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  1. Another change to HAL for the worse. We have one more booking with them and then we are done.
  2. I thought with express disembarkation you had to carry all your bags off yourself so there should have been no wait for that.
  3. Definitely a change of clothes and any medication or other important items.. I was just on an NCL cruise in which a pile of passengers' suitcases went in the water as they were being loaded on board! Ship washed and ironed all their clothing, but not everything was salvageable.
  4. Thanks for sharing this. I'm in a solo cabin on deck 9 on Columbus in November so having this visual was helpful.
  5. I was looking at a short Norway cruise in early November but it's designated a Cricket Themed Cruise. How rowdy will that be if filled with sports enthusiasts? It looks like all the lectures will be about cricket with players as lecturers.
  6. I've not been on Celebrity in a while and I want to know from recent cruisers whether they have guest lecturers on all their cruises. Right now I'm booked on a Holland America transatlantic cruise for fall and have just learned HAL will not be providing any lectures on that cruise at all, other than shore ex port talks, and this cruise has 7 sea days after the last port! Even though it will cost me some money I am considering shifting over to a Celebrity transatlantic cruise instead but I want to be sure there will be lectures. There are two possible cruises, one on the Edge and one on the Reflection. Also does Celebrity still have libraries on all ships (I know some cruise lines are doing away with them, HAL included)?
  7. Someone else on my TA cruise got through to a different office at HAL and got the following response for our November TA cruise: There will be no special lecturers on board. EXC staff will provide port specific information. The ship is now offering the BBC nature films with discussion as the only other informational programs. ** Expletive deleted!**
  8. I'm booked on the Rotterdam for a transatlantic in November. When I looked at the activities list under that ship's description on HAL's website, it showed no lectures at all--only the Microsoft Windows classes. So I called the Holland America office to speak to someone in Ship's Services. After a very long hold, the agent I spoke to said they knew of no changes but when I told him about the website he just seemed unsure. I told him that I would not take a cruise with that many sea days and no lectures, he still could not come up with any concrete information as to what lecturers we might have on board. On the HAL website if you click on the EXC In Depth tab it just lists the Maasdam--no other ships. I've sent snailmail letters to both the HAL office in Seattle and the Carnival corporate office regarding this possible (probable?) change of no lecturers, but have not heard back yet.
  9. They use this "law" claim a lot even when it's not true. I saw one poor guy who has purchased a nice box of donuts in a Canadian port last year and they were confiscated from him when he got back on the ship. There is no such law in Canada except as pertains to fresh produce and meat and that is bringing it into the country. After that we all just thoroughly hid any food we purchased in towns deep in our backpacks coming back on board.
  10. Unfortunately some of my favorite things about HAL have been disappearing: a good library, very good lecturers, not a lot of sales. . . . What they still have in the "favorites" categories are the larger cabins with good storage. The salad and pasta stations in the buffet as well as the free ice cream there. Excellent crew.
  11. This is quite scary to read as I just booked the Magellan for next spring for two back-to-back cruises. I hope someone investigates this issue more thoroughly as there must be something in the ship's systems.
  12. I booked a sailaway rate for ocean view and two weeks later was offered the opportunity to bid on an upgrade. I didn't take the offer so I don't know how well it would work.
  13. Thank you for writing this up so folks know what is really happening at the moment.
  14. Here is listing of all the relevant officers: http://www.carnivalcorp.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=200767&p=irol-govmanage
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