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  1. The UK needs to mask up for a start and shut down every entertainment/pub/eating venue, not just in some areas in the north, like Liverpool and Manchester which are overwhelmed by covid.
  2. Look out for the VICPOL Drones with the Fun Police pressing the buttons, Adrian. Can they fly at night spotting bbqs and drinkies en masse for the NRL GF? Within Victoria of course. Mate you forgot to mention Penrith v Storm game tonight, do you have TV's in Melbourne? 🤣 Or will you have to listen to it on the AWA Bakelite valve driven radio, courtesy of ABC?
  3. There is so much pressure on people trying to get these refunds back from the cruiselines. It should not be like that, they should should cough up immediately, it is your money not the Cruiseline's or the Travel Agent's. It appears to me on the sidelines here that in many instances TA's are also hanging on to the funds for far too long.
  4. The national game, Rugby League Football, Penrith Panthers v Melbourne Storm. Going to be a great game.
  5. Enjoy mate, Tooheys and a Mrs Macs pie, what else do you need? A Panthers win perhaps? May the best team win.
  6. Well said Jennie and Leigh, you have given a rational and commonsense view. What else could Dan and his government have done? They brought the covid numbers down with strong action. You cannot afford to lose the battle now, it is nearly won in Victoria as in the rest of the country.
  7. Is the lawn bowls on Ch9? 🤣 But Adrian, your team is playing, The Melbourne Storm, you have not heard of them? Go the Storm, I don't like the Chocolate Soldiers, sorry Mr Walker.
  8. Just been announced by Dan A. No easing of restrictions today for Melbourne. Bad news.
  9. They have, couple of mine went. Such is life, you win some, you lose some.
  10. Well Ch7 is correct in that label. The cruise industry is decimated.
  11. Yes under the circumstances we are lucky. As I said I have had 4 mini road trips since June, going out west and further down south, just 3 or 4 days, change of environment. I was down at Merimbula the other week, just for 3 nights, only a couple of hours drive from here, wining, dining, fishing, golfing. Normally full of Victorians, like a ghost town these days. My last little trip recently apart from Canberra yesterday ! was out to Young and Cootamundra, been there before, nice towns, nice people, if you get the opportunity head out here. I hope Mr Andrews gives you guys a break. Fingers crossed.
  12. Stacks of tiny houses in subdivsions erupting from farm land to the north west of Canberra. Canberra population is exploding so the bulldozers have been in action. Amazing how Canberra has grown out, must be plenty of work there, government or otherwise. We had lunch at a vegetarian cafe in ye old Strathnairn Homestead, now Arts Centre. I am afraid I could not be a veggie or vegan or whatever they call those folk. Anyway back to Qantas, they are proposing to operate Qantas flights, Canberra to Auckland in the future.
  13. I prefer a wing to a drumstick any day Mic. If you want a culture shock go out to Strathnairn (near Holt) for a drive, OMG you will say. The landscape is destroyed.
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