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  1. The confusion with 2023 is that would be the regularly scheduled maintenance and not necessarily the NeXT refurb. So, we wait fo further info. Where were the other R ship refurbs done. Barcelona or Italy?
  2. Much as I wish that were the case, Nautica has been in and out of Piombino since the beginning of May. She docks for a few days then leaves for a quick sail then returns.
  3. Correct according to O. The BALANCE of 2023 cruises will be announced early October.
  4. Vista 2023 sailings, September. Rest of 2023 for the fleet, early October per O.
  5. Living In Florida, we went North to see the Kids and Grandkids mid March, 2020. Flight up was normal. Flight back was surreal. Back in FL, we followed all the guidelines, masks, sanitizer, constant handwashing, etc. Never scrubbed the food or left the mail out in the garage to "decontaminate" since I knew that was ridiculous ( the early tests that said they found SARS-CoV-2 on surfaces were of an amount too small to cause Covid and the CDC has since retracted that "info"). Our golf courses were kept open, restaurants shifted to delivery and takeout, etc. By last summer, restaurants opened at
  6. I certainly cannot disagree with your decisions given the situation you are in. My post was more directed at those who insist on here that it's "too dangerous" to cruise.
  7. After 669 posts on this thread, I conclude that we have two groups of posters. Those who look at this whole incident as a positive because of how it was handled and how the cruise actually proceeded during the week, and those who want to stay locked up and believe no one should cruise because of ( fill in the blank). Count me in the first group. Vaccinated and knowledgeable enough to know the difference between science fact and fear.
  8. Back to the topic, I just watched the YT channel blog from the TA on board. An excellent wrap up of this whole incident. Bottom line is they did do a follow up PCR test which also showed SAR-CoV-2 present but both passengers remain asymptomatic. No other passengers or crew tested positive and belief is that the two picked up the virus sometime after their entry test for St. Martin but before they boarded the ship. No info on what amount of virus was present but apparently not enough to be of concern for transmission by medical staff on board. TA VERY complimentary about how X handled the entir
  9. The same rapid test was run twice. Still waiting to hear the results of the PCR test.
  10. They do nothing different other than try to diagnose and fix the cause and not just the symptoms.
  11. Wow. Apparently you are unaware of all the major Medical Schools of Osteopathic Medicine in the US. A DO receives the SAME training as an MD, does a Residency and perhaps a Fellowship, is licensed to practice, etc. Next time you happen to be at a hospital or ED, take a look at the name tags. You'll likely find as many DO's as MD's. Now a Chiropractor, on the other hand....
  12. Please read my earlier post. I said at the time of the study quoted only one shot had been administered to most not that no other shots were given in the future. One shot by itself is not sufficient. Even J&J's one shot provides less efficacy than Pfizer or Moderna.
  13. Well, for one, we don't know the CT value of the tests (cycle threshold). The higher the CT the more likely there is significant virus present if the the test is positive. if the CT value is low, ie; less than 30, it could just mean some virus was detected. If they run the test again at a CT value of 40 or above and the detection diminishes that means the viral load is low. The med staff on board cruise lines have never had to deal with stuff like this before. We don't know how the machines are calibrated, etc. And you're right, we don't know what vaccine or when they got it.
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