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  1. Where is this ship now and has the Refurb happened yet??? Have never sailed Norwegian but just booked 3 cabins for kids and grandkids. Seems this ship has been based and was based in China.
  2. PS if you can afford an Avalon River Cruise you can afford laundry. We sent ours out and Avalon did a beautiful job. Don’t remember the prices because frankly it was what it was and there was no other choice. Doing panties in my sink and leaving them all over to dry is not anything I’m willing to doing on vacation. Enjoy our Amsterdam to Budapest Cruise was fabulous!
  3. Next to your cabin is cabin 105 on one side and 101 on the other. Next to 101 is the tiniest workout run ever!
  4. Check eBay! They have all manner of items “borrowed” from various cruise lines.
  5. But I loved my Avalon cruise, ask for a credit against your cruise!
  6. These are generally left over seats and Avalon has zero control. Don’t plan on good connections but insist you leave the US 3 days before sailing so that any weather or airline screw ups can be over come and you will make the sailing. This same advice applies for flights booked yourself. You fly out today and get there tomorrow (hopefully)
  7. I didn’t know they did Peru!
  8. I posted it in Post 6.... fax your Email & phone # Plus Booking Number & Passenger Names. Current Page from your Brokers stmt (I circle the position). I do this about 60 - 75 days out. You will get an Onboard Credit based on the length of your cruise. Some heavily discounted fares not eligible but I haven’t been denied yet.
  9. Dont forget to get your Shareholders Credit! http://phx.corporate-ir.net/External.File?item=UGFyZW50SUQ9Mjc0MjIzfENoaWxkSUQ9LTF8VHlwZT0z&t=1
  10. I will be docking in Southampton on June 8 and headed into London. I certainly didn’t know that was the day for Trooping of the Colour In London! What an unfortunate day to need to drive into town. Need advice on Hilton properties, have a ton of points which should give me 4 or 5 nites Free. We have been many places in the world but never London. We will want to do normal tourist 1st time visitor things. Already have Rick Steve’s 2019 London Book. Any Hilton properties to suggest?
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