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  1. Since I book all included I would expect included internet to actually work instead of taking forever to access emails.
  2. Have to pay the Captain Kate Tax for the privilege of sailing with her.
  3. Booked Hyatt Place for our November cruise and it was $129 per night.Embassy Suites wanted $230. Not really concerned about who has the better breakfast since I get up at 8am and on the ship at noon.Pretty sure I won't starve.
  4. We always do a 10 night sailing that leaves a couple of days before Thanksgiving and normally see 6 kids or less on the ship.
  5. The wifi on Celebrity is pretty lousy even when upgraded.Suggestion would be leave the devices off and enjoy the cruise.
  6. We have done the hot glass many times.We always carry them back home in our carry ons.One word of caution when going through TSA is they cannot identify that it is glass with the scanning equipment and will pull your bags for additional inspection by hand.Allow extra time for this.
  7. Every time we have gone to Sushi on 5 the servers have given us 30% off.The Indian night they do once per cruise is great and I think it was around $30 per person
  8. My favorite thing to do on Equinox is get up and go to Al Bacio for a coffee before meeting my wife for breakfast.
  9. email is dora@cartagenatour.com.
  10. I did a city tour with Dora in November 2021.It was great .Went through old town and street vendors left us alone.4 hour tour was $75-80 and well worth it.Was met at the cruise ship.
  11. Fort Lauderdale offers Bags to Go which is $10 and allows you to store your luggage at the airport.Can always take a cab to the airport, store the luggage, and then a cab ride to the beach for the day.
  12. I have been on both the Summit and Equinox.Prefer the layout on the equinox.Wife enjoys making stuff at the Hot Glass area.
  13. Checked my cruise in November with this new promotion and cost would be $1400 more.
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