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  1. Many thanks young David, happy Easter to you as well.
  2. Having just today booked an Arcadia cruise for next March, I can assure you the daily pricing has increased to cover the automatic gratuities included in the cruise fare. From May 2019, I believe. Too many pax removing them I suppose, hence the change, now non negotiable. Will certainly decrease the work load for the purser's staff !! All those forms gone !! P&O Australia and Princess Australia implemented the same change a couple of years ago.
  3. With Princess here in OZ you can get a refare if a price drop, up to final payment, done it a few times. I recently tried with HAL, no luck. I just booked Arcadia for next year through P&O Australia as we cannot book direct with P&O UK, God only knows why !! if a price drop will have a go at a refare.
  4. Auto tips are finished from May. Now included in cruise fare and non negotiable. Probably because may pax removed them.
  5. Been on both and liked both ships. Good mid size, enough people for me, good facilities. On Arcadia again next year, Singapore to Southampton.
  6. G'day again David, can you please delete/add these to your list. Delete - NSWP Sapphire Princess, Grand Asia, ex Singapore 12 March 2020. Add - NSWP Arcadia, Singapore to Southampton - 14 March 2020 - 29 nights. Thanks and Happy Easter.
  7. Happy Easter to all. Enjoy the break. I will be on Noordam from Easter Sunday enroute to Honolulu, see yall in a month.
  8. They could have been served roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding. Now Dame Vera Lynn was a singer in WW2 years, she used to sing a lot for the British Armed Forces, like White Cliffs of Dover or We'll Meet again...etc. God I am old.
  9. Thanks, I already E Mailed and then called ships services at HAL HQ in Seattle. They could do nothing they said as dining arrangements were in the hands of the Restaurant Manager on the ship and to see him/her on boarding, I mentioned my Celiac condition, but they did not seem really interested. Happy cruising to you.
  10. No Antarctic Expedition cruise for you two then, plenty of zodiacs and ice landings. But you can do those on your own, the boss and I often do separate shorex, according to one's interests.
  11. We have stayed at Crowne Plaza in San Pedro twice now. Excellent. Rooms, food good and a shuttle to pier. We booked direct with the hotel website. I would never book a Princess Hotel.' Prices are way over the top.
  12. Interesting, on our Noordam cruise in a few days, there were 2 fare drops before final payment, (booked the cruise 6 months ago.) I requested a refare from my TA and HAL, the answer I got was..'For Australian Bookings, the fare you pay is the final fare, no refares. We mainly cruise Princess and do a few refares. This has not made me happy, as this is our first HAL cruise. They also promised us traditional dining, now we have been given open seating, which for medical/dietary reasons does not suit me, approaches to our TA and HAL Customer Relations in Seattle have been negative. Suffice to say, I will not be a happy chappy when I board.
  13. Muchas Glenn Miller and Doris Day perhaps? Perhaps an Elvis or Rolling Stones tribute show is needed.
  14. We prefer traditional dining, but it is often filled up early, eg. I booked Noordam 6 months ago, to sail Sydney to Honolulu on Sunday. There were wait lists for 1st and 2nd seating, so I got waitlisted, now we have been given 'open seating' which we don't want, tried through my Agent and HAL Customer Relations to get a TD spot, but no good. I am Celiac and have to order dinner the night before, so having same time, same table, same waiters makes it easier for the staff to find me and serve me.
  15. Princess also contract a large passenger ferry/pleasure craft to assist in the tendering process to and from the ship/South Queensferry Wharf. It eases the load a fair bit. We have been into South Queensferry twice on Princess ships, Crown in 2009 and Royal in 2018, we were on the larger ferry both times. Enjoy.
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