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  1. Just curious if you had VOOM Surf or VOOM Surf+Stream? Also, just so you know, SOTS could be Symphony or Serenade.
  2. Is it *really* a punishment to use a paper straw? I don't like them, but I understand the need and tolerate them, doesn't sway my vacation.
  3. Is the Coco Cay pier longer than the Labadee one?
  4. According to CNBC, paper straws are generally 5 times more expensive than plastic ones. So instead of spending a few seconds on a Google search, you just type whatever you feel like and pass it off as a fact that it's Royal trying to be cheap when actually the exact opposite is true? SMH
  5. Sorry, but that's not a source of reliable information. Maybe try Google?
  6. I'm neutral, I was just asking if there was a source to the statement of it was a personal opinion. Relax.
  7. Hey All, Just a friendly Grammar FYI. When one uses the term "Debarking" a ship, this refers to goods or cargo. People disembark a ship, your luggage debarks. So: Disembark or Disembarkation = People Debark or Debarkation = Stuff That is all for this very boring Sunday morning. 😄 Cheers!!!
  8. I believe only Freedom, Quantum, and Oasis class ships have juice bars. Oasis class hides them in the gym/spa area, Freedom is up on the pool deck, and I believe Quantum is by the spa as well, but I may be wrong on that one.
  9. It varies per ship (Quantum and Oasis class typically having slightly higher cocktail prices). I have never encountered a cocktail that "went over." You'll typically only pay a bit more for high end glasses of wine or ultra fancy scotches.
  10. I recently led a group cruise on Jewel where at least 10 of our rooms required Special Needs requests. Either CPAP and/or Sharps Container/Fridge related. Besides PERSONALLY notating each reservation on Espresso (the Travel Agent portal for Royal Caribbean), I also emailed Special Needs for every room reservation individually. Additionally, my reservation was one of the ones for CPAP water too. None of us got any of what was requested. Everyone simply asked their cabin stewards and all was fine by bedtime on day 1, but still, what's the point of Travel Agents notating PLUS emailing and having a dialog with the Special Needs department. This is also not just a JEWEL issue, as I have only gotten my CPAP water on ONE of my past TEN cruises without having to kindly ask my steward. Again, my steward has always gotten what I need quickly and painlessly, but it again poses the same question as above. This thread has inspired me to reply back to EVERY email with Special Needs relating to our Feb 2019 group cruise with the following... Hello, Please be advised that these items were not in the guests stateroom on embarkation day and the ship had no record of the request. Please address this reoccurring shore to ship communication issue. thanks Sam King Travel Planner Hopefully my request for addressing this WIDESPREAD issue might get some balls rolling. Cheers!
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