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  1. He has just posted a video on you tube. I am now convinced it is the real thing, going to hostel then hospital when they find room. Be a while before they return to England's green and pleasant land and taste some real food.
  2. Or his intolerances are all part of the charade, who knows? Get these into you David..
  3. He said he wanted gluten free food too, but he has not admitted to being a Coeliac. Cornflakes have sugar in them. All turning into a farce this show.
  4. If they tested positive how come they say they are still on the ship. Pax testing positive are marched or carried straight off. I fear a troll. Is it the real David Abel posting?
  5. And god only knows when the ship will depart, could be weeks.
  6. He should apologise if he is still on board. I would think he has already signed up deals with YouTube and UK Media outlets. He is not short of a quid anyway, 1st class flights on BA LHR to Asia, what's that $12000 pp. I was one of his believers, now, not so.
  7. All the best Carole, I could have been in the 'same boat' so to speak. Enjoy your wine.
  8. Totally agree with your comment LittleFish1976. I have been looking at his videos daily. I picked up yesterday on FaceAche he and Sally were positive to virus and were waiting to go off ship. Now on face ache there is confusion as to whether he is off in a hostel or still on board. Certainly made a bit of a fool of himself to the public and media. $64000 question is he off or on? Conspiracy theory he raises 'being kept quiet by either Princess, UK Govt, Japanese Govt or all three, I don't accept that, all in the mind. Thanks for posting that video David, excellent production. You have to believe the facts from the Japanese Dr who got 'kicked off the ship.'
  9. Stop Press: David and Sally Abel of FB fame have tested positive for Corona Virus and being moved to a hostel off the ship, he is claiming it is a set up to shut him up. So no Evac flight for them yet and no wifi, FB, Internet etc. They will be in melt down and Bento boxes of Jap food too which he despises.
  10. My favourite ship is Sapphire, was on board her mid 2018 - Baltics and Scandinavia. Good size, good bars and a real prom deck, unlike Royal Class.
  11. So where is our good comrade GUT, not seen him on here for a month or so ? Where are you old son, off eating these?
  12. I can only say that Princess will have trouble selling passages on ye olde Diamond Princess after this incident. Even though she well get a deep clean, we hope.
  13. And from the photos I have seen of the facility, very acceptable, like a 3 star motel with pool, gym and many other recreational facilities. It reportedly housed 3500 persons when it was occupied by mining staff. Closed since 2018. BTW 'Diamond Dave and 'Princess Sally are a little agitated now, awaiting their test results.
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