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  1. They will probably add $100 to the $229 price but honestly, I wouldn't bother with Vibe on a transatlantic cruise in April that is taking the northern route across the Atlantic. It will probably be too cold for Vibe or any outdoor space at all. I would put that money toward a spa pass instead but that's just me.
  2. If the ship doesn't have the haven restaurant and bar, I wouldn't upgrade, I'd definitely stay with the PH. The additional cost really doesn't give you anymore perks, except perhaps a larger room.
  3. I actually wasn't sure if they were going to show it or not. I actually would have been more unhappy about it if the Yankees had made it to the World Series, but just in case, I brought my laptop so I could stream it, if necessary. #alwaysprepared
  4. I did a couple of special requests on our January cruise (on Escape) in the Haven Restaurant. You should let the matre d in the know by 1:00 on the day that you want something from one of the specialties. I didn't have to pay an uncharge. I only requested an entree and had a salad from the Haven menu to start. Just be gracious about it and remember the matre d at the end of the cruise.
  5. We cruised Azamara in April, loved it. Have a wonderful time!
  6. I agree that the guarantee suite might be a mini and that doesn't include suite benefits. If you think it's worth it, go for it.
  7. Have a wonderful trip! We are doing Iceland on QM2 next summer and I can't wait to read all about it, enjoy every minute!
  8. Great review! I hope your recovery goes well and you are up and around asap and are pain free.
  9. Gazroberts80, thank you so much for sharing the menu's from your sailing. We're doing 21 nights on QM2 next summer, round trip NYC and there isn't one night where I couldn't find something that I would like (seafood and vegetarian). We're in Brittania Club so I know there will be a couple of other choices as well. I can hardly wait!!!
  10. Because that's what we American's do, it was a token, nothing more. Actually, I'm not really even sure what his job description is. I would never dream of having someone unpack or pack for me and I am certainly capable of making my own reservations.
  11. We are platinum with Cunard and normally sail Brittania Club, where I have always found the service to be exceptional. Our last cruise, because it really wasn't selling that well, we did a Queens Grill upgrading about 2 weeks prior to sailing. We always do auto gratuity and then tip above that for service. We tipped the QG maitre'd well because he allow some off the menu dinners for me (nothing crazy and nothing that wasn't easy to do, normally a dinner salad) and asked to repeat a delicious Canyon Ranch Dessert a few times. We also tipped the wait staff but since we only do dinner in the dining room, tipped what I thought was fair based on the service. Our room steward was excellent so he also received extra. My one pet peeve was the butler, who from the outset he made it clear that he just delivered food and canapés. I did tip him as well, but nothing over the top since he didn't really do anything over the top. I would actually prefer not to have a butler, even in the grills.
  12. There are so many deli's, you won't have any problem finding a place for breakfast. For dinner, if you fancy Asian, I love this place: http://www.taorestaurant.com/.
  13. We haven't flown in about 3 years and have cruised out of NY or Brooklyn during that time, but we are thinking about a b2b cruise that would require flying for the winter. We'll see.
  14. We're considering a b2b in February March 2020 (and since it is not part of Explore4) am wondering if it makes sense to purchase the Signature Beverage Package in advance or wait until we board. Any advantages either way?
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