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  1. Thanks. I got an fooer of 200 on 500 for RC but celebrity was excluded. We've been able to take advantage of the offer by making a payment on an existing cruise.
  2. No, the ones sold by Walgreens, at least in our area, are not the HOME TEST kit that is monitored by a telehealth company. If you get the ones at Walgreens you still have to have a professional monitor it and provide written, and not hand written, results. Better to order the kits through Celebrity.
  3. I'll have an answer in 10 days. Wish it was going to be longer.
  4. We wanted to go 2 days early then Celebrity changed the testing requirement to 2 days so we rescheduled our Southwest to go one day early. Then, the flight disruptions happened this past weekend and we decided to book a flight with United leaving at 6:00 am. We kept our return flight with Southwest and will probably book one more return flight with them to use the credit we have then that's it. Our next cruise we definitely will go 2 days early and get testet at the airport in Pittsburgh.
  5. We booked a south bound cruise on Millennium. We want to spend a few days pre cruise in Seward. Would go to Denali but I'm not sure the park road will be repaired by then and the short trip is not worth it. Booked a refundable deposit. The price is more but I've moved a few cruises so it is worth it.
  6. Anyone remember the aqua suites on reflection that were reclassified? What sails around comes back on the next wave.
  7. Our CVP called us last night during dinner and we are booked for an Alaska cruise in 2023. She hinted that this might be coming. We were hoping for a booking on board on our Saturday cruise so we might rebook on board for the additional OBC.
  8. Ship: Length of Cruise: 7 nights Cruise Sail Date: October 16, 2021 Date email offer received: September 26, 2021 Captain’s Club Tier Elite + Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: Celebrity Direct Current Cabin: Royal Suite Bid? Yes/No: Yes If YES - Bidding Details: Cabin Category: Penthouse Suite Bid Offer: $3360 total Notification Date: October 12, 2021 Accepted / Rejected Accepted General Comments We submitted a very weak offer and increased it a little but not much. The PH just became available a few days ago at almost double our bid price. We did not bid on the Iconic Suite or the Villa.
  9. Global Entry Update. I was able to update our GE passport number on line today for passports that were issued September 7. I tried last week at the 30 day mark and it did not work.
  10. @M&JfromSDL Did you find the pedicure on line to book prior to your cruise? I've been looking but nothing listed and don't want to take a chance on them being available.
  11. Call Optum and complain. Also, find their ad on social media and complain. Our 1st set of kits might be damaged and they agreed to replace them. When it was taking too long I emailed twice, called twice and finally gave a negative comment on social media. They messaged me for contact info, called me within 10 minutes and the kits were shipped overnight that day.
  12. Check in times have been all over the calendar. Reports are that you cannot check in on ships that have not sailed yet in the US. We were able to check in after final payment. All you can do is keep checking, also try the App.
  13. Is the CVS test a Rapid result antigen test? If so it is accepted. Here's a link to the Celebrity site with types of tests you can use. Health & Safety FAQs: Find Answers Online | Celebrity Cruises Another option might be at the airport.
  14. We haven't sailed on Edge yet but were escorted a few times when in a royal or penthouse suite. Reminded me of our 1st cruise in an ocean view on zenith when we were escorted to our cabin.
  15. Thanks, I send an email to the shore side concierge but have not heard back yet. Our 2nd shot was in April so we are good to go. Cruising used to be so simple, book cruise, flight, hotel, pack and make sure you have your passport and enjoy. These intermediate steps take a spread sheet to keep track of. Enjoy your cruise on Millennium. It's been several years since we cruised on her.
  16. Hi Jim, nice to be following your adventure again. Question, if you don't mind. You sail earlier that you had your booster shot. Will it be 14 days between the shot and when you board Millennium? If not, can you let us know if there is any issue. I just got a poorly worded email from Celebrity and want to make sure things are a go for us next week since we had our booster yesterday. Thanks.
  17. Thanks for taking us on this trip. One more week and it is my turn. When in our 1st aqua cabin on the 2nd part of a B2B we decided we preferred the MDR and arranged to eat there every night. About mid cruise the Maitre D of Blu came to the dining room to find out what was wrong and why we were not eating in Blu. I think they take their job very seriously and want to do what ever it takes to please you.
  18. My PCP predicted yesterday that I would gain 5 pounds on the cruise and have several desserts every night. Unfortunately, I'm out to prove him wrong. The wine and champagne will do me in.
  19. Does this even work? You used to be able to cash out NROBC at the casino but that was stopped years ago. I find it hard to believe that this would be a thing Celebrity would allow.
  20. What is the customs limit these days? We have a lot of OBC but just might use it for Champagne and tips. Have spa appointments booked already.
  21. I still cannot update ours. I called the GE office at Pittsburgh and they have expanded their hours so we should be able to do it before we fly to Florida.
  22. If you've never sailed in the Penthouse on an S class you will love it. Even if you did, you will still love it.
  23. Is this a Royal Suite? What do you think of the balcony after the Villa?
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