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  1. We were issued our CDC Vaccine cards without names or date of birth. I just wrote the info in myself using middle names because I always go by Mary Lou so it is 2nd nature. Just registered both of us for the NAVICA site where it only asked for 1st and last name. I put in Mary Lou for me and Michael for my DH. I don't anticipate a problem when we board.
  2. The Connie is not revolutionized so the app might not work for this sailing.
  3. We are sailing on October 16 and I checked the app a few days ago to see if we might be able to officially get an earlier check in time. As I went through the check-in it asked if we were vaccinated, what vaccine we got, when we got our 2nd shot, and then asked for a photo of our CDC card.
  4. We are just as happy to be staying on board for all 7 days. Won't be the 1st time and probably not the last time in the Caribbean.
  5. Costa Maya was replaced by a sea day on our October cruise. Probably do the same with Grand Cayman.
  6. OBC shows up in your online account if you go to Plan My Cruise. The amount available from celebrity will show at the top of the screen. It also shows on your guest booking confirmation. Any obc from a TA will not show up until you are onboard.
  7. Our 50th anniversary cruise to Alaska was cancelled. Want to sail there again in 2023 for our 52nd.
  8. Just looked at ours again and it says PALL next to the bar code.
  9. Call 888 307-8413 and follow the prompts for an automated invoice.
  10. We are both checked in together on the app on my phone. Today they requested a photo of our vaccination card. I took a photo of mine and below my info were the same questions for my husband. You should be able to do the same. Seems to be based on reservation #.
  11. Our Express Pass doesn't indicate any beverage package. We are in a suite too Would not worry about it.
  12. Something new on the App for us. Got our cruise ticket docs today and when I looked at the app it requested a photo of our CDC card, front and back. I hate tech.
  13. We have separate email accounts but only one smart phone. Please tell me that is not going to be a problem. If we take the at home test at home we have a PC and a laptop with cameras so I guess that would work. Just not sure about "scanning the kit". Can we do that on a computer?
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