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  1. We are taking our 7 year old grandson to Alaska in July and have begun the passport process. Worth every penny. Plus how cool is it for a first grader to have a passport.
  2. This applied to the Sunrise also. Download the APP and this will help.
  3. We won two Ships on a Stick on the Sunrise not Sunshine as mentioned above. I won a golf contest and my better half won a Trivia Contest.
  4. We are headed to Alaska on Spirit and am looking forward to it. Just got off Sunrise and it was a bit crowded at times
  5. My wife, daughter and son in law just got off the Sunrise on Sat 1.25 Ports of call were Amber Cove and Grand Turk. A storm occurred while we were on Grand Turk and that caused some problems with the excursions. The kids took a snorkeling excursion and us senior cruisers went on a tram ride around the island. Of course the storm hit as we were as far from the ship as possible. The OP has many great points both (+) and (-). We had never been on the Triumph so we don't know the 'before and after" aspects of the remodeling. Pros for me. I liked the new Liquid Lounge with the chairs instead of the benches. (as previous Carnival ships I have been on had) The comedy club lounge was awkward to get to and too few seats. The staff. WOW . They were great. Helpful at every turn. The Behind the Fun tour was exceptional. I highly recommend it. Embarkation and debarkation.. Easy as pie. We carried our own bags off the ship, but we pack lightly compared to others. My daughter and SIL want to book another Carnival cruise. Art Shake Trio featuring the electric violins were superb. The amount of storage space in the cabin was outstanding. Our rooms were in the 8380's neighborhood and noise from the ninth floor Lido was never a factor. Con for me There were times when I felt there should have been more bar tenders during busy times. It was a fun trip and we won 2 Ships on a Stick. yeehaw.
  6. Airplane on Sunday... Sunrise leave on Monday. There was one time we flew to the port on the day of departure. Nerve wracking..never again. Going the day before is way to go for us
  7. I am new to Oceania and have a question about "O Life Choice". This may seem a very basic question, but I am curious about it. Esp when I get a brochure and the regular full fare is $5000 and the "O Life Choice" fare is half of that. Is there some type of membership fee for "O Life Choice" ? I looked in the FAQ part of the Oceania website, but found no answers. Thanks in advance from this newb to all you Oceania veterans. A cruise I am interested in is a cruise around the British Isles with stops' in Ireland and Scotland.
  8. Ships on a stick from Liberty , Magic and Paradise. Plan to add one from Sunshine on the cruise planned for Jan 2020
  9. I make it easy by using cash. Deposit XXX amount with the desk and use this for "the bank". On the next to last day, cash out and no worries about credit or debit card issues. Each person has their own preferences and spending style. Moderation and control should always be exercised.
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