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  1. 6 minutes ago, reiddg said:

    Early in the thread, it was mentioned that there was a Princess webinar, for TAs I believe, to discuss the new Sanctuary Collection.  Anyone on here or following attend it?  I'm curious if any meaningful information came out of it.

    My TA attended - it confirmed what we had already figured out. Not many questions or concerns were addressed, it seems. Princess stated that they feel this new plan is "better for the guests".

    Not sure I agree - especially since the suites lost things that I feel were important to the suite experience they had promised when we booked.

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  2. 2 hours ago, vjmatty said:

    I think it was even more of a concern. If we assume as you seem to that everyone will be out there at once, that tiny area was not enough for 160 people. The thing about day passes with the old system, if someone buys it they’re almost 100% likely to use it. Less likely with permissive included access of the 215 cabins.  As I mentioned above, even Celebrity and MSC don’t have enough seating on their decks or restaurants for every passenger entitled to be there at the same time.


    But hey, we’re both speculating. We won’t know who’s right until October. 

    Nope - never made that assumption. 

  3. 1 hour ago, vjmatty said:

    I don’t think we need it….the whole area is now exclusive, with exponentially more space and a lot less passengers than under the old system.  If you’re worried about the “lower class” type passenger, they’ll be priced out of the sanctuary club rooms anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Nope - not at all a “lower class” thing. 

    I’m concerned about the possibility of 428 other people (215 cabins at double occupancy) impacting my ability to use the space and get suite-level service, that I paid for with my suite booking. 

    With the dedicated suite space that was not a concern. 

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  4. 3 minutes ago, vjmatty said:

    That actually looks like a lot more room than suites originally had, like 4 times as much. The question is, do those additional Sanctuary Club cabins add up to more or less than the number of day passes that are being sold on sailings between now and October.  I personally don’t think the original Signature area was big enough for 80 suites. 

    ….but now there is NO dedicated suite space. 

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  5. 44 minutes ago, vjmatty said:

    What is the difference between Sanctuary access to select balcony cabins and Sanctuary day passes being sold to the winners of the embarking day marathon, as in the old way? Either way you’d be sharing with the hoi pollloi. 

    There was a Signature Suite area in the Sanctuary which seems to have disappeared from the updated deck plans. 

    Original deck plans:


    UPDATED deck plan:



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  6. 33 minutes ago, mrmarklin said:

    No upgrade at all.  As a Suite passenger, I feel "screwed".  there is actually a dilution of benefits, in that more people will be eating in the Signature dining room, and our exclusive area on top of the ship in the Sanctuary portion is given over to hoi polloi as well.  The only thing left is the Signature Lounge.  Certainly don't want a bunch of peasant types in there.;-)

    Seriously, it's a step back.  I'm sailing in May, hopefully, none of the changes will be made by then.  And they will honor the target date of October.  Yeah, they had the nerve to send me news about the (non) upgrade!!!!


    Cunard, here I come.  (Queen's Grill)   Thank the Lord, the Class System is alive and well in the UK.  Our own Tea Lounge, too.


    If you want to have a gripe session I'll be in cabin 15639 next to the Signature Lounge>:-)

    I was going to say the same thing. This is a HUGE devalue of what was marketed as an exclusive dedicated suite experience. 

    We booked a penthouse suite for November - with the Premier package - expecting a private area on the sundeck, a private suite only restaurant and lounge. 

    With these changes we are now sharing all of those spaces with up to 428 other people (215 cabins at double occupancy) except the suite lounge. 

    We can’t help but feel duped - these are BIG changes and not at all what we thought we paid for with our Signature Suite booking. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, kitty2264 said:

    In describing the new Sanctuary Collection the Princess website shows the following description for Penthouse Suites and Sky Suites. Description of other accommodations i.e. Mini-Suites does not include the part about the Signature Lounge, Signature Restaurant and Signature Sun Deck.


    The Most Relaxing Accommodations at Sea

    Surrounding you with deluxe accommodations, a spacious Signature Penthouse Suite with balcony includes all the amenities of our Signature Collection, including access to the Signature Restaurant, Signature Lounge and Signature Sun Deck, a private area of The Sanctuary. Enjoy more living space, a separate seating area with sofa bed, enhanced amenities that range from priority embarkation and disembarkation to a complimentary mini-bar setup in suite and so much more.

    But on the new deck plans, I do not see any separation of the "Sanctuary Club" like before with the Signature Suite area that was identified as part the Sanctuary.  🤷‍♀️








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  8. 9 hours ago, Wishing on a star said:

    I could be reacting too quickly,  but the more I am seeing here with this new ship, I am seriously second guessing our booking.  No adult area,  No opportunity to book a Sanctuary.....   THESE are the things that we enjoy when cruising...  not all of the 'Screens' and glitz...    And a class system, that as many had complained, might seriously take away from our enjoyment of the cruise.  Seeing  " Sanctuary CLUB "  with the word CLUB could be the straw that seals the deal.

    Not sure if we will keep this booking.

    According to the press release…the “sanctuary club“ is still adult only - 16+




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  9. 2 minutes ago, J18ktleo said:

    In 2023 Princess changed the Premier pkg and it required an additional charge which offered more perks that are now standard.  It was very confusing and many, who didn't pay the upcharge, boarded thinking they had the entire pkg but they didn't since the name hadn't changed but, again, Princess 'adjusted' the program perks and there was really no way for passengers to know they did or didn't have the upgrade dpackage (since the name was the same🤪).


    I just looked at my group booking and we all have Premier which was included in our booking back in February for the suites, whew, thankfully that's good!  But I don't recall there being an option to book a suite without the Premier pkg.

    Yes when we booked you could book a signature suite with no package, Plus or Premier. Of course the pricing changed accordingly. 

