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  1. Yup. Aware of that. I was commenting on the idea of any 24 hours worth of cruise there should be an active steward. Miss those weekend cruises out of NY! No more for a few years now, sadly.
  2. Well, for a 1-night cruise you are on board less than 24 hours. Nothing needed for that. For a 2-night cruise you get the daily and your bed made the only full day you are on board. I personally don’t need or want anything unless it’s 3 days or more.
  3. I have been on 1 and 2 day cruises where you don’t see a steward. Figured that is par for the course. But a 4 day cruise and no steward? Not acceptable.
  4. Thank you for the details. That really is terrible! I'm sorry you had to deal with that. It's good that you sent a note. That steward clearly needs re-training!
  5. Yes, I agree it's strange and wrong if you never saw your steward or got turn-down. I have never ever heard of that. That would mean you never got the Dailies, which seems even stranger. Although I sympathize with it being upsetting, I don't understand why, after the first night of no turndown or dailies you did not go to customer service and ask that it be done. I would not go the whole cruise feeling pissed about it and certainly would not allow no dailies being delivered. So I too question if you went to ask about it and if not, why not? Can you clarify that for us?
  6. Just call the one you prefer. If there is anything awkward about it the backup PCC will need to handle it.
  7. You most certainly do not have to wear dresses and high heels in the MDRs, unless you want to. Capris, sandals, nice top works just fine.
  8. That seems very possible. On the other hand, if enough passengers show an interest they may well continue with it. Who knows. At least for now I will enjoy the occasional towel animal. 🙂
  9. Well since you are confident you know what the stewards are going to be doing instead of making towel animals, by all means don’t ask to be appeased. 😂
  10. I will have absolutely no problem asking my steward to make me a few. And he/she will be happy to do so if past experience bears out. Sometimes a compromise must be made. And there will always be those who see a compromise as just not getting everything they want. C’est la vie.
  11. I respectfully disagree. It sounds like a number of people didn't want them but felt badly saying anything. Most people research their cruise lines before going. Easy enough to find out beforehand (for people who find them important to their cruise experience) that they are available. There clearly will never be a situation that everyone finds perfect. It's a compromise. The next best thing to pleasing everyone.
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