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    Whale Watching & Dog Sledding

    Jayleen's Alaska is a good whale watching tour from Juneau, small boat, 6 passengers. She meets you at the dock and takes you to the small boat harbor. As wolfie11 said, Juneau is not a tender port. https://jayleensalaska.com/ We did a dog sled in Seward if you have any time there. It is an embarkation/disembarkation port for one way cruises. https://ididaride.com/tours/summer-dog-sledding/

    Millennium Revolution -

    Yes, we look forward to every cruise. So far I'm liking 95% of the renderings of S and M class that I've seen.

    Millennium Revolution -

    We always make good use of the coffee table: kindle's, daily's, water,wine, cheese, etc. but I'm sure we'll cope. Oh, and where are they goin to put the fruit?
  4. Michaels Club is the lounge for Suite and Zenith guests. The Elite Cocktail Hour is in flux. Depending on the ship, or stages of the moon, there will be a happy hour in the Sky Lounge where drinks are usually unlimited but from a limited menu. It is from 5:00 to 7:00 every night except embarkation day and the night of the Senior Officers Cocktail Party. There may also be 3 drinks loaded onto your card that can be used in most bars but again, from the limited menu and limited hours. The menu does not include coffees from Café Al Bacio.

    Millennium Revolution -

    Those are the only new Aqua cabins I've seen doing dummy bookings. Ocean view are new on deck 3 taking over the wine cellar at Tuscan Grill, and possibly more space. Interior cabins are replacing the library, both levels, acupuncture, and depending on the ship, (Millennium yes; Summit no) the I lounge. On Millennium, the new plans I saw have the I lounge on 3 forward and next to Guest Relations. On Summit bookings the I lounge stays in its current location.

    Millennium Revolution -

    If you do a dummy booking on Millennium for 2020 it shows 13 new Aqua Class cabins on deck 10.

    Hubbard Glacier & Wilderness Exploration

    We've sailed to Hubbard Glacier 3 times on Celebrity Millennium and have gotten within half a mile of the face of the glacier all 3 times. Given the size of the glacier that was plenty close enough and I don't know if I would do a small boat excursion if offered by Celebrity. We've also done small boat tours out of Seward and got closer but the glaciers were no where near as big.

    Comparing old Summit and Refurbished Summit

    New Aqua cabins on deck 10 will be in the area of the hair and nail salons and the mens changing room. The changing room is being moved to port side next to the ladies and both are suppose to be smaller. I guess the salons will also be moved to port side.

    Michael'sclub, drinks

    We've never been stopped from taking a drink from Michaels Club. We've even been given a bottle of wine "to go".

    Millennium Revolution -

    This is my suite. Love it.

    Millennium Revolution -

    I love the new looks. Can't wait for our November sailing on Equinox and next July on Millennium. I've never seen a lot of people on deck 12 either so can't see how it is taking away from other passengers. The new Aqua, ocean view and interior cabins will do more to crowd the public areas and dining rooms than the Suite Retreat.
  12. When we got Global Entry we were told that if there were no kiosks just go to the front of a line and show the GE card. We saw a sign for Global Entry when we disembarked T25 in November. We just kept asking about it since the terminal was chaos. Somehow ended up in the front in a line that was not suppose to be open, showed our GE card to the staff person and was directed to the Customs Agent when the other couple were done. We were also in a RS and did not see the line for suite passengers.

    Summit revolution update info

    We're looking forward to the Revolutionized Equinox in November and Millennium next July. Like the idea of a bar/bistro at the Retreat. Any idea of what will be done to the Royal Suites?

    Bars and Lounges

    You can absolutely use it in Cellar Masters, we have wine there all the time. What you cannot use are the machines, if they are even there and functioning. They are slowly being removed.

    Insurance for Alaska cruise

    Celebrity insurance is based on the price of the cruise. What does the $300 cover? If it is just medical then probably not needed IMO. If it covers trip cancellation or interruption then it seems reasonable. What about medical transportation back home? I speak from experience having to cancel a cruise 1 hour before sail away. We were in San Diego and my DH was admitted to the hospital 3000 miles from home. Our health insurance covered that but our cruise insurance covered the cruise fare and incidentals.