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  1. 7 hours ago, BillOh said:



    This is the sign they have been putting up talking about their new pizza. I was able to identify the Pepperoni company 🙂 


    Thanks, Bill! This sign is a good start. I'm actually from Columbus, so maybe I can find the pepperoni :-) The cafe promenade was decorated with empty cans of "Full-Red" pizza sauce...could that be the pizza sauce they use? I'm going to keep trying to find out the brands for each item! We've been on two other Royal cruises, and the pizza was just okay. I don't know why it was so good on this cruise. Everyone seemed to love it.

  2. We are having trouble finding a returning flight for our booked cruise. The ship docks at Port Canaveral at 7am. The flight we're looking at is a 10:55am out of Orlando. I know it's pushing it (and that there's no guarantee), but wanted to hear your opinion on what you think the chances are that we could make it...or if any of you have made (or missed) any similar morning flights like this. Thanks everyone!

  3. I am looking for two recipes from our recent cruise. The "chicken noodle salad" (which was actually a Thai salad with rice noodles, chopped chicken, and sliced bell peppers) and the tiramisu in a "cup". Both were served in the Windjammer. Thanks!

  4. My husband and I have a cruise booked in May. I hate to even ask this, but is there any chance Royal Caribbean will refund our money? We’re haven’t 100% decided we want to go that route, but we’re considering it. We just bought a new home, and we’re not in a contingency. We start making double mortgage payments next month, so the money would give us more time to sell our home. Thanks for understanding.

  5. It's been increasing in the last few years. As long as the cruise line refuses to address the situation, it will continue to get worse.


    Can't the cruise line just say no emotional support dogs? Is there anything we can do, if enough of us do it? Can I make a call? Send an email? What would be the best route to voice my opinion to the cruise line?

  6. My Husband surprised me with a Cruise on the Adventure of the Seas in May for him, myself and our almost 2 year old (at the time of the cruise). I am worried that there isn't a lot for her to do. Since she is not potty trained, she will not be allowed to swim in any of the pools. Does anyone know if she will be allowed in Splashaway Bay? TIA :)


    I had the same question a few months ago, and I found this picture on Cruise Critic:


    I actually confirmed with the ship that there IS a "baby splash zone" for babies and toddlers in swim diapers. We're sailing in May as well!

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