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  1. Apex was finished but the inaugural sailing was delayed several times. I speculated a few months ago that Apex would stay in France until the 2021 European sailing season and forgo the 2020 Caribbean season.
  2. Stay up past 10:00 PM and sleep to at least 8:00 AM.
  3. Since we don't know how long L&S will be available and you know you want to move Galapagos to 2022, why not do it now and figure out your 2022 cruise when 2023 itineraries come out.
  4. They typically are released in November and December.
  5. We have very few options to get to a cruise port except flying. Our next cruise is over a year away from Vancouver so we will have to fly if we go. Luckily we are able to book business/first class.
  6. You would have to prepay.
  7. You can just show up for select dining, or you can make a reservation pre cruise or once on board. Your choice. Celebrity does not have reservations for shows. Of course, everything could change with Covid sailings.
  8. We are retired but could never see us being away for that long. Honestly, for us and our 3 cats, 14-16 days is max.
  9. I know they are different agencies. My point is the government has shut down and is only slowly reopening. If both agencies are starting to function normally given Covid restrictions we have some time frame for passports, tax refunds, etc.
  10. Thanks for this. I was wondering what the time frame would be for passport renewals since it took the IRS 4 - 5 months to process paper tax returns and issue refunds.
  11. New itineraries are typically introduced in November and December. Maybe L&S will be extended again if Celebrity cannot sail this year.
  12. Yes, you can shift from an Eastern to a Western. What you can't do is a completely different itinerary, Alaska for Bermuda for example. You can go on Celebrity's web site and start the process to L&S to see available sailings you are eligible for. Just don't complete the process until you are sure.
  13. Once you are checked off in the system why would you need a sticker on your sea pass. It would just need to be scanned if there was any question that you complied.
  14. We have a B2B booked for March 2022. Just realized today our place holder makes it a B2B2B.
  15. We used L&S on 2 cruises, B2B. Had the confirmation in 24 hours. I would call Celebrity or your TA to make sure it went through correctly.
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