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  1. What activities/sites would you recommend in Cannes?
  2. We are using the NCL fight perk from JFK to Rome in Sept. Has anyone done this recently? If so what airline did you fly on? We were also wondering what time did you arrive in Rome? We don't get specifics on our flight until 30 to 45 days prior to cruising, but areally curious about the experience of others.
  3. Thanks for the info. Very informing. Does anyone have the wine list prices?
  4. Does anyone have a copy/picture of the Liquor/Wine/Cocktails price menu for 2019?
  5. larry_s_taco


    What is the best beach to go to in Grand Turk? We've been to the one by the port. It was nice, but very crowded. We did walk down by Jack's and the beach was less crowded there. Are there any other options? Thanks, Larry
  6. We are sailing on the Epic in Sept. I think we have figured out most of our tours, but are not decided on Cannes where we will be in port. We have narrowed our choice down to 2 eight hour tours to 1. Monaco and Monte Carlo or, 2. Monaco & Nice. Our other option would be a six hour Hop on Hop off bus in Monaco, from which they say you can take a train to Monte Carlo. Does anyone have any suggestions or experiences with these tours? This is our first time to this area. Thanks for any input. Larry
  7. What are the local sites that I can see on a bike that you would recommend?
  8. Thanks Roger B. Good info. I will probably rent a bike there.
  9. Bicycling? Are there places to rent bicycles. If so, how bicycle friendly is the island? Thanks Larry
  10. I would suggest checking in with the US Embassy & Consulates office in Mexico. They should be able to help you with your question. They are the people you would contact if you missed the ship, or had to have assistance flying back to the US in case of emergency. Here is the web site: https://mx.usembassy.gov/embassy-consulates/hermosillo/american-citizen-services/ It has a lot of information on it. You can contact them at 844-528-6611 or email them at HERMOACS@state.gov
  11. Sailing12Away, I just read your review on the cruise. The detail is great. Thanks for all of the tips.
  12. Good idea. Did you have any trouble getting back to the ship on time while doing the independent tours? Thanks
  13. We are booked for a Western Med Cruise Sept 9th, 2020. I've been looking at the NCL site to see what excursions are available, but it keeps coming up that shore excursions are not available yet. I know it is significant distance till cruise time, but does anyone have any experience/insight on when these excursions will become available to see? I know on past cruises this has not been an issue, however all of my past cruises have been Caribbean/Alaskan/Mexican/Hawaiian, so I have no experience at all with a Med cruise.
  14. Thanks Stinger-pr. Your input is appreciated. Some of the best travel I've taken was at the suggestion of the locals.
  15. Thanks Stinger-pr. That is what I was hoping for. Are there any local tour companies you can recommend that would give us a 2 hour tour around San Juan? The cruise ship offers some, but they don't sound very interesting, and seem rushed according to the reviews that I've read. We would like to just get a good overview of the area, then return to Old Town and just do a walking tour on our own.
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