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  1. Trudeau is warning Canadians against traveling and indicates that new restrictions will be announced shortly. Moving to 80/20 that our Alaska cruise will not sail so I likely won't need a passport renewal until October.
  2. Thanks whitbob. We will probably wait to renew until we know that Alaska cruises are a go and pay for expedited service. If not, we'll have plenty of time to renew until our next possible cruise.
  3. Drinks up to $15 are included in the premium package. There are a few that cost more than this and you only pay the difference + gratuity. All bars are included. The suite mini bar is not, unless you are in a Royal Suite or higher. Some have reported that the butler will provide you with water, soft drinks and beer but we don't have any experience with that since we book RS or above. The Eclipse has not been refurbished and does not have the Retreat Sun Deck. The lounge is still called Michaels Club. Last I heard the refurbishment is on hold. We do think booking a suite is wort
  4. All I can say is I'm glad we booked our holiday cruise on Equinox 2 weeks ago.
  5. We had a villa booked on a B2B on Apex. After reading posts on CC and talking to our CVP we cancelled and booked the PH on Silhouette, one of our favorite ships. I looked at a dozen sailings to find one with an available PH. Our CVP compared the villa to a modern loft town house, very nice but narrow and agreed the stairs could be an issue for someone with knee problems.
  6. I want luxury but not to the extent of an Iconic Suite. I'd be happy with the PH on E class, or on any class for that matter.
  7. Does anyone have more recent information on length of time to have passport renewed?
  8. We've seen crew or passengers from very small ships embarking there. I can't imagine a large cruise ship using it to embark a lot of guests. Just doesn't have the infrastructure.
  9. We have late August 2021 also and are 75/25 that it will not sail.
  10. Yes, you would have to wait for Celebrity to refund the air. As far as I know Celebrity is only booking refundable air and if Celebrity cancels the cruise you would get everything refunded unless you opt for a FCC. In that case, I don't think the air would be part of the FCC.
  11. We were in the PH in November 2019 and it was well maintained. The sofa looked new, or at least reupholstered. It still had the piano and the glass dining table. It was our 1st PH so I have nothing to compare it with.
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