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  1. Ocean Endeavour is currently in Glasgow, my son will be there on Saturday checking it out. Then he goes on an Arctic jaunt from Longbearayan - excuse the spelling, on Ocean Atlantic, he has TV mob 'Places to Go' on board. Ocean Atlantic is apparently sister ship of Ocean Endeavour. 130 Aussies on board, no doubt a few Cruise Critic members. Enjoy.
  2. The one at City Extra is called the 'Victorian Mixed Grill.' Lubbly Jubbly, but I left the egg off, not mad on eggs.
  3. Was there in 2012 on Arcadia and will be there again in April, again on Arcadia. Nice place, lot of history.
  4. We have several days in Singa in March, between Majestic Princess and Arcadia. Probably a few more days than I would like, but that's the ship timings. I will have to make use of the MRT as our apartment, 'Ascott Residences at Raffles' is very close to the MRT station. Heap of things to do on Viator site. Stopped in Singapore 2 or 3 times in past year, but only for 2 or 3 nights to and from Europe.
  5. It is only $35 mate, but it will keep you going for 24 hours, steak, chop, snag, bacon, chicken, mushroom, tomato, chips. You could share it.
  6. Mixed Grill at the City Extra, opposite the Ferries, lubbly jubbly and a big feed. You must give it a go Graham.
  7. The Sydney trains including the ones that operate on the Airport line are purely commuter rolling stock. They have no facilities, racks etc for baggage. We use them, but you need to get into the vestibule area inside doors where there are a couple of seats and floor space for your bags. The government should have purchased carriages like they have on the Heathrow Express, room for baggage.
  8. Must have been the Fairies that fired the torpedos at those oil tankers in the Gulf, no one else is owning up.😫
  9. 'Water to go.' Our MDR waiter was selling it near the tour departure point one day, seeing me, he yells out 'Gluten Free Water, Mr Les.' lol.
  10. Yes, I preordered a slab of water for Noordam, pricey though, because it was Evian, only one available.
  11. Having two friends on board, I hear it is becoming a bit of a nightmare, sickness and medivacs etc.
  12. Good one, cruising the Kimberley is great, you see the crocs swimming around.
  13. We always buy bottles water on board, probably waste of money, but we prefer it. On the Princess ships overseas you can pre order a slab of H20 to your cabin for a reasonable price. I like to flavour my water with a dram of scotch.
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