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  1. I got an email Friday while I was on the Conquest asking if I could help with this issue.


    A quick glance at the deck plans clearly shows eight aft wrap cabins divided among the Upper Deck, Empress Deck, Verandah Deck and the Vista Deck.


    However, I emailed a friend of mine, the Director of Public Affairs for Carnival and posed the question.


    He assured me that there are indeed eight 'aft wrap' cabins on the Dream. He refers to them as 'corner balconies' and Carnival refers to them as 'Premium balconies' as on other ships.


    I hope this helps put this one to bed.






    Good to hear - and I truly hope that is the case!


    But looking at the photos - it still does not look that way - but only for Deck 8 (Verendah) :o. In the photos posted earlier in this thread for Deck 8 you can clearly see the 6 "extended aft" balconies - which matches the published deck plans. Then it looks like there is a cabin and then the balcony with the corner.


    We have 8473 booked which is supposed to be a wrap. And according the the deck plans 8473 is next to the "extended afts". So there is the confusion.


    The cabin circled in red - in my previous post - is the cabin in question. Is it 8473 :confused: - in which case it is not a wrap or are there more that 6 extended aft balconies on Deck 8 - even though the deck plans show 6 and 8473 is actually the next cabin over :confused: or.....the the whole thing some kind of optical illusion :confused:.

  2. It wouldn't be the first time the deck plans have not matched what was actually there, before we really got into CC we went on a cruise on the Legend, when we booked the cabin we did a 3-way call with our TA and the CCL rep, we picked out 4226, a CAT 11 suite.


    Of course 5 minutes of searching on here would of told us that that is not the one to go for as there is a stairway that cuts right by the bedroom window AND removes 2/3 of the balcony.


    Needless to say that we were more than a little shocked to find our balcony missing, a quick phone call to our TA resulted in CCL saying there wasn't a stairways there (so I am blind), however there was a 12 open, but I had to go to the pursers desk to pay them the difference to move.


    Well I guess in the time that it took me to get from the cabin to the desk it had been sold :(, however the amusing thing to me was, they denied there was a stairway there as well.


    Well we were ready to walk off the ship, but friends from Europe had flown in to cruise with us, so we were kind of stuck.


    We woke up to a person looking through the curtains at us (have the picture) and it became a very frequent thing for people to knock on the window as they climbed the stairs, very annoying.


    I called CCL when we returned, of course there was no stairway in their mind, so I emailed them the pictures and told them to look at their deck plans.


    This resulted in an offer of a plate of chocolate covered strawberries as compensation, you can take a guess at what I said to that.


    As I am very much the type of person that just says "F this" and spends his money elsewhere I figured CCL had seen the last of me.


    However a very nice lady called Anita Dunham-Potter found out about all this somehow, she works for MSNBC, she interviewed my wife and then talked to CCL, funnily enough a much fairer compensation package was offered and accepted, with the condition that the deck plans were changed to show the stairway there.


    The thing that bugged me then and will bug me about these cabins isn't so much the fact that they are wrong, it's the thought that at some point someone is going to book the cabin who has spent a lot of time saving their hard earned money to take a dream cruise and they end up with something they should never have been sold. More so in the case of the Cat 11's on the Spirit class where there is a huge different in cost between a balcony cabin and a suite.


    Ok off my soap box now :D


    WOW :eek:.....what a history!! No wonder you were checking out those photos with a fine tooth comb.

    Well....as promised....when I hear anything back from Mach and/or my CVS I will be sure to let you know.

  3. Nice job Happy Cruzin. Were also waiting to make a wrap booking on the Dream.


    Thanks! I just want to get the real answer :rolleyes:.


    Don't get me wrong. I will be REALLY bummed if our cabin in not a wrap :(. But I have to keep reminding myself that if the deck plans are not what was actually built then it is a problem at lot bigger than just me :eek:!


    Not surprising....but my CVS told me yesterday that all of the wraps are sold out through March. Which could prove to be very interesting. There could be alot of unhappy people.


    So......for now.... I am still hoping that our eyes are playing tricks on us :o.

  4. Ok...just got off of the phone with my CVS.


    She totally understands our concerns and agrees that if the circled cabin in my photos is in fact 8473 - then we have paid for an aft-wrap balcony that we are not getting :eek:.