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  10. 1 minute ago, pool_lounger said:

    I'm interested in finding out if suite guests will still have exclusive access to the Signature deck portion of the Sanctuary still? It was included as a perk before the release of the Sanctuary Club, but I haven't seen it referenced in the new material... Our email just confirmed we would still have access to the Sanctuary. Wondering if the designated suite area of the Sanctuary will still be there after Oct? 

    Doesn’t look like it!  Seems to be one big space now  🥺



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  11. 19 minutes ago, capriccio said:

    From the Sun Princess thread, this is a quote from yesterday’s press release:


    The new Sanctuary Collection aboard Sun Princess includes three levels of stateroom types – Signature Collection Suites (80), Mini Suites (123), and Premium Deluxe Balconies (16)


    I think there are fewer than 20 S9 cabins so this seems more than a doubling of the number of cabins in the Sanctuary Collection.


    I'm new to Princess - never sailed with them before, but have done the Haven, MSC YC, and MSC Explora Journeys.  Curious how these 219 cabins having access to the Sanctuary compares to the total people in the Sanctuary on other ships where they sold day passes.

  12. 2 minutes ago, capriccio said:

    From the Sun Princess thread, this is a quote from yesterday’s press release:


    The new Sanctuary Collection aboard Sun Princess includes three levels of stateroom types – Signature Collection Suites (80), Mini Suites (123), and Premium Deluxe Balconies (16)


    I think there are fewer than 20 S9 cabins so this seems more than a doubling of the number of cabins in the Sanctuary Collection.

    The 80 Signature Collection Suites breakdown:
    SO - Signature Sky Suite - 4
    S2 - Signature Owner's Suite - 10

    S4 - Signature Penthouse Suite - 36

    S9 - Signature Suite - 30

  13. 6 minutes ago, CalTexCruiser said:


    Well said.


    Princess just:


    1) Provided an incredible gift to the D0 balcony cabins of private dining and sanctuary access (whoever said you can't get something for nothing have not met Princess management);


    2) Provided a substantial gift of sanctuary access to those booked in Reserve Mini's; 


    3) Shafted those in S9 suites which are basically the same as Reserve Mini's but who probably paid hundreds if not thousands more (versus the Reserve Mini's) just for access to the lounge; and


    4) Degraded the experience of those in higher level suites who now have to deal with a much more crowded Sanctuary and private dining.



    Do we know how many additional cabins now have access to the Sanctuary - in addition to the 80 that were Signature Suites?

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  14. 1 hour ago, dog said:

    My guess is that the 2 private restaurants will become one, using the same kitchen, as they already do. With numerous Specialty & casual restaurants now included in premium packages the Sanctuary collection folks get, it may not be so crowded after all.

    And my guess is the Sanctuary will be one- no longer separated.

    Anyway, we will see…

    I hope not! When we booked there were to be exclusive, dedicated suite spaces. 

    Maybe with the extra cabins now included - it stays separated and they do not intend to sell Sanctuary "day passes" like they do on other ships??  🤞🤞

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  15. 1 hour ago, chisoxfan said:

    Well we can ask Princess management or try the 'lucky magic eight ball toy'.... right now I have more confidence in the magic eight ball toy. 

    They really have created a lose/ lose scenario. We booked a suite (at what I felt was a fair price) largely to enjoy the Sanctuary in the Carib.  With the now seemingly increased numbers of passengers using it I cannot imagine they will maintain the 'suite only section' as they will need all the space for newly minted users. I guess we will have to see but doesn't look good. Selflishly I would hope they would maintain a suite area as originally promised.


    While I cannot speak for others,  some of us who purchased a premiere package might feel slighted as this is now standard. The Princess retort would be 'you got a better price'. I think what most of us want is just clarity. I know pricing will change but when you have drastic movement and changes in benefits/ categories (especially on a brand new ship) it does not lend confidence to future cruise bookings. I can emphasize with somebody who was looking to book a suite a few days ago and finding out it is now 35% more.


    Maybe to put an exclamation point on their (Princess') confusion I had looked at clamshells for an upcoming cruise. I never indicated I wanted to purchase and when one does initiate a purchase it  typically requires a CC or use of OBC to reserve. This morning I received an invoice from Princess for three clamshells. Not difficult to cancel but not reassuring either (was hoping Princess would have had some provison for suite passengers on the private island).


    Not trying to overreact as things will likely change but I went from X Retreat to Princess Sphere class to now?........ MSC YC seems to be the last remaining survivor for cruisers who want a reasonably priced inclusive suite experience on a large cruise ship.



    I hope that they will keep the Suites-only section of the Sanctuary, I haven't seen anything YET that leads me to believe that has been discontinued. It would help those of us who booked true suites to feel that we still have some of our exclusive, dedicated suite space.

    Does anyone know how many additional cabins are now included in the Sanctuary Collection?  I know 80 cabins are true suites - previously Signature Suites - but I am trying to figure out how many more cabins now have access to the Sanctuary and Restaurant.

    I am wondering if with the addition of the "extra cabins" - perhaps they are not going to offer Sanctuary "day passes" as they do on other ships?? 

  16. 1 minute ago, capriccio said:

    Now there will be a daily race of many more people than there are lounges.

    I’m waiting to see if the separate suite area in the sanctuary remains available for what were signature suites. 

  17. 3 minutes ago, reedprincess said:

    Current bookings, ie any bookings prior to today, do NOT get the Premier Cruise Package included (nor subject to price hike).

    So, if you want it for the 3rd passenger, you'd still have purchase it separate.

    In the FAQs:


    Not sure about that!  I got an email from Princess announcing my upgrade to the Sanctuary Collection - which it says includes the Premier Package.

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