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  1. My main issue with the sleepers is with those lying down sleeping on a couch, taking up 3 spots in popular areas like the Observation Lounge and the Waterfront. That’s pretty selfish.
  2. The H3 is an Owner’s Suite. The 2-BR PH suites don’t get the extra booze and other beverages.
  3. That's awesome! Thank you. Maybe I can swing it then--I will def look into it. Appreciate all the info. 🙂
  4. The only thing showing up on my "Plan your trip" page right now is the Villas. I guess it's too early (cruise isn't until February), but I will keep an eye out for it. I'd forgotten I get 15% off shore excursions. Do you know if the $50 shore excursion perk can also be used? That would bring it into range if I could use both.
  5. The quieter beach is definitely an asset, I agree! If there were 4 or more of us, I would not feel $600 was crazy expensive. But it’s just me and my sister. I can’t rationalize that price tag for the 2 of us. 🤪
  6. Thank you! It’s only two of us, we like to be outside but I need shade. No interest in having an indoor space with a TV, dining table, bathroom, sofa, etc. so a small cabana seems good. However, unless it is $300 or less, just not worth it in my opinion. I do understand that many people love all that stuff, just not my thing personally. I will just wait and see what it costs. I really appreciate the input though.
  7. Thanks. Any estimate on cost? $300 or so? We will be on the Bliss.
  8. I’ve never had a bad meal in La Cucina.
  9. I know all the talk lately has been about the new Villas, but I’m interested in a small Cabana. Can someone tell me what they cost? And is this something that needs to be/can be booked before the cruise? I will be in the Haven so am wondering if the Concierge can reserve one for me—or would they be sold out already by then? Any info greatly appreciated.
  10. I tip when and because I want to. I don’t ever assume anyone will remember me. There’s no reason to come down on someone who wants to get an idea of when/who/if other people tip!
  11. Now maybe those service peeps will shape up and deliver TCZ wherever and whenever anyone wants them to!
  12. Yes, I agree with this as well. What I am commenting on is not the complaints and reasons for them, it’s the continued complaints with no sign of “I will just cruise elsewhere”. A lot of people do this about all sorts of things in their lives. They deserve to feel however they feel, they deserve a voice and support. But after awhile, when they just don’t change anything action-wise and yet continue complaining, I get a headache, lol. What can I say.
  13. Agree with you Nic. I have tried this reasonable outlook on other endless complaint threads and it does nothing to staunch the flow. I don't understand it! Expressing displeasure and disappointment is important. But really, at some point it's clear (or should be) that money talks too, and THAT'S the only thing companies will listen to regarding change.
  14. When we have used car service, we called or texted once we were through customs. The driver, who had been waiting somewhere a block or two away just pulled up to the doors to pick us up. Just be sure you understand which level--we didn't and it caused confusion.
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