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  1. Nice mug shot avatar, Mic and Rosie, you spring chickens.😍
  2. $150 to $200 is fair value for a balcony. Last cruise we paid AU$170 pp for balcony on Noordam. In my opinion it was not worth that, worst cruise in 28 of them. Tardy ship, crap ports in the islands, real crap food. Next cruise, Majestic Princess, paid AU$200 pp a day for mini suite. One after that Arcadia, paid AU$250 pp per day for deluxe cabin, a bit over my benchmark $200 but got 700 pounds (AU$1300) obc. Gratuities included in base cruise fare for both to soften the blow.
  3. We stayed at the Marriott, end of Pitt St, a few weeks ago. Vey good hotel and only 5 minutes to ship at Overseas Terminal. We did not eat there, too expensive, but ate dinner and breakfast at City Extra opposite the ferries.
  4. Tomato, BBQ and Mustard? Any GF bread for Uncle Les? 🤔
  5. Prexisting and age creeps in and Allianz for ANZ Platinum CC won't insure us. So for 3 months trip next year, Asia/England, a big $2000 for unlimited cover. Such is life. People still travel without insurance, a couple from Chicago on our Noordam dining table had no cover, for the trip ..Sydney - Honolulu. Their stupid reasoning was 'we are Americans, our government will take care of us. !!!😮'
  6. Same here, insured with NRMA, they use Covermore, recently returned from cruise plus Hawaii. I had preexisting conditions and they covered me after an on line assessment. Using them for next years travel as well, Asia and UK.
  7. Just off Noordam, Sydney to Honolulu. On Gala nights there was the odd tux, but mostmen wore slacks and shirt, the odd pair of jeans and polo shirt. Other nights, shorts were observed in MDR. HAL is certainly laid back these days.
  8. Spot on, nothing special and no lobster at all on our cruise, unless you wanted to pay $20 surcharge.
  9. We are on Majestic Princess 12 February next year, Sydney to Singapore. Cruise gratuities are included in base fare, according to my paperwork. So they ain't getting no more.🤬
  10. That is terrible news, you had better head off to Aldi for a few 'frozies.'
  11. Cheers Mic, David and all. Well the ship was ok, but the Noordam food presentation and quality not so. Probably the worst tucker I have had on a ship, I actually lost 3 kg. First and last HAL cruise. Wakkiki was very expensive.
  12. Got off Noordam in Honolulu on 6 May. I can tell you now, men were wearing shorts in the MDR and on Gala night, jeans and T shirts galore. The odd tuxedo. The dress was very laid back.
  13. RIP Walt, you served us well.
  14. Bon Voyage to all, our friends Vicki and Jim from down here are on board for the full monty. (Yes, Uncle Les got back today from Noordam and Waikiki.)
  15. I am looking for some more travel insurance now I am going on Arcadia to UK, following Majestic, Syd-Sing and a stay in Singa. I just ran a dummy quote through on Cota, $1200. Almost double that of NRMA/Covermore which was $693 with the discounts. That is for a month's travel insurance to tie in with the NRMA one already purchased for period 12.2.20 - 4.3.20. Might go with NRMA gain, Allianz credit card insurance (ANZ Bank Premium Card) decline to insure me, because of existing condition.
  16. Good point, and me, although being a mean Aussie, might still throw a few quid at deserving souls on Arcadia, despite copping a big fare price hike due to 'included gratuities.'
  17. Sure do Brian, security concerns maybe?
  18. Aft on D deck is ok, life boats are forward a bit, so it is clear down the side of the hull to the sea. We have D142 which looks ok.
  19. I have not been on here for a while, but I am sure it is now 1 litre bottle of spirits or a bottle of wine pp. A bit inbalanced that rule. Soft drinks can be taken on board. The Alcohol Police might seize your vodka and limes from Tesco.
  20. Same with the 2020 cruise, we are booked on Arcadia the Singapore - Southampton Sector. 9 sea days in a row inc Suez Canal. Maybe they are in a hurry to get home to merry olde England !! I do like plenty of sea days though.
  21. Exactly what Holland America have done. Formal nights now called Gala nights and no jacket and tie required, just long trousers and a collared shirt. I am on Noordam Sunday, no jacket and tie in the case.
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