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  1. STU, thanks for pics and blog. I have a question, please...Can you give us a rough make of nationalities on board, i.e. Brits, North Americans, Aussies/Kiwis etc ?
  2. Well I'll be darned. You could donate one of the chairs back to Princess for a Trivia prize. Enjoy your cruise.😀
  3. Oh yes, a Greggs in every town, they must keep turning out their products otherwise there will be a revolution in UK.
  4. I love the deck space and pax viewing window area behind bridge.
  5. I realise that, the shower settings can create excitement for some. But there should be no excuse for low water pressure on modern cruise ships. BTW, I must check on the shower situation on Noordam. I know they have hand held showers, but not aware of any flow issues.
  6. Perhaps you should take in a few of these to the famished in starving Britain.
  7. No Union Flag on her bow, although it could be an old pic, pre new livery.
  8. QM2 is the best of all the ships I have been on. Unique, nothing else like her. Just that some of her clientele are not 'my cup of tea' if you know what I mean. Not that I have anything against G&T imbibers.
  9. Correct and Carnival Corporation just moves their ships around their fleet. I heard Queen Mary 2 is replacing ye olde Sun Princess. That will make the Cunarders irate, they will choke on their G & T's. I can see it now, singlets and footie shirts in the Queens Grill, no more penguin suits required. When I was on QM2, at breakfast one morning in Brittania MDR, there was an old geezer in a blazer, shirt, regimental tie. Fair dinkum, I choked on my kippers.
  10. On Noordam 21 April, had two price drops before final payment, neither my agent nor HAL would honour it. Their answer is 'What you paid is the final price. I normally cruise Princess and they always re fare.
  11. We were at Heefrow last May, landed on Cathay Pacific about 3pm, must have been lucky this time, 30 minutes only to get processed, I was in the LHR Premier Inn by 4.30pm having an icy cold pint of Thatchers cider.
  12. With all this Brexit stuff going on, they could run out of tucker in ye olde UK, so bring thy Vegemite if visiting there.
  13. After perusing the various shower set ups, I am of the opinion that the hand helds are working on gravity feed with a narrow tube, hence the low flow. The fixed heads are working on more direct mains pressure, resulting in an acceptable flow.
  14. This website is G rated Uncle Mic, available for viewing by Tin Lids.
  15. Not in vivid colour anyway, black & white would be ok.
  16. Thanks Mic, we won't have to queue with the 'Aliens' then, we can line up with the poms.😆 Rule Brittannia.
  17. Nothing much there, middle of the desert, couple of 'resorts.' San Martin is the gateway to Pisco, across the water. We were there doing this cruise in 2014 on Golden Princess.
  18. Indeed mate, I buy a couple of dozen at a time from 1st Choice on line. $150 or more you get free delivery. The more you drink, the more you save. No Dan Murphy or 1st Choice down here in the semi sticks. Got some nice NZ Brancott Pinot Noir the other day, $20 wine for $8. Of course I bought in bulk.🍷 I will have to save a couple for next cruise.
  19. Rose, thank you for your comments. We sure are looking forward to our first HAL cruise in 40 days.
  20. Sea Princess is doing the worldy again, not for me, too old like the sun. Been on both.
  21. She is a cross between Spirit Class and Vista Class, a hybrid. The builders took the best features from both classes. Mongrel ship if you like. 92000 tonner. Mmmmm I can smell the garlic from here.
  22. We have booked Sydney Harbour Marriott @ Circular Quay only a 5 minute walk to OPT for Noordam on 21 April. Paid AU$224 direct with Marriott. Reasonable for that end of town and compares fairly well with other top hotels in area.
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