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  1. I don't know what's happened since I was there January 2020.
  2. I didn't know it was extended into 2022. I'm already booked for 1/22/22 with a good price. I doubt the offer will make sense for us.
  3. I'm sorry you are unsatisfied. I have enjoyed connecting with people on this thread.
  4. We are booked on Horizon deck 11 Cloud 9 Spa balcony cabin. We have never been on Horizon. Never had a Cloud 9 Spa room. BUT if there are Havana cabins available, we are trying to decide if we should switch. We don't have any companions cruising with us, so that isn't a consideration. The location of the current cabin suits our tastes. We like to use the Serenity area, and we use the water slides frequently. On sea days, we usually hang out in Serenity outside and use the water slides then go grab food somewhere. We like to get coffee to bring back first thing in the morning before breakfast to drink on the balcony. So, we like to be near coffee. On the Magic January 2020, the coffee in the Lido was terrible. What makes Spa cabins better? I love to think about and plan cruises. Renee
  5. An empanada counter AND gelato???? OMG I can't wait a year to go. Renee
  6. I'm late to the party. What are the factors they have for mitigation, etc? I booked a Jan 2021 Horizon cruise because I thought that gave an extra, extra buffer from when they projected vaccines would be completed.
  7. That's how I feel too. I felt like there was no way I was EVER going to want to cruise again. And then, they announced the vaccine that is so effective! I booked within days. I booked for January 2022 because I thought that gives a 6 month buffer from when they SAID people could be vaccinated. As soon as I booked a cruise, my mood got dramatically better! I didn't book a cruise for 2021 because I didn't think the risk was going to be great for my mood. It makes me very happy to be looking forward to something.
  8. Sounds like fun to talk and plan though! When is your cruise? Mine in January 2022 and I am alone on the roll call. No fun for me.
  9. We have never been to Aruba. Our Jan 2022 cruise is scheduled to be our first time. Each port has the THING YOU SHOULD DO THERE. I know that making these decisions on excursions must take into account the cruisers and the rest of the itinerary. But knowing what attractions are best helps to sort it out. Regardless of what other ports cruisers are going to, what are YOUR top NOT TO BE MISSED for Aruba? I love to gather information, and I think we can all enjoy thinking of the BEST of our ports. -- Renee
  10. I booked our first Spa cabin! It is on the Horizon, a 8P level on deck 11. How will that be?
  11. I just now clicked on this, like you suggest. My offer is RU2, but it is only for 2021cruises. I didn't know that before. Unless that's only the offer they are giving me. We booked January 2022 before the offer and aren't changing it. I just like to talk about cruising again.
  12. How did they do this? The person I spoke to could not do it because we had booked two days prior to me calling. I have price protection and don't want to give that up, though
  13. Yes. I saw that it was only for new bookings, but I called anyway. She said I had the best deal available now. I think slightly better than they have right now, actually. I have NONrefundable deposit of $250, so it doesn't make sense to cancel and rebook. If we were going to buy the Cheers anyway, it might pay, but we don't get it.
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