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  1. You sound like my financial advisor did when I wanted to but CCL @ $25/SHARE. Oil prices were up and the economy down. Because of the world situation, travel was down. Bottom line is the CCL Shareholder benefit has been great, and over the many cruises we've taken we've gotten most of our investment back. People cruise to get away from the stress and uncertainty of the world, and a cruise has been a cost effective vacation. Besides, our CCL stock has doubled in value. Our financial advisor has apologized and wished that he had followed our advice and bought when we did.
  2. There is no discount for booking guarantees. Having said that, our experience has been that most times we booked guarantees we were assigned a cabin in a category higher than what we paid for (but not an upgrade to a higher category - e.g. a balcony guarantee will most likely result in a balcony assignment, not a mini-suite). So by that experience we've been getting a discount on the higher priced cabins. However, a guarantee sets a price that you will pay, and you may end up with a cabin that sells for that price. I have noted that Princess will try to keep the lowest priced cabin available up to close to sailing to entice more passengers to take the cruise. It is a business thing, if they keep one available then they can legitimately advertise the low price, and many people will choose a specific cabin in a higher priced location. When searching for that low price keep in mind that offers made after final payment (45 days prior to cruise) are for new bookings only. They are intended to fill the ship, not give existing booked customers a lower price,
  3. You can change from Traditional to Anytime at any time during the cruise. There is usually a wait list for the opposite direction. In our experience "prime time" is 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM. This is because one of the Anytime dining rooms is used for an early traditional seating. It becomes available at 7:30. Depending on the type of seating (table for 2 or shared larger table) you will probably have to wait during this time.
  4. I also disagree with the assertion that US money is good for tips in Europe. Conversion by the recipient is inconvenient, and is subject to unfavorable rates, and may require the accumulation of enough money to make it worthwhile. Euros can support the recipient and their family immediately. Moreover the people receiving a gratuity really appreciate it in their local currency. I've seen the smiles on their faces when they have seen my tip in Euros. Lastly keep in mind that most Europeans are paid a living wage, so the 18-20% tips given in the US are excessive in Europe.
  5. Crown Princess is a nice ship for a Transatlantic. Prices will vary, with the best prices that we've found being the last minute deals after normal final payment (45 days), but then cabin availability may be limited (and in one case I looked at the ship was fully booked). Normally these last minute deals are for new bookings only. You may want to book early then watch for price decreases. We don't usually do this so look for others to weigh in on the topic.
  6. If you are on a cruise including many Mediterranean ports you will want to have Euros with you, but remember the lowest denomination paper money is 5 Euro. 2 Euro and less are coins. I wouldn't stress about missing the transfer, as there will be Princess representatives with clipboards around. They will have your name to be checked off, so will be expecting you. They meet you once you have cleared Customs. When we arrived very early in the day (7:50 AM) in Rome's airport they gathered us up in one area, then when everyone was there brought us to the bus. Because it was really early, the bus driver took us on a bus tour of Rome, showing us many of the sights, but with no stops ( I recall one bathroom break outside the city ). This was a really nice surprise, and I have no idea whether others have had a similar experience - at the time it sounded like this was common. We arrived at the ship for boarding in time for lunch, having taken some great photos of Rome from the bus. There was no extra charge for the bus tour, but I recall giving a tip for this surprise service. I imagine later arrivals would just go straight to the port, Civitavecchia. The expectation, according to Princess, was "Travel time from the airport to the pier is approximately 75 minutes, subject to traffic conditions."
  7. A tender is a type of lifeboat that shares use as a means to get passengers ashore. If you wander the Promenade deck on Caribbean Princess you will note some of the lifeboats have catamaran type (dual) hulls which provide increased stability. Those are the tenders.
  8. It may be a terminology thing, but there are some ports where the port requires Princess to use their shuttles, which usually carry more people than tenders.
  9. They usually have a sign posted (I recall seeing it near the aft) telling the approximate distance as number of laps/mile.
  10. OK I have Win 10 and no problem printing luggage tags.
  11. You have heard the phrase that starts " A bird in the hand..." haven't you? Especially with a refundable deposit.
  12. Princess has free on-demand movies on their newer ships including next day access to movies shown on MUTS. We hated having to pay $11.99 per movie on Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas. One reason to cruise Princess.
  13. I consider what I would be spending for tips in an onshore restaurant (Denny's, IHOP, etc.) for an equivalent meal and use that as a guideline for the max I would tip. But we also know that Room Service is included in the tipping pool. We rarely tip in cash, but use the feature on the delivery acknowledgement slip to add the tip to our onboard account.
  14. For those who object because, after viewing some art you get ads for art, this is nothing new for Princess. We were art customers before Park West took over, and every cruise since we get ads welcoming us back to the art shows and wine & cheese parties. Personally I would be more concerned about ID & passport information being hacked when onshore than anything tracked onboard ship. I guess we must assume they have very well encrypted RFID transmissions. Hopefully.
  15. For cruises in December other than ones including Christmas day the ship will be decorated for Christmas, but Santa isn't onboard until Christmas itself. The decorations roll out to the fleet following Thanksgiving, so an early December cruise may not be fully decorated.
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