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  1. My Mom had a saying about people like that. "they're not happy unless they're miserable."
  2. Depending on what day of the week you are there, you can do a mine tour at the Glace Bay Miners Museum. It should be open Wed to Sun in June. If the restaurant is open, have lunch there as well. Have the pan fried halibut.
  3. Unfortunately, the Military Appreciation Program is not available to Canadian military.
  4. I would take that offer in a New York minute!
  5. I'm am looking at booking a transfer from the port to a Rome hotel. Has anyone used Zelit Limousine Services Rome? Their prices seem reasonable. We only have 2 days in Rome so I want to maximize my time there and not bother with buses and trains. Thanks Lois
  6. I am on a European cruise and then a transatlantic in Oct and i can pre purchase unlimited laundry for 10.50 a day. I think I'll just pay by the bag. I really don't understand the difference in price.
  7. It is not available for Canadian military.
  8. This is a scheduled activity? And not in the kids club! 🙄 Wow, HAL is really scrapping the bottom of the barrel of cruise activities!
  9. 5 cruises on 3 different ships on HA. Never had to wait more than 5 min for a table for 2 with anytime dining. We usually go to the dining room around 7:30.
  10. Note that not all HAL casinos are non-smoking. There is smoking in the casino on Rotterdam and a few other ships. Check the HAL website for the smoking policy to see which ones are non smoking. In Nov on the Rotterdam the smoke in the casino was bad but the deodorant they used to try to cover it up was much worse.
  11. Thanks for this. I have this on my confirmation for my next HAL cruise and I couldn't figure out what the Dou meant. Now I know 😁
  12. When I was on at the end of Nov, there was no live music before 8:00.
  13. I've been trying to price a solo cruise online, when I put in 1 adult for passengers it says the ship is sold out, but if I put in 2 adults, there is rooms available. Tried the Canada site, the US site and a third party site. Does MSC just refuse to sell rooms to solos?
  14. This was not my experiences on 2 different ships. On both the Zaandam and the NA I was told it could only be used for the mariner cocktail which was sparkling wine with St Germain. we didn't even receive them on my last cruise on the rotterdam.
  15. Not yet, still waiting to hear back from my PCC. I was just responding to the terms and conditions that were posted above stating it is not combinable.
  16. I am definitely with in the allotted time frame but if it is not combinable with other OBC it is useless.
  17. Thanks all for the replies. I sent an email to my PCC so we shall see if he can add it for both myself and my DH.
  18. Thanks for the info. My DH can't find his email and I wasn't sure if he didn't get it or if he deleted it. I'll ask my pcc to try the codes.
  19. Do both people in a cabin get this offer or just the primary guest? Thanks
  20. a tag on air question: has anyone booked air 10 months out and had the price go up before final payment? I just booked air for our Oct transatlantic cruise from athens, we got a really good price with the $500 air credit. I'm wondering if I can expect to keep that price of if i should expect it to go up. Final payment is in July. Thanks
  21. Depends on where the ship starts. If it is another US port, you might not be able to disembark in Seattle without violating the PVSA. I think there is a reason the cruise ends in Vancouver and not in Seattle.
  22. If your booking includes the air credit, is it stated on your confirmation? When booking air with HAL, can you fly into the embarcation city several days early? Thanks
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