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  1. Like in the World Wars when the women at home knitted socks and scarves for the boys in the trenches. Now it is Covid Masks.
  2. Seems to be hit and miss. A bit slack down here the locals, they should remember we already had a dose of the virus at the Batemans Bay Soldiers Club, last month. The club shut down for two weeks, but the poker machine wheels are now spinning, the steaks sizzling and the cold beer pouring.
  3. We always washed our underwear in cabin on Princess, hanging it up to dry on clothes line in shower, or sneaking it onto the balcony, contrary to policy. 🤯 Being Elite pax we also had the perk of complimentary laundry for other stuff,, not making a welter of it, but putting in a bag every 3 or 4 days.
  4. Thought I would throw this up..re mask wearing. Woolworths has gone public saying they want to encourage customers at Woolworths Supermarkets, and their liquor outlets - BWS liquor stores, Dan Murphys liquor, to wear face masks in store. So guess what..Uncle Les dons his Mask !! goes into his local Dan Murphys this morning to procure some medicine, about half a dozen customers in the huge new store, walking the aisles and at checkout, worse still 4 employees, shelf filling and on checkouts, none wearing masks. What the ????
  5. I have kept out of this topic for personal reasons, but I give you this scenario...What if the Senior Doctor and Captain of the Ruby Princess at Circular Quay on 19th March 2020, had the intestinal fortitude to defy and challenge NSW Health/Border Force and hold all pax and crew on board until testing was done and results known? The ship's executive officers knew they had Covid cases aboard, yet the pax and crew were released into main stream Sydney. I note the number of submissions, 100 or so, what happened to the other 2500 pax? could they not be bothered to make a submission?
  6. G'day young Lyle, brighten up old chap, you will get here, give it a couple of years. I do feel truly sorry for blokes like you coming up for retirement and all these planned adventures on hold. Most us dinosaurs are lucky, we travelled in calmer times. Keep your spirits up, there will still be plenty of pies and beers here for you. Harry's pie cart is going nowhere. You mention $500 for 2 weeks laundry on Celebrity, sounds a huge amount to spend on laundry.
  7. Sorry, my apologies you are right, I was thinking of Bovril. Australia has an equivalent of Bovril, it is Bonox, been around for years. Rum and Bonox was a favourite amongst military personnel, way back and is often consumed at dawn services on Anzac Day 25 April. Warms the cockles of your heart.
  8. Interstate heavy vehicle drivers are a real worry re Covid Transmission, they can pick it up anywhere, truck stops, servos, etc.
  9. The Vic Govt could easily structure a stage 5 and 6.
  10. NSW and ACT banned from Qld from Saturday. Returning Queenslanders after Saturday will have to to do hotel quarantine at their expense. I bet the flights will be full to Qld this week and roads busy, all trying to get back before the quarantine. 725 new positives just announced for Victoria, another record we don't want.
  11. Dont agree, some selfish people sure, but we cannot label all Vics. Peace, brothers and sisters, we are all Australians, remember?
  12. Appreciate your response Leigh, but in this climate we have to give up much of what we love. All the best.
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