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  1. Re the rain, chucking it down again down here on NSW Far South Coast. Moruya anyway.
  2. International Cruise Terminal, Circular Quay on the Harbour.
  3. Thanks Geoff, it is still in my memory. Was an exciting journey. The ship had damage to bow, pool bar and showers demolished, some windows bust and half a dozen pax fell down the stairs with injuries due to lifts out of action for 24 hrs. Capt Andrew Froude got us home safely.
  4. Might I wish all on here a HAPPY EASTER, plenty of goodies and take care.
  5. I would think well over a thousand, if you check the CC Roll Calls for the cruise and other social media platforms. As for South Australia, who knows?
  6. Hope the surgery went ok Mic, you have had a rough trot with the Achilles. Get better soon. I am sure Nurse Rosie is looking after you.
  7. Well done Julie and Rolf, great to have a mini suite on a long voyage. Enjoy it all, not long to go !
  8. Indeed Neil. Now Penriff Panthers, stayed in their cabins near the club some 30 years ago on a Traffic Seminar. Hospitality was great, lol.
  9. Linda If ok might leave our Far South Coast CC Reunion until you come back from overseas .Raymonds or the Cat club will still be there, lol. Got my son coming down next week for Easter, then I am going to Lakes Entrance , Vic for a road trip, the Wyangala Winery wine cruise and wine tasting/ lunch there will have to appease my cruise hunger. All the best for now, keep packing.
  10. In UK in my youth the eggs were hard boiled in within the sausage coating. When in HK a few years ago post cruise, M & S had scotch eggs in their food section.
  11. Tut Tut Linda, the Batehaven Bakery is just down the road from your holiday house, lol. You had better take Mr and Mrs Duck down there next year. Couple of Bakeries/pie shops in Moruya, but no GF ones.
  12. Those wine prices are way, way, way over the top. Re Eden, worth a 20 minute walk up the hill from ship to town. They often run a bus.
  13. Thanks for the live reports, looking forward to it, food pics please !! Above all enjoy !!
  14. Hi all, well after a hectic few weeks, I moved into my new digs last Thursday. Got NBN connected yesterday. All good so far. Ample room for Uncle Les and nice people thus far in other units/villas. It was 40C when I moved last Thursday, nightmare but did it. I think I need a cruise !! Time for happy hour with my new neighbours. Lyle, sorry to hear about Lyn's Mum.
  15. Hi all, might I wish all my lady friends on here a very happy Valentines Day. Hope you had a good day and the lucky ones got choccies, flowers and a nice meal somewhere. I am going out to Raymonds Chinese at Malua Bay with my daughter and her partner. My shout I suppose, but what is new? Flat out emptying my place for the move on 29 Feb, plenty of stress. 🍽️🍹
  16. No smoking cougars for me chilli. Horrible habit.🤢
  17. Home porting at Port Kembla, horrid, nice views of the steelworks and associated pollution from heavy industries, believe me I worked the Illawarra region for 4 years, no wonder I have lung issues.
  18. I think the OP just want some wine and beer precruise, for the week at a Sydney Hotel room.
  19. Looking at the revised itinerary for Coral this year, re Walvis Bay, a dump, not much there unless you go to the sandhills on quad bikes or jeeps etc or just slide down. Called in there in 2012 on Arcadia, half Worldie, Sydney to Southampton.
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