most nights of the cruise. We also enjoy the variety of music played throughout the cruise. We will only go to a theater show if we have nothing else to do. They aren't impressive. The shows on Royal and Norwegian are so much better. Since we enjoy watching comedy shows the most, we usually choose Carnival.
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