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  1. I don't know the price but lunch is a choice of about 5 or 6 burgers with chips, and a salad bar. Dinner is an extensive menu of steak, lamb, fish and seafood, chicken and different sides and flat bread. The link to the flyer says it is open one day for lunch on a sea day. We found that it was open for lunch every sea day.
  2. Sounds nice. Wish I could have booked Silhouette instead of Reflection for our holiday cruise next year.
  3. Even though we have access to Luminae, Michaels Club, or the Retreat areas I don't feel the need to stay in one area of Celebrity's ships in order to have a good experience. We enjoy the solarium, most of the bars and restaurants, and most of the shows and always find someone to socialize with in any area of the ship. From my readings of comments and reviews of MSC it seems as though once you leave the YC you are in a different world. So far I haven't seen too many comments about what is being done by MSC to improve the experience overall. While I may not cruise exclusively with Celebrity I doubt I would try MSC.
  4. Re boarding, you and your friends will be able to board together but they will have to leave their luggage with a porter, not with the special delivery porter. Since Reflection has the RFD room keys they might have changed the procedures so that your room key will be waiting outside your suite and you can drop off carry ons. Your friends can dine with you in your suite but I don't know about getting the sea food tower via your butler since they do not have unlimited specialty dining.
  5. We had considered a cruise on MSC but after reading the comments I'm glad we didn't. We are admitted foodies and winos so I know we would not be happy. We're also used to sailing on higher suites on Celebrity so going back to one room would also put us off.
  6. I wonder what those traveling with a drivers license and birth certificate are going to do. This might not have even crossed their mind.
  7. I don't think they ever had a bathtub, but I've never sailed in one. I've just seen complaints about water on the floor and the bathroom isn't big enough for both. Regular sky and celebrity suites have the shower in the tub. Only higher end suites have both.
  8. It is per person for the entire cruise. There is no guarantee that everyone who bids will have the offer accepted and the assignment will be similar to a guarantee booking.
  9. Celebrity releases new itineraries in November and December.
  10. Delta does participate for domestic flights.
  11. The cost of Luggage Valet and any fees for checked bags will be charged to your on board account so you will be using OBC.
  12. We don't watch movies on board but for those who enjoy them this is good news. It's also a positive step showing Celebrity does listen to feedback.
  13. There is a post on FB that includes an e-mail from Celebrity stating that free movies are returning. Dear Mrs. Thank you for your email. Good news! Our guests’ spoke and we listened! We have reinstated the free movies in the stateroom and our ships are in the process of reloading the movies on board and updating the movie content. Thank you so much for voicing your disappointment, as we are happy to be able to do this for our guests.
  14. Thanks for the pictures. We have 2 Equinox cruises in suites booked.
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