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  1. And they still are highly rated!
  2. I’ve sent them an email to get more information.
  3. Thanks for the input but I’m confused. You mention Andy and Sharmond are the drivers but when I go to their website it says we would have to drive ourselves. Did someone drive you around?
  4. Has anyone done the Celebrity tour called Beauties of Curacao. We are considering it but wanted to here some reviews.
  5. Interesting selection of sic for the ad - a song with drug references. I personally don’t care for it. And I agree that this ad only represents the Edge class ships.
  6. I also got the same response. I doubt anything will change.
  7. Enjoying your review and all the pictures! I’ve read in several reviews that in the martini bar and cafe al bacio the music was playing so loudly that it was difficult to carry on a conversation. Did you find this to be true?
  8. I have the opposite problem. We are ending a cruise in Civitavecchia and will be spending a week or so traveling in Italy. Ideally we’d like to go to the Amalfi coast (Sorrento). How do we get there with all our luggage. We’ll each have a large rolling bag and a carryon rolling bag. If necessary we will go to Rome first.
  9. Thank you Michelle. Your review has been excellent covering just about everything I can think of. Appreciate you taking the time to do it!😊
  10. Am I correct that the only traditional balconies on the Edge are either in SV cabins or suites?
  11. We always look at the menu because we like to try different ones. The lemon basilade sounds like it would be a favorite for me.
  12. vtcruising thanks! I must have missed it when I looked. I noticed a Kale Martini and want to know “who wants kale in their martini?”😜
  13. Does the Edge have a new martini bar menu or is it the same as all the other Celebrity ships?
  14. Do you know where the elite cocktails were served? Were coupons given that could be used at any bar or was there a certain bar during the designated hours. On our past several cruises we’ve had the beverage package perk so we’ve never taken advantage of the Elite cocktail perk but we didn’t get the beverage package when we booked our Edge TA for next year. We booked before beverage packages were offered on TAs and now it would cost us quite a bit to upgrade.
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