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  1. Exactly. Strike 1 is easy to forget but strike 2 and then its a complaint for everything.
  2. That was my thoughts initially too. The coat-hangers were no major issue and would have been overlooked. However when it became clear that opening the balcony partition was intentional then that changed everything.
  3. That too is one possibility however depending on the movement of the ship it is sometimes wiser to have them on the floor of the cupboard in a neat pile with something on top of them like a light bag or padding. I have used that method in the past though when the ship is not sailing in open ocean waters and the sea is somewhat calmer.
  4. People send in the request with their booking and it is part of the cabin make-up list that they get to arrange.
  5. Just putting it up here but after a brilliant cruise on the Majestic Princess just this week in a forward facing mini-suite on a cruise that I could not fault at all. Along comes the last night... After packing my bags I neatly place all the coat-hangers on the floor of the cupboard (note that in the mini suites all cupboards have doors so are closed and you cant see in), I then leave the cabin for the final evening. (The coat-hangers were placed on the floor to avoid the repetitive banging noise through the night on a moving ship. I always do this and replace them in the morning). After a good night out I return to my cabin to find that the steward has decided to invade my privacy by opening the cupboard doors and upon finding the coat-hangers neatly on the ground he then replaces them on the racks and hence making the cabin noisy on a moving ship with the rattling and banging as they swing and move with the movement. It would take an incredible lack of common sense not to know the reason they were placed on the floor. I normally inform the stewards to leave them on the floor and I will replace them myself in the morning. Unfortunately I forgot to do this but even still the lack of common sense and invasion of privacy is concerning. To compound the stewards thoughtlessness he then decided to reset most of the cabin for the future occupants. This involved opening the balcony divider as the mini-suite was to be connected to the next suite as it was a family or group needing both that requested the balcony divider be open. What concerned me was this daft steward decided to open the partition while I was at dinner and leave it open. This particular night the ship was heading into heavy winds. The ferries in Sydney were cancelled that morning due to high winds. What happened was that the hook could not hold the partition door and the winds got hold of it and when I returned to the room it was swinging violently bashing and banging on the mini-suite wall making an intense drumming sound. By then I had pretty much lost my temper as I could not sleep with that kind of noise. I knew from the entire cruise that the balcony partition was closed. I then went down to reception and told them what had happened and asked that the balcony secured immediately as I needed to sleep. The reception agreed and telephoned the steward waking him up and asked him to go up and lock it closed. He did not want to do it and said that he opened it in preparation for the new guests in the morning and to save time. To cut the long story short he was then ordered to go to my cabin instantly and rectify the situation and told to go onto the balcony and close and lock the partition. Finally problem solved. I did then write up a formal complaint about him as I was pretty annoyed that late at night. It is incredibly bold to try and reset a cabin on the last night of the cruise to such an extent that it feels like you are being pushed out of the cabin. The coat-hangers I probably could have overlooked but that balcony partition really set me off as I had to get re-dressed and go back down to reception to deal with so I put complaints in for both. It is a shame it had to happen as overall the entire experience was awesome apart from this one small incident on the last night which all comes down to a lack of common sense.
  6. That is a big risk having very few by the glass wines as it gives you little opportunity to taste them before you decide if you want to purchase a bottle. I wonder what the staff would do if I wanted to purchase a bottle and when they opened it and I sampled it I told them that it was revolting and I could not possibly drink it? - That is a risk that I am not prepared to take.
  7. I honestly cannot recall Princess ever not having a top sheet on their beds. There was some trend a few years ago when the GFC hit hard and hotels were trying to cut costs they started doing away with top sheets claiming it was some "modern trend", however on going to hotels I would demand they put one on immediately if it was not there and would regard it as a failure to deliver the product and service I paid for if they could not provide one and demand a full refund. It always worked and I got the top sheet within minutes. I think the trend quickly disappeared as I have never encountered a hotel since that does not do top sheets. All cruise lines I have been with have provided them.
  8. Just a few things here. Firstly awards mean nothing these days. Often one persons expert is another persons idiot and also awards can be awarded for anything and everything including failure. That said I note the last sentence and want to just seize on the word "Dining Room". One thing I have not mentioned yet that in the general bars around the ship I could not tolerate their wine at all. However that needs to come with some sort of clarification. I noticed that there were some wines on the list in "Dining Rooms" including specialty ones that were not included in the general lists around the ship and while my time on the ship was limited I did find some in the dining rooms and specialty restaurants that I could enjoy but I did not get the time to fully appreciate the situation. Also Vines Wine Bar if on the ship has a different list and some were good there but still not enough time to find out. That above is the thing. I do not spend my time in ships dining rooms. The bars will get more time from me and if the best wine is being limited to dining rooms only then that needs to change as by giving all the mediocre wines to the ships bars it is going to leave people with a harsh opinion of them if that is the case with my opinion.
