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  1. 1 hour ago, dog said:

    My guess is that the 2 private restaurants will become one, using the same kitchen, as they already do. With numerous Specialty & casual restaurants now included in premium packages the Sanctuary collection folks get, it may not be so crowded after all.

    And my guess is the Sanctuary will be one- no longer separated.

    Anyway, we will see…

    I hope not! When we booked there were to be exclusive, dedicated suite spaces. 

    Maybe with the extra cabins now included - it stays separated and they do not intend to sell Sanctuary "day passes" like they do on other ships??  🤞🤞

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  2. 1 hour ago, chisoxfan said:

    Well we can ask Princess management or try the 'lucky magic eight ball toy'.... right now I have more confidence in the magic eight ball toy. 

    They really have created a lose/ lose scenario. We booked a suite (at what I felt was a fair price) largely to enjoy the Sanctuary in the Carib.  With the now seemingly increased numbers of passengers using it I cannot imagine they will maintain the 'suite only section' as they will need all the space for newly minted users. I guess we will have to see but doesn't look good. Selflishly I would hope they would maintain a suite area as originally promised.


    While I cannot speak for others,  some of us who purchased a premiere package might feel slighted as this is now standard. The Princess retort would be 'you got a better price'. I think what most of us want is just clarity. I know pricing will change but when you have drastic movement and changes in benefits/ categories (especially on a brand new ship) it does not lend confidence to future cruise bookings. I can emphasize with somebody who was looking to book a suite a few days ago and finding out it is now 35% more.


    Maybe to put an exclamation point on their (Princess') confusion I had looked at clamshells for an upcoming cruise. I never indicated I wanted to purchase and when one does initiate a purchase it  typically requires a CC or use of OBC to reserve. This morning I received an invoice from Princess for three clamshells. Not difficult to cancel but not reassuring either (was hoping Princess would have had some provison for suite passengers on the private island).


    Not trying to overreact as things will likely change but I went from X Retreat to Princess Sphere class to now?........ MSC YC seems to be the last remaining survivor for cruisers who want a reasonably priced inclusive suite experience on a large cruise ship.



    I hope that they will keep the Suites-only section of the Sanctuary, I haven't seen anything YET that leads me to believe that has been discontinued. It would help those of us who booked true suites to feel that we still have some of our exclusive, dedicated suite space.

    Does anyone know how many additional cabins are now included in the Sanctuary Collection?  I know 80 cabins are true suites - previously Signature Suites - but I am trying to figure out how many more cabins now have access to the Sanctuary and Restaurant.

    I am wondering if with the addition of the "extra cabins" - perhaps they are not going to offer Sanctuary "day passes" as they do on other ships?? 

  3. 1 minute ago, capriccio said:

    Now there will be a daily race of many more people than there are lounges.

    I’m waiting to see if the separate suite area in the sanctuary remains available for what were signature suites. 

  4. 3 minutes ago, reedprincess said:

    Current bookings, ie any bookings prior to today, do NOT get the Premier Cruise Package included (nor subject to price hike).

    So, if you want it for the 3rd passenger, you'd still have purchase it separate.

    In the FAQs:


    Not sure about that!  I got an email from Princess announcing my upgrade to the Sanctuary Collection - which it says includes the Premier Package.

  5. 7 minutes ago, Wonder18 said:

    I am trying to book main dining for my cruise on November 9 . Is anybody else having trouble booking their dining times or is it just me.


    I’ve read several posts - various pages - that dining does not open until 60-ish days prior to sailing. 




  6. On 4/3/2024 at 11:45 PM, cr2000 said:

    Thanks for doing this, would really love some clarification on the Signature Sundeck for families staying in a suite. I can understand how the Sanctuary might be adult only, but I don't see how Princess can market suites to families, but then break those families apart if they want to sit together on the Signature Sundeck. Seems like really bad public relations and marketing to do that given the ship is targeted towards families with kids given the addition of Park 19. 

    The other side of that - just as sticky - how do you market the Sanctuary as adult only then allow kids - even if they are in a suite?? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. On 3/9/2024 at 10:52 AM, Sox Fan Cruiser said:

    This is what I have so far.  Keep 'em coming!!


    (Doesn't copy as nice as it looks in Word but you get the idea)


    Signature Collection Questions

    ·       Overall experience

    ·       Sanctuary/Sun Deck

    o   Overall experience

    o   Aft view

    o   Cost? 

    o   Reserve Loungers? 

    o   Access to main area of Sanctuary? 

    o   Sit in main area if Signature area is full? 

    o   Food? 

    o   Bar?

    o   Price of cabanas?  Suites get first choice?  Reservation process.

    o   Afternoon tea?

