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  1. ...but I said I'd post pictures. I can't upload my personal pictures and wanted feedback, so here goes.


    I ordered this tee in Cadmium Red and am positive this one works because it is such a lovely orangy-red and I've seen this color posted on an earlier page on this thread as being FIRE. (Thanks again!)



    Here's the Wild Grape color that I'm not sure about.



    It looks like a possible perewinkle but I really just don't know. This perewinkle thing has me stumped. I tried to go back and read Anita's explanation earlier on page 4 or 5, but the pictures didn't come through on my screen. I understand that there IS a Fire Perewinkle, I just don't understand what it looks like.


    After seeing Old Navy's Razzamataz and Chico's Marchella, I understand and feel confident about our purples. Much like using Old Navy's Bluest Eye and Goodnight Nora as control colors for our blues. I never thought I was such a visual person, but I am soooo lacking in confidence when it comes to these colors that I cringe to buy anything. Like I said in an earlier post, I have a closet full of new things that are still hit-and-miss in the FIRE catagory. BUT, I'm getting closer.


    I think I have several items that may qualify for those items we "might" be able to cheat with! LOL --Debbie

  2. Debbie, Yeah!

    What do you think you're doing in buying the wrong color? Are you confusing the muted vs bright OR are you confusing the cool vs warm?


    At first, I gave away all my black, white and other non-FIRE colors and then began buying. I had lots of fun, but I bought BOTH muted rather than clear and cool instead of warm. I've gotten better, but it's HARD.


    I sure hope that these picture postings aren't creating more confusion. It was meant more as a great, almost in-your-face, look at wrong vs right colors and what the right colors will do for your skin tone; which, conversely, means what the wrong colors will do for your skin tone.


    I'm so glad you posted the pictures They NEVER cause more problems-- they are ALWAYS a help. In fact, I have a top that is very similar to your muted gold top and I had thought it was ok until I saw your picture. Guess I have another item for the church clothes closet pile now. n



    Which is why I had such a difficult time shopping last weekend... I really found NOTHING that looked good for me... and the colors seemed to be OK on the rack, but definitely not OK when I tried them on. Which is to say, that we still need to be careful even though the color (like orange) would seem like a no-brainer.


    I know. I know. It is sooo hard. If the color is right and I manage to find it in my size then most of the time it doesn't fit right or it makes me look even fatter. Sheesh! This is SOOOO very hard. But I still have a closet crammed full of clothes that aren't wow. Guess I will just keep trying.


    Post some pictures! We'll help.


    I'll post those pictures probably tomorrow.

  3. I admit that these pictures are a bit daunting, because they clearly show how important it is that we find our correct palette.


    Because I forgot to mention it, I just want to state so that everyone knows... the pictures were all taken within moments of each other... at the exact same position in my entry hall... so the same lighting conditions... camera without flash... and no makeup. :o


    I have two pictures that I took within moments of each other, but will need to ask for help when I am at a REAL computer screen. I'm not able to attach them working with the equipment I have now. I do want to join this conversation, but please bear with me. I'm working on a learning curve here.

    Thanks, Debbie

  4. WELL. I don't know why no one is commenting!?! Is it just that obvious that no one has anything to say? OR, are you ladies out there getting your own photo collage/analysis pictures ready so that we don't have ....


    I thought I might have an idea about Ice versus Earth if Fire is not available, but after seeing the proof "in living color" I am definitely more confused. Thanks Pam for giving us the latest lesson.


    Here's my idea. Remember how the discussion a few months ago turned to how dark the chocolate brown was on some of our CJW cards and he told us it was because some of us needed more saturation of the color (or that's how I interpreted it). I have very dark brown hair and on my cards the chocolate brown looks almost black and the gray looks just like silver to me. I want to

    put forth the option that it may depend on how light or dark each of our particular coloring is may determine a precious few colors that MAY be possibilities--not our WOW fire colors, but passable.


    One of the reasons I have lurked so much is that every time I think I have this figured out, I realize that I'm still buying lots of the wrong color. The only ones I seem to be sure of are the ones that someone here has reported. Chicos has become my new go-to store to shop. Love those recent sales!

  5. Yes, long-time lurker posting here. Not an excuse exactly, but one of the reasons that I rarely join the conversation (beside the fact that I am still learning so much and feel inadequate with my opinions) is that I "catch-up" on the conversation a lot on the weekends on my iPhone. Typing on this iffy-bitty keyboard is not my idea is an exceptional good time. :)


    But I couldnt stay silent any longer I absolutely ADORE the pictodiary (and the word) and have truly learned so much during this latest round. Thanks to each and every one of you. Debbie

  6. Alrighty, here are the new Goodwill things I got today.


    -the shoes are new with tags and they have a cute little cork wedge.


    -the green shrug I'm debating if it would get enough use and be useable over enough things


    -the aqua sleeveless is a new p.j. top


    -the green 3/4 shirt is from Chadwick's but, it has to be ironed and I'm a bit lazy on ironing


    -the orange multi top is from Athleta and it's also debatable because I usually don't wear "athletic gear" to exercise. I usually wear a t-shirt from a vacation :) But, thought it was close enough to FIRE to be something a little different.


    Plus I found 2 pairs of jeans. One is NWT and the other is a nice brightish blue denim with gold thread. No pics of those though.


    Any "hits" or any "misses"?

    OK :o I have typed two very witty replies to this post. Then I push a wrong button and WHAMO ~~ it disappears. I really MUST learn how to navigate on this board!


    I HAVE these shoes and IMHO, they are most definitely a HIT! Thanks for reminding me that I have them. I haven't taken the time to put up my winter boots and bring out the sandals. After a week of nice spring weather in February, it turned cold and cloudy for the past two weeks. Yuck.


    Thank you, thank you, thank you again Ladies for the excellent word pictures and photos that explain our FIRE colors. Yes, we like the photos! The Happy Fire Family Photos especially help me. Also, every time some one mentions a store color, I am able to open another tab and find it online. I am able to memorize it (hopefully) for future use. Please keep sharing these color names!


    I discovered something today that made me realize that I am truly beginning to "get" it. I was looking at dresses on the Dillards site (I think) and sorted by the COLOR blue. When the blue dresses filled my screen, I began eliminating them by ICE, AIR, FIRE and EARTH. Wellllll, I may not have gotten ALL of them right, but I think I got a few of them right. I agree that the blues and purples are extremely hard to determine and the greens run a close second for me. Wait, who am I kidding? They're ALL hard!


    Joby, do you think the color on the card: is one of the PERIWINKLEs? I'll add to your question: is it supposed to be PERIWINKLE BLUE or DEEP PERIWINKLE? I have a real problem thinking the color on my card is bright. It seems dull to me, but Periwinkle has always been another elusive color that I can't seem to "see" either. It is either always too blue or too purple or too dull. I've been waiting for someone to post it so I could get "edjumicated" about it too! Thanks for asking the question. I'd like to know also.:) Debbie

  7. I would LOVE to have another color control for our "fire" palette.


    CJW declared me a Fire/Spring and I have lurked on these boards long enough. I have read everything I can get my hands on, including every page of the "Seasons" thread. (Whew, that took quite some time!)


    I'd like to thank everyone for the time spent relaying information. I finally understood our blue when I bought my Bluest Eye t-shirt at Old Navy. This thread has been so helpful and everyone seems so nice.


    BTW my name is Debbie.

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