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  1. Odd as all our AMA trips, once we paid in full, we were able to view everything. Things changed?
  2. Definitely not a suit. If he wants to bring a sports jacket that would be suitable. However, our Duoro cruise last year on Captains night a group of men from California wore shorts, tee shirts and flip flops that night. Actually now that I think of it, they had the same attire each evening. So, I guess AMA has relaxed on their dress code? My husband did bring a jacket but only wore it on the Captains night. Otherwise he wore a collared polo shirt and docker style slacks. Needless to say, neither of us were happy campers. We did approach, along with many other guests, the dining manager, Igor, and he just shrugged his shoulders stating he did not want to "upset" those guests. Guess he didn't care about the rest of the ship passengers. I must say all our other cruises with AMA were not like that. Most men were in docker style pants, polo/dress shirt and jacket. Some with ties, some without. Sorry I can't help on other tips as Tulip Time is still on our bucket list. Just not enough time to do them all!! Enjoy!!
  3. We took AMA in the beginning of October 2019 and the weather was perfect! I think 1 rainy day. AMA has a new ship sailing this year on the Duoro along with AMAVida which we took. All our other river cruises were taken in September/October with beautiful weather.
  4. On all of our AMA cruises we found that once we paid in full, we were able to view and pick what we wanted online. We could change our excursions once onboard with no problems. Actually, some passengers did not pick beforehand. However, if your going on a "special limited excursion", I would secure that as soon as possible. I did a cooking class on our Rhone trip and that was limited to only 12 people. Medieval Treasures will be our next cruise and I hope you post a review. Enjoy your cruise!
  5. You can ask your cruise manager the day before for a taxi, time and they will make all the arrangements. All our taxis were on time at the dock and staff helped us with our luggage. All the AMA cruises we have taken they did that.
  6. Yes, our other AMA cruises we had transportation back but wasn't sure on this particular port. Thank you! Got2cruise...Did you take Princess to the Mediterranean? We stayed overnight in Cairo and I think I remember your name. It's been awhile though.
  7. If taking the tour, does Ama have a meeting point once in town or do we need to return to the ship on our own? Thank you.
  8. Was the ship docked close to Petite area where we can get off and Do our own thing? Also, is the cathedral close to that area? Thank you.
  9. Beachbumsns..Thank you! We picked this cruise because of Strasbourg and Prague, areas we have not been to. We have already been on the Main so a repeat but want to get back to Rothenberg. Appreciate the info!
  10. We were on AMAVida last October and our ship was overnight in Porto the last day. Some pax left at 3 am to catch their flights with no problems. AMA booked all the transportation for those leaving. We stayed on 2 days on our own and woke up to an empty ship!
  11. Hello! We are looking at Medieval Treasures with AMA for 2020 Fall. Anyone recently cruised this itinerary? Besides the cruise, we would also be doing the land portion. Any tidbit of info would be greatfully appreciated. Thank you!
  12. This is our favorite area on this class ship. We didn't find noise at all and it is like having a balcony a few steps away. We book these cabins when we have a port intensive schedule as we hardly are in the cabin. We just booked a aft Riviera inside cabin for Norway.
  13. We had around 30 or so on the Pre-cruise in Lisbon. Its a beautiful city with lots of hills. As I said, Hotel is beautiful but a bit away from the city center. There are restaurants around the hotel, just a hilly walk. Taxis are cheap enough to get around and readily available. We went with Rick Steves recommendation and stayed at the 1872 River House on the Ribeira. It also got very good reviews on TripAdvisor. I needed to find a place that had an elevator due to my mobility issues and served eggs in the morning due to my diet of low carbs. It is pricey but you are on the river with a fantastic river view from you window and the lounge area. Actually, when we boarded the AmaVida we could see the B and B across the river. HoHo bus stop right in front of the main entrance door and restaurants on that level and river level galore. It had everything we needed within walking distance. Ladies that run the B and B were very accommodating and made our dinner reservations (highly recommended) and arrangements for a 7 am taxi to bring us to the airport which was a flat 25 Euro fee.
  14. Sorry, we have been traveling again and just back. Yes you can use your OBC for gratuities.
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