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  1. Thank you, this is perfect. I just book marked it. Getting more and more excited with every post I read.
  2. Not to be a "Debbie Downer" as someone complained about but: No way to keep the water in the tub. I'm on a cruise in a suite, why should I need to pack a shower curtain? High tub which has been a problem in Celebrity Suites. No grab bar. Shower jell, shampoo and conditioner located low in the shower, which is ok if you are using the tub but who does that? No where to hang your wash cloth. No where for women to put their razor, except on the end of the tub. Etc, etc. I'm not a designer but I have to say I designed a functional shower in our house.
  3. @gold1953 you're lucky the ships excursion is sold out. It was the worst excursion we did through Celebrity. They left late so we got stuck in traffic, the bus was hot, hot, hot and the driver would not put on the a/c, not sure if it even had a/c. Spent way too much time at a cemetery and shopping stop. In and out of the museum without time to ask questions and the last exhibit was not even talked about. The only good thing was the diorama. We complained to the shore excursion manager and got a partial refund. We were not the only ones disappointed in the tour.
  4. I think I posted too soon, cannot come up with their web site, just the Trip Advisor posts which do not seem to include your tour. Anyway, looking forward to our cruise and love your review. I am only on page 8 but have more than enough time. I love watching the container ships. Sat on our balcony in one port and watched them for 2 hours. Thanks for all the great pictures and descriptions.
  5. We once wanted to book a snorkeling from the beach excursion but my DH was "too old". He's a strong swimmer but I'm not so I feel more confident when he is with me. Made no sense to me.
  6. It's not the colors that are putting me off but the furniture, or lack of functional furniture in the sky suite photos I saw.
  7. We were back and forth about a SS or a RS on Millennium next year. After seeing the pictures of the SS I'm glad we decided to stay with the RS. Even the pictures of the balcony cabins look better than the SS.
  8. Never had a problem getting a wake up call on Celebrity. Just follow the prompts. If you want to cancel it you need to call guest relations.
  9. Really enjoying your review. We are doing Buenos Aires to Antarctica on Silhouette in 2021. What tour company did you use in Ushuaia for the harbor tour?
  10. We used GE in Ft. Lauderdale disembarking Reflection in December. There was a sign up but we ended up at the front of a regular line. It was one of the 1st few cruises disembarking in T25 and there seemed to be a lot of confusion but we were in a taxi in no time. We used Luggage Valet so did not need to pick up our luggage. I've been reading that they are using facial recognition for disembarkation from Edge and you are basically waived through customs.
  11. Thanks for the great review and pictures. We are on the Western sailing in November. It's been a long time since we were on Equinox.
  12. Thanks for all the information on the cruise, ports and weather. We are doing BA and Antarctica in January 2021 on Silhouette. Luckily it will be summer there.
  13. We were through the area so fast I can't remember anything about it except for only the check in desk.😀 I think there was only one.
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