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  1. I've written to him myself before--about the removal of libraries and the loss of lecturers--and I, too, got a BS answer. I've pretty much given up.
  2. I just finally made 4 star and was thinking of using the laundry service next cruise but now I think I will follow your idea of just sending items that will withstand any water temp. (underwear, socks, etc). Most of my outer clothes are all cold water wash-line dry so I will stick to my regular nightly routine for those.
  3. For several years we have purchased TravelSafe Classic within 21 days of initial deposit because it allowed us to get pre-existing conditions excluded while not necessarily covering the full trip cost. Since my husband is over 80 the cost of travel insurance covering all costs has been prohibitive so this was our best choice while still getting very good medical evacuation and primary medical insurance. When recently tried to buy such a policy we got the message that we could not buy this plan after January 20 because of the Coronovirus. Instead we are having to buy a very expensive CFAR plan covering the full cost of all non-refundable items which makes the policy horrendously expensive. What can we do? The 2019-nCoV Coronavirus outbreak is now a known event and the coverages vary from company to company: For CSA, Generali, IMG iTI, Travelex, Travel Insured, TravelSafe and TripAssure plans bought after Jan 20, 2020, the only way you to get the Trip Cancellation benefit is if you buy the Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR). CSA, Generali, TravelSafe and TripAssure plans bought after Jan 20, 2020, have no Post-Departure benefits for the Coronavirus. For Travelex and Travel Insured policies bought after Jan 20, 2020, the Post-Departure benefits are available for the 2019-nCoV Coronavirus. On Feb 5, 2020 MedjetAssist and MedjetHorizon services are suspended in the following countries: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau.
  4. I would recommend Oceania, Viking and Azamara. If your budget is high, than look at Regent as well
  5. When cruising with U.S. cruise lines if there is a price drop before the final payment is due, you can request the new price. Does that work with P & O as well? My final payment is due at the end of the month and I noticed the price is now £85 cheaper.
  6. Thanks to both of you for recommendations. We will probably be arriving on Alaska Air which is T6.
  7. We will be flying into LAX the day before our Holland America cruise which departs from the Los Angeles World Cruise Terminal. Is it better to stay near LAX in a hotel with airport shuttle and then go back to airport on embarkation day to take HAL's shuttle to the pier or to take a taxi from the airport to San Pedro and stay in that area near the cruise terminal? Last time I cruised out of LA I used Super Shuttle from the airport to the port at a great price, but they are out of business so I not familiar with any current alternatives.
  8. Amen! We left behind 8 paperbacks on our recent HAL cruise.
  9. Just wanted to let folks know if you wish to use the Global Entry line at Port Everglades, you need to bring your actual Global Entry card with you to show as well as your passport. Some passengers on our recently returned HAL cruise were surprised to learn that and did not have their cards with them.
  10. Fred Olsen cruises has a crew member wipe down all books as they are returned to the library. Not a total guarantee but does help. When you really think about it no place on the ship is completely sanitary. I read an article once that stated the most germ laden area was the elevator buttons--are they going to eliminate those?
  11. Yes but they still fill your cabin with printed ads for the spa and shops everyday so it really is hypocrisy.
  12. I would encourage everyone who feels this way to write to HAL directly at : Holland America Line N.V., 450 Third Avenue West, Seattle, WA 98119.
  13. I tried one of the video screens in the Crow's Nest on Oosterdam and it didn't even work. There was a section of the Nest set up for talks of some kind but nothing ever happened there during our 18-day cruise so it was wasted space that would have been so much more used if it were set up with comfortable chairs for reading or watching the scenery.
  14. I was just ready some posts on another site about terrible noise and vibration in the aft cabins on Magellan. I'm booked in 6172 for two cruises this spring. Was this a huge mistake? I don't mind the noise when docking but what about when sailing?
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