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  1. This will pass. Nobody knows when, but it will. Once it does and has for awhile, I will be booking a cruise.
  2. COVID was not really a "thing" on 2/2. None of the cruise lines were contacting passengers yet at that point I don't think. When I cruised on the Bliss on 2/23 it was heating up. We had a questionnaire to answer before boarding, regarding symptoms and travel. No coughing was noticed. A few children had colds. By the next cruise, a young child boarded that they did realize (later) was infected. NCL sent letters to passengers informing them. Nothing wrong with asking these questions first post or post #1000. That seems to be a thing here with some posters (minority) and it is dumb. I got one of those comments when, after years of being a member of CC with 1000s of posts under my belt, I stopped for awhile and signed up again when I cruised again after a break. That's the sort of thing that caused me to stop coming here in the first place. So please--think before you come down on someone who is new.
  3. My opinion is if it's only $200 more certainly snap it up. Being right there in the quiet midst of the Haven is wonderful. It's not about the walking for me--we walked a ton each day even though we were staying there. Walking from an out-of-the-courtyard cabin would not make a difference to me. What did make a difference was the overall experience of just being right there. We were in the Haven (2 BR Courtyard suite on the Bliss) a few weeks ago. Can't say enough good things about it. We still would have loved it being in an "outer" Haven cabin, but I don't see it comparing on the highest level of wonderful. For $200, to me the highest level of wonderful is totally worth it.
  4. Love this. Thank you Sid, I really needed something to get my mind off the bad stuff.
  5. To answer OP's question (!), yes. I will book a cruise on NCL. Depending on the itinerary, possibly Royal. But most likely NCL.
  6. I was on the Bliss a few weeks ago. It is really large and lots of walking is needed. I agree the elevator situation could be better--but just use some patience and/or use the stairs a bit if you can. Not a big complaint for me. But I think she is an absolutely gorgeous ship and well laid out. Staff were amazing everywhere I went, only ate in specialty restaurants but really good everywhere (with a few small misses). The people were fine, I did not notice any particular rudeness. It was a happy place and a lot of fun.
  7. This is what I see for their home page. Kind of confusing! I went into press releases and nothing there either.
  8. I can’t find this info on the Lenawee website or the CDC. I am in no way saying it’s not true, I just would like to see the source report for this. If someone else can find it, please share? Thanks!
  9. Yes, it surely did not ruin mine either. I prolly would have remembered months later that I didn't get any!
  10. No, I am not going away just yet. A few more tidbits … Towel animals: Although this no longer seems to be a hot topic here on CC, I will add my experience with it to the mix. I love towel animals. I don’t care if I only get a couple, in fact I’d be fine with that. But some of them have been so creative they have really made my day. You know when a room steward is into it (I just don’t buy the whole “they are so overworked/underpaid they shouldn’t have to!” thing). So knowing that they have been told to not do them anymore of their own accord, but will if asked, I decided I would ask for just one or two. Once on board, honestly I just forgot! I didn’t remember again until the last night, when our lovely Stewardess Jennie left me a towel animal crab on my bed. It was simple, no decorations, no paper eyes, etc. But it perked me right up and made me smile. When I saw her later I thanked her with great enthusiasm. She was pleased, said no problem she enjoys it, and went on about her business in other cabins. About 5 minutes later she was back. And she talked for quite some time--of her own volition and with great passion--about the whole towel animal thing. Clearly it was on her mind and meant a lot to her. She told me she had been disappointed that I had not asked for any because she LOVES doing them. She totally is into it and goes above and beyond to have them in “sketches”. Like a towel man hanging out on a bed, with glasses on, reading a book. A towel animal interacting with items left out by the passenger, etc. I told her the sentiment bandied about among CC members that it’s extra work for them, and she would have none of it! She loves doing them, it means a lot to her to please her “people”—she wants to KEEP doing them. But she has to be asked. I just think that is stupid. Here you have a top-performing room steward who is great at what she does and handles some of the most expensive cabins, and she can’t do something she loves that a number of passengers WANT but no longer ask for because they have been brow-beaten into feeling “selfish” in wanting them.
  11. A friend of mine is on a Carnival cruise (don't know which ship, but they are in the Caribbean). She spoke to a crew member there and was told most crew would stay on board and continue to work (cleaning, general upkeep, etc). At least until the 30 days are over. So I don't think every ship is just going to send everyone home.
  12. Shows (Six and Jersey Boys) The Concierge met up with all Haven peeps going to a show and “escorted” us down. Which was a nice touch, but not necessary once you knew where the “special” seating was. We never actually sat in the specific Haven area (the left side, about halfway down), but always on the outside of the middle section nearby (so we could still be within reach of the drink servers tending to the Haven section). Technically a better view from the middle, although at both shows I (but not my sister) had someone sitting in front of me whose head was at exactly the wrong height for the height of my head (do heads even have heights?) and were therefore right in the middle of my line of vision. I kept having to lean my head to the right or left in an attempt to see around that big orb in front of me blocking my view. And then I started thinking the guy behind me then had to keep switching the position of his own orb, and the person behind him, and the person behind the person behind him, until visions of the entire back half of the theater being a blanket of orbs moving back and forth in waves--due to ME--kinda gave me the creeps. But I do digress. Jersey Boys: Anyway, we totally enjoyed both shows. Everyone seems to like The Jersey Boys (it is hard not to enjoy that energy, vocal harmony, and especially the lead singer’s voice). And we really did too. Since I never got to see it in NY, I was especially happy to be there. Six: I had heard yays, nays and “mehs” about Six. Someone commented in a review that it helps to know a bit of the history. So I researched it a bit before the cruise and got the general low-down on the King and his various wives. I would say that does indeed add to the enjoyment. I also think that, although many guys seem to enjoy it, it does have kind of a “women power” thing going on, a supportive “sistahood!” vibe, that women respond to. The costumes were also especially cool in Six (in our esteemed sistahood opinion).
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