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  1. Thanks. Will have to look for it next week. Sitting in fll waiting to go to the ship.
  2. The $14 sur charge only applies if you choose the classic package as a perk after October 10. If you purchase the classic package outright it is the per day cost +20% gratuity.
  3. When is your cruise? Our activities showed up early last week for our Saturday cruise.
  4. I'm curious, how does the piano play. Do you bring CD's, or a flash drive? We leave tomorrow and are in 1616 on Equinox.
  5. We've never paid attention to themed lunches in the specialty restaurants. I can say that last November on Reflection a regular sea day lunch in Muranos or Tuscan was included with the RS. The wine dinners, Chef's tables, Chef's Market Discovery excursions are not included in unlimited specialty dining. Sushi on 5 was.
  6. Yes it includes lunches in specialty restaurants. We are in our 1st PH and hope we can order dinner from Tuscan to be served in our suite.
  7. Our TF&PC were never changed when we repriced through our CVP. Once when we went through the shore side concierge desk we saw an increase. I thing the rep was new and didn't know how to keep them at the lower rate but since it was too late to change he gave us a ROBC for a bit more than the increase. Worked for us.
  8. Our issues with Tuscan have always revolved around service. We've enjoyed the food, if you don't count the fact that I like my lasagna with more sauce and cheese and less meat. We're thinking of trying it next week but will try to get it delivered to our suite.
  9. We were suppose to sail with friends a few years ago, their 1st cruise. They told us they cancelled the cruise at the last minute. I found out from the CVP after final payment was due that they did not make payment and did not cancel with Celebrity, who sent them several emails and phone calls. They had a $1000 deposit. I don't know what happened to the deposit as we drifted apart but I'm sure they lost it. Their cabin was booked by someone else.
  10. You think elite is bad. Try reaching for zenith. We have 19 cruises with Celebrity and are just a little more than half where there. Never going to happen.
  11. So you would need 170 points before December 2020. A Penthouse Suite gives 18 points per night so if you booked a 10 night cruise in a Penthouse Suite you would be Elite in December 2020. A laudable goal but how much is free laundry worth?
  12. They are the ones that require you to hold down the on button and are not very powerful.
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