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  1. The same thing is happening to me. I even tried to book a cruise to see if it would recognize my Latitudes number and it did not. I even put in one of my past sailings to pull up the number on the New Registration screen and it said that I was, " Unrecognized by the System. "
  2. I don't know if this is a sign of things to come or just a coincidence, but a flyer from Oceania that I got in the mail today only lists special for cruises starting in July, Aug, and Sept 2021.
  3. We got the last bit of our refund at day 95. We canceled on 4/6 and got the majority of the refund quickly (5/30/2020). The last thing to be refunded was the $100.00 deposit, which we got back on the card 7/11/2020.
  4. So if you take the actual number of those infected, and the actual number of those who died from being infected, what percentage do you come up with? Is the percentage of deaths in those who were infected that low?
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I do like what I've been reading about Oceania. The people who have been on it seem very loyal which speaks very highly of the line.
  6. Free gratuiities, internet, shore excursion credits, ect..
  7. So with the cruise only option, you basically get the same inclusions as the other major lines?
  8. Question: If you don't take the "O" option, and take the cruise only option do you still get the free wine at dinner?
  9. Thanks. I see that you are from the UK. What was your favorite Med. itinerary?
  10. Darwin was an amazing fellow.
  11. As an RN with 44 years of experience I would choose to follow the recommendations of the CDC over those on Facebook, chat rooms, ect... They have professionals with way more education, and knowledge on the specific topic than you would find elsewhere.
  12. They should go with hand scanners at the bars and shops. That way the customer can hold their own card and the bartender/shop keeper can just use the hand scanner.
  13. Good point. Apparently technically they can do cruises to no where under PVSA, but they have to have special visas for each crew member. The visas are harder to get, and more expensive. I've seen speculation that these cruises would not be profitable for the cruise lines since they would be responsible for paying for the visas under the PVSA.
  14. What about cruises to no where? They could stay out 4-5 days (or even 7-?). No port charges to pay. No on land port restrictions to worry about. They wouldn't have to worry as much about getting back in the country if they didn't visit a different country that may have a virus outbreak. The ship would have a captive audience for liquor sales/shop sales, casino ect… It would be kind of like a crossing, but returning to the same port.
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