  9. I did try it and did not like it one bit. If I had liked it I would have bought a whole bottle but with that one I did not buy a third glass. I did buy a second glass on a desperate day just to make doubly sure that my taste was not off. I don't think its the American wines that I have a problem with. The previous list had American wines which I really liked that are no longer available.
  10. Thanks very much for saying this. I like Chardonnay occasionally as well. I am very used to it being an oak taste to it. I used to be happy with all previous versions. With the current menu it is no undrinkable. I do now know what on earth they did to find all wines to be of similar taste that are somewhat sour and have a taste that will give me a quick headache. I would not say that your palate is uneducated, people know what taste they like and what they don't like.
  11. It was their last menu particularly the world wide range including American wine which I found far superior to the new menu. For example the Hogue Riesling was my all time favourite on the Princess ships and I would often purchase bottles of it during the cruise. I don't have time for Fosters, never liked it.
  12. I have cruised with Princess for about 14 years now. I really enjoy the line and keep going back for more each year. Recently they changed their wine and beverage menu. I have held off commenting until I experienced a little and did not want to go off my first impressions. Now after 4 cruises since the introduction of the new wine menu, I seriously think their wine selection tastes like nothing more than regurgitated water filtered through cut grass that has seriously soured and has no resemblance to wine whatsoever. I honestly cannot drink the garbage they are now serving on the wine menu. Red and white it is all revoltingly off. I am not sure what others think of it but I am keen to find out either love it or hate it. As for me I will now be reverting to drinking beer or spirits only and will not be touching their wine ever again.
  13. Absolutely true about behaviour of other people. I am involved with the tourist and transport industry and mainly to deal with tour coaches. However the company does have government contracts where they can do a passenger service bus, school runs, concerts, charters etc. I hear about it all the time how it only takes one comment to be taken the wrong way, found to be offensive or out of line for that one person to take a swing and hit someone. The busybody people may have a good run doing what they do by interfering but sooner or later it is going to catch up with them. Sadly with certain societies trying to legalise what was illicit drug use were people can take psycho-stimulant/hallucinogenic drugs now you never know the demeanour of the person you are dealing with. People who don't wash hands are the rebels of society and conformity. They have already broken those rules so to speak to breaking other rules would not be out of character for them. They would have no conscious at all just to mouth off at someone for telling them what to do or even take a swing at them.
  14. The problem with you is that by doing that one day it is inevitable you will tick someone off and you will find their fist in your face! Or even worst! To me that comes across as arrogant. Most people would be thinking "who the hell is this busybody?" "get a life" "get lost!" is the kind of thoughts that would be going through their head. Who are you to tell another human being what to do? That is just the sheep epitome of disrespect, arrogance and is only going to cause trouble for yourself. Nobody likes a busybody who interferes with others. What I am meaning by all this is that it is just better off to simply mind your own business, don't concern yourself with other people's affairs and ignore it and walk away. I have seen it in the news plenty of times that people have been murdered for not minding their own business. Now that is at the extreme end but still you are nobody to a stranger, you are not their father, mother and it is not your responsibility to control what others do. People resent that sort of disgraceful behaviour. If it is something serious like someone in imminent danger then you warn them of course, but involving yourself in trivial mundane day-to-day life things is only going to tick people off in a big way. I would bet that if you would be the type of person to be kicked off a cruise ship in no time if someone started an altercation with you for daring to involve yourself in their affairs. I am not saying that other peoples behaviour is right or wrong. Just you cannot go around telling other people what to do.
  15. Your first problem is that you said something to them. Think about it they don't wash their hands then they are not going to listen to you. You are not a figure of authority and it is best to mind your own business and not get involved. Even with one of them telling you where to go you did not get the message. For information if it turned physical then you could both be put off the ship because it is not up to you to police the behaviour of other passengers. You are just another passenger and you need to mind your own business and let the staff deal with it. Don't stress yourself out on holidays worrying about other people. The non hand washing is just a fact of life. It wont change. When I go on a cruise I avoid the public bathrooms. I always take anti-bacterial wipes with me and everything in my cabin gets wiped down before I touch it from TV remote to air conditioning controls to coat hangers and the drawers I will be using. My system works and has kept me from getting sick on the ship. I also never use the lifts and touch the buttons or rails. As far as restaurant entrances go I will not use the sanitiser before I enter. I consider it overkill and bugs, bacteria and viruses can become more powerful thanks to that stuff. I always make sure I am well clean and washed when I leave my cabin for the food areas but I will never touch that stuff at the entrance and I will explain to them briefly why when I enter. Like superbugs can grow resistant to antibiotics the same can be said for those gels on the ship. Incidentally the gels at the dining entrances have no effect against norovirus. They will not block or protect your from a virus. You are not going to escape from dirty people. That is a fact of life. Look at the photo below of a ships galley staff on a food serving line with no gloves on touching his hair! The best you can do is keep yourself healthy and not worry about others.
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