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  1. Not sure what it is like in other parts of the world but in Australia regular families on regular incomes can afford to go on cruises. Regular people like retail assistants, bartenders, hairdressers, receptionists, cleaners, mechanics, miners, military personnel, teachers, truck drivers, gardeners. The list is endless. To these people they pay for what they have to and are on tight budgets that don't include tipping. When posts come up it is those type of people that think that cruising is for the lawyer or brain surgeon who has the money to throw around and they think cruising is not for them.
  2. I typed the following: la comay chloe video into google and it came up as a video suggestion Dec 17, 2019 with facebook as the place it was published. Title IMPACTANTE | iVideo exclusivo dentro del crucero cuando el abuelo........
  3. I found the longer video that someone else referenced and it is even more disturbing. There are multiple windows open. There is a clear bright patch of light coming in while the others are dark. Easy to distinguish. The video looking from behind actually shows him lift her out way beyond the frame. He then lifts her up and down, up and down, then drops her. The criminal charges so far a correct. Negligence. If it is something more sinister then I hope it is found out asap.
  4. I have said it before and photography and video work is a big hobby of mine. Storage for that is extremely expensive. You are looking at 12Gb for 18 minutes at 4K. The video needs to be saved for some time. In that case storage would have to be huge. Then there is the question of solid state drives or the old hard drives. Even the solid state drives have a lifetime limit. To multiply this cost to the number of cameras on the ship and then the number of ships and the cost would be massive not to mention the hours of work that staff need to be paid to manage all that data.
  5. If its "discreet" why mention it at all. You see out here in Australia they sell these cruise packages to families and regular workers, people who have ordinary jobs and the like. What they are told is that it is all inclusive. What you could be doing by mentioning this is making those types of people feel uncomfortable by "tip shaming" them or placing yourself on a threshold above them that are only going to alienate them and make them feel that cruising is not for them. This is the demographic and market that cruise lines have targeted. They have made it clear in their brochures, literature and pre-cruise information that it is all electronic and not necessary to carry cash. Even then there are allocated tip nominations on the pay dockets when signing for things to alleviate the use of cash and make it discreet. You should really consider what you post on here and how it effects other people and consider will this be culturally insensitive, am i writing this to brag and big note myself or is my intention to shame others and make them feel inferior.
  6. After thinking about it I think they are trying to paint a picture that he was just lifting her up to bang on the glass and as a toddler she leaned forward to do so beyond his grip and fell. Given the criminal charges they need to paint a picture that he was innocent and did not know what he was doing. Though the video clearly showed him stick her right out and stick his heard out. Hopefully justice will prevail.
  7. I am just curious with US law, will Royal Caribbean or the judge or anyone involved in deciding the lawsuit be given a tour of the ship or a ship of its class that shows how the area is set up? It wont be hard to work out the truth when you are physically there and see it for yourself. I believe colour blindness can be replicated with special glasses so even then people can see how he saw it. To me the photo with the guy and the measuring tape looks more incriminating for the family as well as that video from behind that actually looks like he is knowingly holding her right outside the frame. Surely he knew when he had seen her body go beyond the frame that he had to pull her back in. Even picking her up he lifts her way above his head level which is quite odd.
  8. I agree, however if it can be proved that his lawyers made up "colour blindness" it goes to his credibility. It makes me remember a time from my childhood. I had lost a ball over the neighbours fence and knocked on their front door to ask to get it back. They invite me in and we head to the back. Their back door was a glass sliding door. Bang! I walk straight into the thing. I am sure I was under 10 at the time remembering where I lived but it is one of those childhood memories that stayed with me for life. Though I agree with the amount of time he had his head there he should have known it was open or perceived danger. Even if he did manage to find a closed window what was he hoping to achieve. It would have been inevitable that she fell either smashing her face on the frame or back of her head on the guard rail.
  9. There are forensic tests available to determine if someone is actually colour blind. Has this man ever driven a car before and how does he go at traffic lights. There are tests to find out if people are faking colour blindness. He should be tested. You would think that a colour blind person at his age would be more careful around glass or touch it to make sure first. Personally I do not believe he is colour blind.
  10. No I just buy a bottle of Dom Perignon every time I get on a cruise ship and they treat me like royalty the entire time:
  11. The cost adds up when you multiply it by the number of ships, cameras etc. Sometimes it is not practical or possible to have a camera every where. In such situations dummy cameras suffice to create a psychological reaction that people think they are being watched and feel safe. It has always been like that. Cost would definitely come into it. No cruise line on this planet would install a camera system they could not afford. If cost was not an issue we would have multiple hidden cameras in all public areas with 100% coverage.
  12. You see no glare or sunlight from the cameras providing the image but where were the cameras and where were the other cameras? Yes I work in a workplace where I am on security camera the entire time I am at work. Not all cameras are recording and there are dummy cameras. It is standard industry wide and there are multiple reasons why. One example is the hard drives used to record video. Do you know how much these hard drives cost? Do you know how large they have to be to record video and still have the video after an event they are trying to find. Most videos will just keep rewriting over the hard drive in a loop. Eventually they will wear out. Also if for a very low end example they were purchasing hard drives for $150 and had 120 cameras around the ship then that could be up to $18,000 in costs for hard drives if they are married to the camera. Cost would go up considerably if they are using a massive hard drive in a central location. Even then defects happen and drives stop working. Just the other week I replaced the old hard drive in my laptop with a brand new solid state drive. It was expensive but the new solid state drive increased the speed of the laptop to start up in 15 seconds to what was taking over 3 minutes with the old drive. Just because the lawyers say there are 30 cameras does not mean that they are all recording and all captured the event. It is just basic common sense.
  13. Not all cameras work how you expect them to work. Some are on zoom, some on wide angle, some are dummy cameras to give a sense of security (admitting they have dummy cameras would be a security risk). Then there is the resolution, how good the sensor is, was there direct sunlight hitting the camera, glare, reflections unclean coverings. It all matters. Not all cameras you see can actually see and record what you think they are recording.
  14. That is what I have said and believed all along. Climate change is not the be all and end all and is not the sole contributing factor here. It is a culmination of events, situations and circumstances that added up together to form a major disaster. Fires in this country are nothing new. I have seen them all my life. I have seen the red skies as a child and lived in the smoke. I know it is something that is common for years. The one thing I know for sure is that when the extremists on the left say it is 100% climate change, they are deluding themselves and alienating others and turning people off that whole issue entirely. If the situation can be managed correctly and had been managed correctly the damage and intensity could have been far less.
  15. That is a hard job to fill. It is also a hard one. From my perspective being ex-Navy the military should have been called up earlier. He should have had that power but he didn't, either wasn't aware of it or the system he has to use did not allow it. Also complicating matters is the legality of the federal government getting involved in state affairs. You have the media running a hate campaign against the prime minister blaming him for lighting the fires, blaming him for not putting them out, blaming him for everyone else's mistakes and taking the blame for all the wrong decisions. When the state of disaster was declared there appeared to be no system to liaise between states, call up the military and other resources and deal with the situation. Yes he has a tough job. I think his powers were limited considerably to the state of NSW only and there needs to be changes and a chain of command established and in particular a method of cooperating with the federal government to call up resources like the military when needed. Nothing against him personally, but the laws and procedures need changing here from what we have seen. The only thing apart from the disaster that irritates me is the hate campaign we are seeing from the media about the prime minister when legally he was not the man in charge and had no authority to be in charge yet the media blamed him for all the stuff ups.
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