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  1. Thanks mate, I enjoy your input on here. Not tried that rum. I partake of plain old Aussie Bundaberg (Bundy) Dark Rum with Coke and ice of course. But some top shelf rums these days you drink neat right? You are making me thirsty and it is only 2.52pm.
  2. I would rather be a self funded retiree and on a centrelink pension, after all we paid our taxes for 40 years. We are penalised by the government for planning our future via super. UK, USA, not sure about Canada also have aged pension for all, not means tested. In this country, the less you have the more government give you, ain't always right. At least we get the $750 stimulus money don't we? or do we? I don't do on line banking, so I don't know if it went into my a/c or not, I am a dinosaur. Had my rant, is it wine'o clock yet? 🍷
  3. In NSW you can get a haircut but no manicure or massage. Re the latest photo quiz..I was going to say 'The new Port Botany Cruise Terminal.' 🤣 But I will guess New Caledonia somewhere.
  4. CSHC or CSHCC = Commonwealth Seniors Health (Care) Card. For retirees self funded - with no pensioner concession card.
  5. Having been to South and Central America a few times we had the yellow fever jab the first time we went over there to Lima, Peru in 2002 for my son's wedding. I recollect the Dr asking us if we had an egg allergy. Our passports contained the international vaccine certificate re yellow fever jab. They were often examined by officials at the borders in Latin America and Australia. From memory the vaccine lasted 10 yrs.
  6. A likeness to the Navy patrol boats, a bit smaller though and no big guns unlike the US Coastguard or what your Canadian Coastguard or Maritime police have, I don't know the maritime enforcement set up in Canada, perhaps RCMP boats? But all NSW Police, irrespective of branch and rank carry a personal side arm - Glock 17 automatic pistol.
  7. Someone on here - no free cruise for guessing who, mentioned the name of the police operation to move the ships out of Sydney Harbour..and was rather obnoxious and nasty about the name of the operation 'Operation Nemesis.' The reason it was called Operation Nemesis was merely because the 'flagship' of the NSW Police Marine Area Command (Water Police) is 'Nemesis.' Nothing sinister. She is an Ocean going vessel. NSW Police has had several launches named Nemesis for 100 years or more....here it is...
  8. Senior officers above Inspector rank in NSW Police are on contracts. Police officers who joined before 1988 can retire at age 55 on a lump sum or defined benefit - indexed pension. Like this little black duck. So if Mr Fuller has had enough after this fiasco he might just take his money at the end of his contract and go on a world cruise.😬
  9. I watched the Ch7 show on the Ruby last night. Interesting but did not sway me. Personally I don't think Carnival has been 100% truthful. I think it is a 3 way bungle, Carnival (Princess) NSW Health Commission and Border Force. I think the Ruby Captain and the Senior Ship's Doctor are not telling all. I Hope the police investigation by the NSW Police Homicide Squad - DCI Dickinson - oversighted by Commissioner Fuller, plus the Coronial Inquest down the track gets the truth. This investigation will take the rest of the year, if not next year as well, very complex. Hundreds of witness statements from pax and crew and officials to be taken no doubt.👮‍♂️ Good luck chaps, ring me if you need me.
  10. Will be good post dinner to settle back in one's armchair with a glass of ye olde Penfolds Grandfather Port and watch the Ruby show @ 1900 hrs.
  11. I don't know, never met her, is she a member of CC? 😂
  12. Oh dear what time is wine'oclock now daylight saving has ended, I think I need more than my daily ration today. This topic has now become a super horror story, perhaps we should sack all the police in the world, declare martial law and have the military enforce the world. I just shakes me head.
  13. I should get my son to send his LATAM Dreamliner over then.
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