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  1. I live in north central NJ. I drive to the pier and park there. A limo or cab round trip is about $75 cheaper but it is just easier to drive and not have to figure out where they will pick you up etc. plus some of them drive like maniacs, lol. But that’s just what works for me.
  2. Since I'm pretty sure the OP was looking for an answer to his/her question at least a "little" more than far-ranging opinions and judgments: Yes. I would. 😉
  3. Waking up with a cup of coffee ... trying not to gag at the grasshoppers. You never disappoint! XO
  4. That's really cool. I didn't know that--thanks Sid.
  5. In US ports, I tip $2 per bag and round it up to $5 for 2 bags or $10 for 4 bags. I think it is clear that tipping is different outside the US.
  6. Strapped in and ready for the bumpy ride. Will be doing double duty "helping out" with your other thread. 😉
  7. Thank you. I did finally find it, but forgot to report back! I appreciate you trying to help. :-)
  8. Thank you for posting this! It made me go (yet again) to double check for any price drop--not only did I get the same cabin for $977 less (yes there was indeed another price drop), I also got this extra $50 off excursions!
  9. Thanks for this link! My excursions just started showing. For GSC, The villas show but not the cabanas yet. My CTC said they will open in a couple of weeks. Weird thing is, I was able to see them on this link but the small cabanas are more expensive than the large ones! How/why would that be??
  10. I have one for too. He stopped enjoying cruises, got bored with them and has not been on one in 4 years. He is 64 (going on 94). He now prefers to stay home and take “staycations” and not leave our cats! The heck with that, I’m not dead yet! So I am taking my sister on a cruise in February (she has never been on one except a 1 nighter) and it will be a relief to be on a cruise with someone not grumpy, lol. I think there is a group of us out there, with grumpy significant others who would rather stay home. We should unite and all cruise together! 😃 you have a great attitude, girl. You will get through this and then go have a great time and breathe a bit easier in the fresh ocean air, whenever you do go.
  11. Well said. I would be too. OP, this is disappointing for sure. Having a restaurant in the Haven itself is a big perk. Some people don't use it much, so ok. They would be fine about it. But a lot of people look forward to having it right there even if they only eat a couple of dinners there and that is indeed part of what they thought they were paying for. I'm sure having Cagney's as your dedicated restaurant will be nice, but it is just not the same.
  12. I will be requesting them a couple of nights on the Bliss in February. Takes them a couple of minutes and they love the happiness they bring. If they say no, then so be it. But I will be asking. The “already overworked” description of stewards is kind of silly, IMO. Especially now that they are pretty much only doing them by request.
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