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  1. If you are Platinum Plus you get 15%. Every little bit helps!
  2. I know what you mean. They might split it but at least I know they have it. 😉
  3. There does not seem to be a set time. People keep saying 120 or 130 days out but not for us. We are in the Haven fir this cruise and for us, it was 102 days out before the Large Cabanas showed in our excursions list. Until then only the villas showed. The small cabanas have yet to appear. We are now 99 days out. Seems to me they begin by trying to sell the villas first. Then they break down and add the large cabanas. Finally, they will add the small cabanas.
  4. For the Dinner with an Officer, are they groups at each table? Big groups, small groups, just the cabin mates and an officer?
  5. I think she has made it clear she doesn't know and is wondering if anyone has the facts. OP, sorry no one has been helpful. Hopefully we can find out what happened.
  6. Exact same thing with me. Today I went back To the email they sent and it had a link if I want to change or cancel the bid. Clicked on that and got to it that way. It had my bid. Then I changed my bid and got an email confirmation on that one too. But nothing on MyNCL.
  7. Help. I made a bid. But how the heck do I find where the bidding bar is if I want to change it? I can’t find it on My NCL. And this particular screen never was on it. I got an email and did it that way.
  8. It's got to be just in case there is a cancellation. They are are covering their bases. I'm also wondering if they send them earlier to people who booked Haven cabins. Not sure why I would get one earlier than most people otherwise. Interesting.
  9. That is strange. I have never heard of that...
  10. After. My final payment was almost a month ago. To be clear, I paid final payment when it was due. Not before.
  11. I am 104 days out and got it today. I’m in the Haven and every category of Haven suites says sold out so not holding out much hope!
  12. I am about 110 days out. Received my invite to upgrade. I am in the Haven and I just saw that every Haven category is sold out. I assume they send these invites in case there are cancellations?
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