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  1. We had a very poor excursion in Boston to the Salem Witch Museum. We, and others, brought the problems to the attention of guest services and they took notes and offered a 30% refund. Another cruise my DH had a totally unacceptable spa treatment. No one on the ship would address the issue to our satisfaction, basically saying "too bad". We continued with the corporate offices when we got home. They put us in touch with the company running the spa and we got a full refund. In both cases we were calm and polite and persistent in the case of the spa.
  2. The dates on Celebrity's web site for the deck plans have always been wrong. All current press releases and documents indicate the Retreat Sun Deck will be completed during this dry dock but will not have a hot tub.
  3. I emailed Jayleen yesterday for next July. We are # 3 & 4 on her 6 passenger boat. She is getting a good reputation if she is booked this far in advance.
  4. Yes, you can get one that just opens the door.
  5. Check your account on Celebrity's web site to see if it shows the balance being paid.
  6. I'm one of the few people who do use the jacuzzi on the balcony. My DH & I shared it while cruising the inner passage in Alaska and I've used it in the Caribbean. We enjoy the specialty dining, half bath and bar set up. We request real champagne in lieu of spirits.
  7. We've had shore excursion personnel, spa personnel and future cruise staff escort us on board. We were told several years ago that the shoreside staff were employees of the port. If you think about it, it makes sense. There are some ports that Celebrity only uses on a seasonal basis and only one ship sailing from that port weekly. Seward and Port Liberty come to mind. Makes more sense that the check in staff are port employees.
  8. Not spirit airlines. I was trying to say we flew to anchorage on United. Got in late spent the night and then flew to Fairbanks.
  9. Jim figured you would have some catching up to do.
  10. Equinox is not getting the added suites so no change to the Sky Lounge for now.
  11. You can book the cabin you want and upgrade after final payment if Aqua or a suite becomes available. We did a split flight once and stayed overnight in Anchorage and flew to Fairbanks the next day for our land tour. I wouldn't say it was exactly a PIA but it came real close.
  12. Eclipse, March 2016, Celebrity Suite, 4 perks, 14 night Caribbean, $5049 pp Silhouette, Dec 2016, Royal Suite, 4 perks, 7 night Caribbean, b2b, $4394 and $5663 pp These were final prices after price reductions.
  13. We have global entry and with facial recognition in Ft. Lauderdale see no reason for mobile passport app.
  14. We love the Sky Suites and would bid on it. The only bad location is under part of the lido towards the aft of the ship, or you could get an accessible suite which would not be to our liking. Have you checked on line to see what is available? The CC points would be the same as the CC points for Aqua, not the SS. Luminae and Michaels Club are worth it.
  15. Yes they do but they don't keep things very cold.
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