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  1. Bonaire is the SHORE Diving Capital of the World. We have done 2 week-long trips there, and averaged 3 dives per day. Its nice to stay at a hotel that has a dive shop, so you can get tanks and do boat dives if you want. Those hotels usually have a nice house reef right off their pier also, so we do a dive there every day. If you love to dive, its a great place to do it. Food isn't cheap so most people go to grocery store to get stuff to make sandwiches at your room to help costs and time. Some resorts also include breakfast, some even have rooms with full kitchens. We like Buddy Dive resort, but there are so many there to choose from!
  2. I was there this past fall.... there is a bus that runs from the top of the hill, down to the main viewing area, and back. It is not free, so you need local cash or debit if their machine is working that day. I have a video if interested... we walked down, then rode bus back up.
  3. WE LOVE Belize... but we love Adventure excursions. The Mayan ruins there are second to none because they are within 2 hour bus ride from dock. It seems really far, but honestly the Mayans didn't build their cities for future cruisers, they built them for strategic location. Belize is a country of fantastic jungles and history... cave tubing and Mayan ruins, with some off-shore islands worth visiting if you just want to snorkel. Do an excursion... you won't regret it. our last visit:
  4. My personal opinion... YES, you will be disappointed with snorkeling in Cozumel.. It is IMHO the best scuba diving in the Caribbean, period. BUT snorkeling, nope. The reefs in Cozumel are far to deep to see, and it is all drift diving with current you cannot fight, you have to go with it. Snorkeling is best done at your own pace, and being able to hang out and watch the fish. Bonaire and Roatan are the best IMHO for that.
  5. ABQrobin

    Ahhh! Help!

    Keep an eye out for this when it gets posted as available on your cruise. It WILL sell out immediately. On our last trip, they did open up a second boat closer to sail date but there are no guarantees you can get a spot. Literally everyone will be trying to get on it. Have a great trip.
  6. Just about every beach club on the island offers a "free" tequila tasting.
  7. The smoothie was FANTASTIC. Yes, we intended to try lots of different items, and share, so smaller portions wasn't a problem. Plus the food came to us so fast it was amazing. Enjoy your trip there!
  8. ABQrobin

    Ahhh! Help!

    Tracy Arm cruising day is not a pass-thru.... it is an epic event. YOU really should think about doing the small boat tour. It gets you right up to the glaciers, and you might see even more. We saw quite a few mountain goats on a hillside. Its gorgeous. My video: And at Juneau.... we loved the helicopter tour: BOTH ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!
  9. Both ships will be great. Pick the itinerary you want most.
  10. AWESOME news that you are finally looking at a cruise to Alaska!! It is amazing! We have not done it on those ships, but on the Carnival Legend and Carnival Splendor. Just be aware the dry season is early summer, wet season is late summer.... expect more rain in August. BUT the good thing is that there is more wildlife around in late summer due to the summer salmon runs. Also... as soon as you book, start booking your excursions. The best ones sell out long before your cruise. There are some available at the ports, but not necessarily the best ones. Have fun. I would pick the Spirit (sister of Legend) as we loved it.
  11. Just got back from the Carnival Jubilee. We have been going to Cozumel almost every year for the past 24 years, mostly land vacations. We have done about everything there, but this time we did Paradise Beach club. Here is our video.... we think it explains everything.
  12. Just back last week on the Carnival Jubilee, stopping in Costa Maya. Instead of booking thru the cruise ship, we booked a tour with Native Choice Tours. We thought they were a fantastic company, A/C vans, small groups, local Mayan guides who knew their stuff! Our video:
  13. NEVER EVER flush any type of wipe. They will clog the pipes on a ship or at home. Just don't. Use them then toss in trash can.
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