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  1. ABQrobin

    Port WiFi

    As I recall, there is wifi at the port, not sure how good. But do remember, once you take your phone off of "airplane mode" it will update to local time, which is probably different than local time.
  2. We have done scuba excursions thru Carnival at Grand Cayman, Roatan (twice), Cozumel (twice) and Grand Turk. Never had more than 16 divers, and the one time they divided group into two with two DMs per group. Every other time has been 8 divers or less. Honestly, size of group doesn't usually make that big a difference as I never stick right with group, I am always trailing and shooting video. Worst I have ever had diving in 20 yrs has not been with cruisers, it has been on land vacations and having that one diver who bumps into you constantly to see what you are taking a photo of, then kicks you with fins when they swim away... that has happened to me numerous times over the years and they are always someone who claims to be a very experienced diver. Worst situations have been in Hawaii and Calif, actually. As far as a Waiver, or a Medical form signed by a doctor... the medical form is only required for students AND for people who answer YES to any of the questions on the short Liability Waiver that most dive ops make you sign when you check in with them. Examples of questions are things like - have you ever had heart or other chest surgery or heart attack, do you have diabetes or epilepsy, etc. Carnival has NEVER made me or my husband fill out a form with them, only the dive ops at the the dive ops check in. So...maybe the OP has a medical condition or is over the age that Carnival feels is safe without a clearance from doctor. Reading the original post.... they say they need to get it done for the Dive OP not for Carnival.
  3. All dive operations have a medical questionaire to fill out before diving. ALL of them. It is a liability release. Some have a longer, more comprehensive form, others just a few short questions that you must answer NO to all of or get a doctor to approve you to dive. This has been the dive industry requirement for awhile as we live in a Sue-Happy world. As a 20+ yr diver, married to a dive instructor, trust me on this... people fill out a form at every dive stop, cruise related or not. A Doctor signature is only required if the diver has a medical condition or is on medication that requires the waiver.
  4. If you want real authentic food, you need to get away from the ports and away from the main street, Rafael Melgar. All the "tourist" stops are there, and food is more expensive and more Americanized. Real food will be at least 2-3 blocks inland. Take a taxi downtown, about $6 from your pier, and then walk around the whole shopping district. Town is dozens of blocks deep from the oceanfront, with literally at least a hundred shops and restaurants and things to see. It is a lovely town, don't be afraid to walk around, and don't be afraid to ask a local for directions. Tourism is the ONLY business for the island so everyone wants you to have a great time on their island. I recommend La Choza restaurant, google it for a map, or just ask your taxi driver. There are lots of restaurants like this, but its our favorite.
  5. Unfortunately, you aren't going to find much cheaper than that in Cozumel. Gas is expensive, plus most diving is done early in morning there due to distance to reefs, so boats are usually out at 8am-ish and back at noon-ish. Ships arrive after that, so unless you have enough divers to reserve a boat you aren't going to go out with most dive ops there.
  6. Alaska cruise is fantastic...we just booked our 2nd, for the Carnival Spirit in July 2020. Yes, different vibe from a Caribbean cruise, less drunks and wild evening activities. Most people are tired by 9pm. They do the Playlist performances or shows every night, and the early show was always full when we went. And then we would crash for night as we had excursions at every port, so up early.
  7. there is nothing to do in port other than shop.
  8. Carnival MDR does not have reservations. Only the specialty restaurants do reservations, and you can make those online on the Carnival website when you log into your booking.
  9. Sorry but the Playlist Production shows will not appeal to kids that young.... and the music is very very loud. I don't think young kids should be in the theatre for those shows. The kids clubs have activities during show times so parents can attend shows. Our experience - One cruise during spring break a few years ago, some parents insisted on taking small kids 2-10yrs old and those kids crawled all over the seats, including the ones we were trying to sit on, under our feet, play with toys they brought, hit me twice with a stuffed toy, etc. all while the shows were going. It was impossible for us to enjoy the shows. It happened twice, different night and different families, same issues. Kids were bored, I get it, but parents should have not gone if they knew their kids wouldn't enjoy the shows. That was on the parents.
  10. The Bar Hop picks up everyone at Senor Frogs downtown. You will get the information where to meet when you pay. AFTER the Hop, the bus will drop people off at their piers, stopping outside each one. Works like a charm. Taxi downtown to Senor Frogs is about $5-7 from southern piers (International and Puerta Maya). Don't forget.... cash cash cash ONLY on the tour. None of the stops have electricity so they can't take cards of any sort. Cash only.
  11. Not me.... I love Deck 6. It is right in middle, so taking stairs up or down not as big a deal. As long as I am not over the casino, I'll take any room on 6 over any other deck.
  12. Everyone has been having problems with booking online. Apparently they loaded a program update that has issues with some internet browsers, excursions not showing up in view, even though they are there to book. I had this problem last week, I use Google Chrome. I tried Edge, and the whole website was suddenly back and all the excursions for my cruise in Feb appeared. I booked the excursions no problem. So this may be your problem. Try a different browser.
  13. Wow, big price differences with Carnival. Maya Key with lunch is $75 & 50 kids. Tabyana beach is $40 adult and kids. Maybe NCL provides food? Turquoise Bay all inclusive is $80 & 75 kids.
  14. there are a couple of nice videos of the snorkeling on YOuTube. Not my video: or check this one out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5UwgJA7Ylg I don't go anywhere, or book any excursions, until I do a search on YouTube. LOL
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