    ·       Signature Restaurant

    o   Menu

    o   Different from Reserve Restaurant

    o   Different from Main Dining Room

    o   Breakfast

    o   Different each day

    o   Fresh squeezed orange juice

    o   Noise from the Piazza

    ·       Signature Lounge

    o   Overall experience

    o   Bar Service

    o   Concierge

    o   Crowded?

    o   Happy hours?

    o   Entertainment

    ·       Misc

    o   Aft elevators

    o   Special Restaurant first night – book onboard (SOXFAN: If I try to book it on the app it is charging my credit card so I don’t want to do that.  I like to go to the suite dining room the first night to “report in”. But I will ask)

    Yes, I have not seen anything posted about this process yet.

    Curious if all Speciality Restaurants are available to Signature Suite guests that first night or is it only a selected group of restaurants?

    Thank you for adding to your list to ask about!! 

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  8. 24 minutes ago, happy cruzin said:

    Are there upcharged items on the dinner menu too??  What other Signature Suite upcharges should we expect, besides drinks outside our Plus Package?

    Now that I look closely, there are charge items on the lunch menu too. Does anyone have photos of the Signature Suites dinner menu from the restaurant - not screenshots from the app??

    Screenshot 2024-03-19 143756.png

  9. 1 hour ago, happy cruzin said:


    New to Princess - but I am surprised/disappointed to see the upcharge items on the Signature Suites Breakfast menu.  😔

    Are there upcharged items on the dinner menu too??  What other Signature Suite upcharges should we expect, besides drinks outside our Plus Package?

  10. On 3/6/2024 at 8:50 PM, Womble99 said:

    Yes it is new, we had no issues having Lobster Benedict for breakfast on our cruise in January if we asked in advance and it certainly wasn't an upcharge item......


    They are always looking for ways to wring another dollar from passengers it seems.


    New to Princess - but I am surprised/disappointed to see the upcharge items on the Signature Suites Breakfast menu.  😔

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  11. 10 minutes ago, cruisedoctor said:



    (1). The red numbers on the menu (next to the cuts of meat) refer back to a poster showing where on the steer these cuts come from.

    (2). The three cuts of meat #9, #11, #12, & #16 are each presented to the diners by the butcher.  You can order(take) any or ALL of them…it’s up to you.

    (3)  As to the cook of the meat you select, they prepare it medium-rare.  However, if you want yours cooked further they will certainly do it for you.




  12. 1 hour ago, capriccio said:

    We got some differing news on a post (don't remember which thread) that I didn't have time to refer to that mentioned "on cruisedeckplans.com."  So this reminded me and I went to check it out.  Sure enough it is on that site but given that it isn't the official Princess site, no one should take it as gospel (which you can't even do with the Princess site).  This may be the reason no one, as far as I know, has been able to provide a description of DO signature benefits and upgrades from the official website.








    Exactly - since most sites prroated their descriptions a long time ago - when the ship and Signature Suites were announced it's quite possible ingirmation has changed. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. 16 minutes ago, Princess Chatterer said:

    Once inside the elevator how do you pick your destination floor?

    It's chosen - outside - before you enter the assigned elevator car. 

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  14. 1 hour ago, kamelia said:

    Just so you know, I WAS able to watch both of the videos (thank you very much, by the way ☺️) - clicking on the link opened each one in the Media Player on my laptop.

    I can not get them to play on my desktop - but I can view them on my phone!

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  15. 2 hours ago, HiramDylan said:

    Posting videos unfortunately doesn’t seem to work here, but Fincantieri Company workers were on the ship this morning in the Dome finishing off the ship, and there was a fiddler and singer-guitarist last night performing live, traditional-Irish music in the on-board O’Malley’s Irish pub.

    I can watch them on my phone!

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  16. 34 minutes ago, Lady Arwen said:

    The Elite section is much nicer and has all the shade.  The other side is fine as long as you get a cabana.  We love the Sanctuary on other ships, but this one not so much.

     In another post, you clarified that "Elite" should say Suite, correct??  So the Suite section has shade?? 

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  17. 7 hours ago, WonderMan3 said:

    The Sanctuary area looks fantastic...but...where's the shade??? I didn't see an umbrella in sight and very little covered areas, and where there was covering there were no loungers. Anyone know how much a cabana costs? Can those be booked in advance or only onboard?

    I also find the lack of shade concerning!   :/

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  18. 12 minutes ago, saminina said:

    Wondering if there is something I could care less about.  Sounds like a day to stay on the ship.

    The island is beautiful. Definitely worth getting off - even if just to wander. We will spend the afternoon at the Lighthouse Bar. Won't miss the YC area at all. 

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