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  1. I believe Vibe is much quieter, too. Fewer people and no main pool deck noise.
  2. I'm wondering if they have upgraded the Epic Haven from what it first was? I was on the inaugural TA from England and was not all that impressed. Granted, the weather left a lot to be desired, but the sun deck was completely open and extremely windy (unusable), and going into the restaurant via the CY was like battling a wind tunnel--trying to get into the restaurant was quite a feat on a windy day! Have they made some changes, then?
  3. dporter, on my upcoming cruise I tried booking a cabana via the preconcierge--they told me excursions are not part of their bailiwick and I needed to do it via the excursions department.
  4. Here you go. No apologies should be needed. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IwhHuxFGVf8GRxIe1V30Bj0elmkPLRuQUxOpmI8LiFE/edit#gid=0
  5. Have never had this happen! How strange. Always had a Concierge take us onboard.
  6. You do NOT need reservations for the MDR for 2 people.
  7. The Haven will not be a let down! It is wonderful. The precruise concierge offering is useless in my opinion. Once onboard tell your butler you would like the fridge emptied, pillows, etc. and talk to the concierge for dinner and show reservations. Have a great time!
  8. It’s not at all chintzy. That is ridiculous. A couple bucks to the delivery person is greatly appreciated. And you can tell by their response that a lot of people don’t tip them at all.
  9. My husband has no middle name. Is not a problem for him.
  10. My friends are on board now and say all is fine. There was a deep cleaning, but everything good now.
  11. OK, first: You are right--the OP was not the person I thought I was responding to. It was someone else that I at the time thought was the OP. So I apologize for the misunderstanding on that and inferring you were judging the OP. Second: My comment was (I thought) replying to OP's question. It was not advocating "stealing" or advising anyone to steal--that was a judgement on your part. What I said is true. If someone were to cut corners/be crafty that is the safest way to do so. Period. It's not for me to make someone's decision on what is right or wrong. As I already said, I would not buy drinks and share them with someone else.
  12. Unlike you and several others here, I am not making judgements about the OP. Simply trying to answer her question, which is why she posted here. I believe that is the point of these boards. I personally would not do this, but what I would or would not do is irrelevant to the question. As is what you would or would not do.
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