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  1. We also have a July cruise but with Hurtigruten around U.K.. No idea if it will go as planned or not. Wearing masks and some other restrictions would not bother us, but I would prefer to have some freedom of movement in ports.
  2. My only 2021 FO cruise is now in November to Mediterranean. A lot may depend on how those countries are doing as well as UK. I also have the challenge of being American and needing to test just 48 hours before and after flying each direction as well as before boarding.
  3. On the U.S. website it was still allowing reservations for April 13th this morning--perhaps a website glitch? The U.K. FCO office still has in place a no-cruising advice order with no specific end date; that may be impacting any ship sailing from U.K. until it is lifted.
  4. But Jonikal is from Florida so he would be under U.S. rules.
  5. According to their cancellation policy, if you want to cancel you need to do it at least 90 days before sailing to get your deposit refunded, but there is a cancellation fee $190 USD per person. If they cancel you will get a full refund. There is no information on the website about changing the final payment due date. Given this info, I would pay and let them refund you if they cancel. Of course, for us Americans that can be a problem as we have to arrange flights in advance. Some airlines have waived change/cancellation fees, so look for one that does that.
  6. Nothing showing on U.S. Hurtigruten website other than South America sailings cancelled for April.
  7. Thanks to both of you for the ideas. I will look over all of these.
  8. I've not sailed with Saga before I wonder how their pricing tends to go over time. Some cruise lines start high and then decrease over time; others make their best offers up front and then prices increase as the ship fills. With the new all-balcony ships, 2022 prices are quite high for solos--over £350 per day on a cruise I'm looking at. I did do a Channel Islands tour with Saga a few years ago and loved it so I would like to try their cruise experience IF I can afford it.
  9. We are sailing out of Dover in July (hopefully) and are flying in to Heathrow 6 days early. We are looking for ideas on where to stay and/or visit near Dover during that time. We prefer to stay in a holiday flat, rather than hotel, and will plan on getting a rental car once we are in the area. We are interested in history and nature. I was looking at Folkstone as a possibility (they have a Waterstones so we can stock up on books) but are open to other ideas. We do not want to stay in London this trip. Thanks for any suggestions.
  10. Be sure to check which terminal you will be flying out of. With all the changes of late due to Covid, Heathrow is only operating internationla flights out of T2 and T5. My usual hotel-the Holiday Inn Express-- was at T4 unfortunately. There is a Hilton Garden Inn attached to T2 and a very over priced Sofitel attached to T5. But things may change again before your cruise. Other hotels involve riding the Hoppa bus to and from the terminals or taking a taxi.
  11. U.S. website came up yesterday and I noticed significant price drops on some 2021 cruises.
  12. According to their website, transfers over 75 miles are shared transfers: This service is a private chauffeur for distances up to 75 miles each way, and a shared chauffeur service from 76-250 miles each way. Don't want to chauffeur? No problem. We'll also be happy to arrange complimentary car parking near the port, or can provide included rail/coach tickets, or even free flights from your local airport, subject to availability.
  13. Worried me at bit when this message popped up as we are already booked on a July 2021 cruise so I wondered if they are cancelling some of their sailings and/or changing dates. It looks like there has been a price drop (based on the one "from $XXXX" price they are showing so I hope we can benefit from that.
  14. It's now Thursday and the website is still down. The attack must have been really damaging.
  15. I hope we don't lose the Braemar completely as it's small size can take it where the other FO ships cannot go. The April itinerary I had, with two port stops in the Faroes along with Shetland and Orkney islands, is not listed for 2022 so I don't know if it will happen again. I had two other CMV cruises booked there for this year which disappeared as well. I guess I will have to fly or take the ferry someday when things open up again.
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