    She and her Supervisor have contacted the ship to ask for photos and specific dimensions for 8473 of the balcony and the cabin. They also have elevated the concern to the next level of Supervisors for clarification as well.


    So....now we wait for a response from the Supervisors and the ship. When I hear anything else - I will let you know.

  5. From what I read on John's Blog a few weeks ago -- he was going to be taking video of many different cabins - including aft cabins, when he was aboard. I can only assume he did that, and at this point is holding out (or I should say Carnival is holding out). Although there were a lot of great (still) shots by Radu, there was not much in the way of video. John in the Lobby, John in the Casino walking outside and back in, and then his Catwalk (TEASE).


    I appreciate all that he did relay back to us -- but for some reason I was expecting (ok- hoping for) more video. :confused:


    As far as comparing the balconies of deck 6,7, and 8 aft corners. That was very tough over a year ago when the deck plans were released. I could not really decide - thus we booked ALL THREE (though over different sailings ;)). When you look at the plans, the first thing which stood out to me was the number of Cat 8 cabins between the corners. There are 6 on deck 6 and 8 - though there are 8 on deck 7. That tends to throw everything off, at least in an apples to apples comparison. They all appear to have pros and cons. Time will tell!


    I (STILL) think that they should have taken the corners on at least one deck and made some KILLER suites. I mean... throw TWO in there at least! :rolleyes:




    My thoughts exactly. I know the Dream is bigger and a different configuration - over all than any other ship. But I too was surprised to see how many extended aft cabins there were!


    We had the same issues that you did - over a year ago when we booked. It was tough to look at the plans - trying to determine which 9A-wrap would be "best" - since there was nothing to go on except the published deck plans. We finally settled on 8473 - nearer the Lido and not all that different in the balcony configuration to the others and maybe even a little more cabin space, according to the published deck plans. Since you will have stayed in all of them we will be anxiously awaiting your comparisons. You certainly have never steered us wrong before ;)!!


    I really hope that the concern here is some sort of optical illusion and that what looks like a balcony divider is really something else :cool:. Maybe John will post some photos and videos that will answer the question.

  6. In an effort to get an answer to all of this I forwarded our concerns - with the attached marked photos to Host Mach and asked if he knew anyone at Carnival who could answer our questions.


    In photo #1 I identified the 6 aft extended balcony cabins that are shown on the deck plans with a yellow rectangle and the cabin with the partition in question with the red circle. Photo #2 shows the same cabin - on the other side, just for reference.


    Mach is currently on the Crazies cruise but responded saying that I should let anyone who is concerned know that he will ask John tomorrow - or Monday - after they are back on shore.


    If I hear anything else - I will let you know!



  7. Wow... For the price I'm paying to get a Suite, that looks rediculous. That balcony looks smaller than the ones on the Balcony Stateroom. And the price difference was up towards $1000... It's too late to switch rooms, since the cruise is so close and all of the suites are sold out... but there has to be something I can do.




    But the room is HUGE. We saw our "neighbors" cabin - during a CC cabin crawl. I was shocked how big the cabin was - so it would be great for some who wants alot of space but does not really care about the balcony.

    Not for me...mind you...but it was a nice cabin!

  8. I don't have any pictures but I did stay in 4237 in Feb on the Miracle. There is a stairwell there used by the crew. The one thing I didn't like about the cabin is the door below (directly underneath 4235) used by the crew to go outside and smoke slams shut a lot.


    Now, that didn't prevent me from booking the same cabin in April on the Spirit. But that is because of the huge balcony and being directly aft. I don't think I would want 4226 or 4235 unless it was a free upgrade. The slamming wasn't going on all hours, in other words it wasn't waking me up at 2am. But during the day it is slamming all the time.


    We loved 4237 - but did notice the same thing. From about 3 - through the dinner seatings there are lots on staff in and out that door :eek:!!

  9. We wore ours all day - on the Triumph - the last time Pittsburgh was in the Super Bowl.

    We did not go to the dining room that night - because the game was on :eek:!! But they made a day of it with trivia and drink specials during the day and they had "finger foods" and drink specials during the game.

    We watched with 2500 of our newest friends ;)...it was a hoot!! :D

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