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  1. Hank - No idea how close this is to what is really happening. But, I assume you’ve seen the current Anthology menu that is listed on the EJ website??
  2. Me too.... kind of surprised they are allowing any to be brought back on at all!
  3. Yes…just because guest probably CAN pay those markups does not mean the WILL. 😉
  4. Interesting idea…buying wine in port and bringing it back with you!
  5. @Hlitner - are the on-board accounts still the Euros or have they converted to USD?
  6. This is still concerning to me. We have certainly enjoyed the large selection in the YC. That is where my husband was introduced to Zucapa! Have you noticed what spiced rums are available? When a list was shared during the first sailing we did not see one listed. DH can deal with a lot of of things....but 14 days with no spiced rum might be asking too much! 😉
  7. Oh.....I never said we did not enjoy it. Honestly, it was one of the best cruises we have ever taken!
  8. Sounds like our experience on the MSC Seashore when we returned to cruising in November 2021.There were less than 100 people in the Yacht Club and no more than 400 - 500 on the whole ship. Weird to walk to a venue and see NO OTHER people. Creepy is how I described it too!
  9. I think our 14-day Caribbean sailing on November 3rd might just be the test case for that concern!
  10. Exactly....you have identified many of the things that we thought would be one way when we booked that now, of course, we know will be different!
  11. Yes - it will be interesting to see how this all plays out!
  12. We have been disappointed in the "experiences" (excursions) offered for our sailing in November. Not very many are offered and most are very expensive. Add that to the pay now - can't apply OBC - it's another disappointment.
  13. Yes - 100%, but many previous YC guests have balked at the EJ rates. And now are they hearing that the onboard experiences have been less than perfect for some. That's a lot to overcome!
  14. Yes - they have created a "tough" spot....expensive cruises come with great expectations. It's been a very rough start. Lots of things went sideways and now they are scrambling, IMO. If they do not find their footing in the market soon I am not sure they will!
  15. Detach....or embrace. But - IMO - they can not have it both ways!
  16. Yes - I do wonder how much EJ has hurt themselves by pushing the “we are a different cruise line” and not tapping more in to the existing YC market. Even just a match to current MSC status would have give a long way, IMO.
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