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  1. We don't sail un November - so I'm hoping things are all settled by then!
  2. Sadly these postponements see to the happening to all the lines/new ships.
  3. Wow.... none of those seem to provide the "signature suite experience" that I was expecting when we booked our Signature Suite over a year ago! 😔
  4. Thanks. But I was referring to the reference to some restaurants physically moving to different locations on the Sun Princess. Which now seems to have be unsubstantiated.
  5. As I said in my original post - that thread has been removed.
  6. A couple of weeks ago there was a vlog published everywhere by a TA who had recently sailed the Sun Princess. She shared that there were to be very specific changes shuffling many of the restaurant locations on the Sun Princess. Supposedly to be effective in October when she starts to sail the Caribbean. I have not been able to find anything else about it anywhere and the thread that was here has been removed. Was that all a rumor or misinformation??
  7. Maybe - but it totally depends on when the ship is released by customs. Then and only then can they begin the disembarking process.
  8. Has anyone seen a "real" menu for Love by Britto yet?
  9. My TA attended - it confirmed what we had already figured out. Not many questions or concerns were addressed, it seems. Princess stated that they feel this new plan is "better for the guests". Not sure I agree - especially since the suites lost things that I feel were important to the suite experience they had promised when we booked.
  10. Nope - not at all a “lower class” thing. I’m concerned about the possibility of 428 other people (215 cabins at double occupancy) impacting my ability to use the space and get suite-level service, that I paid for with my suite booking. With the dedicated suite space that was not a concern.
  11. ….but now there is NO dedicated suite space.
  12. There was a Signature Suite area in the Sanctuary which seems to have disappeared from the updated deck plans. Original deck plans: UPDATED deck plan:
  13. I was going to say the same thing. This is a HUGE devalue of what was marketed as an exclusive dedicated suite experience. We booked a penthouse suite for November - with the Premier package - expecting a private area on the sundeck, a private suite only restaurant and lounge. With these changes we are now sharing all of those spaces with up to 428 other people (215 cabins at double occupancy) except the suite lounge. We can’t help but feel duped - these are BIG changes and not at all what we thought we paid for with our Signature Suite booking.
  14. Interesting! But on the new deck plans, I do not see any separation of the "Sanctuary Club" like before with the Signature Suite area that was identified as part the Sanctuary. 🤷‍♀️ New: Old:
  15. According to the press release…the “sanctuary club“ is still adult only - 16+
  16. Yes when we booked you could book a signature suite with no package, Plus or Premier. Of course the pricing changed accordingly.
  17. Doesn’t look like it! Seems to be one big space now 🥺
  18. Thanks! I'm new to Princess - never sailed with them before, but have done the Haven, MSC YC, and MSC Explora Journeys. Curious how these 219 cabins having access to the Sanctuary compares to the total people in the Sanctuary on other ships where they sold day passes.
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