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  1. This is exactly what we did. Lost the $200 NRD and got a voucher for $700. Still waiting for refunds to process. It will be 2 weeks on Monday.
  2. As long as you keep the same reservation # it should transfer.
  3. I was going to say I was at home watching the PA governor issuing a stay home order for 6 counties including Allegheny which is where we live.
  4. They just couldn't get our requests right for our 45 anniversary cruise in the Royal Suite on Millennium, but we didn't complain.
  5. Juneau Alaska on Millennium, private whale watch tour with Jayleen.
  6. Because we sail in suites our cruise costs are always high so I pay some each month. We had a lot paid on our December cruise and I started to worry about losing that much money. I cancelled on the phone on Monday and lost the $200 NRD and have a $700 FCC. As the concierge was cancelling the cruise the suite popped up on line for the same price. I moved a place holder and rebooked the suite with only a $200 deposit. If we don't cruise this year we will have lost $400 and will use the FCC for our Alaska 2021 cruise.
  7. We remember his food well, especially the swan puff pastries. We were quite impressed on our 1st sailing with Celebrity.
  8. The physicians statement/form is not onerous IMO. We are both over 70 and if either of us had any of the conditions listed we would not be cruising in this environment. We thank God every day we are still healthy.
  9. 25% penalty only if we cancel 89 to 57 days before the cruise. Our next cruise is a NRD so would lose $100 pp anytime we cancelled. Right now the cruises for 2021 are RD. None of the reservations have cancellation information on line.
  10. We have 3 bookings at present, all made onboard as placeholders at the time. 1st booked August 2017 and cancellation penalty 89 to 57 days prior is deposit amount. 2nd booked November 2018, 3rd November 2019 and both have a 25% penalty. I thought this was because we book suites but the 2nd & 3rd original bookings were in balcony cabins.
  11. In addition to real butter, we hold out for real half and half. Someone has to look out for the cows that need milked daily. Hope the cutbacks announced by RC don't impact fat flowers or half and half.
  12. I think the biggest impact will be on capital spending, delaying the 4th & 5th Edge class ships, not sure if they can put a hold on the building of Beyond. Curtailing the Revolution of additional ships. Hopefully less of an impact to on board experience of current ships. I don't follow RC or other brands, just commenting on Celebrity.
  13. They ration them in the MDR forcing us to book a suite so we can eat in Luminae where there are unlimited fat flowers.
  14. We returned from Equinox in November and used Luggage Valet so did not need a porter. We wondered why the taxi stand/line was so far from the exit. I don't remember that on the cruise a year earlier from terminal 25. I wonder where the area is for private car service. Does anyone know?
  15. As long as both flights are on the same ticket it will work. I have seen posts that luggage valet might not be available after a TA. Don't know if that is still the case.
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