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  1. Oasis OTS strangely had ZERO transfer seats in their theatre, I thought that was very odd.
  2. BCC - A sophisticated twist on Brandy & Coke created by mixologist Rich Woods aka The CocktailGuy.
  3. Not crazy. I have never had surge pricing upon cruise ship disembarkation either.
  4. I find the Bionic Bartenders to be the best listeners. They really helped me sort out some of my issues.
  5. You're my new favorite CC'er. Can we please cruise together?!?
  6. Wow... how unnecessarily rude of you. The bartender also shouldn't have taken the mint from you for health code reasons as that's cross-contamination.
  7. Agree. I'd never heard of a Bailey's Banana Coconut, but thought of quite a few other things that BBC stands for.
  8. We only ever saw those on the longer, Transatlantic sailings. Lot's of free time for rehearsals etc.
  9. I am eager to see/try the new cups. I love the diet choices on the Freestyle, but carrying around those cups everywhere is a pain. Plus it just looks silly.
  10. Just curious if you had VOOM Surf or VOOM Surf+Stream? Also, just so you know, SOTS could be Symphony or Serenade.
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