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  1. If you ask my family and friends, they will tell you that nobody, and I mean NOBODY, despises cigarette smoke more than I do. I can assure you, no one on these boards knows anybody who hates cigarette smoke more than I do. With that, I will tell you, I've never been bothered by vaping. I've never done it, but it's never bothered me, and I'm wondering, if I hate smoking so much, what is it about vaping that bothers people? Is it perhaps it's not vaping that bothers them, but perhaps it's because they're breaking the rules. Why should they be able to break the rules? Anyway, just my two cents.
  2. Remember, if you're turning diamond on this cruise, you won't get your diamond perks until your next cruise.
  3. These days, the Schooner bar is almost always full with trivia. If it it's not, it won't be empty for long.
  4. Trellis is nice. It's quiet and intimate. Like others have said, a party of ten could not sit at the bar but there is plenty of seating in the park near the bar.
  5. I look at that video and ask myself, "how is it possible that was an accident?"
  6. It's highly unlikely the cabin would remain empty, as RC sell tickets up to, what, the day before the sailing? Given 24 hours notice, I don't see RC losing anything. Within that window, you're out of luck.
  7. The OP is not asking to cancel, he's asking for a reschedule (FCC)
  8. Which begs the question; how is RC losing money by rescheduling a guests cruise?
  9. It is a big heartless company, that's a fact. I'm sorry for your loss and I'm sorry for the way Royal Caribbean has treated you. When I think about it, it makes no sense whatsoever why they couldn't just reschedule your cruise. Really, they wouldn't be losing a single penny by doing so, so why not do it? If I paid $5,000 for a cruise and I had to reschedule (not cancel) why can't I? What would Royal be losing out on? Nothing. I can't think of a single reason why Royal Caribbean can't take that $5,000 and apply it to a different cruise. Their ships all sail full anyway. If I cancel my $5k cruise, someone else will pick it up, they're not out anything. Heck, Royal could probably make a little money by charging a small fee to reschedule.
  10. I cannot comprehend..... no, wait......I cannot possibly fathom how Anello "accidentally" did, what he did.
  11. Something stinks about this whole thing, and it's not the loss of a child. Of course, while the loss of Chloe is a tragic thing, it just stinks of something else.
  12. This is an interesting thought process. There’s something I’ve been thinking about that I don’t believe has been mentioned in this thread. It seems to me, that, if Chloe had been on the railing, or window sill, and she slipped out of GP’s grip, she would have fallen straight down, not to the pier, but straight into the water. Further, it seems possible that for her to reach the pier from the 11th deck, she would have had to have been swung in that direction. Ever look at the ship while boarding and notice how far away from the pier it is. It’s spaced away from the pier by the humongous fenders that keep the ship from banging into the dock. I would say about 1 and half meters. Which begs the question; why would Anello dangle her daughter out the window, swinging her back and forth toward the pier, and then accidentally drop her?
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