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  1. We had a celebrity suite on summit pre revolution to Canada. The Windows were great but opening the balcony door when windy required my DH. The tub is a deal breaker for me now .
  2. Celebrity has an app but not all ships are supported yet and the info is not always correct or available pre cruise.
  3. I generally don't go barefoot in the cabin but that's because I have a hard time walking in my bare feet so I use flip flops indoors.
  4. The sky lounge and library survived. Pictures I've seen of Craft Social are the same as the venue on Equinox, more open with TV screens and a limited wine menu.
  5. We're still taking our December Caribbean cruise and Alaska next year.
  6. We eat and drink what we want but only in small portions. We only eat 2 meals at home so stick with that on a cruise although we tend to graze more when on board. Also use the stairs as much as I am able and walk, even if it in in the hall ways. Last cruise I lost a few pounds, probably due to the increased walking which I don't do at home in the winter.
  7. I uploaded photos that they didn't use but could not get the passports to scan. Still got checked on in no time.
  8. Since we sail in a suit we would lose $900 if for some reason we could not book another cruise. My criteria for NRD is saving at least $1200.
  9. As others have said, no reason to feel uncomfortable, you will receive exceptional service from all of the staff. I see from your signature you have 2 cruises with Royal Caribbean. If you haven't done so already, you should sign up for the Captains Club. You will have reciprocal status at Classic Level. The phone # for the CC 1 800 760-0654. Enjoy your 1st Celebrity cruise, you will be hooked.
  10. Tables in Luminae are not as close as the MDR but close enough to chat with people at the next table. They do not seat you at a big table with others though.
  11. My memory might be faulty but I seem to remember some soft Christmas music playing in the hall ways on our late November, early December cruise on Reflection a few years ago. It was nothing we could hear in the cabin.
  12. I never book on line always call my CVP so I know exactly what I'm booking.
  13. If you look right above the white square you will see "discount savings double NRD" and an amount of the discount for booking with a non refundable deposit.
  14. We paid a hefty premium for our first PH on Equinox and the décor did not disappoint. The service was well above what we have experienced in other suites. We have sailed in a CS on S & M class ships and liked the interior bedroom, although on M class it was like being in an interior cabin. More light on the S class due to the opaque windows into the living area. It was the fact that the shower is in the tub and it is very difficult to get into and out of, especially with knee issues and being short.
  15. It was free for us on our last cruise in a PH suite and I think it is still free in the RS. Should not have any fees with AA either, at least we didn't with United.
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