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  1. Belize has some amazing Mayan cities that cruisers can visit. Lamanai is one of them. We were just there last month...wow. They estimate that the city covered 10-15 miles around the river and had thousands of inhabitants, occupied for over 1200 years. It is one of the most continuously occupied cities in the Mayan world. If you are a history buff, this is a great one to visit. groups are allowed to climb the tallest temple, there is a staircase in the back now to get up there without going up those very steep stairs. My favorite temple was the Masks These are not the original masks... those were removed in order to preserve them and are now in a museum. So incredibly beautiful!
  2. Depends on the season also.... during spring break, March-April, expect zillions of families and kids and loooooooong lines.
  3. We have used Cenote Experience in PDC and love them. Nico is the best. BUT the ferry thing is a big worry. It is very time consuming, waiting around for next ferry, which only run on the hour, and some hours not at all. That can be dangerous if you are on a cruise. http://www.cenotexperience.com.mx/index.php?language=en Personally, I wouldn't do it with a short port time. I have missed a ferry by a few minutes (they were actually sitting there at dock boarding and wouldn't sell me a ticket as they said it was too late). I had to wait for next one. I was on a land vacation, not on a cruise, so it wasn't as big a deal.
  4. We did the Legend in Alaska June 2016, before the upgrades. We liked it. Smaller than all our previous cruises, so a little adjustment to us... mostly the lack of people! It was weird not having to stand in line all the time to get food, or into dining room, etc. Things just flowed so smoothly. Decor was a little dark and very ornate for my taste, but I would expect they updated some of that in that drydock. If not, its just part of the charm. And now that they have Guys and Blue Iguana for lunch, it will be even better. I am currently trying to talk DH into doing the Legend out of Tampa in Feb... he still won't decide if he wants to cruise then. We are already booked on Spirit for Alaska again in July 2020, the sister ship. So excited about that at least. So if anyone does a trip on Legend soon, please post a trip report and tons of photos! I need to get DH to agree to a cruise on her in Feb! robin
  5. If you have never seen the show...Deadliest Catch: My family was addicted to this show for 5 years.
  6. Ditto the Helicopter to glaciers in Juneau... mind blowing and more than worth the $400pp.
  7. We did the ship's excursion for this a few years ago. The catamaran is SMOOTH sailing, no need for sea sick meds at all. Several people did not do the snorkeling part, they just watched everyone from surface. When we came to shore, the boat is moored, so you have to jump off in chest high water and walk to shore - this might be the issue for her. I am short, only 5'2" and it was literally chest deep water to wade to shore and back again. There is a ladder to climb back onboard though so only wading in water could be a problem. my photos: You can see the people wading in from both of the catamarans. We loved the excursion. Fun time and food and drinks are available for sale on the island. Also very strong rum punch for free on the boat... they even had the pitchers of it sitting on the stairs of the boat so if you were on shore, you could take your cup and wade in, fill cup, then wade back to shore. Some people got pretty lit. robin
  8. If you are planning to do any Carnival ship out of FLL or MIA for Jan or Feb you need to decide fast. Most of the ships nearly full. We are looking at that same timeframe and the itineraries for Southern Carib don't have any balcony rooms left, which is mandatory for us as DH is scuba diving at ports and needs a place to dry his gear. We are looking at the Conquest out of FLL for western carib, and Legend out of TPA for same, since all the southerns are full. Magic is a great ship, and does the Eastern Carib... check to see if those itineraries have the room you want still available.
  9. Both are fantastic.... Chichen Itza is gigantic, and you will walk miles there and not see but maybe a quarter of it in the timeframe of an excursion. It is just so huge. Uxmal is equally stunning but not as huge of a tourist attraction, so no big tour buses full of tourists. You can see most of Uxmal in a 3 hour visit, and maybe only 50 people on the whole site. Chichen Itza has maybe 500-1000 visitors per day. From Pregreso... both are about a 2 hour bus ride. Chichen Itza you are not allowed to climb ANY structures anymore, they are all roped off. Uxmal has one structure to climb, to top, and others where you can walk around and go inside, etc. From a cruise ship I would recommend Uxmal. Chichen Itza is better as a land tour, go as soon as it opens, before all the tour buses arrive, and pay for a private tour guide for 3+ hours to walk you around. Stay until lunch when it starts getting nuts. My videos from both:
  10. Well, as a diver, I can tell you that divers do occasionally fin kick the coral or bump into coral, by accident, but it isn't what the problem is with the white disease. This is bacterial, and there isn't a cure for it. Coral death is permanent. The white is the coral skeleton left after the living coral has died. New coral may grow over the spot eventually, but this is a serious concern for the reef system. It seems to only attack the hard corals, brain coral is the main one noted right now. As far as snorkelers causing it...not so much in Cozumel, reefs are too deep. But go to other destinations and people stand on the coral. I have witnessed it many times. Coral only grows 1/4-1/2" per year, so standing on the coral will kill probably 5-10 years growth for every step. It is a serious issue in some destinations. FYI - a little history: Most people don't know how devastated the reef system was in Cozumel after hurricane Wilma. That storm sat over the island for 3 days churning the water, covering many reefs with sand, killing coral and ripping all the soft coral and sponges off and washing out to sea. It has only been 10 yrs but everyone on the island is still pretty sensitive about protecting their reefs. It has been a difficult recovery, the first couple of years divers weren't coming to the island because they knew how bad the reefs looked and fishlife was gone. It took maybe 4-5 years to get some life growing on those barren coral rocks, but once it started coming back the divers started coming back, fishlife returned also. All the beautiful hard and soft coral started growing again. It is by no means what it was pre-Wilma. Some reefs were completely lost under sand, others had new areas and swimthroughs uncovered. Scientists say it may be 50 yrs before it will get back to pre-Wilma glory.... and now we have this new white blight spreading. For Cozumel diving, this is terrifying. So you can understand why this sudden panic and reefs being closed to study... I have been diving at Cozumel for 19 years, it hold a special place in my heart as I got certified there. I want the reefs to last and return to their glory... so I am going to be patient with this closure and see what happens. robin
  11. When we did the" Underground River" excursion we did not wear wetsuits. We did see another group there who were wearing them, so it may depend on which ship excursion. Honestly, after you are in the water for 10 minutes, you don't feel cold as you are swimming, floating, treading water the whole time. And once you got out of the water, and had to walk back through the hot jungle to the lunch area, you felt refreshed and not overheated. So check your excursion details..they should say if its with a wetsuit or not. Glad ours wasn't.
  12. This was my first time getting the bites and it took exactly 2 weeks to clear up. Clear aloe gel seemed to help the most. I thought maybe I got them on the beach, but then I was reminded we walked thru the jungle area Nature Walk first and maybe they got me there. I don't know, but it was crazy. I looked like I had some disease all over both calves for 2 weeks. I won't do that again without some spray.
  13. No boats are going to be allowed into the entire area, from what I understand. They are doing a study on the damage to the coral reefs. Unfortunately, that includes the area of El Cielo. Latest report says they are reopening the area in mid-Dec.
  14. There are only 2 on Cozumel. Chankanaab park has a dolphin experience... it is south on the island, in the state park, so lots of other things to do there if you go. Dolphinaris is a commercial business downtown, in a fancy building. both are popular both have all types of experiences with the dolphins price is similar totally different experience
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