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  1. The Chef's Table, Dinner on the Edge and the tasting menu at La Voyage are not part of this package since they are not considered specialty restaurants. I don't think you can pay an upcharge for any of these venues. I know when we go to La Voyage, which is included with our suite, we would have to pay the full price for the tasting menu, unless they are feeling very generous, We also had to pay full price for Dinner on the Edge and Chef's Table.
  2. I've done a cooking class for a fee in Tuscan where we got a full meal. Have also done demos for no fee where we got a taste of what was cooked, and others where it was just a demo. This sounds like a money grab, even with a 50% refund.
  3. They might have given you a days grace but maybe not. Years ago friends were going to cruise with us. They did not make final payment and our CVP contacted them numerous times and even reached out to us. The reservation was canceled after 3 or 4 days. Not sure they would be this lenient today, depends on the number of available cabins I guess.
  4. I think one of the big factors is what cabin are you booked in, what are you bidding up to, how many are bidding on your current cabin and how much revenue will 3 move ups generate, vs one. (I know, more than one factor but you get the idea.)
  5. Passport or certified birth certificate and photo 🆔. Credit card. Express pass can be printed or on your phone. Luggage tags are on the last page of the cruise docs.
  6. Ours was one of the 1st ones to be laid off and she had worked for RC and Celebrity for years. We were never assigned a new one and never pursued it because we have no interest in booking another cruise any time soon.
  7. They might enjoy the show and food at La Petie Chef. If you want to do the Chef's Table book it as soon as it is available on line. Usually it is only once per cruise and sells out, especially for a holiday sailing. Most of the dining for a holiday cruise takes a while to show up on line and they didn't offer the dining packages on these sailings. New Years Eve will be a chic night and there will be parties throughout the ship.
  8. I noticed a sign at the taxi stand at Port Everglades about inter terminal transfers. I think it had a cost posted, not that the taxi drivers follow the rules.
  9. No, it is just some questions you answer yes or no on the app. It is the same as the boarding time which you can pretty much ignore.
  10. Check in time for retreat is the same as other classes. However, you can board at anytime once boarding begins. For example if you have a 2pm boarding time you can ignore it and arrive at 11am.
  11. The express pass will be available at the 45 day mark when you do the check in. The boarding time is the same as the wellness time.
  12. We sailed from t25 in August. Told the Shoreside Concierge that we would be at the terminal at 10:30 and it was no problem we got right in and waited on the lounge to board. There were people there before us.
  13. The stall locks on Edge did not have a green/white indicator from what I remember.
  14. Be careful cancelling and rebooking. Make sure you have a refundable deposit, the price is not higher, and the perks are the same. You should be able to change cabins as long as it is in the same class.
  15. No. Only aqua and aqua sky suite.
  16. We usually can't get a decent flight at a decent time. We've started spending the night in Fll and flying home early the next day.
  17. We expected the Caribbean to be a lot hotter in early September than it is in the winter months but that was not the case. We are more concerned about travel from PA to FL.
  18. Don't forget Jefferson Airplane, Go Ask Alice. I actually liked that one.
  19. On our last cruise I did not realize I had a broken bone in my foot, I just knew it hurt and didn't want to take the pain pills my doctor gave me because I was drinking wine. Our butler brought me bags of ice twice a day so I could keep the swelling down. I consider that above & beyond and tipped an additional $100 to $150 for a 10 night cruise. Oh, and he also gave me a bottle of Vevue for packing day.
  20. That's why we always print the express pass as soon as it is available. Much easier for me than fumbling with my phone, especially since my husband does not have a smart phone.
  21. Even though Celebrity says the evening chic night only applies to the MDR it has been our experience that a majority of cruisers adhere to it in the specialty restaurants, Blu and Luminae. We also see a lot of guests staying dressed in the evening, especially with later dining. Personally, we just can't be bothered to change after dinner. Unless you are cruising during certain times; spring break, holiday cruises, summer, there will be a lot fewer kids on Celebrity than Carnival. Longer cruises also have fewer kids.
  22. No idea why it was re-opened but how many posters respond with "use the search function". Then, when someone does, a zombie thread is reopened and people question why.
  23. I don't know why they insist on calling it a wellness check. It is the time you're scheduled to check in at the port. Has nothing to do with your health. You can answer the 3 or 4 questions 24hours before the cruise or when you show up at the port. Just be there before the latest time to check in.
  24. This happened to us in a RS and our cabin attendant fixed it. Otherwise, they would have called a plumber while we were out of the cabin. Unusual that there was no fix for you, cold showers are no fun.
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