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  1. Oh, us too, but it won't stop anyone. There is such an overwhelming consensus about this case, but juries can and have felt sorry enough to side with someone like that because as I've said before, there are people who hate the big bad corporations. They kind of forget that corporations are made up of people too. I do wish RCI would countersue.
  2. Basically you do sign an agreement to follow the guest policies, but that doesn't stop people from suing (or complaining). Waivers don't hold up in civil court unfortunately. They can have you sign anything and everything stating you sail at your own risk, but it can't stop you from suing.
  3. Yeah, here we go again. "window fall prevention laws designed to protect children from falling from windows". How about a new law stating you can't pick a child up and hold them out an open window?
  4. I ignore it lol. BTW, I saw this exact post on FB. I assume by the same person. Not sure what they want to happen. Spam happens all the time and doesn't mean anything if you don't respond to it.
  5. Once you've been on antibiotics for 24 hours and are fever free, you're good to go. Don't offer up the note. A lot of people are coughing. Heck, I had a mild case of the flu in early Jan and I still have a random cough.
  6. Yeah, plus the actual answer. I don't get this fear of calling first which I see all the time online. Poeple want an answer from strangers or a text or email, but calling seems to confuse them. Call, find out and then report if you want, but no one on here can answer that question. This is not a common issue. It could be one of several issues, including an area of the ship is overbooked for the lifeboats, but where they move you has to do with availability.
  7. We've been on GR 7 times and love that ship and crew. Sad that she's leaving the fleet.
  8. My knee is improving steadily. My ankle has been pretty good for a while, just some minor swelling. Unless I improve drastically, I'm going to take a walking cane with a seat attached for any standing/waiting just to make it easier for me. I also plan to ask to do muster inside due to not being able to really stand in one spot for too long or my quads get quite tight. Now, by May it may have changed a lot, but I'm planning ahead. Heck, I've noticed a big improvement in my limp just in the last few days as well as my knee feeling better.
  9. We're on that sailing and have late dining. Come over to our roll call and ask if anyone there has MTD. I've never heard of any ship not offering it since it was introduced. We're also on the following 9 night Bermuda/Caribbean sailing so a b2b.
  10. We're on the 15 May Adventure to NE/Canada and the following 9 night Bermuda/Caribbean on 21 May. We've been on NE/Canada in Oct and it was cold. May varies. Adventure doesn't have any indoor pools, but so what? We hang out inside and read, etc. There will be plenty going on. We're just thrilled to be cruising again. I dislocated my kneecap and broke and dislocated my ankle in Aug and had surgery in Sept. Believe me, your perspective changes dramatically when you can't walk or take care of yourself for multiple weeks. I'm still slow due to my knee, but we're going on this b2b and I've said I'd be happy just being onboard. It won't be so cold that you can't enjoy the ports.
  11. We're 90 days out from our May 15 cruise and online check in is opened, but when I check the app it says it opens March 11th. Why the difference? Does anyone know if I check in online does that mean I can't use the app later? Do I only get to choose one or the other? 28 cruises and this is the first time I've had the opportunity to hopefully get expedited arrival (Cape Liberty on Adventure).
  12. Agreed, it's too early. There are always hotel rooms in PC available. I've never, ever seen them all sold out months ahead of time. We normally book 6-8 months out and stay at the Radisson. We'll be there in Nov. We made those reservations in early Dec. Heck, there are rooms available for next week, so as I said, never seen the Radisson sold out. Full the day we check in, but never ahead of time.
  13. Yep, and after 28 cruises, we did use it and it paid for itself. No one owes anyone anything if they choose to take the risk and not get insurance.
  14. Maybe because everyone who does something like this, doesn't buy insurance and has an issue thinks their case is special or should be an exception. I just don't get how some people think when it comes to insurance.
  15. We always buy insurance and mainly because our parents are older (80's), but I was the one that caused us to use it for the very first time this past fall. I broke my ankle, requiring surgery and was told no to the trip by my OS, which was the correct thing to do as I wasn't capable of going when the time came around. Point is, don't assume because you're not older or don't have older parents that you may not need it for some reason. It was the first time after 28 cruises we had to use it for cruise 29 and 30 (yes a b2b, crap). OP wants to be treated differently than everyone else. They didn't plan for the possibility, but that's not RCI's nor our fault. It's entirely on them for not planning or thinking. Royal only owes them what is in the contract between them. It has nothing to do with heartlessness or the "big bad corporation".
  16. Sometimes you get some back, sometimes you don't. My favorite story recently about port taxes and fees was the guy (on FB I think, not here) who wanted the breakdown so he could claim the "tax" on his taxes for the year. 🤣 Makes you wonder what else he claims.
  17. If you "flew in" they'll help with hotel costs? We always take Amtrak to NJ and we're not alone. Why not if you traveled more than x miles or flew in? Of course, we'd just take the day and go into Manhattan and pay for a second night in a hotel because we travel the day before, but if they're going to reimburse, why only for flyers?
  18. I think things like the flu and noro are bigger threats to you right now.
  19. Usually insurance is what pays out in lawsuits. Family members sue each other all the time to get insurance settlements.
  20. Our coldest weather usually kicks in just after Christmas into mid-Jan in the DC/Baltimore area. More than likely it will be cold and it could snow. But, I will tell you, when we cruise out of Baltimore or NJ when it's cold I wear warm clothes to board and after that I start wearing shorts, capris, jeans with short sleeve shirts, etc because the inside of the ship is climate controlled and my vacation has started. This of course is when we are going south and not north.
  21. I'd say drop your luggage off with the porters and then take the car back. A one mile walk with a carryon or backpack is a lot easier than pulling luggage. Charleston is beautiful, very walkable and a mile isn't that far.
  22. Not anymore. There is nothing in the cabin unless you purchase it. RCI used to stock the mini fridge (cooler) but stopped that a few years ago. Most people didn't want the stocked cooler and a lot emptied it to use for their own.
  23. It's caused by an imbalance in the air fuel ratio. My husband is a retired US Navy Captain and that's what he says it is.
  24. We had concierge last time and are booked aqua for next year. So, we currently have 35 points and will just more than double that to 75 after our July 2021 8 night cruise. So, yeah accumulation of points is different.
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