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  1. We are on the 3 day to Vancouver as well and was told the following by email: We are automatically rebooking you to the same cruise or cruisetour in 2022. This requires no action from you or your travel advisor and has the added benefit of protecting your current fare and promotions for your 2022 cruise. I find this strange as we have not paid our final deposit, nor is there any cruise in 2022 similar to the cruise that we are taking in 2021.....
  2. I understand your point, but countries are supposed to work together and compromise. We have had a very close relationship with the US until recently and it is time to get back to where we were. Anybody who watches CNN has gained a lot around US politics and ability to change laws. If we can make it easier through a modification to an order, why not do it.
  3. Seems like there has been a letter sent to the Canadian Ambassador from Congress committee. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24458-congress-asks-canada-for-cruising-compromise.html Looks to me to be a reasonable request. Allow the ship to port but not disembark. Will see where that goes. It might be a moot point if the CDC does not make a decision soon....
  4. Just on a call with Princess video - John Chernesky. The BSE is being extended to March 31.
  5. That will be a pass for me as well..... Don't mind posting pictures, but this is a bit much...
  6. One of my favorite seafood meals was at the five fishermen in Halifax. I am booked to fly down there at the end of June, but not sure we will be allowed in... 😞
  7. Good answer oceangoer2. The previous poster has no clue what Halifax has to offer. He is ignorant of a city that has many more things to do - Cidadel, Peggys Cover, the boardwalk, many small local pubs in the downtown area. I always enjoy visiting Halifax and the friendly people that live there!
  8. You obviously can not read. The issue is not about me. I assume you have a good job and are comfortable working at home making lots of money. Try to show a little compassion to those that are not as well off as you. In Canada today, we lost over 200,000 jobs last month, making it the 3rd worse job loss in the history of the country. As you are sitting home, drinking your latte, others are having a hard time finding enough money for food. We need to be cognizant of the fact there is a pandemic, but we also need to balance things off.
  9. While I agree that it is questionable whether there will be cruising in 2021, why throw in the towel now. Canada(which is where I live) made a unilateral decision to in essence cancel cruising to Alaska. I thought that I would see more collaboration between Canada and the US on issues. Why not have discussions between Canada and the US around cruising and come up with a joint release regarding Alaska(and the east coast as well). We have not seen either the US or Europe cancel cruising until 2022. Europe is looking for ways to open. Not sure about the US, but am guessing they
  10. I think it is ridiculous to make a decision until 2022. I could see making a statement that cruising is banned until July. According to our government, we are going to be getting millions of vaccines over the next few months. If they believed what they are saying and set restrictions on people coming into the country must have a vaccination, then why can't they open things up. Our economy can not stand being closed down for that long. There is no way the cruise ships can last until 2022 with no passengers, let alone the airlines and the thousands of travel agents whose livel
  11. Yes, I agree. Just listened to the Canadian Update on vaccines today. We dont know if we are going to get any more shipments of vaccines from Moderna this month. If they cant even deliver the small amount they committed to us in February, how are they going to meet their commitments when they ramp up? Next month we are supposed to get over 1M doses. I think the governments plan of having vaccines for everyone by September is highly suspect. They know it but have not said anything, hence the reason to cancel cruises out of Canada until next year. The announcement
  12. I would expect very little from the Azamara team until the deal closes. They need to finalize the terms first and the deal closes. Once that happens, we may see some new promotions and/or details around how things like loyalty will work.
  13. Holland America just announced a valentine's day special with a 10% bonus card. Hopefully, princess will do the same soon....
  14. It is appearing that we will be living with the virus for the years to come. However, if we can reduce the impact of getting the virus, by not having to be hospitalized or die from it, that is a very positive step forward. While not perfect, it should help us get back to a relatively normal life, which is what we are all looking for. Looks like masks will be something we will have for the months/years to come, similar to other countries. It will be interesting how the agencies will distribute the vaccines. Will the vaccines with the higher efficacy go to the higher
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