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  1. We did the tour on Harmony. At that time, yes, they turned away guests that were wearing shorts. We had to wait for them while they went back to their cabin to change.
  2. I have absolutely no respect for passengers that don't tip or don't tip enough. It's horrible what that does to the crew and their morale. Be respectful to them and do the right thing and tip them appropriately. It's one of those small things in life that defines a mans character.
  3. This is all conjecture, this may not be how it works at all, it's just a possible scenario that @Rockhoundcame up with.
  4. As a tourist, even in Cuba, it's difficult finding real, 100% Cuban made cigars. The Island, itself, is flooded with fakes, just waiting to take advantage of tourists. Best visit a real Cuban cigar factory, and still, you might get duped.
  5. Nice story, glad things worked out so well for you. I, myself, after 11 cruises with RCI have never had an issue with any crew member. No Sir, the only issue I've has has been with other passengers. Cruising used to be a classy affair, not anymore. These days, ships are filled with all kinds of classless, rude and disrespectful people. Most of these people are spending money they don't have and have a serious sense of entitlement.
  6. I'm sorry, but if you can't say who that "very reliable source" is and how you came about that information, I'm afraid that information is completely and utterly useless.
  7. Is this what it has come down to? Chops, a steakhouse, only has one steak on the menu? A filet? Really? It appears that UDP guests get a different menu after all.
  8. I hesitate to say "excellent", but it is very, very good, worlds better than years ago.
  9. Don't know if this is considered an excursion, but I cancelled Dragon's Breath on Labadee at the very last minute. I even had all the gear on, ready to go, got a full refund.
  10. We generally like the buffet but my Wife and I stay out of it, now. Got sick (literally) and tired of watching sick passengers cough and sneeze all over everything, and in their hands, and then touch all of the serving spoons. If you get sick on a cruise, that's where it comes from, the buffet.
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