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  1. They should do away with some of the appetizers. Most are not good anyway. Maybe put out a few better quality ones or just some nuts in small plastic cups so you can just pick up a cup & enjoy, not having everyone touching serving spoons. At the end of happy hour I see so much waste.
  2. So sad the obesity rate in the USA. The 70 year olds are probably in better health then them.
  3. *put a weight limit on who can board
  4. Insane, that is why either everyone needs to get a doctor to sign off or no one, not just 70’s.
  5. Also waiting for my 5/24/20 Oasis cruise to be cancelled. I have B2B cruises booked on Oasis in October & I give it a 50/50 chance of sailing.
  6. Have 4 cruises booked this year if the 70’s doctor’s note is not lifted will not be able to cruise. Asked our physician if he would be willing to sign such a note & he said “NO” because of the liability. All cruises were booked last year.
  7. Not sure about this. I read that once you use it & the cruise is cancelled the FCC goes back to the original expiration date. Will try & find the wording.
  8. We are booked May 24th & I have no hope this cruise will sail. I’m disappointed that the extension didn’t include this cruise so I could get my $$$ refunded to my CC now. Guess I have to wait for next extension.
  9. With this new announcement “FCC extended through May 31, 2020” do you think it’s the start of canceling cruises through May 31, 2020?
  10. Not really. I’m diamond plus & haven’t received.
  11. Haven’t gotten the letter. Thanks for posting.
  12. Under the plan, the details of which were revealed on the Senate floor by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., individuals making up to $75,000 annually would be eligible for a $1,200 check from the federal government. Married couples who file their taxes jointly must make less than $150,000 to qualify for their payment, which would be $2,400.
  13. It’s $1200 check for an adult making $75,000 or $2400 for a couple filing jointly making $150,000.
  14. We were at BeachLimerz in January & enjoyed our day. Will definitely return.
  15. For my Oasis 5/24 cruise just got email One Sky changed to Touch The Sky so they cancelled my original booking now Touch The Sky doesn’t show up to booking planner.
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