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  1. Good point David, thank you. I can be on Hawaii time, right now. The local petrol station sells flowers, they should be reduced in price now, post Valentines day, I had better get down there old son. BTW, nice looking ship the Crystal Serenity.
  2. I prefer to pay shorex before cruise as well, cuts that final on board bill down a bit.
  3. Big seas, all part of the adventure.
  4. Thanks for advice, the Royal Class ships having no walk around prom deck ensures the bit of deck space on Deck 7 is not intrusive into E Deck 8 cabins. I noticed that on Royal Princess last year.
  5. NSWP

    Cruising With Jane McDonald

    She likes the lads, especially cruise ship staff.
  6. Nice pics, thanks. I am in big strife, forgot about Valentines day.
  7. NSWP

    Cruising With Jane McDonald

    She should have stuck with her day job of past years, cruise ship singer in the Caribbean. I reckon she was OTT in the TV series, that laugh drove me nutz. She is on he Noordam? I hopes she disembarks before I embark on 21 April. Nice enough lady, but hosting cruise ship docos is not her forte.
  8. Australian based Princess cruises I would say, Aussies just going for the ride and not wanting to fork out the big money for shorex. I am on Majestic and Sapphire next year in Asia and both require prepayment of shorex. That is why Tips are now hidden in cruise fare for Australian based cruises, so many Aussies taking them off. P&O UK has gone the same way, jacked up prices to include gratuities. The Brits are good at lining up to take off the tips too, cannot be done now.
  9. NSWP

    Well done Princess

    Noted, thanks Leigh.
  10. Just read the blog, they did just that, the $28 canal ride, checking out the rich and famous in their mega yachts, big cruisers and palaces on the waterfront.
  11. NSWP

    Well done Princess

    We were on Royal last year in Europe, had a mid aft mini suite, no soot problems. Next year on Majestic also a 'Royal Class' ship, have a mid forward mini on Riviera Deck. People who take the Guarantee cabins, i.e. no cabin number until just before sailing, run the risk of being allocated aft balconies, too late to change then. The ships are nearly always full. Personally I would never take a 'G'tee cabin, I like to pick my own, that is why we always book early.
  12. NSWP

    Seabourn Encore at OPT 7 Feb

    She was at Batemans Bay yesterday, I was slack did not get a photo. She anchored and tendered in. A strange looking little ship.
  13. NSWP

    Noordam Dunedin 6Feb

    Nice pics, thanks, on her 21 April.
  14. NSWP

    Well done Princess

    At the end of the day I trust they spent all their obc, such largesse by Princess, must have been a generous person in Princess Customer Relations. But good luck to them, he complained and got compensation, there would be precedents.