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  1. Last month I had a flight at 9:20 A.M. I know i'm crazy. But it was a good deal. Empress Of The Seas docked at 6 and I was walking off at 7:20 and at the airport at 7:55. Had plenty of time to make my flight. Yes I did cut it close if the ship would have been delayed.
  2. Good day. Looking for suggestions as to where to park my car near the port in San Diego. Driving in from Tucson.
  3. I love transatlantic cruise's. Been on a few. But first and last time with NCL for Transatlantic. Prefer Celebrity, Princess, or HAL that know how do do a Transatlantic the right way. With guest speakers everyday. More activities around the ship. I''m also Platinum and will turn plus in January when we do a 20 day on the Gem (much small ship) from NYC to San Francisco. The Getaway was not designed for long cruise's... 7 to 10 days along the Caribbean or in Europe is just right for this type of ship. But I can't complain for the price we paid for the 19 day cruise.
  4. We where also on the 19 days as well as the 9 day Baltic cruise. What a difference between the two cruise's. Things went down hill in Southampton when we change Captains and a lot of crew member's that where being transfer to the New Encore. The new crew members that came on where off the smaller ships and not used to working on a bigger ship like the Getaway. Also there where a lot of new crew members just starting a New Contract and just finished training for their job. And speaking of the New Captain we got. He sure loved to talk and talk.
  5. Good to hear. Will be on her in about 4 weeks. Keep things nice and tidy for us.
  6. Nice review. We will be boarding her in about 4 weeks. Looking for to it.
  7. We returned from the Epic recently. My Girlfriend is gluten free. And they went out of the way to make sure she was taken care of. Every Night or in the Morning if you should have breakfast in the dinning room like we did they would bring the next day menu and she could pre-order her meal. Not only that, they would make here gluten free French Toast and even Pancakes. One night I wanted to eat in Noodles for dinner and not go to the dinning room. They where more then happy to being up her gluten free pre-order dinner to this dining room, I also found out we could go to any restaurant and as long as she had pre-order her meal the day before they would deliver it to any restaurant I wanted to try. We cruise a lot and I have to say NCL did a great job of her issues. Just make sure you let the head waiter know on your first night in the main dinning room. Also be sure to call special services before you sail so it's in your file. That also help us a lot as when we gave them our cabin number at the door the hosts would see that we had a gluten free person in our group. (We still always remind our wait staff when we set down as sometimes we had a different waiter and gave them our cabin number and absolutely NO problem.)
  8. Really looking forward to your Most Excellent Reviews. As we will be boarding her May 26.⛴️
  9. Very nice review. Thanks for taking the time to report on Your Most Excellent Adventure.
  10. We where on the Vision this past December. These pre-pack sandwich came in handy as we grab a few of them before we went diving. After our dive they sure tasted good. I see nothing wrong and it was easy to throw them into our dive bag.
  11. This Saturday we will be going on her. Can't wait. Did the 12 niter last year on her and had an excellent time. I to agree they do have a Most Excellent Crew.
  12. Will be on the Epic in 4 weeks. And we already booked a NCL cruise for next October. If I purchase more FFC can I apply it to the cruise I already booked for October?
  13. You where Right. When I e-mail Steve in July they where planing on being close. But now they will be open. Yaaaaa. Steve wont be there. Going to be with his Mom. But the staff all wants to work and make some money. I now have 4 lounge chairs reserved for Dec.25 Thanks for the Heads up.
  14. Thanks for the Heads Up. Will Do. One can only hope..
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