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  1. We are sailing out of Cape Liberty, NJ, and our first port of call is Orlando (Port Canaveral). I can't seem to find much of anything on the boards about Orlando (Port Canaveral) as a port of call - just as a departure. Looking for ideas/suggestions - we are traveling with our 6 year old, 4 year old, and 1 year old. Not Disney World. The ship will be docked from 12pm to 9pm. Thanks in advance!

  2. Thanks for the info! Just found this!

    2016: "Royal Caribbean confirmed plans for Adventure of the Seas to undergo a $61 million refurbishment in November 2016...Adventure of the Seas will receive all-new thrills and enhancements, including new dual racer waterslides, Cyclone and Typhoon, the popular FlowRider surf simulator, and a children’s aquapark, Splashaway Bay."

    2017: "Royal Caribbean schedules Adventure of the Seas Refurbishment for January 2018...Royal Caribbean announced that Adventure of the Seas will undergo a 30-day refurbishment to add new features and updates and complete work that was delayed last year (due to Hurricane Matthew)."

    I've read the new "Splashaway Bay" areas (as opposed to the H2O Zones) on the other ships allow children in swim diapers. Can you confirm or deny (that the Splashaway Bay areas allow children in swim diapers)? Thanks again!

  3. Working on booking the right cruise for our family of 5 (children will be 1 1/2, 4, and 6 at the time of sailing), and there's an itinerary on the Adventure that I LOVE. Our 1 1/2 will be in swim diapers, and the RCCL website says that the only ships that have areas for children in swim diapers are the Oasis, Allure, and Freedom class ships...however, I've been reading some posts that say they've added swim diaper areas on the Harmony and the Majesty (for example). Can anyone tell me if there's currently an area for children in swim diapers on the Adventure? Thank you!

  4. We are looking at cruises in January or February 2018. We are looking at the Freedom, but it only has two itineraries in January and February. We have three children - at the time of sailing, they will be 5, 3, and 1. We've been on the Freedom once with our two oldest. We really liked it, but it was also a little crowded for us. What other ships do you recommend for families with young children?

  5. We are sailing on the Freedom in October, and this is our first time sailing with RCCL. We have a 3 year old. Do we HAVE to sign her up for any Adventure Ocean sessions we want her to participate in on the first day of our cruise, or is it possible to sign her up for a session the day before or even show up as a session is starting? Do the groups max out? How does that work? Thanks!

  6. Hi everyone,


    I am a planner, and I like to make a binder with all of the information I can get before we go on our cruise. We are sailing on the Freedom of the Seas in October (Eastern Caribbean). I am looking for the following to put in my binder:


    -Copies of the MDR dinner menus from each day

    -Copies of the daily "newsletter"/itinerary from each day (not sure what RC calls theirs)

    -Copies of the schedule/itinerary for the kid's program for 3 to 5 year olds for each day


    Thanks so much!

  7. Thanks and yes, that is crazy expensive for what you get now. Maybe try to find a nice place at one of the ports for a ceremony. I hope you find the perfect spot and congrats on your anniversary. :)

    We actually want to do it on the ship during a sunset! Maybe we could find a place on the ship that isn't too crowded?

  8. We renewed our 10 year vows on the Freedom in 2007. It was perfect and exactly what we wanted. Unfortunately, I have seen that the price of the vow renewal has increased exponentially but what you get has decreased. We only paid $500 and we received the vows written for us after they met us and we sat down and spoke to the cooridnator, flowers for both, champagne, vow renewal certificate, cake, photography session and photographs taken all of the ship. I even purchased a new wedding gown for the ceremony. :D



    That's awesome! Thank you for sharing your vow renewal story! Yes, they said it WAS $495, but went up to $1,195 in 2014 - crazy! :-(

  9. Just say your vows to each other...you don't need an "officiant" or a planner....just find a spot, and do it!

    I love my hubby, and have for the 42 years since we first met....and we had a lovely REAL wedding, although it was no big, pricey extravaganza. Neither of us feel the need for some sort of renewal ceremony....especially if we have to PAY for it! I'd much rather use that money for a trip, or something...we can "renew" our vows on our own, if we feel the need. Our original vows already said "Til death do us part"..and we take that pretty seriously. Not sure we need to renew that!!!

    I totally agree with you! We just thought it would be romantic, especially on a cruise ship (since we both love cruising). Our "new" vows would reflect the challenges we've been through in the last several years in becoming parents (we have a 3 year old and a 1 year old), reaffirm our commitment to each other, and most importantly, to always keep Jesus at the center of our marriage. I want to tell my husband how proud I am of the father he has become. I know I can do that anytime, but I thought it would be romantic to do it on our cruise. But you're right, we shouldn't have to pay a lot! :-)

  10. My husband and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this October on the Freedom and were thinking about renewing our vows. I was disappointed to find out that the only option available is a huge package starting at $1,200. We don't want a huge ceremony. We were just envisioning the two of us (while my in-laws and 2 daughters observe) at the very front or back of the ship during a sunset with one of the ship's staff (maybe even the captain) officiating. I mean, I think we're talking around 15 minutes. Any ideas, other than just doing it ourselves? I was thinking maybe I could find the captain at the beginning of our cruise and offer him $300 to officiate our vows for 15 minutes :-)

  11. Another vote for parkncruise, just used them 2 weeks ago for the third time. Just know that they do park your car when you arrive; cars are parked based on your ship to make it easier when you return (return van delivers entire load to same spot and it will be near your car).


    Arrive about 1030-1045 so you are the first in line. They don't start shuttles to the ship until 11.


    When you debark (self assist recommended if you want to beat the rush) they will actually have someone outside the terminal holding a sign, a nice touch. To save the same loading spot the vans usually don't leave until the next one shows up, but it's a pretty steady stream since they need to load the luggage which can take 10 minutes if the van is full.

    Thank you!!!

  12. For our last (and first) cruise we used the following offsite parking. Shuttles were plentiful and pretty good. Waited a couple of cycles to head to the ship, but left right away from the ship on the first shuttle (probably got lucky). I really liked that you kept your keys and picked your own parking spot. I didn't want them moving my car around. Gated and looked pretty secure.




    This time, we are just parking at the port. This next one being our honeymoon cruise, we wanted no headaches at all going on and off the ship.


  13. Parking at the port is 15.00 a day and they charge by the day instead of night now so it would be 120.00 for a 7 night cruise.


    There are cheaper off site parking places that for around 9.00 a day. Here is a link to one below. Others can recommend other places as well. You may find it worth it just to pay the 15.00 a day at the port so you can disembark and go straight to your car. No waiting on a shuttle.



    Thanks! We definitely want to find the cheapest option, even if it means waiting for a shuttle!

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