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  1. Does anybody know about the northern ports? The one I'm questioning is the inaugural Mardi Gras out of Copenhagen. I understand Barcelona has a liquor store inside the port but that won't help me on that one LOL! We will be stopping in Kiel, Gothenburg, Oslo, Zeebrugge, Rotterdam, Le Havre and ending in London. Does that mean we can bring a bottle of wine on each of those ports of call?
  2. Even with the drink package pre-purchased? I was told if you bought it ahead of time (therefore purchases out of Europe) no VAT, only if you bought it onboard? (my Barcelona - Barcelona cruise is on RCI.)
  3. Does Carnival offer Cheers on European cruises? We're on the inaugural Mardi Gras in northern Europe cruise next fall and someone on another group said they don't offer it, and I just want to know why. We are doing a southern Mediterranean cruise this fall on Royal and have purchased their drink package....🙄 Just wondering....
  4. I don't see any tours yet for this sailing. Anyone else? I saw that info on the site-not-to-be-spoken-of on CC, but ....?????
  5. We will be platinum 2 cruises from now. I understand that when you set your luggage out you're the first to get off the ship for the group of people who put their luggage out. What about self assist? If you're carrying off all of your luggage do you get a get off first? The website is pretty vague and just says priority debarkation. But everytime I hear the announcements they start on a certain floor for self assist not for priority.
  6. We are going with friends on a European cruise (Yay! First time there for all of us!) this September. How do we link our reservations so that we will 1) be seated together at dinner and 2) that we will be in the same group for our excursions? We've traveled with family before but we didn't need to link anything since we didn't do any ship excursions and we had anytime dining.
  7. Following I've only been on one RCI ship so far (Adventure), and have one scheduled (Oasis), but for some reason your review caught my eye and I'm hooked! You have a beautiful family. I've been on similar sized Carnival ships and through hurricane-reminents weather (Jose) and I'm waiting to hear about your adventures.
  8. Following. We are doing our first European cruise this fall and another in 2020.
  9. Um.... How long ago was that muster picture? We don't need to wear life jackets any more. At least we never have been on a cruise that made us. But yes, everyone does it before leaving their point of departure.
  10. OMG, Blue Iguana has huevos rancheros?! We never knew! We've never seen it on the menu. I've only ever gotten them at the sea day brunch. Thanks for the info!
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